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Cool animated Keynote Presentations

teacher avatar Tulio Tavanielli, Freelance designer and strategist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (25m)
    • 1. 1 -Intro

    • 2. 2 -A good presentation is a good story

    • 3. 3 -The tools you'll need

    • 4. 4 -Pick your topic

    • 5. 5.1 -Write down your story

    • 6. 5.2 -Write down your story

    • 7. 6 -Make it visual

    • 8. 7 -Make it Flow beautifully and smoothly

    • 9. 8 -I present to you my presentation

    • 10. 9 -Thank you and don't forget to share your project

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About This Class

In my opinion, how you say things is just as important as what you say.

That's why I believe that making interesting presentations is such an important and powerful tool for anyone. 

Having a basic knowledge of presentation layouting, animation and information flow can already take you a long way in pretty much any possible field of business. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Tulio Tavanielli

Freelance designer and strategist


make things people want > make people want things

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1. 1 -Intro: Hi. Welcome to the class cool animated Kino presentations. My name is Stuart, the When Ellie I'm from Brazil and I'm a freelance designer and strategist, and today I'll be sharing with you my creative process on how to make a presentation that looks good and catches the audience's attention. First, I'll tell you a little bit about what I consider a good presentation, and then we'll move on to make a presentation together for this class project that you're the topic. That should be fun and interesting to make. It will also be a first for myself, so I'm excited about that. We'll be making a presentation about a song. Uh, it'll be just like making a music video for a track that you like, but it in a different format and with your own point of view. So let's get on with it. 2. 2 -A good presentation is a good story: So let's get started. First of all, is very, very important to keep in mind that every time that you making a presentation, you are telling a story to your audience. So you're not just dated dumping you telling a story so you shouldn't think about the information alone, because then you're very likely to make very beautiful is lives that when you put them together, they don't speak to each other. And even though they get the attention of the crowd, the crowd might leave your presentation with the wrong message. And you definitely don't want that. Also, if you focus on getting the story right, you have a way better chance of keeping the audience engaged from the beginning into the end. Didn't we have so much good content available that people have less and less patients to listen to confusing mediocre stories? It's sad, but it's also true. So in order to make a good story there tons of tools available in several different forms that you can use. In my opinion, the richest waste tell a story are two films. That's why Hollywood is kind of a big deal, and Netflix became what it did also relating to Rick last. That's why artists make music videos. It's a way to enrich even more. The already super awesome former of your work, sometimes extended dressed story. Sometimes he contradicts the story, painting a scene of irony. And sometimes they just at imagery to the song, which is also cool. You get the gist. It's a layer with which they can, hence their store it under very good ways to tell a story. There plays, books, podcasts and, of course, music itself. It's a great, great format as well. But making those type of contents, especially film, is not the simplest asking the planet. It takes time. It takes expertise and a fair amount of money. Can you imagine if every time they had to put something new to client, you had to produce an entire new film? Just introduce an idea that sounds like craziness. Plus, I'm not good in making films, so let's focus on the presentation making, which is cheaper and faster alternative that is also visual, and it can be very, very engaged 3. 3 -The tools you'll need: Let's talk about which tools you need for this class. You need a computer. You need a presentation making tool. Uh, I've chosen keynote because that's the one I've been using for a while, so I'm really used to it, and I really like it. It's user experience is really, really good, in my opinion, is the best presentation making tool out there. But if you have Farpoint or Google's lives, or any other tool that you used to make your presentations, it can still take the class and do the exercises. Justice. Fine. Besides that, you may want to use photo shop, and it will straight to have a couple of more robust Softwares for image creation and editing. Even though it's not strictly necessary, you can make a very big difference. So I highly recommend it. Uh says that you will need Internet access and that's it. Let's dive right into it. 4. 4 -Pick your topic: Yeah, So let's begin our exercise. It's time to pick your topic, of course, when a daily basis where you have topics of your own to present and share with others. But here, just for the sake of an active learning, I chose a sort of fun topic, rest of breakfast and share manga. We're going to tell the story of a song through a presentation back biggest song that you like or who knows one day you don't like, and you want to make a case about why it sucks. The reason why I chose to do a presentation about this topic is because they think that it's easier for everyone to start with and begin practicing with something light hearted that they like rather than practicing with spreadsheets, for example, or even to ask you guys to share a story of yours and make a presentation about it. After all, this is not how to write a cool story class, nor a therapy session is just a class about making presentations. So I figure, why not have fun doing it for my presentation? I'm gonna pick a classic that I really, really, really like something from the great Master David Bowie. I'm gonna present to you guys my version off space on it. Ground control to Major Tom. 6. 5.1 -Write down your story: let's begin writing down. What we want to present here is, without a doubt, the most important step of all. Its when you pin down the story you want to tell between you decide what you want to tell and how you want to tell it. Here is very, very important that you gather as much information as you can about the story that you want to pass forward. So it's very key that you do your research, and that's because while you're doing your research, you may find great references that you want to insert on the narrative. It's also when it decided ton of ways that you want to hold throughout your presentation. And it's especially when you find interesting material to improve your content That may be visual AIDS. Li Qiu Photos for any gifts or noteworthy quotes soundbite Relevant fact under cool stuff like that. This is the moment that you take to make your presentation richer. For this presentation, I'm going to research the falling. I'm gonna go to Google and genius dot com about do research about song c. Five. Anything cool if I get any behind the story, thoughts that irrelevant. It's so wanted before. Also, I'm gonna do very visual search about Bowie about lyric. And I think that for Dez, it should be good enough for any given topics that are guns of websites that you can deepen your knowledge on. But for this one, I'm gonna limit to that because I think it should be enough. 