Convert Any Adobe Muse Theme to WordPress Step by Step- FULL CLASS. | Angel Sans | Skillshare

Convert Any Adobe Muse Theme to WordPress Step by Step- FULL CLASS.

Angel Sans, Constancy is the road to success.

Convert Any Adobe Muse Theme to WordPress Step by Step- FULL CLASS.

Angel Sans, Constancy is the road to success.

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24 Lessons (4h 49m)
    • 1. Welcome Students To Muse To WordPress Conversion.

    • 2. Let's Download and Install Wamp Server

    • 3. Let's create database in phpmyadmin

    • 4. Let's install Wordpress on Wampserver

    • 5. Let's start this journey by installing MTW to WordPress

    • 6. Let's connect Adobe Muse to WordPress

    • 7. Let's create a Item and single custom page for WordPress

    • 8. Let's customize the item page

    • 9. Let's customize the Single page

    • 10. Let's create a custom Blog page

    • 11. Let's Finish our first custom blog page

    • 12. Creating custom pages for muse project page

    • 13. Creating a Item work project page

    • 14. Creating custom single work project page

    • 15. Custom project page completed

    • 16. Creating a custom contact page

    • 17. Creating a custom service page

    • 18. Let's create a custom Team page part 1

    • 19. Let's create a custom Team page part 2

    • 20. Let's create a custom Team page part 3

    • 21. Completed home page part 1

    • 22. Completed home page part 2

    • 23. Completed home page part 3

    • 24. Congratulation you did it, Now you know how to convert muse to WordPress

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About This Class

How to Convert any Adobe Muse to Wordpress from start to end (Complete Class).

Hi! Welcome to how to Convert Muse to Wordpress Complete Class, the only course that teaches you how to convert Adobe Muse Theme to Wordpress.

There are not the many options for convert muse theme to WordPress online courses, but this course is, without doubt, is the most comprehensive and effective available on the market.

Everything I cover is up-to-date and relevant to Adobe Muse cc 2018 and Wordpress users. No PHP, HTML, CSS or JS knowledge need it.
This course does not cut any corners.

• This course is for a beginner or advanced students.

• We build 5 Custom Muse to WordPress Pages + Learning how to Proper use MTW widgets.

No other course steps through the step by step of this application.

• This course is constantly updated with new content and projects.
Think of it as a subscription to a never-ending supply of Design training.

When you're creating a new Design in muse you often have to sacrifice the power of CMS. With this course, you get the best of both worlds. This course is designed for the complete beginner too.

This course cover tools and technologies including:
• Muse Theme to WordPress conversion
• Localhost Installation
• WampServer Installation
• Wordpress Installation
• MTW Widget Installation
• Localhost Data Creation
• Most common WTW widget mistakes
• Muse Theme Export as HTML
• Muse Theme Export to your Cpanel
• MTW File Synchronization
• MTW Project Upload

Custo Pages Creation
• Custom MTW Blog Page
• Custom MTW Project Page
• Custom MTW Service Page
• Custom MTW Team Page
• Custom MTW Contac Us Page

WordPress hierarchy pages
• Item page
• single page
• Archive page

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. I love working with people and helping students learn. so Sign up today let's start converting!

What are the requirements?
• Have a computer with Internet
• Have an Adobe Muse App on your computer
• Be ready to learn an awesome way to change WordPress industry.
• Create a custom MTW blog from scratch using Muse to WordPress widget.

• Create MTW landing pages
• Think like MTW Designer.

If you want to take ONE COURSE to learn How to convert Adobe Muse Theme to Wordpress you need to take this course.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Angel Sans

Constancy is the road to success.


My name is Angel Canton, I graduated from American Business College in San Jose California, in the specialty of technological information.

For many, it is difficult to excel when they have not been trained in the necessary skills in the school of life, so my emphasis is on helping people overcome themselves because I believe that everyone has something so valuable to contribute.

This is the reason I recommend the marketing of internet networks as one of the best routes to run a business or blog and succeed in large.

I do not consider myself a genius in the line of marketing or web designs, my tactics are not a secret but rather they are simple and easy. I do not teach "How to make you rich of the night the day" That is far from reality.

