Converting Data into Information Using Excel | Jeffrey Schreier | Skillshare

Converting Data into Information Using Excel

Jeffrey Schreier, Don't be intimidated by Excel!

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5 Lessons (43m)
    • 1. Course Introduction

    • 2. A little database know-how goes a long way

    • 3. A single formula to master your data

    • 4. A single reporting tool to create information

    • 5. Yes, you can create good data from bad


About This Class


Welcome to my course "Converting Data into Information Using Excel"

This course is designed to help you grow beyond using basic Excel spreadsheet creation and formatting skills, and show you how to use Excel to add value in ways you were not previously exposed to. I specifically cover proper database creation, the vlookup formula, pivot table reporting, filtering and several text formulas including the "If" formula.

My sharing philosophy is to go beyond just explaining Excel techniques to showing you how to use them in ways that will be helpful to you. Everything I show comes from what I consider "best practices" during my 30+ years using using spreadsheets and Excel in my ongoing career.  

Please watch my introductory video and please enroll if you are interested.  I am confident that you will find it worthwhile.  The spreadsheet I used in the class lessons is attached in the class project section and you may use it as a learning aid to help you with your class project.