Cooking for Beginners: Making Your First Meal from Scratch | Ilona B. | Skillshare

Cooking for Beginners: Making Your First Meal from Scratch

Ilona B., Crazy About Cooking

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7 Videos (24m)
    • Part 1: Introduction

    • Part 2: Ingredients and Equipment

    • Part 3: Cooking the Rice

    • Part 4: Chopping

    • Part 5: Frying the Onion and the Chicken

    • Part 6: Preparing the Curry Sauce

    • Part 7: Conclusion


About This Class


Have you always wanted to learn how to cook but don't know where to start? Or do you feel like it's too much trouble, too hard or takes too much time or special equipment? I want to show you that cooking can be easy and fun and I'm going to teach you how to make your first meal from scratch. At the end of this project, you'll have a delicious chicken pineapple curry with rice. The recipe only requires ingredients that can be found in every supermarket and can be finished within twenty minutes. What's more, you don't need any special cooking equipment. As long as you have a stove, a pot and a pan, you'll be fine.





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Ilona B.

Crazy About Cooking

My name's Ilona and I'm an avid learner. I have signed up for a few classes on Coursera, I am learning Spanish and Chinese in my free time and I was very excited when I heard of Skillshare. Since I've aquired so much knowledge online, I thought it was time to give something back to the community.

My classes focus on cooking since it's a skill that is useful to everyone. A self-cooked healthy meal can make the difference between a bad and a good day. It'll uplift your spirit and your se...

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