Copywriting 101: Crafting Your First Ad Campaign | Heather Baldock | Skillshare

Copywriting 101: Crafting Your First Ad Campaign

Heather Baldock, Copywriter

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7 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Copywriting 101: An Introduction

    • 2. Copywriting 101: The Brief

    • 3. Copywriting 101: Headline Writing

    • 4. Copywriting 101: Scripts

    • 5. Copywriting 101: Ad Making, a Mini Lesson

    • 6. Copywriting 101: The Big Idea

    • 7. Copywriting 101: The Portfolio

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About This Class

Who is this class for? Writers who would like to step into the world of advertising. No prior knowledge required except a passion for writing and an interest in the ad industry.


Why take this class? These lessons are meant to introduce some basic principles of copywriting for creative ad campaigns. The goal is to get aspiring copywriters to start thinking and creating in a structured way, in order to craft mock projects for a portfolio and get their foot in the door.


What are we making? A rudimentary, integrated ad campaign with multiple copy-driven components, from print ads to commercial scripts.

Please share your class projects, and feel free to reach out with any questions or just to connect! Email me at [email protected] (Don't forget the "e" in the middle there!)





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Heather Baldock


Heather Baldock has over three years of ad agency experience between two coasts. Dabbling a little bit in everything, she excels in writing for commercial spots (with one Best TV Spot of the Year Addy), prints ads, digital, social media, and tinder bios (she has a lot of single friends). 


Previous and current clients span from the tourism industry to energy to law to baseball to food to health to refugee resettlement, to name a handful.


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