Converting Data into Information Using Excel - Part 2

Jeffrey Schreier, Don't be intimidated by Excel!

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6 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. A quick primer on the course content

    • 2. Text to Columns can be a great data creation tool

    • 3. Find_Replace is not just for word processing

    • 4. Concatenation is a lot easier to use than to say

    • 5. More with the powerful filtering tool

    • 6. Subtotals has many great uses


Project Description


Do your own data project using some of the skills you learned in this course and the first one and I'd be happy to answer any  questions you have and make suggestions for improvement.

Alternatively, I invite you to use the attached workbook to do the exercises and return it to me with the word done and any comments or questions you may have.

Student Projects