Converting Data into Information Using Excel - Part 2 | Jeffrey Schreier | Skillshare

Converting Data into Information Using Excel - Part 2

Jeffrey Schreier, Don't be intimidated by Excel!

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6 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. A quick primer on the course content

    • 2. Text to Columns can be a great data creation tool

    • 3. Find_Replace is not just for word processing

    • 4. Concatenation is a lot easier to use than to say

    • 5. More with the powerful filtering tool

    • 6. Subtotals has many great uses


About This Class


This course is an addition to my first course by the same name, but it will stand on it's own if you want to take it first.  Both courses together will greatly increase your data handling and reporting capabilities in Excel.

  1. Text-to-Columns - for breaking data into multiple columns.
  2. Find-Replace - a simple way to get rid of unwanted repetitive data.
  3. Concatenation - this time we learn how to combine text from multiple columns into one.
  4. Subtotals - a great grouping and reporting tool.
  5. Filters - we revisit filters to learn more about how they can greatly improve your data handling and reporting capabilities.

The spreadsheet used in the class is attached in the project section so you can use it as a learning aid.

I hope you enjoy the class and please leave feedback!