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Cook a Healthy Chilli con carne w/ Lentils

teacher avatar Katrina Brown, THE HEALTHY KITCHEN ~ Nutritionist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. 1 | Ingredients & Equipment

    • 3. 2 | Making the Chilli Con Carne

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About This Class

In this class you will learn how to create my nourishing, immune boosting and absolutely delicious Chilli con carne w/ lentils. This is a hearty vegetarian meal that is packed with plant based protein, vitamins and minerals as well as slow release carbohydrate energy and gut healthy fibre..

This class is suitable for all skill levels. You will be chopping your vegetables and learning how to caramelize the ingredients to create a depth of flavour in your meal.

During the class you will learn nutrition tips to create a healthy meal the whole family will love!

These skills can be applied again and again to your cooking repertoire. Learning how to be a Healthy Cook is a skill for life!

I have provided you with a PDF of the recipe including all ingredients, method and equipment that you will need to get started.

All ingredients are easily accessible from the local supermarket or green grocer. The kitchen equipment I use is found in most kitchens and very user friendly.

Resources: Find Katrina on IG and FB @katrina_brown_nutrition and website

Follow Katrina for more upcoming Healthy cooking classes and Nutrition.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Katrina Brown



Katrina Brown is a qualified Nutritionist and Healthy Cook.

She is the Founder of The Healthy Kitchen, a branch of Katrina Brown Nutrition.

Katrina loves to cook delicious nutrient-dense meals and her mission is to share her energy & passion for everyone to live a healthy life.

She speaks and gives workshops to corporate businesses and local groups with an interest in the health and wellness of their employees. Katrina is also engaged in education for fitness groups, children, and adults on the importance of eating healthy food for energy, focus, and longevity.

