Cooking with Sylvia: How to Make the Best Dessert of Your Life | Sylvia Muller | Skillshare

Cooking with Sylvia: How to Make the Best Dessert of Your Life

Sylvia Muller, Skillshare Cooking and Makup Artist

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5 Videos (12m)
    • Intro Floating Island Dessert

    • The Caramel

    • The Island Ring

    • The Sauce

    • Finishing Touches


About This Class

In this class you will learn how to make "Floating Island" Dessert which is an adaption of a difficult to do traditional French Dessert, "Ile Flotant".  But due to the slight changes, it becomes quite simple to make with no surprises!!!

I will give my tips and knowledge on how to make the ringand the delicious sauce.





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Sylvia Muller

Skillshare Cooking and Makup Artist

Graphic Design. Studied Graphic Design in Mexico City where I live. I work in our Architectural Firm with a specialty in space Planning, Planeaci?n de Espacios, Responsable for the Concept Image of their New Office Space. Also supervise web page, client's presentations, office furniture selection, color schemes, ambience and branding options for the new working space.

Cooking. Taken serveral course over the years, even at Cordon Blue of Paris, France. ...

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