Making a living online... See full profile

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1. Welcome Students To Muse To WordPress Conversion.: Hello and thank you for taking this class in this class. I would be teaching you how to connect other music inside. You were pus, Sy. There's gonna be really easy installation because what will be doing is converting any other bemused decide toe war press. And also, I will be teaching you how to use that. Which it how to use also the plug ins from this our website in we will be working and is designed is gonna be the end result. After we finish this class, these are the pitch is what we will be working. The first pitch is homepage, which you can see that it's a Bagram pictures and also we have it. This section which is called multi project and if you click on team, we can see that thing. Members appear in this area. In fact, like service. Also, we can see the service area but this is the sign Waas creating other amused but now is inside workers. And also we have a disservice patch also we will be working this patch and the project page . I would be teaching you how to create like at this great lease custom patch and the team. Also, I will teaching you how toe were with this thing. How you can create a members inside other amuse. But you can also has the full functionality in war press and from here from block. Also, you learn how to create these blocked page custom blocked page that where you can block in your workers. All these decided it was created in other venues but now is hosting ing were pressed. All right. I hope you're ready to take this class because I'm ready to teaching you how you can convert any other women decide toe workers say you're inside the class. Bye bye. 2. Let's Download and Install Wamp Server: think class this class. I want a tissue. How to install one server and you window computers for that? Ah, just in case you don't know how to get to this website is producing. We just go Google. We have to Really? We only write on that were one, and we heat enter and we will not see these. Ah, the first link on the topside and the low was gonna look like this. Okay, we just click here. All right, so here, we wouldn't see ah allowed him from Matron about how to use this one in the courtroom. Ah, burgeon we got in here. This is Apache two PHP. My sequel databases alongside with a huge be my ah, I mean, which I love me to create. Database inside my computer doesn't mean I don't have to be up learning all the time. I'm from made shone like when I create a new design My computer like I love mule. So any other ah tool like I got here or install my computer. I don't have to be all the time. Our bloody old information to my hosting account. I can do locally. Okay? And we here also we're gonna see, like, a different, um, options. Like I got down. We can see there is ah, one server for our 60 to bid entry to bid. Right now, we want to focus in this in that 60 forbid we click here is going to give you another windows which are giving him from Merchant. This is free to use, and we're looking for these. They say, Ah, download directly. We want to click in That I'm gonna take you to this personal Doesn't come. You OK? Let me just clicking here. Thing is coming right now. Right now. I'm gonna just passed the 1,000,000,000 because ah, there's gonna take, like, four minutes. All right. Download is complete. Now we're gonna start installing this application with double click here. All right. The first thing ah gonna pop up in your screen is like we had a big language language. We want to start this up. I installed everything English because it's more easy for me to understand that, like, I don in Spanish. Okay, click. Here. All we hear is like old application. They're gonna actually are toe said the agreements with say yes, and then we think next what we hear. There's some information we have. Just sit next, and it's asking on which hundreds we want thesis, sharply catching, getting stall in this case that is gonna be installed in the C drive. Thanks. It does the name we will not see in our C drive. One service 64 next and over here. Is that this nature which is look okay from me, and it's still the selection. Amateur. Holland's gonna take some things. They're like, a couple minutes and times less than that. But just in case, are you gonna oppose this video and assume estate is done? Installation complete. Now he next. And now we see Here is the ledger has been completed. Okay? And he saw him from Merchant of all set up. Has feeling Stalin was serving in your computer, the application, maybe lunch by selecting install a Charcot. The Charcot you see here is really here on my last time thing. Okay. With that we say finish. And now we're gonna click here that will click toe a star running one cerebral. When I ask you like you have a passport, they won't ask you like a front to entered possible Okay. Right Here. You go down like I'm a right side. You wanna see it? Ah, right now it looks red has to turn green when this red doesn't mean it's no long. It's like it's not working right now is to yellow. We have to wear. Yeah, now is working. Good. You see? Now, if you see that it's another car beside Green does mean something is wrong with you installation. Okay, Now click here and you want us. Ah, get all this information like over here. If a click here, they're gonna take me to my data. Let me just click there. You see here I can now go to my local PSB My arming probably just root r o t route. And we lived it from Blank. Okay, we are going there already. Yeah, that that default. Um, setting for the PSP. My at me. Okay. Maybe jazz made bigger. These one 3. Let's create database in phpmyadmin : wait a career out of first on data raise. For that, we had to go first and hit here with ST New with Click here and we have toe give. Ah, a new database name. We want to call in this case, Silicon Bay. Hey, let me agents may all our lower case with say create. And also for that, we need to create a user name for thesis are their allies. For that, we just click here again. Let me just was done or you pop up and we go over here with the privilege We click there. Okay. Are we here? We when I create a new use for a name for this account in the youth in there is gonna be ah , silica. Something easy to remember. Okay, the puzzle can be any possible because this is luckily, you don't have to worry about that. Just luckily, this is just in your computer. I just gonna take on me. We have to enter again and we hear you have a choice. Like you are working your own hosting provider. Yeah. I recommended to use this part with Said, generally positive, going to generate like a priest. Trump other, but I When I use just what I trays something for local I can't. Okay. And where he is asking, like our kind privilege this account's gonna have, Like, I go not ranted. All privilege that way came like aerial res and do everything like I mean Okay, well left this Assad before and we make sure everything is checked. Yeah, and we just go. Go. Alright. And here's new. The new account has been create for I mean, they knew you certainly has been great for this account account. Name is Ah, Silicon Bay in the user name is Ah, silicon. Okay. And I don't know, account is just right here. All right? I think this class coming to the end and the next class, I'm gonna show you how to install WordPress inside you. Ph 4. Let's install Wordpress on Wampserver: way. Want Donald for prayers from the wordpress dot or just write down them. We're press and we can enter. Okay. We want to see that it's tooling, but we go has to go to this. What? It's saying war press that are. And we just, uh oh, here we click here. Don't say Donald and click a year that size like a night mega vice. And the court in Virginia saw for a 0.9 point one getting the film was done. That's when we feel it is when we want to struck this one toe my computer eyes complete. Let me just up in it Right now them is trying And when I just messed up and when I say and terror Okay, it's trucking right now. Let me disclose here. I mean, they might this one, and it's right here. Okay. Our next step is like we have toe install these inside our new server. That one server for that we have to go here in, but I want cerebral art is right here. We click there. The directory with this applications gonna be installed is in this one, the ah W value directory. We click here and we just drove thes one ideas. Okay? And if we go back here to see this election, is there to start the process? We just go here ihsaa local. And you see Now you see, there were players here before. Let me just do that again. Let me gel. Remove it from that. What you can see before was in there. Let me close these one. Okay, if you take it out again and I go back here on the refresh we don't have a nothing here. What? It said you probably explica we don't have any installation in process. We judge ruled Theismann backing hearing yet, and now it's gone. Appear in here. Let me refresh. Just seeing those here, okay? And right now we want to click here Is going to start the process now for WordPress. Okay. Okay. That is a problem in connections being I know what it is. This one. Okay, if that happened to you, what you need to do is like a unit. Oh, first over here, say local holes. Okay? We just write the war local, it's large and then Antah and now we want to start the process from this pattern. We have to click. Continue that were with He's gonna ask you for Ah, the database. Name that. Ah, use her name in the puzzle in the holes. Okay with say, it's gonna ask you Actually, if you got old information which we have already created in the previous down video are we here? We just gonna switch to the other page. That way we can get all this information near it in here. OK, let me just go here. Angle back here. Do you remember what carried this account? Okay. And here we have to go toe privilege to get information. Ah, Kong with right here thing, we just go back here. Silicon, is that you? Certainly. And salad combo is the database right here. Everything is lower case thing. Let me just go back to my installation. We'd switch first at the silicon or that silicon Base King Silicon Bay, and you thrown Iwas silica and the possible was on me. They said you can either choose to live like down local hole. So you came. Uh, actually, you have to live in this way because you work in the coal starting my back over here with the table prefix you. Can I change it to like my new website? Whatever you want, OK? And then you say Jet Sumit If everything looks okay, you want to receive these arm welcome. Massive. Like a little ripe Sparky. You have made it through that this parking. And now we have to start make around. It's a later. Now what I do, Because this is just teach you how to use a bemused inside WordPress. I'm gonna use the same name for this one guy Gonna call it Silicon Bay. But because this is the tire I can use capital in here can use right here. Let me just make a space because this is the title. Ah, you throw name is gonna be just leaking and the possible emirate this trump possible. And I'm gonna use Ah, this England. Let me just rates that okay, And I gonna compare just because it's asking me this power is too weak by gonna say yes because this is local. It's no right now on the it's not only over here, I just type my email, which is? I can choose anyone, Anyone I gonna pick this one hastily conveyed. I can't estimate. I don't know if fixes, but its success is no mind. I just like, make it up. He's one that I just using these just for ah, teaching purpose. Okay. Are you gonna click here? Because this is no online. Anyway, I gonna discourage our search engines to indexed its website. You know, I just hit, install and sell it. She's gonna be king. Okay, now is dung right now. I just let me try to love him now in my dashboard. Okay. That's just when they were sleeping and possible watches. As you see here, we don't with installation work, press right now. See your next class. 5. Let's start this journey by installing MTW to WordPress : Hello, everyone. In this way, we will be working with this widget. We only wanna be using our fight or thes which and totem which is our this when the 1st 1 is called Grizzlies. The second school. Ah, pagination. And the third is Ah, future image search and common son. These are they which is Ah we will be using in this application and this website. We they have it also. Ah, some other widget. For example, if you wanna Buell another website for Commerce side, you can do this one, which is called Ah well calmer for muse. And also, if you like that this is the This is the sandwich. But the only different between this tube, which is, is because this is calm. Ansari and utilities that way look like the picture. Right Heel that's more square is the ways your picture's gonna look like the top they gonna be like, evenly. But inside pictures gonna be so I'm gonna be smaller. So I'm gonna be bigger than more than once in if you move here. So these other part, because they have a like ah, which it and also they have a a thing over here. But they may just bring you here if you want to. This section we when I see this widget is in here for a long time. Use if you go to the next one. These are the plug ins we need to install. Well, right now actually were only longer stole these slogans because this plug ins when you install them, used to work less plugging they are already included that in the flowing already You don't have to worry in coming here and I will separate this one anymore. Before we used to do that coming here and that alone separating. But now we don't have to do it, but the only three plugging More important, we most housing outside. Just in case you are using the old version from Adam used to WordPress. I only three which is custom post type shark, owes in this one right here. Grill. It's this. These are the most important plugging you most house and your website. If you wanna your website from other a missed workers. Ah, fun Shal properly in here also they had a like a free thing. Jane Cage Wonder Like a start testing another thing you can download this for free. But if you are interesting to serve something online like a close or CDs or whatever you got available to send you can. Coming here in Donald is one. But this is for Allah. Muse form users only, which is remembered. But all we hear you coming here. You can see joining us for $1 a month, which is no that much. This money is no like kind. Membership is toe contribute on develop this up because they are being working. We can say for free so far, but right now there's a lot of people were supporting. I'm not that the project, because this is amazing that we're doing right now. It's amazing how they are working in connecting other views with WordPress before was our really no wait. There was no way to connect this to application. Now it's using tend to this guy that the reason I give you toe support to then the $1 it's actually it's more for supporting them. If you are interesting toe support to the project, you can become permanent within two. Now let's go back to my, uh, site. We had to go, brother you remember in the previous videos with ah, install one server in our computer and with the locally. That way, we don't have Toby uploading all the time. Our side toe the hosting account because that's gonna take too much data in time. If we work locally is gonna be so we can test the application before we go life out of hosting that. Come. All right. I think this is too much talking. Let me just go back to my hosting account. All right? We are back in the dash for and from here. What we have to do. Oh, we had to go here. Plug ins. Probably. Eat. You are really familiar with workers is gonna be seat another gave how to install new thing . Uploading from here. If you don't know you, probably two new were press because probably your amused her other amuse user. Ah, you have to coming all way down here would say plug ins. And from here, you have to go and say at new and we wanna look in the plug ins because the plumbing is available right now in your press plaudits to and we just need to write the worst muse and it's gonna pop up in here. You see, here we have in right here in my left eye. We have an M doll you use, which is Muto Work, press plugging, and we will not stall after we stole it. We just say activate and that's it. All right, activate it already, and you will see sometimes these Ah, warning right here. Because we don't have any thing right now in the folder that the reason you want to see this world, that you don't have any Ah mu thing because we have up learn anything yet toe through our were precise. Now we hear. And from here that what you can do, you have a two choice to upload you new project. The 1st 1 you can come in here, Generals Ingo up lower website from here. And from here, you had to choose, and you must have a sip file or sip folder that were you King up, Lauren juice Seeped folder Right here. It's gonna be like a You are familiar with war players. It the same process when you are uploading a picture. But right now we don't have any debt because we have a connected Are are other a muse with purpose Yet? All right. In the next class, we will be connecting. Other muse we work. Thank you. 6. Let's connect Adobe Muse to WordPress: way will be connecting these other immune side toe brand new war press site Daisy Ways. Laker, we can go here. Let me just go back to here. We can up blurring out a thing. For that, we had to compress all the fire sending. Ah used this option right here, but because we will be doing a lot of changes in our the time. Probably for us. It's very to connect a straight to the not war pursed our We don't have to be in a blurring all the time with on make a new change in a row. Amused this time for that, we had to go here in a long term use. We can go all the way down here and use this option with its export us html We click here and from here let me just ah to Sunday for this class. When I call it they you can use any domain. A Here doesn't matter because this is just local do. You don't need to worry about that because this is gonna This is just to create a folder. But if you really hard you own domain name, you can use it over here. that's the right way to do it. But because we're doing something local, I just doing with this off a domain name and we hear location. We had to go and pick the one cerebral occasion. We click here, and the low catching is and Dr C, which is this one right here. And we had to go here 1 64 and from 1 64 You wanna see all these folders right here? The father you need to pick its this one, that triple Abdus. And then from here, you have to go war, Priss and from war press. You had to go all way up close toe. Ah, into the average. Because But you wanna use this when we say empty Dalio thing and you up in it. And we had to create a new father inside and therefore that we would call it the same as I did on May. Okay? And now we just like this folder and say ok and no other way Muse gonna start up blurring exploring all the fires in CSH html and JavaScript Fire Studio one set of er in that way, we start working locally. Now, something you're gonna see these warnings because does mean something is missing. And your patient, this cave, mother Chinese funds, pictures or something You need to re link mother time. And this guy, I bought this on this other emu's from a website which doesn't include the picture, because you think probably from here. We only heard like a default pictures. All right, let me say okay in this one. And now we had to go back to what? I'm used to a make sure. Ah, the folder. We just great appear here for that. You had to come in here. Other muse and goto general from general. We had to think the new folder with workers. Did you see now over here before? What? Nothing here. Now we can see the skill class for there is a very level. Leave it everything else for Just make sure you just check. These were here the 1st 1 synchronized muse and were prospection tomar publicly. All right, saying after we say safe change, we had toe up, they all the links. All right, is there now we have toe update all the links. If they go lower, we want to see now all the pages was transferring. Do you see here this purchase are inside my adobe design. And these and the left Cyprus. You see, they still have it. The extension that html extension. But over here there is no more esteem extensions. The reason is because in this side is they are still like static. And these are dynamics this already. PHP ah, fires in this 50 world. Other in youth files. But if you add it more pages to your design, they will appear here just in case you don't see you back here. Make sure coming all the way up here at the all dealings something You did that by itself. But sometimes you have to just go here and say changes right here. And then you have to coming down, in up the order leans Now if they go here, we will be able to see Ah, that the false I We got another muse. Let me just click there that the default side You think that was so easy that you see now this site is already being converted to war press. We want to go scroll down to make sure everything is working properly. We will be it replacing this picture with something else. Right now we just live in the areas because we will be working. We will be customizing this site. All right? Everything looks good if I click here because our this purchased your there are no length with the original purchase and some pitch it they are missing. And I designed that The reason we cannot do go anywhere if I click doesn't doesn't take me anywhere right now. Just block Block is to there we will be working with this pitch. We will be replacing Thescore picture with the future image are from mused were players and we will replace in thes Ah, because if I click here, there is nothing. Don't take me nowhere because having been link and what we had to use another Ah, small widget from usedto work is to make sure this is working. Now let me just go back here Now Let me go to my new decide in the next last we will be start costume. I think in working in this patch 7. Let's create a Item and single custom page for WordPress: working inside. Other amused I make it some purchase for before we do them. I just brought you here because I want to assure you some pages they need to use, like the dollar sign before the page, like a day Archives. This is war, prick. Next structure. Probably if the first time you see these structures can confuse what I recommend use to goto you tube and look for some beauty just in case you get confused with ah warping. Ah, here rt because the hair 13 had you see here here that index page in their kites and this section right here, all way to the end How this work that May page has to be called index and from index. Some page has to be called archives in from Mike. Eyes is with the storage information such as hard little category, and they attack attachment singles and single post in home. But the only thing we need to see right now and worry about and these classes we need toe use in on this thing a little bit about these are dollar signs because we will be working with this dollar sign. This is no court in class, but ah, yes, I brought you here because that way it's gonna make sense when you see me using the dollar signs sometimes or using the r Ky Page or the Al Qaeda because we can use archive Dutch. And also we can call our page Custom Page or whatever we want inside other immune. But this is the way out of a muse. Eyes connected with workers we had to connect through. These are dollar signs. Archives. I didn't Page is needed for these. You see, right here the pictures appear here. Ah, Greeley's house I feature here this is a grill is our style that the way the post appear here, it just little like it's no the whole information. But you see these pictures, one call or this another color. All right. I didn't pitch is near for these hopping like we want to be working with. These are Greeley's, which made this ah, post pop up this way. And then if someone click here, is gonna take you the other pitch, which is called single page. But the first page, with all the post together appear in the block side is gonna is custom be called Aydin pitch. And the second pinch is ah, single post and all these are in the blocks. I in this case over here. This is in category A pitch. All right, Now let me go back to my sign. And they started doing to special right now. Okay? We had a rain now, four pages over here. Home projects block. And this one doesn't belong here because this part of the ah block let me just create another page. We're gonna call these contact us, all right? We want that we work in first. That bloke page which need to patch to be working fine. The first batch we need to great for Block is cause to be called the 1st 1 single, just like that single. And then we have to create another pitch, which is called, I think Let me just switch it because gonna be easy for us, Okay? But before we start cost to my district, perchance we need to create a new page. This page we had to call it, I think is you can call it whatever you want. This idea I call Aydin because that will remind me. Ah, which Ah, what kind master pitch I got here. All right. And this bridge is gonna be responsible. Let me Jessica, back to news for these pictures. All right? This picture over here probably is no more than 300 with by probably like a 2 50 high. And we will be using these item page to create something like that. Because you see, here there's a picture and this information coming down probably and total this around around probably like a 400 with by 400 high. Let me just go back to my muse, But let me just make right click fresh Properties. And from here we had to, like, replay from fixed with and fluid with sorry. In here, we want to change it to 600. That's Ah, break born with And the minimum is gonna be to 90 through 90. And from here we will take our days when you wanna juice 3 50 and, well, you know, we don't wanna use this one. We're here gonna be cereal and only one column right here, and we will not youth thing. Margin top. But I don't left and right. All right, we double check. Everything is OK. We're here. We have it. 600 to 19. 