Convert More Twitter Followers ONE TWEET at A Time. | Donovan Tiemie | Skillshare

Convert More Twitter Followers ONE TWEET at A Time.

Donovan Tiemie, Education is the premise of progress

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3 Videos (14m)
    • Introduction To The System

    • Informative Tweet Structure

    • Informative Content Structure


About This Class

You know there is a misconception that all social media channels are equal, that, we can just duplicate whatever we do on Facebook or Instagram and we will get the same result on twitter. And there in lies the problem.

It was about a year ago that I realized that, twitter must be different then Instagram or Facebook. Because how can a social media site where you only get 140 characters to put together a massage, be the same as all the rest. And that’s when I stumbled upon 3 step system, the exact system I am about to show you.


The end result of using this 3 step system was, I was getting crazy conversions whenever I send out a tweet. I even got a lot of unexpected targeted followers in the process. You might be thinking that its just not possible for you, but believe me it is, just as long as you follow this 3 step system I am about to show you. You should get the same results

You see when people log into twitter, they expect to see on of three things in their news feed, they expect to see content that either Inform, inspire or entertain. And if they find content that fit into any of the above categories, they want to know more and they want to share with their friends.  And by giving our followers exactly what they want, they will give us exactly what we want, which is conversions and shares.

So as soon as you are ready to take off, hit the blue enroll button , and I will show you how to send out informative content that explode your twitter presence over night.





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Donovan Tiemie

Education is the premise of progress

Hey guys I am so excited to be able share my marketing knowledge with you. I know how hard it is to do THIS on your own. I've been there myself. There we're times when I felt like throwing in the towel. After struggling for 2 years, I went back to my steady job to save up again. Now I'm in the Internet Marketing game for 4 years, never looking back. Never give up, I know you will figure it out.

If you have any marketing questions, feel free to leave a comment. I will be happy to answer...

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