Convert Any Adobe Muse Theme to WordPress Step by Step- FULL CLASS. | Angel Sans | Skillshare

Convert Any Adobe Muse Theme to WordPress Step by Step- FULL CLASS.

Angel Sans, Constancy is the road to success.

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24 Lessons (4h 49m)
    • 1. Welcome Students To Muse To WordPress Conversion.

    • 2. Let's Download and Install Wamp Server

    • 3. Let's create database in phpmyadmin

    • 4. Let's install Wordpress on Wampserver

    • 5. Let's start this journey by installing MTW to WordPress

    • 6. Let's connect Adobe Muse to WordPress

    • 7. Let's create a Item and single custom page for WordPress

    • 8. Let's customize the item page

    • 9. Let's customize the Single page

    • 10. Let's create a custom Blog page

    • 11. Let's Finish our first custom blog page

    • 12. Creating custom pages for muse project page

    • 13. Creating a Item work project page

    • 14. Creating custom single work project page

    • 15. Custom project page completed

    • 16. Creating a custom contact page

    • 17. Creating a custom service page

    • 18. Let's create a custom Team page part 1

    • 19. Let's create a custom Team page part 2

    • 20. Let's create a custom Team page part 3

    • 21. Completed home page part 1

    • 22. Completed home page part 2

    • 23. Completed home page part 3

    • 24. Congratulation you did it, Now you know how to convert muse to WordPress


About This Class

How to Convert any Adobe Muse to Wordpress from start to end (Complete Class).

Hi! Welcome to how to Convert Muse to Wordpress Complete Class, the only course that teaches you how to convert Adobe Muse Theme to Wordpress.

There are not the many options for convert muse theme to WordPress online courses, but this course is, without doubt, is the most comprehensive and effective available on the market.

Everything I cover is up-to-date and relevant to Adobe Muse cc 2018 and Wordpress users. No PHP, HTML, CSS or JS knowledge need it.
This course does not cut any corners.

• This course is for a beginner or advanced students.

• We build 5 Custom Muse to WordPress Pages + Learning how to Proper use MTW widgets.

No other course steps through the step by step of this application.

• This course is constantly updated with new content and projects.
Think of it as a subscription to a never-ending supply of Design training.

When you're creating a new Design in muse you often have to sacrifice the power of CMS. With this course, you get the best of both worlds. This course is designed for the complete beginner too.

This course cover tools and technologies including:
• Muse Theme to WordPress conversion
• Localhost Installation
• WampServer Installation
• Wordpress Installation
• MTW Widget Installation
• Localhost Data Creation
• Most common WTW widget mistakes
• Muse Theme Export as HTML
• Muse Theme Export to your Cpanel
• MTW File Synchronization
• MTW Project Upload

Custo Pages Creation
• Custom MTW Blog Page
• Custom MTW Project Page
• Custom MTW Service Page
• Custom MTW Team Page
• Custom MTW Contac Us Page

WordPress hierarchy pages
• Item page
• single page
• Archive page

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. I love working with people and helping students learn. so Sign up today let's start converting!

What are the requirements?
• Have a computer with Internet
• Have an Adobe Muse App on your computer
• Be ready to learn an awesome way to change WordPress industry.
• Create a custom MTW blog from scratch using Muse to WordPress widget.

• Create MTW landing pages
• Think like MTW Designer.

If you want to take ONE COURSE to learn How to convert Adobe Muse Theme to Wordpress you need to take this course.