3 51 column. No garters and marching is them. But on top, left and right, we hit. Okay? And now we have to change this base. Measure this. Two page are connected for that. We go here down and you want to see we have another. We haven't this Master Peschke, love, We have the I I didn't muster patch. We wanna pick that one now. We had to click here and go properties saying Don't make your everything looked the same Here. You'll see him. But everything look okay with it. We leave it like that in the next glass. We will be working in the Aydin page. We will be start customizing. I didn't see you next. 8. Let's customize the item page: way, Custom. My thing that I didn page, the first thing we need to do is up in the item page right here. And probably because this is 600. Ah, we need to use Ah, let me just going back here. We will be working the post inside here. That means right here. Ah, we are using a single. This is single post and we wouldn't you be using also another, which is called the Grill, is gonna being this area, which gonna chew up for us. This I think it's for put a post we got here, but we want to try to keep to the same style. Let me just copied this part right here, alway here. And this thing is gonna be a very low for you. You can practically follow me along with this class. And now make your judge just go all the way down to that, read more and say copy. And now let's go back to the item pitch. And from here we had to first. Before we say pace, we had to a properties because this is too small. We have to make, like, a double these one to like this to Ah, 1200 right here. We had to go all the way down to Silas. Tried 7 50 for now to see how the pesh looked like me. Now, okay, we got saying 50. Let me Jessica will 50% awake and see. And now we can say face and you see now completely fit the post right here. Let me just put it right here. Mature. The This post is center. We can even go two ways. We can just ah, go We here with the merging area, or we can go all the way now. But in this case, we wanna use into the margin area. We wanna just make it your everything fit here. And I see my real more bottling its on off right now from from the page. Probably with me to go back here being added. Probably 50 more. Ah high. They meet Jessica Fish property. And from here we will not go always 700. And we will keep the same That that that if all the attempt pixels I mean 10 merging left, right, battle in top. Let me see. Probably did. 700 is not enough. Let me just bring it down here to see around. Ah, probably 7 50 Yeah. I mean, 7 50 would be okay. All right. We'll leave it like that. And the next step right here we want a star. Ah, Replacing information from here. The first information we will not replace is this image for that? Let me just do half right now. And we're going to library for nine. Very. We had to go to the future image. Which is this Bridget from a lawyer from youth to WordPress. Right here. We wanna put it right here. We want to keep at the fall right now. You don't have to change nothing angle so you can keep this way. If you want the image fixed, be fixed the high Ah, this k we will not leave you outside the phone like down. And the only thing I need to do is to make sure the high is the same high for that. Let me just go always down here, OK? I got the high now and now I can erase this picture from here. Let me just go space and this one you can go to the right side, on top and now it's trained to the brother with no the picture in the sense I like at the other one. But now this is Ah, picture is connected. Other muse with WordPress. Now the next step is to replace the title with our own Ah, widget title for that. Let me just hoping these Ah, for the right here. And I had to go down here and I got here. Used to work for a title. Let me just let me just go back and grabbed a widget because I need to see Let me just do it. 75. That way we can see better. All right, What I want to do right now are you gonna just are cut then from maturing here and pasted right here? No, I mean, just erase this because we don't need this one, but he is right here. We had to stretch a little bit. Probably all way here to let me just see here. How big like that we can give you brought in 900 with gonna be okay. Just mature. Aligned to the center. There you go. Now center right here and keep it. Also, we here make sure you ping do the center right here. All right, we got the title because this title, it's gonna be from our wordpress any post you do in wordpress that title from you enter when you are making ah, post inside work is going to appear in this area right here. This is just a conductor. How the postman appear, That's tires you do here. In other amuse it. This style. Ah, what is going to show up in the real polls and here the bottom. We had to make sure this bottling is ah, working and taking youth somewhere when someone clicking here for that also, we need to get another which which is called permanent link in. Darling is just let me just right here. All right? Let me just put it also here to the side because we need to cut this link and this one right here let me just erased the left forward from that we just click on the bottom and you go all wait up with the odd or filter linked. I am from here. You have to just enter and just say interrogating. Now this bottom is linked to these ah title. And also we can lend the picture that way. Either way, people can click here and the title can click here in the bottom or in the picture. That way, customers gonna have more access to reeling. This one now the post in the picture and the Tyrone is lint to the world press area, and these are content. Also, we had to replace this content with, um, our own widget, the majestic rate. This area You write this one right here. Remember all the polls when you write down posts in WordPress holding from match when you write down there is gonna appear here. But in here we don't because this is the future images that a small part when there is, like block with more than 10 posts at a 10 they dropped imposed, like in column. Sometimes you only see like ah, no even half a dad in from other counting inside. Under the post, we will not use another which it which is also very level here. I'm gonna include all these in one folder. That way you can follow me along with this class. Don't worry. This which is called anti Dahlia content in its 200 word marks. All right, from here. Let me just he raised these remote. We don't need this one anymore. And let me just make sure this one is also Santa because he's the father. It has to be center limit your this is this is on the left. That's right on. This has to be saying there going everything is sending right now. And let me just think this right here being a straight away do here, okay? And we will not change the funds right here. We want a peak Roboto regular roto. And from this one, we will not use also Arab Oto. I mean, just go here and for a water. We will not use our black. Probably when I use this just bowl for what? The bull and let me just see. Everything was okay. The corner black thing is too dark. Let me just bring. Probably like a dunker like this are very modest in color. He, uh let me just used the further color. All right, we here now let me just make sure everything is connecting. Now the picture is there. This information is there. All right? We did with this pressure right now. That's all you need to do. The future image. The title widget on the marks. Ah, widget Right here. Which is we're not using. Only probably. I don't need to show us how much Probably 100 is gonna be okay. And you can get this that the high doesn't matter because that's going to spawn. Ah, Wing is depend that that content you gots gonna span inside your work. But you know how to fix the high in here. You could keep it this way. Right here. The bottom is connecting also to the post. The only thing I need to do here is like a We got the reward of products to small. We were not being all way too. Ah, 16 16. It's okay. All right. In this class coming 9. Let's customize the Single page: I think we will start customizing a single page. For that we click and double click and single pitch. And from here, we want to do basically pretty much the same way we use. Ah, the same way we customize the item page. The process is three months. The same first thing. Let me just do this picture small. That weighs our picture's gonna much up with this other picture. Right here. We go to library from library and we had to go to these widget, which is called a future image. And I put it right here. They may just made this little bigger that we can see it better. Let me just go out there, Okay? And from here, we just put it right here on top. Angry stretch all the way here. And we raced this one. We don't. We no longer need this picture anymore. Now let me just opened all way here and to the other side. Same. Make sure this is center right here and the into the center. Ah, and the image fainting. Just leave it at full right here. Also way had to replace the title, which is gonna be the post title Because this is single post whatever post when people click in the link that that the bottom say, read more, it's gonna land in thes page. Okay, we're going Title scented title damage is cut and pace right here, and I mean right, these one from here. Let me just up in the all the way here. There isn't. I open and ideas is because it would open these. Ah, these are rectangle right here. What's gonna happen is the title is too big and Golway here, they're gonna may like extra line below to the title. Doesn't mean gonna look like have a double title. If you are comparing amused, designed toe war press, probably the customer they don't know how to use the title. Sometimes they made that title to loan. Doesn't mean this tire is gonna end up with double line right here, which is no recommended. The title had to be small. All right? And same team for title. When I use the same well, we want you trouble. What? The bowl and, uh, high. I mean gonna be 20 a. Let me just like that. And this pitch. Ah, we don't need toe link the's picture or the tire. Because this is the final destination from the post From here. Also. Same thing. We're just gonna I'm gonna just leave it like that. Let me just actually erase everything. And we when I use our own counted But here, that which we will be using it Just, uh, empty Dahlia counting notice. 200 because And here we need to see the whole content. Let me just make it's morning and bring it all way here, too. That was like that with a picture. And we keep it some wearing here. Probably right here. Ah, these are the Commons. We want to use our own widget for that too. All right? Didn't look okay so far. We here let me just go back to library. Now there is another widget. We need to add it here, which is cool comments. Let me just see if a city that we just such it's right here. Anti value common, son, When you add it just right here with the people can comment and your post, all these witches are available for free in mused WordPress website. I mean, just trade toe here. All right, this is just a preview. How your comments gonna look like you won't see this information. It's right here. This will disappear. I using this rectangle right here. Toe. Push the bar lower. Rainer, Let me just get it done. You know what, Prodi? Let me just I carry a new one because I need to push a little down. This. There you are. We need to use at least these high right here. There you go. We want to give your story high. Let me just see that in the major. Probably when they use Ah starting. It's all right that you I probably wouldn't use for you. All right, that the way it has 40 space. There you are. And we here also, we can add it. Ah, Morning from make sure. Let me just custom my little be more especially me jittering down this one. Move down! Down And right here And now we wouldn't use another. We just right here just for these work. That which is this right here? It's called Author. That way people knows who is writing the article or the post right here. Then you up. India's right here going to be when he said, Ah, but we want you this one out in Avatar. Well, when I use these widget, we just being here always to before here. And we tried to keep it somewhere. We here in the middle that way. Other discretion about the person who write this article won't, like, make a double lines. Let me just no being the Al Attar and there. But there's gonna be right here in the corner. This is the outer are better. Which means this is gonna be the picture when you create, opposed and someone make oppose. And you were pressed something, they have a picture. Let me show you. This, uh, Green Square here is called the Avatars. Doesn't mean a picture did. This side right here is going appear the pain who create the sport's gonna be right here. And the avatar Let me just change the color. We don't want to use background color. I'm gonna leave you gel blank for the Alberta and we leave it like that. We live everything I said before and the description right here. Probably. Jimmy, just move a little bit, make a little two feet exactly here in the post. You probably like this. Okay, the altar, everything. Let me just print this. Probably always to Jesse. Hoping is with 7 50 would be okay by 72 high. All right? No. Let me just being on the or down this information because two is touching each other. And also the comments. Let me just put it. Probably 36 in between. All right, now we have it information. Here we have it. The outer description. We have a cup out your name in the author picture right there. But we have a comment area right here and ah, feature image right here. And the content ridge it right here. And also we can show up to the customer. Ah, that post date if we want to before now. Ah, for this class, we won't only custom might this part that would check everything. Okay, let me just go to Smaller that we can see better. Yeah, the title picture out there. Name picture in content class, coming area. I think we don't with this pitch and that in the next class we will be working. Let me just go in back here to here. We will start working in block right here we will be customizing. This one right here is gonna be a little tricky because this is way won't be using another . See you. 10. Let's create a custom Blog page: I think we will be working the block off patient right now. Let me spaniel. Something like kind funding were at the same time. How workers work is okay. We won't need to add a new widget right here in the which it is gonna do. It is grab information from this page. But the information that that said I we deal already in the item page, whatever. Which maybe just open these will spend you better. Okay, let me just go here. Okay, then. From Mitcham in here. What? Having from Mitcham appear here that that future image Ah, the title that's off 100 were content in the bottom Gonna appear in this pitch, but it's someone take action and click the bottom which, say, remarked, it's gonna being you alway here. That's house work, like a at which is gonna be hosting here. But from actually here doesn't is no in the spirit. She's gonna be in here and from here. Time for mention. Go here and someone take action. Click and ah, read more bottom. Which is this bottom right here with more right here from here. It's gonna take you over here. This is the final destination. All right, let's go back without both for these. We don't need nothing from here. The only thing we have to do and this patch is to clean it up. Everything. Because this information, he is useless right now. We were used. We used this one in the single post. And also we, um we use that rest, and ah, I didn't. Now we clean it up, this one, and from here, let me just keep this patch. Probably around 7 50 since high. Let me just go here and change it to 750 7 50 Late did for now and that they follow here. The rest. Let me just go here. The red just is OK. I said the fall over here. That meaning moves are 11. 70. The actual a break point for this one. Start in 70 and we don't have it here. No margin. Dating is okay. No margin. We went youth, even with all marching. All right from now we had to go with 18 library in. We had to pick another widget. Let me just close this one. And now that which is called Brinkley's right here we click here and from here, we're gonna grab it and let me just make bigger these one. You can see better the big part in this Lay down. Now, just let me bring you. Go down That way you get better. We clicked here in these are blue button right here. We need to choose Option Post because this is the block pose will be okay because we try to get some posts. Whatever post people making were pressed, who will be using this option post. But for some other pages, we will be used in something different problem. We will be used in the sequence and once we can use out a category tack and customer, right? But right now, in this class, we will be only focusing and the three properly auto custom and sequence. But right now we wanna leave like that. A team for post system is too much because the item post we got right there is 1200 does mean we cannot make four because one feeding here, we need to make only one hiding my bad. I think over here is okay. Because we need ah for guidance. But the setting we need to replace these columns right here. Let me just go here. Click in this one column area and from here we go here and say only one column proposed thing was so even those we want you distance I for a small screen like iPod and also for extra small for phones. And this is a test up or Biggers screen. And we wanna live everything like that. Upset. Probably wanna leave that one. The gutters are the space right here in between the post 15. It's OK. Left to right. Look OK for me. Let me just close these one. Just in case you need hell with these rigid you can contact me is to WordPress from here. The only thing you have to do is go. Support is gonna take you to a contact page in their website. Going. Let me just going back here, you know? Well, also we need to add is probably more moving from mature. Let me just make even here That weighs much in with the logo with the local star. In order with the Pakistan, let me just do alway here. There you go. Now it's look saying maybe being a little up because there's too low. I probably let me just put it like this. And right now we're gonna jump toe the Aydin page because I need to wrap something else from here. Actually, it's not that I want is that single place right here. What I need to go up from here is gonna be just a title. Just But right here and now, let me just go back to the block, page and face. We want to bring this up. The reason I bring this one here is because when someone get to this page, sometimes they're gonna get lost. Even though they can see is blue doesn't mean they are in the post page. But it's been important for, ah, users. And for us like that Sinus to let the user know English pace is right. Now, in this case, this title now is gonna grab. This information here is gonna right by birth. Work is gonna be writing here, block. If the customers is in the project page, there's become probably and this is the service is Beacon Service in Seoul. I think this local Karen on everything is center mature. That center this is to the left which is no word. And this has to be center center, and they need to go back to the single pitch because I grew up down for their products. No center, this is Senator. Let me see that right there. This one is to the left. Make sure everything is This has to be on the left side, and this has to be center. All right, let me just go back to here and over here. Let me just because Well, here we can. Not exiting from Matron. Jimmy, just go back here in groups on. Well, let me go to that website. There is a website when you can get dumbing in from ah, texts, which is called Lawrence Epsom. Right here. Ah, Lawrence. It's, um of bacon. Actually, in this case is bake baking Epsom. You decide how many parts after you wanted this guy? Just ah fi paragraph. You have to have shown dummy text and taste the writer that with the best Look, I need a styling. All right, let me just go like this. But I did this. Get this information. We just except for customer, they can replace it with extreme from Mitchell. If someone not in the stage and the block page They came. Know what? Dispatch about? Let me just bring this a little bit up, all right? We got double like this, and this is look OK for me. Like, let me just problem that weighs, okay? And bring this to the media limit. Just aligned this text to here, All right? And make sure they stay in the center to the center. Oh, here's can be the scripture about the block. What is the purpose he make the block or what? Information You want Internet here. All right, I think we don't with this special. You see, it's not a hard experiences to create Page in Silo Emu's for WordPress. We got already. Like I told you before. We got the item page, we got the single page, and now we got the block page. The only thing we have to do right now is to synchronize this with our were pissed local site. That way we can see how everything looked like, and we wanna make in the next class opposed to see everything is working. Fight with picture. The picture will have to show up here, and we click from here. We have to learn in this fish right here. Way wannabe working in that in the next last year and the next. 11. Let's Finish our first custom blog page: everyone in this class will start testing are blocked page to see house look like inside workers. For that we have to looking in. Our players, remember, were working locally. Let me just looking here and while unloading right now. Here, let me just go back to my album use application and from here go alway up file and we want to start a sport us html toe Grab all these new styling and this design to make sure everything is inside were purse. Now, for that, we want a mature that that the student further is connecting to the totally for Diversey 1 64 3 POWs were pissed theme in the school class at the end. All right, We started some perch it because you make a change in here. And the idea page were amused. The world is gonna grow up all the pages again because to make sure all the jobs