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Copywriting 101: How to get started as a copywriter

teacher avatar Kirsty Wood, Lost for words? Take mine

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Copywriting 101 Introduction

    • 2. What is copywriting and who is a copywriter

    • 3. What do I need to become a copywriter

    • 4. Copywriting 101 Research

    • 5. Copywriting 101 Write

    • 6. Why become a copywriter

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About This Class

In this overview of copywriting, we'll look at what copywriting is, who is a copywriter, what you might need to become one and then we have actionable points to begin your career as a copywriter.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Kirsty Wood

Lost for words? Take mine


Hi! I'm Kirsty, a freelance copywriter from the UK with a BA Hons Degree in English Language and the Media and a Diploma in Copywriting.

I specialise in web copy and social media content and as a freelancer, I believe that with the correct approach, you can write about almost any topic - and I'm here to show you how.

Of course, being able to write about your interests is a copywriter's dream, which is why I love producing content on travel, music, veganism and anything to do with the outdoors.

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1. Copywriting 101 Introduction: Hi, guys. Welcome to copy Writing 101 How to get started as a copywriter. I'm Kirsty would. And I've been a freelance cooperative for around four years now on I've worked with everyone from small businesses and charities all the way up to large organizations on government bodies. I predominately work with Web copy sets, website content, log, pro social media. Um, but I've also produced content for press releases, advertisements, brochures, leaflets on. That's what's so great about cooperating is how diverse is now. We will look at each one of those in further detail in future lessons. But this first lesson is going to be a general overview off copyrighting and how you can get started. So we'll look at what couple writing is who was a copywriter and why you might want to become one. Andi will also look at what you need to become a copywriter, what you don't need, and then we've got some actual points to get you started and really get you on your career path. So let's get the first lesson underway 2. What is copywriting and who is a copywriter: what is copyrighting. A lot of people get confused that it might be the legal sense of copyright. It is definitely not that it is in simple terms writing text that promotes a business. Now this business could be selling a product or service. Andi is your job. Is the copywriter to write the copy or the content that promotes this product or service? So who is a copywriter now? For anyone who's watch Mad Men, I know a little bit about copyrighting Andi. That is quite a dramatic way off showing it. But in essence, what copywriter is is the person who uses words to communicate a particular message. Now what usually happens is you'll get this message from a client about exactly what type of content they want to betray on. Then it is your job to put that across so this could be persuasive. It could be sales driven, informative. There are many different ways that you could put your message across, or what your message needs to calm Bay Andi To really get this right, it is worth holding something called a creative brief with a client, where you'll sit down and ask them questions. Andi really get to grips with what they want out of this content. So this could This content could be displayed on advertisements, websites, direct mail brochures, leaflets, press releases. There are so many different marketing materials that content can be displayed on Andi. This is another thing that you would ask in your creative brief where the copy is being displayed because how you write that copy is determined by where it is going to pay. 3. What do I need to become a copywriter: So what do you need to become a copywriter? Well, the good news is there is no formal qualifications you need. The main thing is a passion for the written word. Andi, you really just need to love writing. You need to love language. You need to love how words convey particular messages. I do have a background in music journalism. I did an English language degree. That was just because I loved the written word so much. I wanted to carry that on to degree level. You don't need any of those things. Sometimes it does help. I have seen job advertisements say that they want maybe English to a level of that, but in terms of cooperating is definitely not required. I did also study a diploma in copyrighted, but that was purely because I did music journalism because I was taking such a step into copyrighted on a different form of written language. I wanted to make sure that I had those credentials behind me, but it definitely wasn't needed. And I would say the benefits. Who me was that I got to learn a lot more about copyright in when I did that diploma, but there are plenty of resource is online or skill share where you can find out for yourself. So in terms off getting started, really you need a laptop or computer Internet access a phone, so even talk to clients, and eventually you need somewhere to display your work. So this could be so my really simple light Langton, where you just load your portfolio links to your online articles, that sort of thing. Eventually be good to get a website. This come be a bit of a cost, but there are plenty of websites that how do you do this for cheap? And the benefits are. You look a lot more professional with a website. Get your in your well. You can create your own emails from there, and it does give about impression. From there you can add your own portfolio. You could have your blog's. There are many different opportunities, but really just to get started. Any online platform where you can display a work is definitely enough. So in terms of copyrighting, you could be a freelancer where you work for yourself. Source. Clients on you got a sort of flexibility there. You could be in an advertising agency where they already have clients. And they continue with the copy that needs, Um produced. Or you could be an in house copywriter in a business so working alongside of marketing team to produce any of the content they need. We'll get into more detail about these other news in later lessons. But it's worth knowing now, just so you know, the different avenues you can take is a copyright because it is a very flexible career, depended on what type of books suits you best. 4. Copywriting 101 Research: So you first actionable point to take is research on D. It's so important just to look around you on really notice how coffee is displayed in different places so you can think about the type of copy. Want to write? Do you think websites block posts, Social media brochures You don't have to decide now on. In fact, it is best if you can, rightful a variety, because you're more likely to get repeat clients where you could be their go to person for any type of content they wanted. But it is no harmful to have a specialist for content that you prefer. So it is worth just looking around Andi noticing the different type of content on what appeals to you most. So if you look as in many examples in you can and as you start to look, you'll notice that copy is absolutely everywhere. Andi, There are so many different forms of marketing material that I need a copywriter so three critical. When you're looking at these examples, analyze why you like them. What type of style is it? What don't you like? What would you change? Really? Look at each word. Each actionable pint has it conveyed? A set in motion for you hasn't really put you off the product or service hasn't really engaged you. Why and no, it's these examples as you start to find ones that