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Copy That Connects and Converts With PASSION Points

Lisa Manyon, Business Marketing Architect

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13 Videos (50m)
    • 1 Introduction

    • Class 1 The Importance of Copy

    • Class 2 Ideal Clients and Avatars

    • Class 3 The WIIFM Factor

    • Class 4 Value Proposition

    • Class 5 Objections

    • Class 7 Formatting

    • Class 8 Double Readership Paths

    • Class 9 Urgency

    • Class 10 The Close

    • Class 11 The Final Product Bringing it all together

    • Resources for YOU

    • Class 6 Headlines


About This Class


Lisa Manyon “The Business Marketing Architect” walks you through her simple, 3-Step “Challenge. Solution. Invitation.™” Copywriting and Marketing Formula to Create Marketing Messages With Integrity and Increase Your Results.

This course is designed for mission-driven business owners, leaders and marketers who want to write copy based on values and true service without poking at pain points.  The material is appropriate for beginning and intermediate level marketers and copywriters. It is helpful if you have some familiarity with copy before beginning the course.

You’ll discover:

  • Ways to focus on PASSION points instead of pain points to create long-term, sustainable business staying power (instead of promoting buyer’s remorse by poking at pain).
  • Why the “Challenge. Solution. Invitation.™” formula is truly a framework that is completely  customizable for your business and will help you build a solid foundation for success (cookie cutter systems and paint by number plans will not get you the results you desire)
  • How to write effective copy and learn copywriting formatting techniques to help your message stand out and attract your ideal clients

You will review one piece of your current content (or start from scratch) and apply proven techniques to revise your marketing, promotional or advertising pieces right away. Let's get started?!





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Lisa Manyon

Business Marketing Architect

Lisa Manyon is The Business Marketing Architect and founder of Write On Creative. She is the creator of a simple 3-step "Challenge. Solution. Invitation." framework to create marketing messages with integrity with a focus on PASSION points instead of pain points. Lisa specializes in reverse engineering your most powerful solutions into profitable revenue streams. Her content strategy plans are known to help create million dollar results. Lisa's philosophies are featured in #1 international be...

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