create CIA says inestimable files are up. Let him toe the new site. All right, let me just drained Now is working with to have a song errors. But those errors our farm. This is done Letters that the fund letters had a meeting right here Say OK. And then you go back to Wordpress and from here we go into Muse to work this right here and general sitting from general setting, we have to update old in from Major. In this case, we want to say safe change it And we had toe up the order leans and here we don't see probably the new pages. Let me see Blocked page. We create a couple more pages than that. Let me see if you can see now. All right. I see now that the single pitches right here the identification right here in the blood pressure right here. So you see these become archives now that the archive Ah, singles. And they are card Probably right here. We have it to archives right now and decide. Just thunder warp page needed for this. Working fine. I think now we update all the links to make sure everything is connected. Let me do something to make sure also all the If you go down all the way down to settings, go permanent link. Click and I won. I want to mature. Ah, them from merchant is like right now That way we are seeing from Major and the Lincoln appear here on the bar's gonna be like this with that date and time where we create this post. I don't like that way. Does my mind option is joking, used as well, or you can use month and name all day. Name off, Just plain it's up to you. But in my case, I like to use just the title like these Post me and I've always down and safe and we click safe changes to make sure our new website in all delinquent someone or pay a post they don't see in which date was trade This post we click here. Let me just hoping a new page right here. All right? Everything look good. The only thing I don't like it because I see the those line right here that this black hole we wonder replacing or do something about it because I don't like that. I want to see it. This layout like that and also we see here a Romanians a little lower from the these pictures, a little lower from the mini bar. Now, if you click block will be able to see there's a bloke personal and we here we have the first post, which is hello, world. And if a click here, there's going to have to take me somewhere. Or let me just do something else. Let me just click in the post. There's gonna take me to the single page, which is not taking me right now. As you see is taking me back to home right now. Let me just go back there to see what happened over here. What is not taking me to the single page? All right. We have to do some travel channel right now. Oh, I see. Why? Because ah, single page. I don't suppose to be archive. Supposed to be just single. All right. I think that was my mistake. Let me Jessica back here. Well, properties from properties. We had to go option and from option. You have to make sure that is nothing. Mark your like this case a archive report that the reason is no taking me to this bitch. Let me just set everything at the same ignore. Let's say okay, make your over here. Has to say single with the s Gmail extension right here. He knows. Okay. Safe. That's export everything back again. It's gonna be only one page. It is gonna be fast. There you go. And now let me just go back here. Refresh. I know these are supposed to be just regular page. I'm gonna leave you these. I missed a Because Justin can happen to you. You have to figure out because you want to make this gonna be the archives Has to be the main page. Those that, like, contact us. Oh, like up projects or any, like, custom paid. You create those multi archive page, but the other one below toe the are cut on archive page has to be single page or item page No index because we only have one index. All right, now, let me just go back here and go back to block and name Ijaws. Click again, and this one read more and now has to take me to the single page, which is here. Do you remember? We are a team from Major. Ah, this is the out Lerner, which is this thing, Doc? Website name. And over here we have a picture will appear right here, and that is not common right now. Actually, just wonderful common right here the other Commons. They disappear. Ready? Let me just going back inside. I'm used to fix this. Ah, they probably has some destroyed. That the reason we see Black Lane alway here, which is I don't like the style images. Go back here. Click in this one. That's why you see it here has Ah, let me just going back. You don't see it. You see here if it click here that Stroh disappear. But if a click and this page in the whole page, it's gonna add it this strong, all these lines going is because the pesh end up here anything that is a straw all way around toe every single post or every single country in the patient. For that we click jazz mature, you click. And there's no here in this area. Empty area. M bring it like this. No, Let me just go to the next page to the block. Pashto? Because I think we have it the same. Yeah, We have the same problem here. The majestic oldest ruling. I don't like that that you go. This one is okay. Because did that way we wanted this one is okay too. All right, Let me. Just explore digging. Know that black Ah, strolling has to disappear. All right, now disappear. We don't have it was marking anymore. Now it's looked like normal. They were wanted. Let me do something else. Because I don't like the style itis, but we can change it in here. Let me just bring it these smallest, probably me. Just the title. I gonna put a general here on top next to these men right here and what we need to change right now. Let me just go back, okay? The title. We need to add a picture right here, then from merging is okay. Comments okay to they look ok. All right. Things just that for now. Let me Jessica back here, this one. We had to make sure that it's no struggle in the title. Hey, that is not all right. Let me just going to the single page and the single pitch. We want to do the same team. Let me just being down this one right now. A little bit there. They know they just put it just barely touching right there. Okay. In here probably will not make not this one and break this one little up to up. Probably like the ah, around 18. It's OK. No, these wanted me just now. 34 between 34. It's OK. And then we grow up all these and put it like this. Okay, Now let me just export everything that you see is you see, when you work in locally because you can't sport everything with all I have to be waiting is a blur into your real hosting account. We won the address. Die errors later. Now let me refresh this page. Remember, this is the single page. All right? Now it's look better. The pictures both to be here. Let's add a picture right now. For that is the same way you added any post a wordpress you had toe air it. Any poems? Right there. It's gonna take you straight to the post and let me also grow up sometime. It takes from the website told you, which was called Lauren Gibson. Oh, bacon. Epsom. All right, Any five paragraph from here, Let me grab this flight. Paragraph copying. Now Let me just go back. Where is it? I don't see it. Let me just go. All posts. We need toe air it is when the hell of war and we want added Ah, bigger title from here. We when the race that the fall information from workers And when I use these ing also let me just do the title. Probably that this this OK, it's not that big. No, that's more. I caught it and faith through right here. Okay, This look OK, The next step is to add it. Ah, we cannot also category which this can be We want to call it probably youth, right Categories news and we need to ask Probably you can attack if you want, but is it luck? I don't need to do that because they suggested this on the other email thing House Behave with a WordPress. Right? We got this year future image fainting. All this information is going to stay here and you can upload the whole site you want to I ah is easy to do the tomb both right now let me just also picture and I think we got post picture right here. Let me just big picture from here. We will not get probably Let me just get that one the 1st 1 right there. But That is something you have to keep in mind when you add a picture here. Just make sure, like in the spring or here is not that big. Let me just see the size around high has only that t 80 by 11. 70 doesn't mean if you are creating a picture for you. Pose mature. This is the high for the picture. Make sure you do the picture our lives like around like this. 400 by two or 200 white. Now they go back to the post in here. 17. You can, ah, write down that I donate for this thing. Picture this to do a little bit they calls CEO, which are three changing optimization. And over here looking at the alternate text which is used for search engines. And I living from mention about what this picture about Okay. Said this image as a future image. And remember this picture right? Here's it's gonna pier right here. Okay? Everything looks OK. The information. All right. Let's see the post. But something also. Ah, probably you haven't noticed, but I do. When you grate up when you create a pose and you change it information later or the tight, especially the title bro. You notice here the permanent name remain like the original polls. The only way you can do it like you can copy here and edit Also that tire. Because the title have been up there and you most updated this one month early Tasted like this and they say OK, and now the title is being are dating already? No, let's see Die post And you see still here to see the old title. Let me just try to fix. Done Because I know what was the problem. Even though I put information right here Let me just right there and take out because this Titus two big list so small it Let me just do this one again. Copy empty carping. Say okay And you had to hit this bottom otherwise ah won't take effect. All right. At the updating, the holding from Merchant played the title. Now we can go and see the post Now The post has changed to the original title right here in the picture. Now is the way supposed to look like we have it. The picture right here, The outer husband from Major, but the outer has a bio that buys going appear over heroes of some information about the outer. And the counting is look okay. Probably the letters to small product. And we can bring all way too. Ah, 18. Let me see right now How big is we can see the funds with this? Ah, Bridget from Google Chrome which is called What founds? Let me just we click here we see the funk we are using right now, Josephine Son sounds serious. And also we are using only 14 the size 14 and are lying high light between Texas 24 the coloreds here is white. Let me just replace everything there. Let me just go back and work with this one. When I replayed that takes two roboto regular. And when they're being always from 18 in the space in between length Namie Jessica back here takes 1 80 I think it's OK, but probably we can go all way to 1 90 Maybe Jessica 1 90 off his look. OK, let me just try to push at the text a little inside five. And before anyone was keeping five Final five. This is marching. I added margin over here to love left, I imagine toe the front side. All right, let me Jessica Buck and export everything back a year. And now we will see those changes the pitched up. Now let me jog your fridge. All right. That text you see now is bigger and we can see that title. It's OK. Let me just get the same future right now. Thing now which we can see here we have this Roboto 18 by 34 34 is OK 28 between 34 around 28. Still Okay, That way the people want to read you post. Let me just disable that We had to pick again if someone is really indisposed It's easy because they don't get confused when the space between lanes is to close. Sometimes you do get lost when you end up here reading and you have to keep reading in these one. But sometimes where they're too close there is no space between they got lost. But with this space is easy for people to read You post they won't have problems Thing also , this ice is big And the only thing I see this better are like a kind Paul. Let me see why. Probably I used that word by mistake. Let me just make sure we don't have a bowl text right now. Let me go. Text. No, Everything look okay. There's no both. All right. Probably the weight Roboto font are all right. Let me jazz going back here. And one more team before we finish. Ah, working with this are blocked Page we had to go to block to make sure everything look okay to this is remember, this is the single person now. This is the block. So far, we only have one block, right? Right now here that the reason we just see these one, But let's create another one. That way we know how blocked on the look out for that you just go to the plus a symbol, Ingo Hearsay both and probably you haven't even noticed. But right now we here we got the other page. This is for project, which, because I added they are kind. Let me just being you here. I don't want to get confused. This page right here is already chewing up inside your dashboard in WordPress. And the reason is because if you go, he properties. This page is no, just another pitch. This is archive Page, and we will be working this one out there. We don't with a blocked page. All right, let me just go back. War place, and let's create on a know that dummy text right here. Let me just tell this take from here from testing. Caught it. Copy me. And now let me go here. Pasted. Name is Jessica. Probably deaf text, and we won't use this part. Us A title ST Ng. We will not use these one right here. Think category. And let me just make a future image. A new image. Okay, everyone there. Good. This building right here. All right. That's impure Future Major. You include all the ah CEO information. Right here. Title text in ultra Texan description and the image right there. No list coalition. Everything okay? Let me just see the post. All right Is right here. The picture is working. Good. We see all the information right now. Plus the coming area is someone one of your common, like, say, good pose in common. You will think this comment right there. You see? Right here Hope I spell wrong, but It's OK. You got me the idea. All right, let me just going back now to the bloke page and from Blowfish. We know, we see, like the current opposed That is the mark of a court imposed that the recently some type of ready. And here's the title. The title. You see, this is the title for the page. What are we are right now, But this is the title for this post right here. And, uh, probably we wouldn't use 200 because this is to church description. Probably. We need more discretion. 200 probably is gonna be okay. This post are like a little closer show. Other name. It just probably give you more space in between and the way we can do we can play with them . I didn't pitch because remember this information you are seeing right now If it's coming from item page, let me just they do that next one. All right? Everything okay over here? But let me Jessica buck here and give you more space right here. Prodi, We had to go alway toe 100. You are 100. Let me just em. They make you if you also hear that? You want 100? Maybe just added extra. Let me just golf, certify. They see 200 war in here, and it's not that decent fromage into All right, Let me to refresh this bitch. Remember, you are working now. Inside Workers 200. No, it's OK. Yeah, probably 200. Look okay for me, but the second poses confused. Let me just removed that text right there in the blood pressure because he's getting confused. Let me just ah removed There's one more year and leaves the post alone. All right? Not like that. They're just in case you do wonder like a how to put me in from Mitchell. Ah, like that. This cry. What page? And we're the page about. But remember every fall information you need to add it with playing about page, you have to do it inside or immune. You can know, create or edit. Are patriots from war press so far? I mean, Jessica back here and refreshed the page again. All right, they'll let them take disappear. Now we just see the post and the block and this one are hasn't too much space in between. Let me just bring little up. Probably somewhere over there, writer. And also let let me bring this to 700. I probably like around like that. So 601 of you OK, deal doesn't go up. Name is Jesse. Yeah, on just eight. Right here. No, like clothes. Not a far in our Let me just sport everything back here when you're working with ah inside . Allowing you for workers. You have to test in sometimes. Like opening over to make sure. Ah, the styles looked like that. What? You want it? Let me see if they space this big up disappear. All right. I think it's OK. The picture is not that far now from the here. It's up to you. If you want added the title right here. We can do it too, if you want out of the title below. But this is up to you. Some people like the title on top and the description right here. Or you can leave the discreet right here in the title of top. But there is something I see here. Or so we are missing the edges over here and let me see why. Let me just go back to my dorm use. And this is the the this one here. Okay, we see the title, but we don't see the edge in this area right here. They may just said that it apart to from here for that Let me do, my dear. We want you this our option, which called are responsive. And now this. Go back a year now with post to see that edge from that Fricke Tunggal. There you go. You see? Now the only thing you have to do is like a say, responsive. And that's it. When you do responsive, there's gonna trim a little bit the age to make your each up the whole ah rectangle. All right, let me just going up to see how this place look like. Okay, this is the block pitch with This is the pose. This is the faced title. This is the title for the H, both with the only 200 words right here. Let me just click to take me to the single post page right here. Single. Both page, the highest. Okay, I see the information, the whole contents here, plus the post common, which it is working. Fight too. Let me just going back to a long used to see what I would complete in this class. Okay, In this class, we complete the that shaking. We check this one toe block posts which check single post and fix us on the stuff inside here. Some issues inside, and there is one more party. Let me just bring a little up. Probably 28. It's OK. And also we other is that that's the fun side over here in the space. All right, we finish with this book place right now and the next class, we want to start working with the project page, which is gonna be very much like dispatch, but this has a little bit tricky. If you want to make sure dispatches working fine or press next. 12. Creating custom pages for muse project page: I think this class will start working and customize the project page for that. Let me just click in the product page Right. Click and go Properties. I am from properties. We go all way. Two options from options, probably. You see, this page is safe archive. But these are Dodge. And also they say I can't are kind Dash work because this page we can call it whatever we come as alone. They have heard the archive in the from this in here can be projects but the title for the patient can be project doesn't. The title with this right here is no necessary. Too much doesn't matter. The only thing you have to make sure you include these guns archives? Let me just call this one products project. Ah, Page like that. WordPress dashboard will not grab this information. But whatever pulled you made and this page, it's gonna be in this section right here. Ah, whatever you want, you can call it like arca Job doesn't matter because this page, like a totally before, don't have too much with that one top. Ok, let me just Ah said council. Let me see Bucky Yang get this to work. Work? I things were fine for me. If you go to the block block because he's already like part of the corpus, we don't need to specify. This is our chi you can use. Just like that. Georgia had to write. Ah, Fire name blocked the state with extension XML WordPress would recognize actor Matt likley this. Page it out. This is a block. All the post in work is gonna show up in this patch first. And also poor WordPress This when you don't have to do nothing else, you just call IDing and single. That's it. But for the project, we need to create two pages like this tomb. But this patient, the first was gonna be single badge. Remember the extension since I was work. Work. Okay. And now we want to call the next one. Hiding same team extension. They was work. All right. This is very important. The special belong just do they need too much with this one? It this patient doesn't much with the name extension right here to spay won't appear. And your ah wordpress site. Even though two special are creating, I love immune. But one appear inside because Ah, that what brings Won't recognize without extension were pressed. Probably what's gonna happen is and your projects You want to start showing up those post pace which you don't want to show up over there. Ah, post AAA records and you need to show over here. Project. All right, Now, let me just juice. We wouldn't use the same one like at this one. Let me just go to Masters and Marty, which was hiding. And from here, let me Jessica Properties and let's go later and make sure you go fluid with in SE 600 to 93. 