7. 5.2 -Write down your story: Now it's time to pin down the structure of my presentation, so they're obviously a bunch of ways of doing this. But here's how I go a lot. So I begin by writing it all down. When a word file or a Google doc pile or a note or any under suffer, I write the content in story, form it. So if you read it out loud, it will make sense to you and to unders. So you have a story to tell. I try to structure the story as good as possible, and once I have the entire story ready, I start dividing it by slides, figuring out where one chapter ends and the other starts. After I have the chapters broken down, I look at them individually, looking for what I consider a key element to narrate that specific chapter after a find a key element. I think about a visual. This is a quick and cool side note. If you're ever stuck on how to percent visually, here's a few resource is that you can use to help break the ice regarding your layout. Ah, I'm going to say I'm gonna mention a couple, but I'll make a longer list on the description of the class, so F f F found is a good one. Nice with Double I and I I c e dot co is very good as well. Design inspiration is really good. A list. A few more, But this is very good to keep in mind because if you do enough of the same presentation for different clients who might find yourself stuck and it's it's good to get that sort of fresh perspective or fresh represents on your mind. One very tricky thing that you might be asking is what defines a key moment of the story. In my opinion, it's quite simple. Adar. Two factors. The 1st 1 It's an element that is relevant, and we thought it. The story would make less or no sense. The 2nd 1 It's Norman that helps you the storyteller maker point clearly an interesting week. So there you have it now, once you have all destructor set this time to paint it all up 8. 6 -Make it visual: there's when it gets really fun. Now it's been removed this party to the keynote. I copy and paste the info from Google Doxa keynote and begin to look at each slide as a poster. Better yet, as a series of posters where each one has to work individually and collectively, it's also here where you start are directing the content. You would have a lot of dresses to make, and there's rarely a right or wrong answers. There is what fuse right and tells a story and what fuels often loses. The audience, for example, is not uncommon to see presentations where all these lies and look the same. The designer chooses different approaches to call attention to multiple arguments. Or sometimes she chooses to juxtapose the main point to create a more powerful I'll take. And when this happens, usually leave the room with the feeling that you saw something very great. But in this case, considering this Sunday chose, I'm going to choose a more cohesive art direction that has one more dominant looking few I'm going to do is because I consider that there are two main visual elements that it can leverage the 1st 1 is the space imagery. I really like the spatial photography, and I think that usually people dig it, too. And since the story is set in this ambience, I think I can really bank on it and get her element is not a visual form from the get go, but it can be. I'm talking about the words of this lyric. Bowie was a great songwriter, and in this particular 12 a few very part from synthesis that I can work on to make really interesting typography combined over laid under photography. And to help you do your project, I'm going to list a few websites where you can find a lot of resources to use in the construction of your deck to make your life easier. There is this one website that puts together a whole wide variety of resources for designers. It's called resource cards. Here you have photography, fonds Aikens, photo shop actions, etcetera. Within each category, you can find a few websites with a lot of useful stuff. I'm gonna show you a few of my favorite finds here. For photography, you have unspool ash. You can find a ton of really cool pictures, all with free license, which means that you can use those pictures for any user of life. Also for font, I really, really like Waas type because basically every fund here super good, they have a really well curated website. Last one is not really fun of or a source Resources is more of ah, inspiration. Ah, and reference link you can It's the same categories as resource car basically. But instead of providing you with tools, it provides you inspiration. So if you're ever stuck, you can come here and skimmed through it quick on a few links is really, really useful as well. First of all, I really like you start by what I considered the key in one of the most important elements of design the fine. So I started by choosing which funds I will use throughout the presentation for this one. Since the text will have a great importance, I want to choose a pair of phones that will allow me to make the test the protagonist and to give it a more interesting personality, I will choose one front that is very expressive. Is this one called metre script? The 2nd 1 I want to have more of a supporting role that will allow me to get to play around with the sentences. And it's this one called Atra meant. And if you haven't picked your front at a recommend to take a look at the font five sides on resource card, they're really, really good. Now that I have the funds Children, it's time to work on the D aggravation off the content, applying the four choices to the actual tax that will be included in the presentation. Okay, so now that I have all the text set and ready to go, it's time to add the second layer of information, which are the images of the presentation. Now I have to think which images would illustrate and complement information I have on each slide. As I mentioned before, I want to work with special photography here. So now I'm gonna go ahead to unspool ash and search for it. That are a few elements that I want to use on multiples lives like the Ostro, for example. So I'm gonna go to photo shop and cut it and export it and P and G with a transparent background so I can have this floating element to position around the presentation. Also, I'm going to do the same for the spaceship because I will want to use it on the few under slides as well. Now it's time to mix and match photos with the topography here. I think that the best advice to give is to follow your gut. Try multiple choices. Insua fuse Better to you and go with it. Take your time on this step because it's really important to see how everything is tied together and once you're done with is will pretty much have reached the end of the presentation making process. 