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Convert Any Image to Pixel Art

Simon Sanchez, Game Designer

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2 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Convert Any Image to Pixel Art


About This Class

Krita Knowledge is Required to take this class (You can learn to make pixel art with Krita in my other classes)

In this class you will learn how to take an image (a picture, painting, photo, etc...) and convert it automatically with Krita! This class also includes how to make an automatic dithering while converting the image to pixel art!

This class is part of a pack of classes about pixel art, you can decide to take all of them (Suggested for beginners) or to take the ones you prefer.

Part 1: Introduction to Pixel Art

Part 2: Making an Item Set

Part 3: Make a Sideview Pixel Art Mockup

Part 4: Make a Topdown Pixel Art Mockup

Part 5: Pixel Art Animation

Part 6: Convert Any Image to Pixel Art

Part 7: Animate an Explosion in Pixel Art

Part 8: Make a Topdown Pixel Art Interior

Part 9: Pixel Art Animation with JuiceFX


1. Introduction: hey in this class and going to Dietrich up to convert any image being a 40 a topography, a painting as driving or any other image to picture that. So this is a semi automatic process on. Basically, what you're doing in this process is re skilling the image on reducing the number of quarters off the image. So we're going to go the process of converting additional painting in this case, so big start image. 2. Convert Any Image to Pixel Art: So I have thes painting right here on going to committed the big slab. So what you can see here, the size is very big. So the first thing we are going to do is to recites these. So we're going toe Hamish scale image. Do you size unless a precise thes, for example, at at 10% with the fielder nearest neighbor or box. If you're using on elaboration of clear set to see what we got, we're going to rename the's That's back room. Great to create a group except and going to duplicate this layer on angering married have off the group. So what we're going to do is basically limit the colors off our palette off this image. So we're going to right click the group uh, filter mask. I'm here on artistic. We're going to select a next color antes is basically going to reduce the number of colors off our image. Of course, we are not seeing the effect right now because we have this layer activated. Well, if I disable, we have this. So we're going to right click the filter properties. And here we have take alerce that we can choose so we can take the square. And here in the color picker, we're going to start selecting from light toe dark. So this, um here we can answer, Activate other colors for another huge. So here we can't. There were shoes or the rocks. And now we're going to use the sky. Color this on. There you go. Right now we are going through the second gate palette on. Let's see what we shot. So we have something like this? No, the polling east as we have a lot of colors. So we're going to go the properties again. I'm here on the color count. You can see the number of colors that these emission tests. So where you can do you, for example, check limit to on. You can set the number of colors that you won. For example, let's start from the bottom with one color to free for site six. All right, so you can see the number of colors increasing on our picture. May casing going to use. For example, 16 maybe 15 16 is fine. You can have another options. They emitting rams, for example. So with these, you can modify the look of your picture on this, my fate a little bit to get something that looks better. So work, Sambuca. Take that on. You have also those Slater's doom of the fight. You in further there. You know what? You can also add this, for example, littering. So we're going to great a new empty layer. Thank you. Name it. And here we're going to the field to We're going to check your spotting. I'm here on this square. We can select a button. So not every partner is the there in Berlin. So we have here some off the lettering partners You can actually use any pattern that you want American use. For example, this one going to the seventh filter must a little bit. If I pain to pardon, we're going to have something like this. We're going to change the filter here, off the layer toe overlay on. We're going to reduce capacity a little bit sample from defy and we're going to activate if in the master can. This is the effect off the power. We're going to change the paradigm for some brew. This one on this is effect. We can we fight capacity so we have more. The green place. All right, here for this area, you're gonna You actually cut a check of world. So the symbol living that we see that, right? So something like that Fine And of course, dishes an automatic process. So it's not perfect. What you can do is duplicate the group right click mash group on. You can start making some final adjustments. So, for example, I can make this color darker. Sibling. You spotting that? Have a little bit that they can fix some nice can life 80 schooler for some blue, and you just do some my girl assessments on this is what we have. So we went from face through this and you can, of course, give modifying here the look of your picture. Uh, you want no. Where you can also do is, for example, used to number the normal painting brushes. So, for example, I can come here with the airbrush on something like that. How? With ease. Let's see what we have. So yes, something like that. And we can right click, huh? Freedom, Max in the explain ting in the color story On this, you can see it's no indexing. All right, so we can, for example, used the life colors here on It's going to a play, the color that corresponds. Uh, the filter. So for change these, for example, toe this'll I believe this start. I think that we have something like this on You can actually keep painting on the layer. With the fielder activated, you will paint like you were painting on picks, right? But with their normal painting brushes. So this is a good way to have more effects or interesting effects. Big city. Right. So they help you like this lecture I haven't seen in different.