You can follow her on IG: @katrina_brown_nutrition 


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1. Introduction: Hi everyone. Welcome to class. Today we are going to be making with friends. Of course. This is probably going to be one of the healthiest meals you ever make. But it's also packed with fiber. So don't shy away from the fact that it doesn't have maintenance. As I said in the recipe, you can add 500 grams of means if you want to. Sunbathe means but I don't think you can unaided on site, we have beautiful fresh ingredients here. And basically, this meal is providing you with six cups of vegetables. All the servings you need of fiber, vitamins, minerals from the veins and the lentils. Fresh sources, beautiful stock. So this is a gut friendly, gut healthy meal. If you are looking at getting your gut health on track, and these are the sorts of things you need to be thinking about. Loads and loads of flavor, vitamins and minerals packed with fiber. You want all the good bacteria to kinda fermenting there and do its thing. So that's why it's so important to eat a really high fiber wholesome diet. 2. 1 | Ingredients & Equipment: So let's get started. As usual, go through the ingredients and the equipment. Very simple mail today, you don't have to overthink this one really. So I've got some coriander, which is actually the ingredient we're going to add in last. We have a can of brown lentils that has been rinsed and drained. And also half a can of red kidney veins that have also been rinsed and drained. If you have issues with bloating when you eat lentils, what I suggest you do is rinse them really, really well, even reach them a second time. That's usually the issue that people have is that they're not just rinsing and through enough. And that should help. But also if you're new to eating this sort of way, lots and lots of fiber, you are going to notice a difference in your gut feel. So if you feel kinda heavy and bloated, what have you don't panic and don't go. Oh, that's it. I'm never eating again because you will notice that your body will stuck and used to it and all that extra fiber that you're having will start working how it's meant to anybody, okay? We've got 500 mils of vegetable stock, 600 mils of Posada, which is just a tomato paste. You could use a tin of tomatoes if you want to take a tablespoon of tomato paste, then we've got our vegetables, 150 grams of red capsicum, which is nice and sweet. And I've got a 150 grams and green capsicum, which has more of an earthy flavor. But two stocks of celery here, which is about 80 grams or so. I guess Sam with the carrot got about 80 grams of carbon, which is kind of a large carrot. Then zucchini, a 120 grams of zucchini, which is a large zucchini brown onion. I've chopped up a large brown onion here, and the brown onion is around a 100 grams worth. So just to get your all vegetables different sizes. So it just gives you a bit more of an idea of what I'm using. But got some olive oil, two tablespoons of olive oil for cooking. Too close of crushed garlic, two teaspoons of ground, cumin, ground paprika, and half a teaspoon of chili flakes. If you'd like, you're truly hot at in more flakes. Only adding enough for my kids are going to eat. And then when I've served up, they're all adding more Chile or even Tabasco sauce or something like that. Because the rest of us really enjoy kind of a bit of kicking the chili spoon hotplate and had been pushed. Also Elite, which I forgot to grab that. We're going to need the lead for when we're simmering. So that's it. Let's get started. 3. 2 | Making the Chilli Con Carne: Okay, So this recipe is very simple. As I said, we're just going to get our pen on the page. Now, as I said before, when you're using mating your dishes which are more than welcome to do, of course, are just as you know by now, I like to cook more plant-based food. You can get from the mesh. You're going to be getting heme iron, which is the blood based iron animal ion and also vitamin B 12. There. The two things you're going to get from your mate that you're not going to get from your plants and vegetables, you will get heme and non-heme iron, which is a plant-based iron from all your vegetables. But if you haven't got great gulf health, it's harder to absorb that. So that's something worth working on. Two, if you're someone like me who suffers low iron, every now and then, I'll have to get on infusions and things, but concentrate on getting as much kind of variety in your diet as you can and adding some weight into that piece. Absolutely fine. But the mates not giving you any vitamins and minerals. So when you're eating the lintels and things like that, you're getting 50 and you're getting a myriad of vitamins and minerals. That also what your body system, that it's all those essentials that you're not going to get from the main. So the rainbow is probably the best advice there. So this is hating up. I'm just going to add in the oil. The first thing we're going to add in here is the onion. And we're just going to basically cook off the onion as you normally would cook it off till it's translucent. And that's already smells fantastic. When the game starts to get a little bit translucent there, we're going to add in the garlic until that's fragrant with the golly, you don't want to overcook it, I guess cool it too quickly because it can go Bishop, say stolen that non skeletal fiber, throw, eat Darwin, chic IT shop. Now when only starts coming together, I'm going to bring the camera or the head so you can see what it all looks like, but you can't go too far wrong with this dish. You're going to cook that off just for a few minutes. You can smell that beautiful garlic there. Now, basically when I'm adding in the vegetables that come out of ADH, the vegetables that are going to take the longest to cook first. Sorry. The Capsicum could say chops just a little bit bigger. We're just going to stir that through. And because our carrots and as a Kanye is gratitude, It's not going to take very long to cook to get to kinda that branding style. Now you'll notice with the celery here, I've used the leaves, really important to use. All the vegetable wasn't much as you can. Obviously, I've watched everything, chopped it up finally, but the leaves that just done a nice texture, I guess, and I love the crunch from the celery. So I'm going to put that in as well. Give that a study can already say those gorgeous colors