15 thing marching. It's OK, maybe Jessica here in this one. Can you open it? This is okay. I said the fall and we will not take thes. I was drawn to the edge because I don't want to see those on lane inside my single page area. Let me go back to this one and that's it after thing. These two patients, they look alike. But the only difference between block and projects is because over here we don't need to specify do that, in which archive is we only need to create the block IDing single and that's it. But in the project, we have to specify like, OK, this is our chi patient in this archive page need tohave this connection The single Dutch work with a single with the I didn't dash work which this two are connected to this special this class climbing to the end CEO next. 13. Creating a Item work project page: way Wanna be working and a single work bench right now For that, we had to go ST Ng here. Double click in the single page right here, and we wanna add it here. That future image from our library is gonna beat this one right here. And for these one, we will not use this option right here. Trained to the also with. And we want to cover the whole ah area right here the whole page. When the mature, it's also all the way down. Right? And we're inside here. We wanna leave everything at this for won't change nothing here. Now let me just go to the ampere because I need to use this one because this one in the same side like this one Because this is the master passion. Let me just do something else in here. In the meantime, we just open it. Let me just over here. Ah, we wanna custom my here the title, the content in song. Ah, social bottoms in this area right here for that Ivory has some buttons repressed control de to up in a folder and we got some sort your bottom. But we will be using these right here was quite, But it's hard to see it, but we will not use in this instant Run Tweeter not shop in Facebook only we're not. Put right here to three for and we still like on and we go online. We choose this one. Let me just first pick off toe where we want to like everything to here to the first Ah, square right there. Which was deception. Right here are lying thing. No, we want to make your everything every old, these square, every bottom had the same space in between. For that you just go here. We want to say probably 10 things, okay? And we hit this one. Hit this button right here. Gonna make you, like, attain space in between. All right, this bottom saturnine. Now let me just put it together by say group. And now let me just take it out from here. That way I can see it. Okay, They're right there. And we will cost two mighty spot on salsa for this. We want at it effects right here. This fax gonna be probably like glowing like this is ok. I will not leave it. Just a default that make you easy. Okay, You know what? Let me just go back because control, see, Took take out Because we want to like this. Get ah wider with someone who were over. These are bottles for Doc. Select about the button again. Go to the enormous stage and we had to go to roll over. And these rollover we going effects Now I need I think fighter Let me just go to the next one, Make your used to and roll over and do the same Cloy You can use inner glow him, but we will not use just glowing in this case. Let me go to the other one. Make sure that rollovers do there we heat glowing. It is 50% and blue is on eight. Let's go to the last one goal over effects glowing. All right, we got those bottom glowing already. Now what we need is ah state bottom over here. Let me just go in here, Ajit in third. Actually, it's widget in the bottom. Stay bottom. Well, here and now you say 1,000,000,000 Clear All styling thing clear All content. Now we have the empathy Stay bottom and we're gonna wrote all the way like these to the edge right here. Too much. These are right here to these ages now. From here. We want to grab this one. You won't want to make sure these are inside on top of the state bottom. How do we know You see the state bottom become blue. And now from here we will not make sure this stay in the center. Let me just grab two. So it was like again. Okay? And just let it go long saying there in our line to the center right there. Next step we had to up over here title in content. For that, we go library. Let me open these folder. We need the title. It's these all right here. And we made this letter Roboto, Rayola, roboto. And it's gonna be because this is the title. Probably when I use up bowl 18. It's OK. Uh, 16th when I'll be OK. We straight this 12 here to the state party. I know. Let me just control See that you Ah, we just lie here. We got a text immature that takes center. And also we think this one to the center and we just leave it like that. We don't say responsive right now. We want at first shaking to see house look like we needed the future. But we have to say responsive. But for now, we will not leave like that. Next one is content 200 country right here. Thank team. And just the right Read more because we don't need these. But this one, we only when I make like 16 were Okay, make sure that stay, but on his blue doesn't mean it's inside right there and goes the same team. I like to the center that I mean, that takes has to be a link to the center. Um, keeping the center right here. All right. I think we don't with this tiling right now. Our next step is to copy everything from here actually cut. Because remember, this page is being used for the other pitch. Which of mature? Don't stay here before I do. Let me just bring a little closer to here, OK? And the state bottle. We want to keep it days wavering now probably when I use Ah normal. Let me just go like this. Call every when I choose black color that way we can see it and we will not change the text to white color. Let me just changes. Went to the white color. Now I can see that text. Now it's time to silicone in Cut. Now let me just go back to my the sign right here and now opened this one single work I noticed I made me stay. Right now they're supposed to be hiding work and they're supposed to be single war. But doesn't matter. The only thing we had to do right here let me just change that name. We want that. Change it right here too. I Then when we want to change it to hiding, touch, work. And these now become single Because we have a tomb with the same thing we cannot change. Let me just do it this way. How you think we want that And now change it, this one to single and changes to single that work. And now let me just edit different because before Wes ing ableto it Now let me just change it. All right? That's work. All right. Now the pressure in the in the right position doesn't matter. You just three spacious right here it is. Right there. The reason I did that because I really custom made this one thing. I don't want to go through the process to customer again. Ignore the space in place right here. And we've got here. But in here we will not change it to from, Ah, normal stature. Gonna look like without call. Or actually let me at him with the color. No cooler Who were gonna be called it right here. Someone who were on these pictures Gonna be black, but the block's gonna be brought, like, 80%. Maybe Jessica capacity. Plus it delayed. Done. Probably ideas. Okay, Normal is gonna be like this. And someone who were over the state bottom. Gonna be by this act is gonna be normal to let me just previewed this page locally. All right. Information. Is there the bottom salsa? You see Kong brighter? No, Like them, you go back to that same the industry for dispatch. They must go back here to the major side. All right? We don't win this page. I work in the class Would be working with a single work 14. Creating custom single work project page: everyone in the class, we wouldn't start working the single patch. But before we do that, I bring you to this website, which is called, um youth Resource is dot com. In this patch, you can grab a lot of which is for free and someone to switch it we're using right now. We can grab it here, you see, Custom might, because he's already been costing my stay. Bottom is already empty. We don't have to go the process, but from here, you had to come in here in. Grab a to widget from here. Those are ah state Barton images go down to see What is it? All right. Okay. This one. You needed this. This which is just download. This is for free and you don't You don't even need to enter your email. You just click free get and download. That's it. And also, we want to need another bottom, which is this one over here is called a pro in for psych. Er, let me just click in that one. I just hear you just hit download and that's it. You don't need toe. Ah, enter your email. That's all you need to do it just stay down because we will be working with the great area . That way we don't have to go all through the process to customize like that. And we don't even need this picture. We just need this. Ah, bar right here. All right, now let's go back to that page. It is more widget available here. You're interesting. And also he harvested on China and Utah, just in case you wanna learn more about how to get a witch. It Oh, how this which it work. All right, let me just go back to my WordPress site thing Here, let me just go this area and from here. What are we want to do it right here. Same thing we will not be creating another post, but for that, because, ah, we want to try to keep the style pretty much saying we can come in this right here and grab it the whole in from mention. But in this case, we just grab all way to the content, not toe the comments because there's gonna be project and we don't want people becoming in our projects. We only go on the price to show up what we do know, toe, get some comments, but post Yeah, we need the comments. And now let me go back to work. Here. Let me just pasted right there. We don't need to go all the process again. Let me just make sure the is coming down, Troy Like that's gonna be okay. Let me just bring a little more. Okay? This look good for me? Probably. Let me just go for here to the meat center. Right here. There you go. Now, let me name made these for 75% can see the whole post, and we need two more space underneath. Probably spaces. Let's give you the space. Ah, throwing 900 physical properties through 900 to make sure you stay in the hunter. Actually, no. Yeah. 900. Okay, Gathers, I think it's OK. There you go. Now we have a space below. No, it's 900. The speech. All right. This space, it's done. That was easy, because ah, the first thing is hard to make the first page. But remember, it would show up your project and for product. Probably. You don't need this information. Neither the avatar, because this is more for post you just need the content. And that's it. In the post. I mean, in the picture for you. Ah, Project 28th. Look okay for me. Let me just the pages. It's OK. We need the space between images ago. Probably. It'll be up to a 50. Okay. All right, we don't we disparage. Now, let's go back to this one. And from here they messed up in this one right here, and we want to do the same. Like, at the blood pressure. Remember, we raise everything and this one and the project, we will erasing everything, saying they me, Jeff, go here first before I do that. I don't wanna see this stroke and dispatch and let me go here. Pesh properties, call options. Yeah, this page made sure. Say, arc, I touch work because it doesn't say that immature. This is no mark, because the humor does. One's gonna grow up this information on top and extensions. That one image your dispatch is included inside. Ah, your menu tomb. You know, from here, we had to go, and we need to get these which it and put it right there. Okay, I already down at the widget and let me open here. Amuse resources, I think. Which is gonna be some wearing here. All right there, Which is called Pro in Force. Icher and we grew up the widget, and we just put it right here. Let me just make sure dispatch is somewhere here. Let me just we have to bring down that the picture and this one. The images grew up the whole thing. And being a little up somewhere in there, let me just make this 75. Probably you can see better from there. Probably 75. Too much. 15. So, Ryan, let me close this one. And right now I want to see Does that mean we can own check here the peaceable disappear and let me just send That is one right there. I'm being a little up and let me just go and grab song. Ah, 19 dummy content just to put on the top like this. That can be the project page information. Let me just put it right on the top. Let me just so nice to hear and being you always up here. There you go. We want to make deals. One roboto. And when I made these bull evangelical Roboto bone Because there's gonna be the title. Put the page 30 18. Let's give you around. Probably 2025. It's too much for the tire is too big. Name it just right right there. That information for the title right there. And now let me just clicking here like the bottom right there and select also at your widget part while you edit because we need to make your dispatches. It's right here. Let me just right. Just a pity. Being a little up to the center. Someone here? No, that next processes clean it up. Everything in sight for that We had to say during a styling. And we just removed that one click and the next 1 17 Klina styling. We click also these tax right here and the lack. So that's one right here. Same thing we just create for here. All right. Active. I want with this thing is active. Become blue. Let me see no more. I wanted to be blue collar. I did Let me just click outside now here, let me just going normal. Can that be like that? Actually, you know what? Active to be blue and normal have to be has toe has no color now active, hostile people. Okay, Active. You have to be blue ST Ng. All right. And then it just change this. Ah, from up in sent to river water to we will be using robot A for all these class Because this is just I'm teaching you how to connect allowing used toward press this safe project. That's one. And it's make the sticks probably blood. That way we can see it. It's going to the next one. It's gonna be 17 roboto, Regula and Black Corner, and it's gonna be perfect to. And same thing we're here. Black color water regular. And that's gonna be project three. All right. Hey, now where you had to do it like, you can click outside outside the compass and then click back a young, but we know we want to straight to justify this are empty square right here. We're being always toe here to the edge. This is one. And make sure everything. You look the same and we want to give you a defrauding wrong 3 60 because the picture is ST 50 high. You want to give you 3 60 you know what? Let's say, did you 60 Right? Right there. Let me just the issue here. 3 60 and let me just make square right here. And that way they can push down the page when they keep these one probably around 40. Let's make 40. That the space and need to be alone are probably gonna bring to 64. Ok, all right. On next step is to being the This is called, uh really Is Bridget from myth to workers? We need these which it right here. And we want to set up right here inside We want amateur easy inside me Just click a like this And first we need to make a small it and we just moved out. Do you see? No, we have to make sure this composition arians for blue the Drop it inside a mature ist writer on top. All right, this is over there now we wouldn't do is copied this one. But the folk we copy Let me see for post My team will be OK. And from here you remember these gonna be little different. Let me just go back here. Let me close on pages that where you can see better. All right, from here. Do you remember we had extension? And this one right here When we create this with these one right here, the first widget are that greedily switch it. We just custom plus post because that was the that takes into here. There is no post extension because we don't need it. But for these, we need this extension, which is work. And we want you like that. And we Johnny, we want a change here, too. Work. That's all you need to write down over their custom. What kind? Custom posted this one. This is work. That that the patient work. Okay? No, we got this one right here. When the copy go to the next region based it 17. Just move. A little hour to mature is inside. Bring it all the way here. That's the 2nd 1 No basted here to move a little Be our. Now, just make sure you think there and faced it. Okay, We got the three, which is right there. And maybe so let me up in the widget again. All right. We have a four pose for content. Let me go to Colin calling. Probably with me for It's OK. 44 tomb in one. This is okay. As default, we just leave it the default. That means gonna be four posed by the life screen. Received four poles. And if because more it's gonna be to ending for phones, let's say, But we want to be creating a different pace for phone. It's gonna become one for a phone. Okay, We will not check. Awesome that they fall here for Let me go inside. Columns. Foreign Foreign Two in one for foreign 4th 2 in one. Okay, I think we complete dispatch right now. Let me just go back here. We just need to we create already displaced. All right, I think. Ah, probably picture. It's been done already on the next class. What we would do is we Also we want to start uploading again this side. And now it's time to test the product page to see House looked like Now, with put some posts inside your next thing 15. Custom project page completed: way will be up lowering our are amused Assign to war powers for that. Let me just show you something. We will not first change it. This name that would you concede that effects whether let me just go and change from projects. Probably to add it to proyecto like like this. Okay, now safe right there. Remember, those doesn't matter. Because as long, Jerome, I change in here. They are kind of the name Doesn't matter the nature choosing here. All right, just pay attention right here. This probably cut to change from projects with as toe project. Now, let me just go here in star export everything. These are three pages, six patients in total because probably we work And the other page that there is some we wanna got that one. Okay, this parts have been completed. Now let's go back to were per site. And now we won't replace and we will see this changing If you replace refresh right now, That affects, you know, happened yet because we have it toe safe or changes that such safe change it if doesn't happen with safe, safe Kenya. We had to update holdings. You think you see that all come out right here. All right. But let's say at the length. And now you can go here because you suppose they use the same thing like this one right here and now for post it the same thing. You can go by our new category, talking everything or supposed you can do that too. But in this case, we only want ad Ah, pose. Like I mean, probably like president. Like you are in a post. We want to get also damage as training with these one. Refresh. Okay, we got new dummy text on here. Let me get this one all the way. Brought someone here. Copy. Put it right here from this one. Probably ties to big Limoges goes on the whole way. Here, comma. Let me just go away here. Remember, these are project no post anymore. And yes, we can use also feature image because we set up down toe in the item page. And for that I need different the teachers probably gonna use Ah, Let's see. We will be using this picture right here. Let me just grab this one right here. That's gonna be the 1st 1 All right. Same thing. Just make sure. Ah, it did. Speaking from Mitchell. And you can say talk for this one. And you can also say category. Let's say this brand, Okay, that's gonna cut that. But it's gonna be brown the polish. Does he? Our new project would look like they're you See here. Now we have a dip age with the brown. Ah, probably you reckon I dispatched because we just copy and paste from the regular post. This is the single, uh, post page right here. The only difference between dispatches is in this one. No one can comment in the page. And now let me just erase all way here and because I need to see how this project page look like. But I haven't seen the page yet. I cannot click in that one yet. All right. We have already the image right there. I just see No, but they So you see the in from marriage employees too much right now. Do you think we don't see the whole picture and I need to see the whole picture. And also 18 then from Merchant, that texting from merging is too much, and we'll also I don't see that social bottoms right there. Let me see what happened. Let me open this one. And from here, we had to other 3 13 The first the picture. Probably. They may just on check this one because that's one problem right now to make sure the pictures show up with their 2nd 1 the picture is too big. Let me just bring in toe to 15. 2 50 Right there. Going now. It's good there. Let me just bring also the state bottom to the same site to 15. No, let me just being up here and go here right around the parish property. And when I bring it, ST Ng Minimal snow is gonna be to 50 not 300 anymore. Two fisting. Okay. Ah, this one probably wouldn't Just only five right here. Ah, top borrowing and left and right. Merging. Okay. Okay. This one. No chewing up because they may. Jesse defects in this one. No, tomorrow for longer. Go fix. We wouldn't removed effects trainer image as removed effect from this one too. All right, we'll is. See? How does it look like now let's for fresh the pitch. I forget something. Okay? I can see the image right now, but I see the whole image right now. But the problems, they this social But on there now in the center let me see will happen over here. Let me just goes center and p into the center and you just go here. What else we need to do here? Oh, the text is too much. Let me get to go here. Normal. But down right here. Oh, yeah, Too much. But it has to be probably like around Totally fine. And it's cannot be more than 40 35 title and for its contents. Okay. And the buttons we want to give you probably different effect Normal when I choose Ah so here we want to give you white color Braudy gonna be better when the u t its effect on the thesis and roll over It's gonna be strong y stroke. Come on on a big white and the last one Make sure it's brought over and choose white. And when you one pixel All right, there's gold backing. See how strictly now they threw. Afraid the page. Oh, yeah, It's looking better now. Teeth are in the center, if you must. Over Yeah, they have a dis effect. OK, but still here on top is too much information for the title. Let me just see what's going on over here. Here. No animal title marks. They see what I'm missing right here. Oh, I know what The president right here. Oh, I forgot. Okay, this title is the plotting is known here. This doesn't matter. Title is just title and the content right here is OK now. Okay, let's go back to the side. The prodding is in the side. We heard, like in this right here. Let me just go here pro ux and projects the title because this is a Bron title. It's no, a post title does mean is like, ah, like a Nike Adidas warmer. This has to be something that's more in this case. Comes to be like this one is just ah, natural orange cause the title. Yeah, I might spend these funds. You natural orange. That's the problem, because we're talking about this. Is projects the problem for Ah, usual. They don't have a long title. It just pretty small title on the time. Now let me just go here and refresh the page. All right list for were now to see how does look like. Yep. Now it's look better. You see the information here If you to go most over the social bottom, they go lie up. Now the title is more the problem with the title Because this tile is too big for our product. I mean, for a brand. And the description is getting caught after, like a 40 words. We cannot it more If you wanna add extra content, we cannot. It probably let me Jessica. Alright. Right here. Let me just go ST in here because I don't see them from measure Roll over. We can go. Probably all the way to 60 off 50. Logical. 50 analysts say again we had to export again. Cometary. All right. And it's refreshed. The special again. Yeah, look better. But you can't keep playing with this one. Uh, onto it. Looked out ok for you, but for training purpose. You know, you complain with the bottle right there. You can always 6100 doesn't matter And the squarest right now, here and before we finish Thesis. Ah, class, let me just add it's extra post. Let me just go here let me create three more. All right, It's just get tell me text again and for dark Let me just based pais taste me get is gonna be ah title for Don't know that one Because remember, this is Brown title. Cannot be that night, that big thing But it is just too big stick that made you with this one right here saying no to me. Jazz. Right. Okay. Who cut? They're going. What was it? Was brown once a brand. All right, Brown right there. And let me just add it right here of future image. Let me get one from my computer. Let's get down. Let me get another one for he from here. 13 2nd 1 open And the last one right here. Let's go and grab it. The picture. Uh, let's got this one right here open and Mr Putin said and publish. He said the images were for the image they were published. Said Did they mention? No. Then there you are and Polish nature, the emissions. No, here that the reason something has to, like, way into the images there. Then you get a new one for that. Now you probably did screen they are very light image. Let me just wait. Don't the damages here. There you go. Deep. And I think we would not replace the first image we got right here. Let me just go here and we cannot click because we have a link. This image to nothing yet. Let me just go all post right here. Remember, Projects all post and the first pope was called. Not sure on right here. Let me replay the picture. But the picture has are white collar is hard to see it. We want you thoroughly, Theis Picture right here. Yeah, not that one right here. There you. No, I think. And what we are doing. Update. Let's do something else. Let me just also linked this one. Let me just click here and these one and we will not linked to the same. Remember these permanent link Click in there. I mean, the whole ah taking click on the picture. No, we just sport. All right? No. Just refresh that site you gain. Let me just see this picture. Okay? The picture is right here, and there is no link because we're right now on the ah project page. Right now. And this is the product picture. And is it that way? Project pitch. Look like? All right, looking good. Now we will not remove this information from there, but a one. But so far these text look okay. Right now. Thing no limit. Just go. Here, erase everything. Yes. I want to see Project Page. This image is too small. Does what I told you make your whole image. Are primo descent sign with two. Here it was to have, like a song gapping in there like a space right here. We can either make image. It's more because the image is small. It done 2 50 properties around 2 35 Let me Jeff click here. You see Now, if they can click into Spartans and from here, let me just change it. That picture these pictures too. Small image as replaced. The picture Name it dropped another one. Let's get this, Cherries. No, The cherry start there. This update, that one. And it's refreshed the page to see how it would look like now. All right, now look better. But still this cherry, it looks more picture. Let me see something. Yeah, I think it's too small that the reason we had to make sure. Ah, when you upload a picture for these, make sure all the pictures are the same. There's just crap another picture. Because that's online gaming to see They're not the same side on Let's get this one dotage too much with the other orange. All right, let's see that post. This is the single post right now. Let's now see the project patient. That project, though, Page. Now you think all the pictures up and up and down They are lighting up there the same site , Unless Jeff removed Does right here. This edge to make sure. Look, even name is C with happing here. All right, let's go over again. This'll we want a trade first going here and say no responsive and center. It is the first choice. Their second choice can be, Ah, to bring these. Ah, Bridget, little up disturb brought on their up. But let's try the 1st 1 that fix the problem. All right, let me refresh the page. Okay, so you see it done. And then we will not trade the second option. And the second Nachum, it's gonna be to bring probably somewhere wrong. Ah, 45. We want to give you a far five age. This is to fit. It is gonna be Ah, 2 45 Let me just try again. You may just to go back here? Yep. The fixed that problem. And now you don't have it. Space bottle one Him. That is like a little B, Probably with ah, but not that much. It's okay. Okay with that. But not the big up. Like there was a big brown team here. All right, I think. Let me just check in here. Something going on here kind were effects. Let me just do something else, because does. It's not the way I want to these transaction happing. They may just going here. Good. It's no. This one is the widget sale. That which it I want to do, but its internal fading does what I want to hop in here. Let's try again. Kindness for revenge dispassion you everything ramming the same. But probably you don't see, but it's fading right now. This is fading. But because the pictures are the same pictures, you don't see what is fading. All right? Everything is looking good here. Let me just click and this one too mature to take me to that, right? Yeah. All right. Let me just go back here and to the class or and this. Glad we went through a lot of teens. We fix inside here. The IDing Ah, future. The pictures on the state bottom. And we were inside. Also in this project, pesh with Bridget. In the next place, we will be working in a contact. 