Cooking Basics - Create Your Own EPIC Potato Salad - Base Recipe With Unlimited Variations!

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6 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Potato Salad Intro

    • 2. Potato Salad Around the World

    • 3. Potato Salad Project: Memories

    • 4. Apple Pie & Potato Salad??

    • 5. Putting it Together and Base Recipe

    • 6. Add In Suggestions and Next Steps


Project Description

The senses of smell and taste can bring a flood of memories within our reach - some good, some bad. We gravitate towards certain ones because of this, from early childhood on. Dive into these within yourself. What are some of your favorite smells? What fond memories do these incur? For myself, I love the smell of bacon, and that has become a favorite mix-in to a lot of dishes for me.

The same goes for certain flavors and foods. My Mom died when I was very young, however I can remember stealing olives from her whenever she opened a can or jar, and smile! Naturally,  I tend to add olives to recipes where I can.

Think back on your own memories where scents and tastes are intertwined in emotion. Which ones would be a good fit in YOUR signature potato salad?

Let us know in the project section what scents and tastes bring back fond memories for you in the project section. Feel free to include a photo of the memory or something that reminds you of it, with and explanation. If you don't have one, you can include a photo of the food itself (for instance, mine would be bacon or olives for the above reason;)

HINT - Add as many photos as you like, and don't forget to get creative - that's what making something unique is all about!



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