Copywriting 101: Writing a Product Description That Sells | Dalia Griffith | Skillshare

Copywriting 101: Writing a Product Description That Sells

Dalia Griffith, Copywriter, Word Nerd

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9 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Why product descriptions matter

    • 3. Glossier: Why it works

    • 4. Moon Magic: Why it needs work

    • 5. Man Crates: Why it works

    • 6. Rockabilia: Why it needs work

    • 7. Getting ready to write

    • 8. Let's write!

    • 9. That's all, folks!


About This Class

You're selling an awesome product, but how is anyone going to know that if you don't tell them? A great product description can make the difference between customers simply admiring your product, and actually becoming convinced to make that purchase. What's more, the way you describe your products is also a reflection of your brand, so it's time to learn how to do it right. 

Here's what this class will cover to help you get there:

1. We'll look at product descriptions that work, and some that don't. And most importantly, talk about why. 

2. We'll explore how the descriptions that don't work could be improved.

3. We'll go over tips for how to write your own descriptions, from questions you need to answer before you start writing to helpful ideas for sparking your creativity.

4. We'll tackle a fun class project together, so I can help walk you through it.

Ready to add this must-have skill to your copywriting arsenal? Then let's do this!






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Dalia Griffith

Copywriter, Word Nerd

Hello! I'm Dalia and I've been a marketing copywriter for over 15 years. I've written about all kinds of cool stuff, from fragrance to apparel to home décor, and have loads of experience writing for both print and digital mediums. 

I absolutely love honing in on what makes a brand and their products special, and figuring out how to broadcast it to the world in cool and compelling ways. It's a constant process of learning and refining, and I'm grateful for the oppo...

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