Convert Your Performance Feedback Into an Inspiring Career Plan | Lauren Streb | Skillshare

Convert Your Performance Feedback Into an Inspiring Career Plan

Lauren Streb, Executive Coach & Leadership Consultant

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10 Videos (33m)
    • Class Introduction

    • A Tool to Organize Your Feedback

    • Identify Development Pathways

    • Classify Feedback

    • Which feedback is relevant?

    • Create Goals

    • 3 Questions to Create Focus

    • Prioritize Goals

    • Best Practices

    • Class Project


About This Class

In this class, you will learn a simple process for converting your performance feedback into professional development goals.  I will show you:

-A tool that helps you organize and understand your feedback in a new way

-Four categories of development goals and when to use them

-How to identify the most relevant feedback

-Best practices for creating a well-rounded development plan that motivates you and helps you make measurable progress toward your goals

This class includes LOTS of examples, including actual feedback and goals from my clients and people I have managed.  Through demonstration and a hands-on class project, you will be able to start using this system immediately.





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Lauren Streb

Executive Coach & Leadership Consultant

As an executive coach, I help leaders create careers and lives that fulfill them.  I lead them through a journey of assessments, self-inquiry, and storytelling that connects them to their strengths and desires.  Together, we craft a personal vision for what a successful life looks and feels like, on their terms.  Then we practice the skills and tools that will help turn that vision into reality. 

During my 14 years as a leader in Biotechnology, I often str...

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