Converting Data into Information Using Excel

Jeffrey Schreier, Don't be intimidated by Excel!

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5 Lessons (43m)
    • 1. Course Introduction

    • 2. A little database know-how goes a long way

    • 3. A single formula to master your data

    • 4. A single reporting tool to create information

    • 5. Yes, you can create good data from bad


Project Description

Your class project is to apply what you learned by:

1) Creating at least 2 data tables that follow the three database rules taught in the first lesson.

2)  Using vlookup and primary keys to add fields to one table from another.

3) Using pivot table to create at least 3 reports.

As I mentioned in the class description, the spreadsheet I used in the class lessons is attached in the class project section and you may use it as a learning aid to help you with your class project.

I will review each project and be happy to answer any questions and share helpful information to improve your use of the information learned in my course. 


Student Projects