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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Cooking Knife Skills

    • 2. Setting up your chopping board

    • 3. Knife Selection

    • 4. How to slice and dice an onion

    • 5. How To Julienne And Brunoise Carrots

    • 6. Wrapping Up Today's Lesson

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About This Class

This class is a beginner level knife skills class with a physical demonstration.

This class does not have fancy ingredients of any kind, it is for people that are brand new to the kitchen and don't really know where to start.

You will learn several cutting techniques.

Check out my other class here

I will show you how to make sourdough pizza bases, basic pizza bases as well as a napoli sauce.

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Timothy Cunningham

Online Instructor


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1. Cooking Knife Skills: Hi, everybody, and welcome to my first school. She, of course, around basic North skill fundamentals, so that his team kind of can be in a shift since being about 15 years old. Service an apprentice out in the northwestern suburbs off Australia, all through Italian and Mediterranean cuisine. So that is my main school based there but also worked in function events. Crown Casino was, well right across the state. Have a wide variety of skills that carefully, everyone on school CEO will be on the leverage for their own benefits and help you on your journey in the kitchen as well. So, with its course that I will be running our freeze kind of slots and Dawson onion Juliann ng some carrot as well as a technique cold brew lattes. We'll also run through how to set up chopping boards correctly as well. To make sure that you will time in the kitchen is as fun and stress free as possible, because in today's short course, we are currently using 23 ingredients tonight, but with the skills that I take you around slicing, tossing Julian ing as well a broom odds you can use the skills to implement on a wide variety of for officials. So you guys enjoy 2. Setting up your chopping board: before you start cooking, you want to make sure your chopping board is nice and steady this one year, okay, because you can say it's the one. Place does quite a good job of staying relatively still, this chopping board. He will give you a lot of hassle when you are slicing and dicing. So what can you actually do to prevent this from happening? It's quite simple. You get a nice Web chucks, place it on a troubling boardwalks that'll keep it nice and steady. So when you're chopping your fruit vegetables, you keep your hands, Saif. 3. Knife Selection: here is a chef's knife. With this particular off here, it's just basically a greater random, so we fish you can use to caught for vegetables mates. A lot of people say specific knife is for a specific job, but really, it's just what you feel comfortable with using. If you're gonna be filleting steaks, we want to use something like this, which is a filleting knife. It's really not some theme that it gives you a lot of control over the blood as a beginner , when also The Apprentice, this was my favorite north. Use a syringe with joy. It's just that when I felt I was comfortable using at the time, it's really a lot Asia Teoh handle. If you require many inexperience with a knife and it's available for giving to me if you want for a good shopping blades, like always, this could be a real life cycle. The problem is that you, for my thesis, is that when you're cutting in tow onions, the pointed tips doesn't get right into it. We'll run close to the cool before you will have water trouble tossing things 4. How to slice and dice an onion: Now, when you slice an onion, it's not really necessary for you to Kate. These cool wrong. You just kind of strike the set. Make sure you can say walks are Take the end off. You just put back in the sink. That's for I just want the top. You gotta be pedantic about You can always get the light off. It's just underneath now where you want it. There. You want to hold you sort of your hands like these sort of Koppett, You want to rub the knife against your knuckle basically, and that's gonna be a protection from cutting yourself so you can either sliced one of two ways come across these. Now, if you are beginning, that's just rocking the knife on the chopping board. Walk, sir. Angled north away from the knuckles. As you get more experience, you will be on do it. Really? Just a start. Awesome stored tar. Don't worry about coming coral. - Where's your slice? You really just want to get toe rock now? As far as hand placement Gars, That's really that way. You feel comfortable obviously don't want to be holding it like these police. That could get very dangerous for just a famed grape like these works well, - so with tossing, it does work better if you keep the score on him. Okay. You don't necessarily know what people don't are particularly doing myself because I'm capable. Control. It's like the exercise core on just you guys. See how it stays together. Makes tossing award. This you can see the core is still intact. Number kicking Noyce slam they wanted just cried incisions. If you see the tip of the knife, we're not going to the very end getting this close to these coal as we possibly can. Boss for Britain, you know, they were slow. We're not gonna go fast at this point. You also want to create a decision at the top. There now. Big careful to cop downwards away from your fingertips. Go one, go to incisions. Now with you, hand your sort of crowded cool toe. Hold this together. Now we're gonna rope with North the same as we did when we sloths the lost on you. So we're gonna go across this way, and as the north gets closer to my hand, we're just gonna bring it back and back with this big He on its left. It's sort damn used tennis. He oversaw there as well. You don't want to waste any of the onions. Just Kate. Just come across one time. They have some beautifully dos onion. 5. How To Julienne And Brunoise Carrots: So, first up you get a native people up. We don't have to have appeal. But you know this. You know carrots, Alexa. They stress that you see, and it lost years with the onion. I know. We kept for chicken stock. Saving capers scraps for the pap in tow. Annoys stock. Use them for result artists. Sirs, that's a nice flavor. You can do the same thing with chicken scraps, baked farms, etcetera. Good stuff, Julia. Character coming. Now you want to cry? One flat engine Massadio. So I just turned its our vices cameras, vacancy. Now the race with dominates warning life flat and have some stability because if we would have tried to stops actually work these the car It's a lot less time and you're what they cut yourself which we don't want. So once we've covered it, Jorge fit the current state. You want to credit? Unless more theme strips. I just lost it. They remember to copy hand What? This How are in the last couple of videos? I hope you know before you five degree angle toe cutting yourself. I remember a little topsy get you fumble on your front fingers. So you know I don't sleep, you know, gonna cut this little phone, which I've done numerous times blaming. It's fun. So now you've got your strips of car you can stuck on top of each other work, sir, however many you feel comfortable in doing, if you just stopping, you have too afraid of one. You can always a liar. I go because you get more experience and get better. Feel free to share with me. Hes done. I was a little warm. Er muscle take just one little tricks as well. So if you want Castle Knauss when immersed in sort of come when they're just chasing with these loss new shapes, we're gonna show you had a broom while. So what? I've just shown you with you, Julian. If you wanted to, broom twas the care. You just want up your faces of Julian Karen. Walks are next to each other. Make him a scorer as possible clamped animal base. Bunch them up together as much as you can. Now you want to move you back ever so slowly brutalizes about chopping very finely. So the main thing with cuttings, especially with little things like these, it's all within your guarding of your hand and the angle of the north. Always be careful tapping off 45 grand. Once you've built up muscle memory, you can help yourself. But that's a tease of muscle memory, so it's very important at the start. Make sure you have everything lined up in the right position for the Syfy hands. 6. Wrapping Up Today's Lesson: I hope everybody enjoyed the first course around Cooking fundamentals. Hope you picked up a few skills that you take with you on your journey place. Feel afraid of purse within the community about the skills that you learned or any questions that you might have. Also Marine Private Facebook Group is, well, Tim Kind again, Private chef. There's an extra sort of support to for the students toe. Engage with one another and Oscar advice and share the skills you land. I really look forward to hearing from everybody how you went today. So I hope everyone enjoyed the course and hope to hear from you guys soon about how your Web.