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Cooking Hearty Winter Vegetable Soup with Pancetta

teacher avatar Katrina Brown, THE HEALTHY KITCHEN ~ Nutritionist

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Introduction to Recipe

    • 3. 1 | Ingredients

    • 4. 2 | Making the Soup

    • 5. 3 | Making the Toasties

    • 6. 4 | Final Touches

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About This Class

In this class you will learn how to create my nourishing, immune boosting and absolutely delicious Winter Vegetable soup.

This easy to make soup is made with gut healing vegetable broth and beautiful appetite satisfying protein from cannellini beans and flavoursome pancetta.

Just one serve will provide your body with vitamins and minerals from seasonal vegetables ; all finished off with crunchy sourdough garlic toasts.

This class is suitable for all skill levels. You will be chopping your vegetables and learning how to caramelize the ingredients to create a depth of flavour in your meal.

During the class you will learn nutrition tips to create a healthy meal the whole family will love!

These skills can be applied again and again to your cooking repertoire. Learning how to be a Healthy Cook is a skill for life!

I have provided you with a PDF of the recipe including all ingredients, method and equipment that you will need to get started.

All ingredients are easily accessible from the local supermarket or green grocer. The kitchen equipment I use is found in most kitchens and very user friendly.

Resources: Find Katrina on IG and FB @katrina_brown_nutrition and website        

Follow Katrina for more upcoming Healthy cooking classes and Nutrition.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Katrina Brown



Katrina Brown is a qualified Nutritionist and Healthy Cook.

She is the Founder of The Healthy Kitchen, a branch of Katrina Brown Nutrition.

Katrina loves to cook delicious nutrient-dense meals and her mission is to share her energy & passion for everyone to live a healthy life.

She speaks and gives workshops to corporate businesses and local groups with an interest in the health and wellness of their employees. Katrina is also engaged in education for fitness groups, children, and adults on the importance of eating healthy food for energy, focus, and longevity.

