Copywriting: 6 Steps To A Profitable Presentation - Template for Webinar, Speech, Book or Sales page | P James Holland | Skillshare

Copywriting: 6 Steps To A Profitable Presentation - Template for Webinar, Speech, Book or Sales page

P James Holland, Coach Comeback

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9 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. About The System

    • 2. Introduction to the 6 Part Perfect Presention

    • 3. WIIFM - What's In It For Me (The Ultimate Pleasure)

    • 4. You Don't Know My Life! (Your Story)

    • 5. Why Should I Listen To You (Proof)

    • 6. This Is Why It Wont Work (LIES)

    • 7. Feed Me 2

    • 8. When It's Great This Is Where You Fail

    • 9. The Perfect Plan


About This Class

A Secret Perhaps Only 3 Out of 100 Business Professionals Know About!

Dear Friend,

You're probably closer to closing more clients and getting more sales than you realize. A lot closer. In fact, chances are that with the right strategies and shortcuts, you could enjoy a massive increase in profits overnight.

However, before you can enjoy those benefits, you're going to have to do a little work. It should take you about 21 minutes. That's approximately how long it will take you to uncover the simple 6 step outline to sell anything more successfully. Doesn't matter if it is written on a web page or spoken live in front of an audience.

Listen, I know selling is hard and you don't want to be pushy. But that's not a problem because my template delivers HIGH value to the people you are delivering to.

So much that they will be THANKING you for sharing even if they don't buy anything at all (they usually do). That is because the way this template is laid out, it is content-rich and stuffed to the brim with benefits for all who you present to.

They will love you (and so will I)

Anyway, the secrets I'm about to share with you are highly unusual, but 100% safe and legal. I made sure of that when I painstakingly went through my research to uncover these secrets. And the results are simply amazing. Here are some of the things you can enjoy once you get your hands on my class

  • A simple yet powerful fill-in-the-blank template for super effective presentations
  • How to use these for a high converting webinar, even if you have never done one before or you have a fear of public speaking
  • How to get your potential customers or clients on the edge of their seat wanting to know, anticipating more they can pay you for
  • How to build rapport the proper way to get their full attention before you speak a word of it (this is key)
  • How to smoothly transition into a pitch (if you have something for sale) without them even knowing you are pitching anything

And much more

So click the enroll button now and begin to close more deals and increase all your profits