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Copyrighting for Songwriters

Suzanne Paulinski, The Rock/Star Advocate

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5 Videos (48m)
    • Copyright Introduction

    • Why File an Application

    • Copyright Basics

    • 6 Exclusive Rights

    • The Application


About This Class


The course walks you through a copyright application - start to finish in under 10 minutes - as well as explaining the terms you need to know, the number of songs you can include on one application, and the rights an official filing affords you.

It includes an explanation of the structure of copyrights, broken down into digestible video lessons, complete with supplemental guides, charts, and worksheets for you to reference long after this course is over.

If you are a songwriter looking to save money, save time, and plan on licensing your music to others this course is for you!





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Suzanne Paulinski

The Rock/Star Advocate

Suzanne started out in the music industry as an intern for Atlantic Records and college rep for WEA. She managed the national street team & mid-west retail for Astralwerks (EMI) and holds a Masters in Psychology. Now, with The Rock/Star Advocate, she is a mindset coach for musicians and music-preneurs, helping them gain clarity on their goals while maintaining a healthy work/life balance. She recently published her first book, The Rock/Star Life Planner, available now on Amazon (www.therockst...

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