You can follow her on IG: @katrina_brown_nutrition 


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1. Introduction: Welcome to the Healthy Kitchen. I'm Katrina Brown. I'm a qualified nutritionist, a healthy cook, and a recipe developer. Over the last few years, I've taught lots of adults and children had a cook healthy food, which is a skill for life. Not only do I teach the nutrition and the science behind the food and what it does within your body systems. But also simple effective ways to get more nutrients in your body on a day-to-day basis. This is gonna make you feel more energized and generally just better. Who doesn't want that? I also have many private clients and I do lots of corporate speaking engagements as well. All about teaching people nutrition, what it does, what it's all about, and how you can incorporate it into your life. So why should you choose to learn from me? You've got a lot of people out there to choose from who were all fantastic cooks and fantastic teachers. I just want to share with you my knowledge of nutrition and teach you how to create simple, healthy and delicious meals, snacks, and of course, the service that you and your family and really going to love. Hi, class includes a PDF risky that you can print out. You can get prepped and ready to go before you start the class. And you've got it there so you can file it for later makeup. You're in little recipe. In the classes, I'm going to go through the ingredients, what they are, the nutritional value behind them, and how you can use them in various ways to create really interesting food. So jump on to the Healthy Kitchen, come into some classes with me, and we will get you on track to a healthier life, feeling energized and looking at magazines. See you there. Bye. 2. Introduction to Recipe: Today we're going to be making a beautiful winter vegetable, Penn shredder and canali bind soup with some olive oil and garlic Tarsus. 3. 1 | Ingredients: You're gonna love this. It is so heartwarming and perfect for winter, easy to make. It just takes a bit of time to get everything kind of cooked and caramelize before you start simmering the soup. And that's the most important part of the dish I think, is to get everything really well cool. So I'm gonna go through the ingredients. I'll start at the center. I have about a liter and a half of hot chicken stock and an extra cup of water just in case the stocks not enough have as a canine chopped up about one centimeter dice, a couple of cups of kale. This is actually from my garden. I'm pretty impressive myself there. A wedge of Palmer's and rind. Now, this is something that whenever I finish a block of Parmesan and there's the rhyme there that you don't use. Pop that in the freezer, perfect for soups and stews and things like that in winter. If you don't have the rind, just use a chunk of Parmesan cheese. And I have sort of a small to medium size sweet potato salad, simple snip, both cut up. Everything needs to be cut roughly the same size. Two to three stocks of celery, a large carat or two carats, depending on the size of them. Got about 250 grams here of Pancho better. You can also use bacon if you want to use bacon or ham or prosciutto, whatever you like. But I like the penn-shredder. I just think it has a really know a little bit of a sweeter flavor. Some brown onion dyestuffs as well. A can of beans that has been rinsed. A quarter of a cup of olive oil. Couple of tablespoons of fresh rosemary and the soma fresh time. And they've just been roughly chopped up as well. And then all our toast is I've just got some beautiful little seeded sourdough bonds here. A clove of garlic and some quality extra virgin olive oil. So that's the ingredients for the soup. The key is to make sure the stock is hot and everything's cannibalizing beautifully in the pot. And that's about it. We're gonna get cracking. 4. 2 | Making the Soup: Day for this recipe, I've chosen just a big pot. If I use to pan or my ingredients wouldn't fit in. But you use whatever pot or pan you want. You might have a beautiful cast on what the electric cook soup in whatever works for you. I'll bring camera of a headlights so you can see what I'm doing, but it's pretty straightforward. We're going to heat up the olive oil. That's a quarter of a cup. Quality olive oil. And as that starts heating, we're going to start throwing in all our veggies. So first is the onion, then everything else. Pretty much it goes in at the same time. What you'll wanna do here is just cope or your veggies really beautifully in that olive oil to get a nice color to them. So just throwing all your virgin. So it's quite simple and straightforward. We're going to label that up, those other ingredients just for the minute. And you can hear that sizzling away. Now, what you want to do is just cook your veggies. You can see them all in the pot there. You want to cook those for about five or six minutes until the onion is sort of translucent and veggies look like this, sort of starting to soften and collapse. We're going to cook that through. And in a few minutes time, I'll show you how it looks. So you can see that everything started to collapse and the uneasiness and translucent that's been cooking the five to ten minutes, everything softening up beautifully. And we'll get on to the next step. So sizzling away nicely, the next thing we need to do is open the pen cheetah. You want this to get nice and crispy. Going to throw in the hubs. Starts turning that around. And now comes the part that are just need you to type you Tom width, I guess. It's just to give this a really nice mic, sir. And this snake hook now for good 15 minutes. All that Penn shift to the more old affectionate to break down and coat the vegetables and just get really caught caramelized and beautiful. So just put it on a sort of medium to high hate. And don't worry if it sticks to the bottom a little bit. That's kind of that's still the flight of us. So once you throw in the stock null, That's something that is all going to just come together really nicely. So again, we'll leave that for 15 minutes. Let everything just caramelized start occasionally. And then we'll get to the next step. So everything's broken up a little bit. And you can see it's sort of that beautiful caramelized stickiness on the bottom of the pan. Next, we're just going to throw in the palm and run. And the banks. So they serve. Now the palm is Enron's you will take out of the untold, be slaved because it won't be completely dissolved. But it is going to give a gorgeous flavor to your soup. So we're gonna get that back on the hate and popping the stock and the borsa. So everything's back in and they're going to throw in the hot stock about later and a half. Just an extra cotton wool shop. Now if you've got these hot, it just makes your cooking time a lot quicker. This is going to come to the boil. We're going to see this beautiful soup. I'm going to give it about 20 minutes because the veggies are looking great. Everything sort of tender. We don't want to boil it to the point of it all fall apart really so just enough to keep everything nice and tender and beautiful and held together in soup. I'm going to boil that 15 minutes. The flavors will be beautiful, smells beautiful. And then the last thing we add in is our beautiful kale. Ok, so that's the last tear that up. Throw it in just before you serve it and it just gives it a few minutes just to hate through it the source and the flavors of the suit. 5. 3 | Making the Toasties: Now toast has popped up. Hey, all you need to do is rather the golly on the bread. This just the hatred membrane and the toast, sorry, just star them, basically releases the oil in the garlic. Very simple. It smells just beautiful. And it's a lot less fast than making garlic, garlic butter and oil and all those sorts of things seems to give everything a nice little wipe over with the garlic. Then I'll put on your light drizzle with some olive oil. It's generously, as you'd like. Paulson, I'm always going to be heavy handed with olive oil. And then onto such a sprinkler with little touch of sea salt flakes, little bit of pepper. And that's your garlic and olive oil toast. Very simple. So we're going to serve that up with acid. 6. 4 | Final Touches: You can see the soup is just simmering white beautifully here. This has been on for about 15 minutes. Now what I want to do is just get the Kyle and tear it up into the soup. You can do this as Finally or as chunky as you like. But I've got this beautiful, fresh Kyle just picked out of my garden. So I'm going to make the most of it and put it in nice big leafy chunks. You don't want the stems in these stems will be too rubbery. Just the leaves. We just leave that to Sima, give it another five minutes. So through see, the palm isn't kind of melty and rubbery. Leave that in there right, until you service and the soup. What, knock your socks off. So here we are. Old on. The suit. I haven't saved into. What I thought I might do is just spin it into my bowl first and pop a little bit of salt pepper on top. This is very moorish, very hearty. And if it doesn't warm you up on a winter's day, then icon Hopi, the colors a gorgeous, the kyle look still looks nice and green in there. It hasn't gone. That kind of monkey. I've overcooked color. Kyle tends to hold it so quiet. Well, I'm just going to put little sprinkled and pepper and salt on top. And that is it. Useful? Winter vegetable, Keneally vein, and penn-shredder. So I hope you guys love deep union garlic toast with olive oil. It just all comes together beautifully. I think you'll enjoy it. I'll see you next time. Bye.