in there. Now, this dish, because we've got the stock and the source. You are going to be simmering it. So this is more just to kind of brown up the veggies and get a little bit of flavor out of them. And then you're simmering until they Tinder anyway, so you don't need to overthink how long you cooking is four. And if you're in a bit of a hurry, you can really just bang it all in there and put the lid on. So it's totally up to you how you like to cook. I'm just giving you the basics. And you can run with that. Like hey, we're going to throw in zucchini and carriage. And you'll notice all the veggies start to release the water as well. So again, all that gorgeous color there, which is moving everything around the pan so it doesn't stick too much. So we're gonna give that a couple of minutes. And then we're going to add enough spices. Now paste Albania. Outsource the vegetable stock, which I've hated off, so it takes less time to cook. And last but not least, the coriander. And the next thing I'm going to do is popping the tomato paste. Now, I like to cook this off a little bit. So I've made a will in the middle of the pen. And I'm just cooking the tomato paste off just slightly just takes the wrong. Because of cultural the other vegetables and tomato paste is also a vegetable. Obviously, it's just smushed up. So I find that if you just give it a minute or two, cooking it up, then incorporating it into all the veggies here. It just sweetens up a little bit, gets rid of the rule, the rule flavor. Now next step is just to add in the cumin. Just sprinkle it around the paprika and the Chile. Now they just need to be stirred through until they smell delicious. I love these combinations and losses. It's something I use a lot. And you've probably noticed that I'm always doing something kind of Mediterranean or Mexican. I just love it. They're very easy flavors to work with, and also very easy to adapt to different types of cuisines. Ikea, next step, we're going to pop in the tomato Posada. So 67, 100 mils, It's up to you. Now another little trick to get the stock. I'm just going to get the lead. So you're not wasting anything. Steven, luke shock. And then you clearing everything out of the job. And also using up all your ingredients, stock. And then the lintels. That simple. Now all we do is just start everything through. If you were using male in this recipe, you would cook off the mate when you cook off the onions. So that's releasing the fat out of the mate. Depending on what type of meat you're using, you might need to strain the fat off using the lentils and especially the little ground line tools that give you the meaty texture if you use colonize, which I do a lot of the time. My kids ALL atheists and then they'll go, I was I made in that. You can not even notice. So the more you do this, and the more you incorporate these sorts of ingredients into your cooking, the more familiar it is going to be for your family. Okay, so what we're doing here is now simmering this with a lid on about 20 to 25 minutes. If you need to add more, if you've got mating here as well, you need to add a little bit more source or stock. You can definitely do that. But basically that's all you need to do with a 25 minutes or so to the veggies and nice and tender the lentils. A carnival mixed in the sauce tastes great. Season it with some salt and pepper. And that's Dina done, my case. So the chili is just on the phone. The Haitians being there for about 15 minutes. You can see how beautiful those colors. And that has reduced down almost as much as Oglesby to have just had the lead in a jar, Given a little stir every now and then. You can see it looks like, Mmh. If you are trying to play a little trick on somebody in your family and try and get them to a healthier. And maybe not so much me because I know there's a lot of animals out there. And this is a really good option, is something to start with. Sorry. Here we go. I'm gonna give this another five minutes with the lead just a jar and I think we'll be ready to go then. 20 minutes are up. The soul says thick and really notched him. As he can say there, it's not too thick and easy. Pull it back from the pan economy holes, which is really nice. That's kind of the consistency you're looking for. Sorry. What we're just gonna do lastly is just adding some coriander. If you don't like coriander, that circuit, you don't have to do that. But I just wanted to show you a way to sharpen your knife if you haven't done this before, some of you have seen me do this before. Just make sure your thumbs protected. And then you bring it down just from an angle, probably 45 degree angle, just back and talk to the front and back of the blade and a k. So this is something you should probably do quite regularly with your knives. You can get professionals to come and do it for you. But it's always good to have a sharp knife and interesting, after you've had the shot not yet, cut yourself. I have done plenty of times on. So just keep that a quick little dark. Hope that down. Now with the coriander, you can add as much or as little as you like. I'm adding about half a box, make sure you wash it first. There's usually a lot of dirt Holden sort of held in coriander. So just give it a wash. Now, you've seen me do this a million times, but if you haven't heard is claw hands. When you're chopping down, you don't want to heat your fingers. You want to hit the edge of your knuckles, okay? You're not going to cut yourself if you do it this way. So basically we're just chopping the coriander knots and roughly with how beautiful shot NADPH, sprinkling it through and Daesh, like Hey, that also add some nice color up to the dish. Just stir that through gently. And the next thing you want to do, you serve it up. So as I said before, if you wanted to use brown rice or Qin law, you could definitely do that in this dish. A lot of the time I just added as he's kind of like chunky soup, I guess. So. Couple of spoonfuls in your ball, a little bit of yogurt. I've just got some plain Greek yogurt here. And just dollop that on. That is a great probiotic for your gut. And then a female sprigs of the Quran to here. Just to make it look pretty. Just a little. Ganesh there. You don't have to do that. If you don't want to. Do you not is done or lunch or leftovers, whatever you want it to be. That is Chili con Connie, made with a base of lentils. I hope you enjoy it. I'll see you next time. Bye.