you really like or really don't like. Build a reference library on. This is a great tool just to go back to In times off writer's block off. You need a little bit inspiration if you want to look at certain tactics that you really like to maybe want Teoh use in your own creative way. It's really great. Just have that liable to go back to doesn't have to be a physical folder. You could look out. You could bookmarked pages and having online folder. It's just really useful helping something to go back to. It's also worth reading about. Copyrighting is a practice so you could go all the way back to when copyrighting first started. You could look a legends like David Ogilvy, Um, or you could look at modern day practices in the digital era. It's worth looking at the whole spun because even though it is a creative field, there are certain tac tics that really work on have been proven to work. So if you also look at advertising and sales, there's a love interest in books about the psychology behind that, about how certain words encourage people so discourage people how you talk to people. And there's also different fields such as S E O, which is search engine optimization on in this digital area. Era is so important to think about things like that. You're not just writing for a target audience. You're also writing for search engines. You want to appear on Google on their certain tips without well, we will get into more detail by each one of these books. It is worth knowing now just how many elements go into a copyright. And it's not just about putting pen to paper on what sounds good. There are different tactics behind that really made this practice work. 5. Copywriting 101 Write: so your next actual point is just to write as much as possible. Uh, it is the best way to practice. You will get a feel for things. You'll discover the best practices for you. The best techniques on you will develop your own style so you can start to build templates . How how you produced a blood post or website content, for example, You might have a certain structure of how that really work to you. Put it down, put it into a template foma. And then that's something else you can go back to Andi. It just saves you time in the long room. Now, even though you developing your own style, it is important to think about the message of the Cayenne once because ultimately that's who you're writing the copy for. But most significantly, it is full. The clients tiger audience. So you really speak to the target audience first and foremost now, To do that, you need to put yourself in the target. Audience is shoes. Ask yourself, Who are they? What are their fears? What do they want to know? What writing style speaks to them. So, for example, if you're thinking about a an expensive holiday when you need to write copy to advertise this, there's gonna be certain things that Target audience wants to know. They want to know what's included in the price. What do they get for their money? They might have some fears about troubling across the world to different places. They want to know that they're in safe hands. You need to assure them that this holiday is safe. Um, trusted on. Do you think about the right and style that's beats them? A good thing to do is think about If they were so opposite you on, you were just talking to them about this holiday what language would use to be on their level so that they understand exactly what you're talking about. If you're thinking about an expensive holiday, it might be a middle aged, wealthy couple. So the language you use for them is going to be significantly different than if you were talking to a group of teenagers, for example, so the most important thing in copyrighting is identifying your type of audience and putting yourself in their shoes. It's also important to think about the aim is great to really capture that target audiences attention, but then you need to drive them to action. So are you trying to sell? Persuade, drive traffic, build an audience? Always have that in mind and finish your copy or placing your copy somewhere. The best moment call to action. You might see this abbreviated as a c T a. Andi. That is just in an actionable point that the audience needs to do. It's great to grab their attention to really engage of them, but if you don't drive them to a certain place or drive them to do something than the copies waste it, um, on this, the aim is more often than not what the message, the kind ones. So those things will co exist very nicely. The things that come to conflict in sometimes is how the client sees a certain style to how you know the Tiger audience would see it. But as a copywriter, you can definitely put your case forward about why certain copy works without target audience and more from the not the kind does really listen to you. So it is a great creative process. In that sense, it's also we're thinking about stressing the benefits not features and new copy. This is particularly true if you're talking about product. So, for example, if you're working with a client who have just released a new vacuum cleaner on what's new about it is a new part on this new part for them has been expertly engineered. It is the best that they've ever produced a vacuum cleaner because off this perfectly engineered part, the customer does not want to know that what the customer wants now is that the fact that this part now means that vacuum in their house takes half the time it means it is much easier to vacuum. It means that they don't have to waste their Sunday afternoon vacuum in the whole house. They can get it done in an hour. It's those sort of things that you need to think about when you speak into the Tiger audience. They are interested in the benefits, not the features. How does it benefit them? 6. Why become a copywriter: so why not? You want to become a copywriter If you're creative? This is a great avenue for you. Because even though the message on the target audience is usually brought to you got to be really creative with the words used. You got Teoh ploy, certain tactics that you know work, certain words that you know will get, really get people engaged in tow act. And it's just it's a really creative process, working with different businesses across different services over different mediums, so many aspects to copyright in that it is a creative field. If you love words, then this is also a great career of you because you get to use words to their full advantage. You got to use words in order to speak directly to people, really pick up their attention and get them to do something. So it's really interesting how certain words can do that. And if you love words and this is definitely the career for you, it's also great in terms of the freelance. And if you're not really a 9 to 5 type of person, if you like that flexibility, then copyrighting is a great field to get into freelance work. There are obviously all that I've been using go down if you prefer a structure on that sort of stability. So copyrighting is such a flexible field that really does appeal to everyone. Now, as we go through these lessons, we'll look in more detail because there's certain aspects of copyright and they really need their own lesson. We will look at each point individually, but this is more of a foundation to really grow from as you start to look around at the different cooperating examples and she started to write yourself in that style, then that is a great foundation to then build different tactics onto. So I hope you start looking around. Have ah, can't are magazines pay attention. TV advertisements Look at brochures. Look at different websites articles. Think about the words that use. Don't just read for enjoyment. Read with a really critical eye and you'll start to notice different techniques use, and then you can start using them in your copy, too. So I'll see you next lesson on Thank you very much for joining by