16. Creating a custom contact page: and this place we will be working in the contact page. And for that, let me just go straight to the page. Let's open it place, which are the high front dispatch. Because too long, probably we need 700. Well, 900 something Lee done. And ah, we want to change is too fluid with two. And we want you 10 margin left up. Ah, left in bottom top on, right. And let me just go to the main page is what we want to do right now is we had toe scrub all way down. Let me just make dispatch smaller. We had to work all way down and cut this part from here because we no longer need this spot right here. They may just cut everything, including the map and this Cardizem from here. And let me just fix this because now it's soda. Let me just bring up a little bit up this one pretty more. We want your thumb with things right here is ok. All right. Let's go back to the contact of fish and we will not paste it in here and we grab it and bring it down. Probably somewhere we hear. It's make sure center right here. Right in the high. Right here. Let's center. You can send her using this one, too. All right. Youth in there. Right now. Is that the contact page? But I brought something else. I don't need these one. Let me just probably caught this one from here and put it back here, all right? Just stay there. Let me go to contact the special. And now I came. Bring this one up. Probably somewhere, all the way to the top. And here we will not just change. It is one with the title widget. You won't be able to change on the name for dispatch. Gonna be just contact damage as clothes. The's one. So I need to get this one title. I mean, yes, cut. And I mean, just he raised I want and from hot from here let me just put it title right there. Youth reward. What? The ball and 28. Okay. And this one, we also we need to replaced with a title. I mean, conta content. In this case, I wait. You'll be able to had a content. Yeah, con thing. I can say. Let me just raised our clean. These one right here, Acting time One right there. Okay. The content can also be roboto 18. Thanks. In 18. 18 and rewards Texas. Okay, Right there. Probably just let me bring you somewhere. We hear Both right there. Stay there and try here to this edge. The highest. Okay. No, you king. The only thing you cannot it and you contact picture is gonna be Ah, these a song. Information like I thank you for contact us. I will be back to you in 24 hours You can use at the second for that. Everything remained the same. All right, let me just change it. This doom, then they for different. Because I was another Ah, thing I create like contango. The violence is your class a glass that is looking there you are saying everything else stayed the same. Now, let me go to that meeting saying right here and from here let me just check properties. Okay. Uh, here we had we had to replace these name with the archive page because he's become archive archive page. Let me just Consul, let me just got it from here, all right? They know me jazz. Check these Weighing gang. Put it right here. And this was gonna be contact. You can call it whatever you want, but this is just Ah ah, Just forward pressed on this thing. What kind of patient? This one. Everything rimming the same. They are flute. Okay, lets say okay. All right. List expert. Everything toe workers click there, Make your everything is inside. Ah, the war press right now. And let me just going back to work the ash borer And from here, when I If you refresh this page, the other are the contact special has to appear somewhere in here I think is gonna be below on top of the media refresh. Well, I don't see a yet. Let me just say safe Change it. There you go. Now that the pages right here and Amy just go or pose would create a new post inside contact pitch. But it's gonna be something more. They say here title doesn't matter because the title Ah, the pain won't get that title. Let me just show you why they say, welcome on top. And obviously let's say thank you for contact us. Thank you for contact us. Let me just fixed on one. All right. And publish this one. If you click in, this one product is gonna take me to the Philip of ah, single pitch. Let me see. Yeah, it's taking me to this page every time when you're working with this custom page. If you don't create this to pageant below or you just create this patch right here, which is for the i. D in the Post were already right was in this page. But these Golway here and from here is gonna take you to the in page, which is this other child patch was called single, but we don't have any single pitch in this contact for that. The reason Ah, we end up our from here all the way here again because even though you we create at no other, we can call it probably I didn't dodge contact and single. That's contact. We had to make the added that Dutch contact because otherwise you're gonna end up also in dispatched right here. All right, let me just go out there. And if take out just a welcome because I want to see the page. No, the pose. All right. That patients working good. We are now inside the special. No, anymore in this one right here. We're in here. And you see here as I told you before, the only, uh, name we will not grow up from here is whatever we put in here in the menus is gonna appear here in the title and that think and thank you for contacting. Yes, you can add it here. More takes. You can custom my justice part right here, because so far, we can no edit a page inside. Ah, workers. But we can't get any post if you want to add it over here and from Mitchell. Like acting from Major on top, like at the title for dispatch. You have to going out of the news into it from there. All right, this is look good. The only thing is toe close to the border. Let me just make space right here. Let me hoping you get the pitch. Ah, we wouldn't be in thes page. Brought in 900 is not enough for these. Well, actually, it is, but anymore. I'm gonna use this anti square. Let me just grab it to push the foot down. Probably somewhere. Here. Let me just go to 14. 1400 right there in Always go back here, Export. Everything all right? Let's refresh this bench. Yeah. Now look better now we have over here, but I see Over here I see song a strong Let me just write that one too. The day you are right there. Let me just say cereal, So Okay, we don't have it's Joe anymore. No, let me just go back. Explore. All right, list, refresh the pitch in game. Okay, The only stroke. I want to see it inside. The contact for that said let me just closed on him, Papa. All right. I think we don't with these page, this was very easy. All right, let me just going back to my side. Listen, how are we doing now? We really hard. Ah. Three pages done. In the next class, we will be start working inside here in the hum pitch. I left the home page for the last because homepage we want to need a lot of stuff in here from this other page toe. Are it here and from here to our it and all the patient right 17. Creating a custom service page: okay. In this class, we will be working with the homepage for that. Let me go straight to the page in the first section. We will be working. Let me just go all the way up here. How do you see here? Over here. We need toe. I replace the pictures inside there. Plus in here we need to add this sexual inside. We had to create a new place. Probably. This is too long. Let me just bring little up on the Let me just rather like this to make sure I bring everything up somewhere here. Anything is ok. All right. Ah, the easy way we can do this is like a stating We just copied this part because there's gonna be the service. Our page right there. Let me just caught it. Actually, from here we want to remove and create a new page. We had to make a home for the dime content right there. And from here, let me just add a prodigy because the therapist could that be next project? Well, when I call it the same service used car people therapist saying no, let me open here and pasted right here and then you just being a little up? This one. We're here. You want to stay somewhere in here? It's OK. Probably one right there. And let me just make this page. Probably little bigger. Let me just go here. This is gonna be right now. Regular page. We don't need to change nothing here. The only thing I don't like it's really to bring our lives. Ah, you know I'm 500. Okay. All right. When the state that I don't probably just bring 700 sick, I'm in 600. Table 600. Now let me go back to the pressure. And now there's gonna be a little tricky, because in this page will be, ah, we will be working. But with that dollar, Sino. And for that, we need to create. Let me see how many future service we got there in the main page with the hump. It's right here. We had to make three pitches, One for each, our service of this. Okay, then we go back. We want to make three pages right here. The first gonna be, ah service one service to and third with three. And this page is a little drink it because we had to use a dollar sign first. And then we have to say service, probably just service like this. And let me just make space in being Dodge one. Taymor. Same. But here have to be by number. We cannot say ah dot work. He has to be one through three Don t like 100. I don't know how many pages you want, but don't get that crazy because Argentine is gonna look like here that could you do that? All right, let me just ah, endorse. Um, let me just make this one, Do I? Then thing, though. There's a duplicate. Another time. And then he just which these went from one to to it's gonna be page A service to, and it's gonna be a service three. All right, make sure everything look, God, same. We're if we have a three page right now and this place you're gonna be connected to, this one's right there on top. Remember? They have to start with the Dolan sigh, otherwise it won't work. Let me just go back to home pitch and from home pitch. We're gonna grab first thes cut. Now let's go back here and it's opened the 1st 1 in Saint in here go fish properties We will not changing from fixed to flew with. And it's going to stay probably in 600 to the same. We want to keep this thing high by ah to 90 and and there's gonna be only 300. Alright, 300. Ah, everything else okay? And we just paste. It's right here. They may just based it right here in the middle. And probably one that just may a little bigger things. One right here. And there is a jet remained the same. And this one over here we grab everything again and being through the center. And we will not leave everything by the four like this. Non responsive. But it said this one This has to be responsive. All right. Just that one there was has to be make sure everything has been to the center and it's go back to the homepage. And now we need the second Ah, future right here. Cut up in the 2nd 1 Change it. Uh, pitch it again. 600. Let me just bring one down and three right here. Ah, pace being in all the way to the top to make sure touch here. That way all the post gonna be anything high. Ah, peanut and their sin. This is right. Now make sure to send their right here. Just bring in this one toe try here. Toys right here. And this one's you just change to Responsive. That's it. This let's go back to home. Pitch in. Great. The last one God Sen process in this one. First we have to change the very 600. I mean, Children tone, I t 300 And this bed you can play. Ah, is the pain what you're doing with your page? What kind of service you often and you can bring toe 500. And here's you can change the 400 if you want. I'm a bigger you can go sitting under 1200 that's a married but in this club because we are targeting like devices. Ah, bigger Deng I public are probably iPod in best trouble or their stop and using right now the 600 with that terrorism. Let me just space right here saying teammate Sure, disease to the top and into the center. Mature is online to the center of the other I think I forgot. And I mean, just grab this one, bringing to the edge, all right? And now just say responsive double right there. The meat. I would check if this center Yes, center. And this one too or not? No, I wasn't Center. Okay. Make sure everything is center. No, I didn't look OK. Now we had to go inside the service page, and we wanna be riding one widget saying, pretty. You're getting familiar now, which, which we wanna use in this patch, which is one The grill is right here, opened in this one rabbit. But you're right here. And for that we only need three polls because we only had offering three services. And also we have to go all the way here. Inside. Let me just go down. You had to go column rules. Right here. Click here and go three also right here. All right. And sweet shit here to three in the Paris ma for extra smart screen. Jasmine. Let me just bring these to 75% that we can see the whole pitch and these they may jazz, probably being later down. You know what I know? Why did we just put it right. This what you don't want? Like, there you go. You know, let me just makes 50%. Do you know I can see something was I was like us topping me three. Ah, I used to do the right way. And now we want to say, Ah, responsive with like this. And we bring somewhere 37 the space in between. It's OK in here. This is the part we most are. Pay attention in here. Make sure from custom we cannot use custom post because that's in internal muse Our pages And also the special gonna be inside workers for that to make sure our the hair are key from work. Understand? This patch has to be sequence right here from sequin We just using also dollar sign first and then service. And that's it. We don't need to add it. Extension right here. Nothing. Just my bad. I say dollar sign dollars saying service. That's it. You know you close that one. There's a sport. Everything to see how slickly You know what? Before I do that let me just The patch has strongly mature. No throwing the pitch there. You now export everything all right. And you know what? Before we do that, let me just also connect dispatch because we don't have a connected special. Let me. Let's go back to Master Page. And this is, um, that made fish with old information years. Let me just take out the straw in this one, too. Now, let me make 75% in this. Start working with this one. Let's grew up. Service makes your click service. And from here, you have to add a link from here and go all way down to service page right here. And now we hear we wanna use also project to projects linked with the project. I hear project we haven't created that. That the thing, Page. But do we have already blocked and blocked his right knee and contact us? We have a lengthy speech yet less linked right now to purchase. Contact us. There you go. Competition may jurist homepage and also the logo is is really leaned. All right. Everything is looked Ah, very most good right here. Let's do it again. Lets us for everything. All right, let's raise the pitch right now. Let me Jeffrey Fresh first and then we went up the holdings. All right. They are linked to make sure all the link connecting. Now, if we're going down, we want to see dispatch it. We are creating you. See, now that that these fathers getting bigger every day. You see this too. I mean, the three. You see an out here here is start with the dollar sign with the HTML extension. But over here now they're combated. Two ph being. Let me just in a new window right here to see you done your site house. Look, like now we just create patch right here. Let me Jesse. All right? I don't see my because that is nothing here. I remember now, and that is one more thing I forgot. Let me just go back here. But before let's check. Ah, first service house looked like Now. All right, service patient Look. OK, You see here that the post they are now here, but I don't see it in my, uh, homepage. Let me just put in my homepage for that. We had to go here. Let me go back to all pages. Now let's go back service and we want to grab everything back here and then you just go to the homepage. And from here we're gonna pasty right here and bring a little bit up right somewhere we here, let me just go somewhere over here. It's OK. And this has to be expressed. Let me just bring this around. 300 to mature is don't go on top of this one. 300. We can every site to here. 300. There you go. Now let's exported this one year there's gonna be fuzzy is only one pitch. All right, Now let me just go back to Homepage. We'll be able to see this one today. Let me see. We can see it. You see it right now. The homepage. It looked like nothing happened before. But remember, 50 post they are no longer right in the page that that the counting is hosting and surface page. We should this dispatch right here, but we need to add a bottom. What I mean by that is you have to also costume. I added some pages here in this area. Do you have to call these one eyed and dodge service and call this order one single Dutch service and you will need to remove the dollar sign in the Dodge one. Over here, in here. Let me just go here. Properties Don't forget. Also to change here. Toe r ky Dodge service. All right, but this I'm gonna leave you like this. Dispatch right now, because if you replace this one with the I didn't dodge service in single dash service now dispatched. You gonna look like this one Really creative on the project right now. I just create this our service area, that where you can see there is another way to create, like, an internal touches. And you can still expert displaced to the from page, which let me just double click here. Did you see here? We don't have it here that contacts know here. But it's do able toe show through these widget this'll class coming, Teoh 18. Let's create a custom Team page part 1: I think we will be working with that team page for that. We can go here and just click this R plus bottom too great. A new page. And we when I call this one team just like that and we want to do for thing two pitches like this one, we would like all these when the first thing, which is IDing guys theme. The 2nd 1 is gonna be single. All right, Inside this page, we will not use the same process like I then And then we were Properties. 600. We can change later, but right now we want to keep this 600 by grief. 400 probably will be here and tonight. He's okay. And everything else they default. All right, we got this to purchase. Now let me just go back to mine. Home fish in homepage. This growth escort down to get the team members, Let me just made these 75% and we're gonna get first. These are adjusting. And now we go back here and we will not paste these one right here. All right. Probably we need around four fifties. Let me just made dispatch bigger Two for 4 50 They're evil now. We have plenty room here to work with this. Our page thing. Now let's change it. These are social bottoms, right here. Let me just read that went first control. Dean, we want to get these three buttons. Let me just He's one. Is control just controlling? You can still like all the Let me just like this one. Didn't end it. Three one to and three. And you got for me racing. I want we only this one. We just need the three. Let me just switch it like the Facebook. Ah, I don't let me. Just like all the three. And we want to recite this by probably around. Tory is gonna be okay, Terry, from here and 30 or here. All right. Daddy is okay. Ah, Make sure there are no response. There you go. All right. Next step is to ah, like this one to the top. My God, no. Later, my bad. Let me just go back able. Let me just bring this one more closer. You know, it's a local three and click And the left I only and go right here. Say a lie. There you go. And the space in between fire thing. That's gonna be okay. There you go. No, we will not do little styling quick. Like something basic. Let me use normal. It's gonna look like that. But this scene Ah, let may. Something here. Probably when the odd to see if sometimes effect doesn't work with these Aiken's. But let's truth is one glowing. I don't see that different. Let me see. Oh, yeah, is a little bit I can see here is glowing, but because this this is right now in the dark area, we don't see it. Let me just I won't do that. Let me just grab all and take it all. You know, if they go here, you're seeing now is glowing. Okay, the other one go roll over. If eggs. Same thing we were using blowing a little there. It Thanks. Scenting just glowing to make. Okay, we will not leave you like that. And this, but on NBC, because that wants are 30. We want to recite this one to me, at least at around 35. Let's make this height 35 and probably wanna make kind brown because I know it's white like brown. These and make Wanna stroll black. There you go. Now, it just dropped this inside here right now. Dad, in the middle. All right, let me just joined the stream bottoms group. You know, I can go align center. They make sure everything is center because I know this is to the left. This one also made mention is center picture. Also have to be center. Let me just drop everything like this over here and send it right. Okay. And here Ah, this part is gonna be a little different from the other post. Like we create a project top page and the service page and blocked fish. But the team page, because this is a team member area, it's gonna be a little different than the other page. That way we wanna do it is Let me just go back here. Ah, from here. Are we here? We wouldn't use that. Our thorny in this part Let me just go to library. And then from this one, there's grab the outdoor name right here. And when I need for these other here, the author matter with this out of the screeching on all the wars. Okay, let me just Tropic stayed there. Let me close this one. Now, let me just got this one right here. And we will not replace Justin right now by day's differ. All right, Name me. Just go there. Maybe just go back because I need to see this 18. Just 18. It's OK. And make sure this Texas on we were not us limited for water about the both name when I used bloody, darker color. Ah, like these collar, it's gonna be ok. Amateur this day in the center right there. And we will not replace this other one. Let me just this us There's gonna be the title. Oh, ah! Member tile the street all the way there. And then he just also used Arlotto light for that one. No team. And then we just center that one too, right? Right there in the center. And the color is okay, Brown. That's it. And let me make straight always to the with signs like this in also the majestic. Great. This one from here. Make sure the pictures with the same Okay. The picture all the way to here every day's want also, we will not do that one too. This one probably would have been, Ah, somewhere over here. Like that's okay. And this will remain the same. Everything. He remained the same. Just make sure the center, that's all. And there's gonna be description. We're going. I very awesome. And from library, we had to look now content, which is gonna be in here. Let me just take it outside. I caught it from here, saying we won't erase this common right here and paste it right here. Same thing were you throw water for that one. We want to change. These are funds you don't have a reward to. You can use any other. Okay. Ah, let's try smaller 14. It's gonna be OK. Okay, Let me just through this patient, all right? Is looking good. I see this is moving, but I don't see glowing. Done much. All right, for now. We will not leave you like that. And I see this content is no center because this support to states sewing here What? That's all. That's why Because idea in seminary for gun There you no list. Keep it center right there. Let me see that. Accomplish both. Locally. Yeah, they are center. We're going to keep ST Nick Center. All right, this special. But I see it. We need more space. Probably. We tried to being away toe. Ah, run 500. Give you 500 for now. Any more state for them by hundreds? Yeah. Now we have more room over there. 