Copic Markers - Color a realistic portrait | Emma Niemans | Skillshare

Copic Markers - Color a realistic portrait

Emma Niemans, Graphic Designer

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8 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. Hi!

    • 2. Getting ready

    • 3. Some techniques

    • 4. Demo part 1 - All about the base

    • 5. Demo part 2 - Layering

    • 6. Demo part 3 - Details details

    • 7. Demo part 4 - Hairdo

    • 8. Goodbye!


About This Class

Somewhere around 7 years ago, I found a set of Copic markers to be listed on the art supply list my school had set to be mandatory. I didn’t know them at the time and thought they were pretty expensive. But boy they are nice to work with!! We were taught to sketch and brainstorm on a marker pad with our markers. And I have been working like this for a long time. Later on, I started creating more detailed work with these markers. I always have a ton of fun with this. And I am very happy to be able to share this joy with you!

I’m making this into a series about drawing with alcohol based markers: ’Oh My Markers’. Each with another aspect or theme. But I’ll start with the subject I’m most passionate about; portraits. In this first class, I will show how you can use markers subtle enough to create a quite realistic portrait.



  • The photo that I've chosen is from a model called Lisa taken by great photographer Elena Alferova.
  • The intro music is from iMovie and the music during the demo is from the Youtube Audio Library by Kevin Macleod.





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Emma Niemans

Graphic Designer

Hi! I'm a Graphic Designer who has studied at the University of the Arts Utrecht.

At the moment I'm recovering from Traumatic Brain Injury. Which made my passion for illustration and lettering grow. Really glad to have Skillshare to still be able to follow classes. Eager to learn as I am, it helps me to stay sane ;)

I love design, sketching, typography, portraiture, art supplies, roller derby, cooking and my hometown Amsterdam.

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