9. 7 -Make it Flow beautifully and smoothly: Okay, Now you have your final presentation. At least the stills. If you were to send out a pdf of it, it would be ready to go, and I would love to see it. So it'd be really awesome if you both representation on the glasses project right now. But if you work to present the life to people, I would love to present a new set of tools to make it come alive. And Moore's move the transitions and animations how you animate the elements and each is light. And how you choose to do the transitions can make a big difference in your presentation. This shouldn't by any means be the main element of your presentation, but it certainly can be de icing on the cake. Okay, so for this one that are two main elements that it went to animate, the 1st 1 is Major Tom. I want to give the feeling to his floating in the space along with his spaceship and the 2nd 1 or two stars or to space itself. I want to provide a feeling of movement. So we need slide. I will shift the background position a little bit to give that sensation on both will be using the same tools. The move tool on keynote. And that's how it works. You pick the initial position of the element, and then you pick the final position, and it designed a route of the element and decide how long will it take for the element to leave? Point a reach point beat. It's quite simple and intuitive. I'll be doing doesn't multiples lives, but I would choose this one to illustrate how I use the tool. There are several 100 features that you can choose to use under animation. Feel free to play around, explore it on the right side of your screen. You see this button called Build Order. If you click on it does tab with the same name, Bill Boulder Build Order will show up. It's very important that you go there and decide what element comes when for Furnaces and Dsk's. I want all the elements to start moving in the same time, so I have to go there and click with Build one. So when the first element starts moving, all the elements of starts moving in the same time, and I'll show you how this can be very important on Andres lights as well when you want different orders to happen. But it's very important to click and opened a tab to see how it's organized. Now let's talk about animating multiple elements here is very important to know where and when you want things to show up. So it's better descript a little bit before you start building the animation in this one, I want the lyrics to show up in the order. They show up in the song, centralized in the slide while the astronaut floats beneath them like this. So what do I have to do? First of all, position everything where you want them to appear? Does my get messy? For instance, here I want to phrases to show up in the same spot. So now, before the animation there, over, laid on top of each other and look super funky. But this is how it has to be. If you want them to show up in the same spot, then you start building your order. You should start animating with the element that you want to appear first, then move on to the second, the third and so on and so forth here. The 1st 1 I want to show up is his Colin. This is Major Tom to ground control just to give the fuel that is breaking the silence, calling attention. Then I wanted to fade out to create a little suspense. Right after that, the first sentence comes and I'm floating in a most peculiar way. Then the sentence gives it spot to the next piece of information. Who wants to share that? The stars look very different today, so I have to be very careful with the building and build out times and set them according to my plan. After I finish animating the lyrics, I want to animate major dumbs moves and the background images movement as well. Both will be Dennis showed previously with the move function. Finally, it's time to reorganize the build order. Since I want Major Tom in the background, moving out at all times, they need to be up top of the tab. There will be the ones that kick off this lights action, and after that I put the lyrics build in and build out in their order. After the sentence, one builds out, the other one builds in. Now let's talk about transitions. First of all, I don't think that transitions air just foam. I think there are a good way to make a connection between one's light condom with the next . There are three different transitions that I've used in my presentation that I would like to share with you. The first kind of transition that I think that is really, really cool is the magic. If you have one element or multiple elements that our own twos lies that are transitioning , you can choose to magically transported Allen from one patient, the other. It's really cool and extremely simple. You click on a transition stab and choose the option Mac Magic move. Once you do that, you have to choose whether you want to transport an object, which is an image or a shape basically award or a character. Then you choose the exploration, which are usually set to ease in and ease out. Finally, you choose whether you want to quick to make this life change or if you wanted to change right after Daniel Nation on it ends. Lastly, if you decide to change his light out of medically, you can set the delay time on it. The second kind of transition that I want to talk about is the countdown. You notice that there's a little fade in between slides. That's because I wanted to resemble that old movies countdown, where one number would wipe out the previous. So I chose the option off faith through collar to make that affair the last one. It's a mix between a simple transition and a simple animation effect that can create a cool outcome. It's what he did on the lift off to create the effect of the launch of the rocket. I first wiped out the screen before using the dissolved transition. Then I added the image of the rocket launch in the following slide, appearing automatically but with the wipe building showing that image from the bottom up. Anyways, these are just a few examples that I like to show that if you explore a little with the simple options that the softer provides, you can come up with cool and interesting effects. 10. 8 -I present to you my presentation: No, it's time to share my story. 11. 9 -Thank you and don't forget to share your project: So there you go. Thank you so much for your attention and patients if you reach this point. This is my first class, and I really enjoyed making it. I'm super excited to see what you guys created, so please share with us. If you have any questions, please shoot them here or at my email, which is tur Leo Tulio at T u al e o t a v a dot com and I'll be more than happy to get back to you. Cheers.