500 will make the trick here. Now, let's go back here. And now we want to start customized this one. This other page on this page, we would not use that thing. There's gonna be single, Ah, team from the identity is gonna be kind a little bit different for these. We need to use the same. We will not use our first. Let me get the picture. Which when I beat this picture right here. All right. And this picture probably will not bring it somewhere. We here they made bigger this our page because right now, let's bring all the way to rally around 700. There you are. Now we have more. I run to work and the picture lives me kind. Square picture 6 400 by 60. They were 600 bucks. You know what? Let me just make clear. Smaller. What about if they make lay down 500 by 400. Okay. And here, let's go back to the library and let me just grow up the title for these, okay? Title's gonna be here. And when it also the content let me just justice title saying, what is the content right here? Right here. And we need something else from here We need Ah, our third meta Let me just go here we can use. Or so this are the author, But I don't want to use that one right now. Are you gonna use something else? Let me just go back here. I just needed someone right here underneath. But either one can work like that. Title can work in what's looking worked at the author. But we wouldn't use a title, Not the title right here, because there's gonna be working together in warp it. But one page, this single pitch is gonna be inside the post in the other, pay for the item page that gonna be hosting inside a portfolio pitch inside. Workers are gonna show you How does? When I worked for in our products can confused. But it's not that confuse. Let me just may like this probably I bring all way here. Let me just being a little more closer somewhere over there. And this one let me just put it just barely touching right there. Since I and these one we want to keep Provo toes, the same style is gonna be think. Let me just go. Very matter what? This time, Right? Come on. Not but these one are you days? Well, think. Okay to the left. So it's OK. The colors on okay. And the phone is only 14 but the other one let me just This has to be the bigger Broady around 18 or 20. I mean, they probably 20 a and as make the bowl all right, they make that way, we can see better. Okay, because now is is overlapping. Okay? Downwards and linked to the picture. Let's bring these one Just barely touching on ladies and the content. Let me just bring you somewhere here and this one. We want your thoughts, anything robot a bit is gonna be Roboto Regula right here. And the text size gonna be 16. The color. Okay. Like that are lying to the left. All right. I'm sorry. Let me just go back to the bench. I was trying to make smaller. I say, let me just bring to the center. All right? I think we don't with 19. Let's create a custom Team page part 2: which finished the item page right here and a single page. Now we have to work inside here. The impatient This is These two are the child. And this is that parent page right here. And let me just make bigger. And also, let's give you more the highest Too small. It's goal with probably around 700 to we want to keep 700. Okay, Now let me being Friday 50% because I cannot see the whole image right there. And here. We wanna make a text right here. Let me just ah, used X when I bay saying Roberto Bolle, that's just your thigh one ah size. When you throw it around, there's youth. Notify copy. Thought there is everything. And we were not right. Like, made that the okay, meet the team And right here in the center And the color we want You've probably blues. Look, this blue right here. Uh, you know, Mitt. Yummy. The team. It's OK. Let me just the team members meet the team members that you go acknowledge. Just make thes worm just from here somewhere the highest. Okay. Like that. All right, Now let me just being diesel. It'll be up because he's using too much place just like that. And now it's time to make the added. Here, Witcher, which is gonna be this region. He had the same are good list. We put it right here. I think we have a four members. Let me just check to make sure we have four members home page. Not sure if it's wanted before. Yeah, all right. For members. We want to keep it that way. Right here. Let me just close these one. The way you can see it. What am I doing? And here we want to call this one team. Remember that extension for this patient? And now we have to click here. Columns on Collins we want Well, this four and four. It's okay for large screens like computers in that stops are OK. This is for millions. Devices like a big iPod stew. Okay, for and for a small our life phones, it's more phones. Ah, we want to keep this when this can be like iPod to it's okay. You're gonna be two columns like this over here. And for the small device is gonna be only one. We will not leave it that's for that Colors is okay. Left to the right. Yeah, we will not leave it just like that. Everything I default on leash, remember, is toe this one. It's wrong because we cannot use capital damages switches has to be lower. Case the case. Let me just go back here. Remember, you're using lower case extension right here. You must juicing or so inside your widget. And now the next step is to change it to the archive like this one. Let me just copy from here and make. And we had to change the name inside here. For that, we just double click and paste right here. Make sure you change it at extension to team ladies. And now leave everything. Us, uh, before right now, probably here on top, because we want to. This this damn name was gonna peering inside the dashboard inside war press. We want to keep these are pretty capital letters. Let me just you with team. I don saying that we say OK, All right, let's explore everything to say, house look like now, Export. All right? What, do you have a song? Missing funds right here. Let's say okay. All right, Let's you what we got here. Let me just go back here inside, and we will not safe change it. They see the okay. You see the pitch? Just appear right here. Is that already? Let me just at the all darling social. And now let me go to the homepage. If a click right now. Ah, think member area Because we have to create anything. Members probably won't be nothing but less click to see what happened. All right. We don't have nothing yet. Let's go back there. And that is something I see. We hear. Ah, they're kind having been converter. Let me see what's going on over here. Pay are kind. Let me see if they see the archive. I see their cut right here. Team members are right there. Everything look okay, Let's first grade at a team member right now. This new, Let me get some dummy description from Bacon. All right? We want to get Prodi. It's gonna be like that. The members area when I just like the is Let me just go here. Text 30 days and I well, we have to go back and grabbed the first name right here, which is Justin. All right? It's adjusting. They're just slow the pace right now. That's gonna be the title. Let a future image. I got some image already here. We will not start with this guy right here. It's gonna be adjusting. And from here, we only have, I think one author. Are you gonna choose my thesis? Are that them out? I got here. Let me just disabled this because we wanna know one King Post are coming in. These one right here. And that is published to see what happened. All right, let's see the post. Okay. Team from Metro is okay. Over here. How'd you see here? Right now we are. End us in this special. Let me just go back here right now that you are seeing. Is this one right here? Which is single team page right here. And information. You see there is just right here. You see the title on the content right now this page is connecting toe This one. Let me go back to now. Team members. All right. And team members, I think that's too much information right here. I know why. And also probably you see here we don't have a picture right here. Why? We don't have a picture right here. Let me just go back there and we wanna see what's hopping over here. And we want to fix this text. Too much text. All right, That is that single still got a single team. Oh, that's why. Do you remember way have a changes picture, so me stay. Ah, we make late dear. Sometime we wonder like what happened, But the reason is because this picture don't supposed to be regular picture. This has to be. I think you really know and probably using. Ah, got it before me. Like Kate. Sometimes we are working and you don't pay attention. Let me just make this picture. We want that late. Leave it like that right now. Fix. Hi. It's OK when I keep it somewhere. Here. Miss your you selected Stop here. Right here. Straight toe, brother. With and being the picture somewhere over here. Let me see how high that the other one. It's very close to the text. Okay, let me just go back here and right like that. Okay. Somewhere within. And now this content also it's wrong way Will need to use this one we had to use the other widget which is still content. But ah let me just go Has to say this one the contact with 200 we can write down different But sometimes when I write down probably fame Amy State spelling this information Let me just go back Gonna give me on your own their search this one Paste it right there. That way I don't have to go away to that process again Let me just I would check with you. Have a daughter Wattana change already Let me go back to Roboto Ah, there's gonna be regular of auto Let me see that this size 14 Ah, I need you Stay in the middle right there. 200 work produce too much We will not use only probably around 60 right here because this is just ah few description because someone click. Oh, Before we go there, we had to also make sure these pictures only can click and go to the post from that also we had to you this permanent ing right here Remember this is way are linked Linked this picture with this Ah empty value permanent link right there. Okay, This look OK now less export. Everything again. Okay. The refresh this page. Uh huh. Now we got the picture. We got some information, but I see that which is too close to the edge. That which has to end up. This picture is supposed to be somewhere here. I can see now the out from there in one. So I don't see the social buttons, and I know why. And these square also is no aligned to the center. Maybe just see it. Yeah, that's why what's in the center? The buttons. Let me just see it. Okay. We don't see Yes, I we've just go one by one. We want to take all of these effects because it's no working good. And this we had to use different effect for that. Let me just take out glowing somehow this picture are disappearing. When we do that, they must try to the effect different way. Probably when I use, uh let's see, Let me try to those something here. But they also switch picture from here. No, we won't leave. You write like that right now. I think I wanna find out what was wrong with this thing. Okay, there's to go back to the work and thanks for everything. And let me see these things. Fix it. And we had to address also the widget inside of Okay, this look OK? Ah, probably you can give you more. You Ah, like our own seven. This try seven 70 right here. Proudest you. Okay, now let's go to this page. Because this patient, we need to fix it somewhere. We Here it is now export everything. It is the highest. We have it too much bass. Also, we had to other it apart by Let me see. Different. First, I leave it dispatched because remember Ah, from there is like a 500. Ah, from here inside the widget and I want a mature The picture won't end up somewhere. We hear the further that the reason I give you this big up right there. All right, let's professed this patient again. And now this picture has to move to that, right? Yeah. Now it's look better. But now I see the information is too much. Seven is eyes too much. Maybe there's something. And I said something else I see to the tales. Now let's fix it quickly. All right. This is one reason this must be responsive. All right, that the 1st 1 Sander Responses center, this is look. OK, let's do it again. What you're doing right now with me on Andre, Like a real time right now on a cutting edge right now. Like according like assault. Some part, like the way I just present to you. Everything fix and you wanna be wondering, Like a why in the billions was so easy. He just makes once and everything was right. And I do like, a three times in I get in these errors in these problems. I won't cut this part because that would you are working like next to me like you are breathing behind my butt right now. See me? How? I'm working in these. Ah, commercial. Let me just refresh again. All right? But you see, I know the happy with problems. Us 60. It's gonna be OK. 20. Let's create a custom Team page part 3: 60. Okay. This thing, I think it's overlap right here. Let me grab this other, then just bring a little down. Probably somewhere in there. Just done. Name it. Sure. This is responsive, and it is. Okay. Everything okay? Let's to see it right now. House look like Not only for for afraid. The pitch. Okay, I see to the text looked the same. But now these he is moving toe that price I, Charlie, Because he's not. Yeah, that one right here. And the text probably let me just up in the GOP. Be right here somewhere. Here, Let me just make sure this stay in the center. There you go. Let's try again. Very well. The march better. That was that way I was looking for Sometimes you have to be like a fighting fighting with this thing to make sure everything were fine. Because remember, we're working now. Inside were pressed. Ah, most the time. You working Just extremophiles will be okay because you just go here and preview right here . The majestic approve your locally like this. Everything looked normal right here. Look. Okay, that there was supposed to be bad ones. You're added this inside war Press dice another world. That's another his story. And you must check first. The mature is working fine inside WordPress because that can work for just regular estimate . Five. Any effects, anything you do, but some effects probably won't take. Ah, work with workers and you have tow find my way around. That's that. We're undoing right now. Type. Try to teach you how you can go around and get the same result but doing different method. And here is one example. Let me just show you because we're here because we can add if I add these content right here for the description which become over here. Ah, the position A for this. Ah, remember, I can no added this text right here. Offer because that's going to repeat that outdoor name right here. If you add a text, doesn't mean that text appear over here is gonna be the same text. And we don't have a like a title by the tire. Is area on top for Doug offer. But we can go around also. If we used this one as a title, we can call this guy that designer. Let me show you how. Let me just with this one and we will never play for the title. Let me just got here. And like, very when I play a little bit with this one that would you do understand a different way to get the same result with different method. I know Let me just get this title. And now we featured here. All right, we'll leave it there and there's now become the title from the South. Ernie, let me just go right here. Now it's got the real page. Now the tires going appear here, Do you think here now the title become the name? The only thing you have to do here is just I'm unsure when you are creating the adjusting. Do you create right here The title become the name but we will have a problem with this one , but probably not damage it to something else. Because for that also, we have to change this paid a single page. Now we cannot use longer over here The title. Well, here we want youth right here. That title which is okay like that. And over here we have to replay this by the author baby, just author, name and get this one. Sorry, it stays one right here. We're will chain you. Okay, Author Name When I used a thin, reportable 20 years Too big Have to be around probably 18 when they used the star color. Hey, we would not think criminals did the title. Remember? Now the title be condom the customer pussy on the this guy position is gonna be the title. This is the content through the same You know this. Ah, go back here and synchronize everything with warp. All right, refreshed the pitch. Think we won't see any change right here? Because we is not this the place we're supposed to be seeing. Let's go back here, Post And now let me see this one because we just change here, remember? And here is the title, which is that this is the title. Ah, for this customer. And for that we have to change it in here. Now this become the title. Let me just change his name for something. Like what? Deciding there, you know you want what? Ah, mean grab Web designer. All right. Ah, everything look okay over here. Let me just afraid Dispatch, have you? No, you see now? Ah, That is a way around. We hear. But with you, Holly, another problem right here. Because this is the South Ernie, which is right now. We only have one author for that. If you want to change his name right here, we had to create different author for for this post. And for that, let me just rub again. Going back to homepage. Let me just write pizza that you right now and it's go back here and now we hear and user we want at a new user. All right, These newser. Ah, you turn. That is gonna be days one. And we want to create Just make fake email for for this guy. Thank at this a, um this that come all right away because this is required. And we want to give privilege, offer a new user. But if you refresh the page here, nothing hopping. Why? Because we haven't keep the thesis name to this customer to this our new customers. We can go right now. Let me just afraid that pitch and we want to keep him. No defending author. If you scroll down all way down, you want to see this up here, right? here offer, and you're gonna see how many offer you got from here. You have to click and choose that one. The one we just create a new user. Now let's see the post. Now you see? Now you can see right now it change already because this is the Alfa Hits a Web designer. And this is his bio. And here's the picture. But let's see this one. We're here. We're happy. You think? Now that's changing. Now you have it. An offer. Here you have it. He's a Web designer, you know? He's changing. That's the way we on this work. But let's create another former offer. Because in this special, we have a four in total. Let's create another one. Let me just Ah, Consul. All right, well, you have it too. Let me just three more. One to and three. And for this, we wouldn't need these other Bob. He's up for parole. A for okay, judge youth. But all right, we got this to see how many we got. 1234 We got the five. All right? No. Where we had to do you had to come in team and create another thing members. Remember, we have are now 14 members. We had to get a new team member right here. We only had his eye Web designer, Jamie Jeffrey. Another thing Member three. Let me just closed. I want that we don't get confused with this one. And for this one and here, the title is gonna be the precision. This bulb is a photographer. He's a photographer. And he did it. It's vile right here, all right. And we will not Ah, future image we have our are blurring some pictures. Let me just just this picture from here. I don't know if they got the spectral images. Get a picture because I'm not sure if you used a picture. I don't have that. There will be a youth first. All right, just one check these one, because we don't want no one's coming. And this one came from here. We want a pick. Ah, this one would be bub. Let me just see something because I don't see the author. Okay, well, let's do this. First published and now polemical users because I don't see all user. Let me say how many uses we got. Okay? The reason I don't see the other user because I have it to subscribers into user. How do you think? Would I know we cost too a great privilege to this one. Let me just He has become an offer, okay? He won't know your author, and they make gestures. Uh, there's gonna be sonny. I mean, there's gonna be web design there and in Saint team, perhaps on dummy text are here. What are you right here? He's a web signer. And now we got an extra leverage. A refreshed this page because doesn't take effect. If you don't have fresh this patient to see the other author, let me see if you know. All right, this It's a bomb. Okay, is ah, let me just thanks here. And then he just Well, he was Ah, he said with designer just put it right here. All right? I around you are with signing polish and any Jessica back here to the u ther's. And we need to, um, grant privilege to the other juicer to Hey, what about you? This duke cannot be a subscriber. You have to be over. Okay. And there you are. Sunny. No. You become the funder. When are you doing for the funder? They replaced it fish first. All right, let me just going down. We need to find you, Sunny. I think we don't have it, son. That yet? Let me Jesse, this is my bond, okay? We got Sonny right here. Then he becomes the fun. His the funder ST ng Over here. Let me just face everything here When it future image. Let me just get this guy. Ah, there. Removed Esma and published. Let me see him. If everything looks okay, he's the founder. Okay, I see. Ah, Sunny. Right now he's deaf funder. I could see the information right here. Does his name disease his user author name. And the title is a funder. And here I see the This is his bio implicit picture. Now let's go back to team to see how it's looked like. Now we have a four member now, probably youth. You know, we have it before, but I miss in this picture for a bunk. He don't have a picture right now, but I can see now we have a picture for the founder right here. And even I keep a click. Do you see below? Probably you see the link checked over here, and we will see. Now take me to the A team. Slide's founder over here. Photographer we want to go to these are title photographer thing. Ah, this to hurt his name. But we will not. I know why. Okay, let me just click. And this one because we don't have an image for this guy, okay? Yeah. You don't have a bond. You don't have a image. She let me just go back here. I need to see which picture is amazing when you go buy back team right here. All right, we got the street on these two pictures. They're looking the other side just took I supposed to pick first year, and he's supposed to be in hearing and I meet him. But that was the way create I supposed to create this thes the last. And these guys supposed to be the second post that way here. Going to stay here right here in the middle, but list now fix a bomb. Let's every post saying he don't got picture. Okay, I got the three. Let me see who is missing from this picture on this guy. Update. Refresh decisional. Okay, now we see the four people, the four members of this team, and you can add it as many you want. Remember? Ah, but I was gonna hopping Is the next column is going to start appearing underneath here Is gonna be yukking added like 100 members. If someone click in those picture less click in these new guy on my bond They see you happy . He's taken toe. I bunk over here, they say web designer. And this is very good. Also for seal because they can see the name. Plus, here's a web designer, Alright for Ah, this part right here, we can guard it like let me just say made something happen to these. No, we don't need this one damage ethical back to here and here. The only thing you have to do is clicking here in the Facebook and grab your profile from Facebook linked these two together. Would you profiled that way with someone click and this one gonna take you there from now? Let me just turning to the These were the nothing. All right, let me just do that with the same and is one the same that way. we have it morph with We can see it like, you know, also, let me just do like that. Let me try. They were all right. Let me just export everything again. And let's see how it's looking though. All right, you see? No, you Fay. Who were? I can go now toe the space, but that is nothing. Doesn't take me anywhere. Let me close this one and let me go back to my site and let's go back here. All right? I think we finished this. Actually, this part right here you can coming in here and custom my for you want to add something else? Because right now we just got me doubting members. That's it. But looking at it, more information here, um, more discretion about how they become teams and what you do when your thing, um, company and everything else like you want toe extra description right here. And this one right here. I mean, Jessica. Same thing over here. You can neither are made the picture small it or something of that song exiting from mentioned were here or of duking. Also at it. Song text on the top of remember. But you must add it right here. Inside. Inside. Other a muse. Let me just go about here to the May pain in the next class, we have start working now on home pitch because there is a lot of we have to change right now on homepage in this class right now. I think we're okay. Let me just do the last I checked to make sure everything is working. Fine. Okay, we create this patch. Is someone clicking anything? Members gonna take you to that. A single Tim page. We also also we create ah bio for this guy and we calling this stuff funder. And this is the title for the author. Ernie, I think we have a context here. All right. I think this is this is it for this Plus for this our page 21. Completed home page part 1: way you see? Probably right now, the whole design inside a lawyer muse has been changed. Now we have already this extract custom page that project the team service block and contact us. Right now we will be working in the homepage because there is something from major. Probably We need to cut or your race. If the lit from there because we were needed, let me just go 75%. Ah, the first thing I need to other. It's right here is the picture. Ah, let me just ah bring so Bagram picture because we don't have it right there. Let me just bring this face. Now Here is the picture. Let me make this hearing a smaller that we can see here. There's the bottom this aside, it's like home up him what I want to do right now you're gonna add some pictures because right now I only had before, But for that let me just see first those which let me just say preview actually. What? I need to see if this one right here that song now name is erased All this one because we don't need this one. We will not use our own pictures taken. There's nothing in there. And now let me just go back here a check, that one because I don't need to see anymore. Now up in these ones. We want to get some picture from here. I don't know some pictures. I'm gonna leave you the link where you can download off picture for free. It's called pictures are pixels dot com. I'm gonna post It's right here in this video. And from here, there's good post We want to get probably three picture from here. The first gonna be Let me just hitting my keyboard control when I get these pictures. The other one and probably this guy right here that's eating and 200 for is a product. No, let me just check down. I want to get these one right here and the other guy working with it in the sea. They got three. Now, let me just check that. Want to make sure? Yeah, it's somewhere in there. I see it anyway, but we have a three picture right here right now. Let me just bring this back or wait right here. That up? Let me just make sure this one is right there. Let me just close this one. Make this even right here. Saying I need to grab all dying from Major right there and being in somewhere over here like these when I be okay. Right here in the in the center. And we had to rub this one. M bring it down somewhere. We here because it's gonna be the homepage in the hump. It I don't want to have that much stuff because ah, for Seo purpose six engine optimization. Ah goo requests the homepage to love fast. That way we have it too much information in here and off from page. We will have a problem with the Google and for that body. These contractors, we create a separate person immediate rates that one because this is no longer a single page. Ah, this had their own page. And this is borrow contacted. Let me just caught this one and take it to contractors. And you go here now, little let me up to contact us right here. And we will not make space right here. Probably somewhere we will not drop the's one below here. It makes small these 1 50% That would if it click here. I mean, I can make space right here, and let's based it right here, next to the school. All right. Make sure everything is right there in the center. Okay, Right now it's industrial. You see the blue line? That means center. All right, content. This is contacted and you go back to the homepage. Okay, They see we're missing something. Yes, we are meeting this one right here. Can you see if we can? You that sound right there. Now we have a right there. We don't need this one that mean that would be congested. We can delete this right here. We keep it still like that. Our team member, remember, we have it. A special, really 14 members. We know this one either. And for the members. Yes. We want to wrap this one right here and paste it below to the team members. Cut. Now, let's go. Team members there, Right here. Where is this? Which it? Let me just click on the which it is always there. Let me just bring it probably around like that. Uh, list. Keep it like a 200 right here. There you go. 200. Let me just make this smallest and let me just bring down Sorry. Let me just drained out the whole thing. No, just our okay. I can not being a die way. Let me just make beer. Despite our dispatch. Let's go all the way. 900. And this basic. And it's been just down. There you go. Make sure this day in the center. Okay. See that? Would you do it right here? We missed you. Go little up. Someone like this tell you I don't. They become the thing members area. These are in the center. All right, let's replace this one. Because I also I just made a next Because we need to replace this one. Delete that one. And now let's grab another one. We have a song. Ah, Styling. We want you this and put it right here. Right here. Let me just go to the kitchen, Senator, Let me just make this bigger the way we can see better. Okay, Right here in the center. They just replaced its 12 with the same way. Oh, come on. You know that one? We just need these one. Okay? He's one right here. Right there in the center and the ladies went in replacing with the same. And it's gonna start right here. Thank teen center. This made 50% to see how it's looking right now. No better this, um remember, Page. Let me go contact that because we need to replace these ones right here. We don't need these one. We was getting a lot of errors. I mean, because there were some fun meeting those fund. Was this a little make center? And then you just go back to the team member to make sure that women centers to no one in that we don't think it somewhere else. Yeah, it's no center. Mature is the center and said that you can also lying to the center right here. We don't want this kind center. We want to, like, covet these other center right here like these. All right, all right. Doesn't mean these are not understand it. Let me just look at this page for Look, just do this way and we can grow up everything like this and begin Bring it to the edge writer. They know these becomes in the center and let me just do a smallest. But this is OK, I see This one is kind off right now. This has to be more like like this. There you go. No, this one at the same level, like that One top. Let me just Yeah, it in the same level. And there's this one. Understand? That too able Now everything has to be in the center. Stand there. No, You in the middle. Okay, you did it. That thing Member pitch. We don't with this two pages. Yeah. This depression are finished right now. The title is the contact us. There's the market in this. That that work we do as a company. What? We need to change it here. Let me just go back for four. Liam doesn't mean Yeah, we don't need this one either from here because the page one api just small problem when I leave this one right here because we need to chose customer song. Some comments are, ah, business like that. Those are Commons. People put the weather and image of being here. But it's too close when we got here. Or this is service. Yeah. We want to keep this service right here. This place right here, service with other which right there that we can show to the costumers what we do thing here. Let me just see what I was what it is. This is two part of our All right. Now live being up this page. It's go up Okay. Somewhere we here. Okay, this is the home personal competition, and OK, we're here. We're just gonna some text right here. And this text When I use this option, you can you reward you don't have it. But are you gonna use these? Are away when I bowl and probably gonna being always do 35. 35. And when I call this Ambu for, um Used to work and image erupted three times this month one free The second's gonna be to And it's gonna be war prison means to work, All right? No. You guys just making a decidedly day somewhere like this. And it's been This one's right Here. Let me make a small list. Does he was sized is Well, there's gonna ping to the left, right? Probably nowhere. Let me just see what you think. It's gonna be 46 this see not 46 45 by 70 and the center that center. And that is one the same. The center and this Just leave it like that. 70 by 45 that you fainting. This one right here. They called the ping mark right there. Semini 2 45 there. You think? Now, let's first put this one right here in the middle. They there and he saw that right here and then asthma. Right here to WordPress. Okay, this is right here. I can see they are the same distance. They are in the center right now. Let me just close. Look. Yep. Okay. Let me just problem off a little bit, this one, this okay? Probably because this is no center, you know. Center, this is center. This is in the center too. All right. We need to repeat this winter. We, uh, dissed right here. No comma, that's the big they meet John Doe that let me make small because there you go. Let me just rabbit that one year there. You this soon to see it more. Okay. Does right in the center. Right here. Center. No, Stay that Understand? Their there. You now let's go by 75%. Tennessee. We had to replace the studio also, Fantine is firstly right. These one think about this. Let me just copy that. We don't have to be open all the time. This copy these one and me face right here. What I want. It's not because I didn't get it. All right, get a copy from here. There you are. So I'll just copy from here, scenting or here in Mature is right here in the center. Replace this one, and I mean, there's one right here to the center. There's no understanding. Let me make this one. We were to see it. There is no center, and it's Let's see. This is okay. We had to replace this one, too. Taste and right here, Santa and replace this one toe. There you are. Center now. Alex makes small it. Okay, It uh all right. Something is missing here. We need to add some more information on the foot. All right. Let me see how this look like now we have a contact page, the block page service page right here and then you up. India's were right. Now let's up in. No, the mustard page 22. Completed home page part 2: being all the way here. We were not at some Stichting was off here. We will not have placed this picture. Let me just bring down this one. Because we will not have played right now. This right here. Well, it just me bringing down fainting control D A No, we will not use Ah, these other Let me go home. I want that youth is one right here to put it back late right there. This is more sitting. Let me just see it small because I cannot fix. I need to fix this. Actually, I just go. Here you go right there. Medical center. All right, let me just go right here. Eventually. State right here. This teacher very low. Okay, now sent. These went to the back saying what it would do without you sent to the back. All right. It's gonna be in the back right now. And we went up, Added his face Right now. Over here. To the front. What ideas? We want to delete this one. Let me make be Worth is one. We can see it. What are we doing right here? All right. Here. The picture right there. And we want to add a feel and the feelings there's gonna be this month when I use it. These marks Ah, it's gonna be on top, Get to fit. I mean, to feel you don't see them. That the field right now. But it's there. Alright. Cannot too small it because I know why. Then he caught this image. I do it wrong, I suppose, to create our rectangle first. My days and no, I can feed. Fill it out with the image right there. There you go. That was the problem, you know, it's okay. Like this. Let me just clear like that and bring it to the bus. Tend to the back, and then he just up. It'll be more. There you go. Right now we have a feel. You have it. Everything there. Make sure it stayed right there. Right there. Once we need to Now we can close this one right there. There you go. You know, you just write, like, done. Let's see how it looked like first before we decided we keep the dye styling. What? We change it. It's going okay, but it's need Toby darker. Yeah, I like it. This tire right now because Ah, I can see you now, but let me just made darker. Do you know what? Let me just I feel on top. There you go. And he's become darker. They made sure both out of this insight. There you go. And is we When I used ah, dark color when I used the but this one right here and when I've been this to the front there, You right that nowadays one we would not us, uh, capacity somewhere. Like, uh, right around that dark like a produce 75. Every Jessica was 75 here. All right, so any fights, OK, now let's bring to the from you will the image as mature. This is right there on the edge. Let's go about competition knows things look better. And I've been Did 75 more, Doctor. There you go. Now, this preview thing is too dark right now, but you okay? It's dark. Let me just ah, make this one a little lighter. Thank you all. So I see this field is on top of this one. That the reason we don't see this well, there was because the field is both will be on underneath. No, on top. Let me just be this one right here. This one. They're supposed to be on top to the front, and you're supposed to be to the front there. You know, it's better. Let's see. Home fictional. No, look better now. Yep. Now what? This one is in the front. This preview? Yep. It's look better. But there is something else here. I don't like it. Let me just fix it quickly. Get this part right here. Maybe just even right there and being the header right there. It's a 100. A 100. There you. Now let's see the home pressure. You? Yeah. No, no. Look better. Yep. Now it's look better now I can see the that one is Ah, the series will be here taking who were over here. You can see the colors. Why? Who? Where is a kind of blue But it's like blue that approved Oh, I don't know. But this last time bright like twins active. Let me go down. And that's it. Yeah. That's all we need to see in this one within the pictures. They're moving right there. Which is okay. They made a good team. We cannot go from here. All right, Let me just period the other page. That's a good day's work. Hard to look like now, service. That's a preview, All right. Previous Did this look thing look better now? They haven't more styling that the Now the bar has more style, all right. And what we want to do right now, we want to support everything there to see house look like that. But before I do that, let me just double check something here in the homepage. People I know we have widgets right here. Okay, this is too service. Let me see what we got. Service. Yes. I mean, we've got this three witches, but we can use also perform you. We want to Yeah, we want to use our probably portfolio bit less, which, from service to perform. Or that we had to go custom being here. We're with the they for these one extension with work. The change extension right here to work from subs to work. And we want to keep this one for when I'm actually here, both of which switch to four. Keep it for two in one. And when the change here to project projects right here we need to change. This is want to name me? Just copy from here, Face and put it right here. Okay, now all export. Everything all right? We do have a song using funds over there on those stars to in the mustard page. It's known I see here. And once we got this Ah, it's gonna be somewhere else. I know which one. This is Sparrow. The future image, which say, OK, let me Jessica back here up in new patient. All right? I can see now here, but I don't see my pictures in there. Jen, I see the projects right here. You have it here. Which is look, good thing the homepage. But I don't know what happened with the projects. They all I know is the product we had to come in here, General, because we have had the dealings changes safe or length going on. Is he okay with you? The pictures? Okay, we can see the picture. Now. Let me just go down. But probably we wanna at morning for imagine, because this special looked like something is meeting. Let me just go back to this one. Name me. Jessica will here probably, but uh, team members. Where was pretty Contact us. I don't like this one right here. We would not removed from here. Cut one of thes up and even someone with them. Now, let's go home, fish and I going at it somewhere. We here, let me just bring it down somewhere like this. Okay, Just look better. Now they see what is thes throwing this part from the other porcelain inject caught this one. Go back to contact us. Let's see. All right, let me just go back to contact us. Do you think now? Okay, that was part of this right here. And that's why I let me just caught this one again. But leave it, That one right there that you No, let me just go back here. Let me just pinned his town. I went up. Put her. Yes, right here. Someone here to make sure the center this e This is this widget. It's right here and let's make the post ideas. We want to do you just like that. Let me look. He's one right now. That way we can work with this one right here. They moved to the center. Let me just put it right here. Probably need to stretch a little B. You are to make sure the stages right there. Now it's It's in the standing right there. Okay. Well, you like that. Let me just touch this one being a little bit down, all right? This specious don't home page is complete. 23. Completed home page part 3: all right? Almost. Don't we? Dispatch And I let me just go back here. We want to do something else. And these. Ah, but for you, Patch, Let me see which waas. I think it's this one right here. Let me open it. Yeah, there's one right here. Let me just go to the second option in right here. Let me be in this little lower. Well, in that speech in here, we want to try to get Custom team from here, which is four. And the last one right here. We will not try to add it. See, let me just double click to make sure I got the right region, which is dismal right here. And this one WAAS service. All right, we got this one servers. We need to add a dollar sign first and I'll be here. We have to change it. The sequence And we only had three polls which tried there. We had to change it also from here through three. Let me just up in it. Well, you three and we're youth three and probably 11 That as well. There you go. Now we had this. Which it down. Let me just drink is a little down this. Bring everything inside again. Its export. Everything all right? They have raised the fish. We got the 1st 1 which is this one? This is the page service. We got the 2nd 1 which this is for that thing member. And it's the last one, which is services right here. What you tried to show you right here is like a you. You don't need Toby stock. Like I'm one page. You cannot one pitch and the and you can bring a different pitch with this widget. One pitch right now, I'd bring here the project page. Plus I can get here the team par page members in this page two and just here. Probably. You think this guy, they anymore, it room over there. Let's make more room for them. Because to know just made the pitch. Probably say 6 to 900. They need more room. Let me just put this thing over there right there. Now, would you wanna have more room? All right? No, they have a room. And you see now they had a plenty room to be there and that silly So that guys, You think now they're high Plenty room to this is Project. I think we don't with this class. And this is the thing member area which is looked like days. This is the block. All right. Blocks right there. And this is contact us. Let me just please contact us. Alright. Contacted There is the map and there is the contact up for right there. Let me see something else before we finish this class Okeanos some project. Let me just click in any product like this one the orange to see what happened. All right, Take me to hear to that page. You know what team to make sure. Everything working Fine. Okay. Here the team members Let me just clicking one team member. Okay, that's good. And the lessons post, if you're clicking this both taking it to the post, then you see if we are missing something here. All right. I think we finished this class. Let me just see what is meeting right here. We got everything we got off six pages right now. The only thing we need to make It's like a Let me just make beautiful for for for Do you think you don't know how to do it. The only thing you have to do it's like a photo four. And the photo for we would just gone on judge this just but for this close. Our purpose. We were just gonna make God this Ah, square here. I cannot paint probably blue like that. And right here let me just add some text right here. Let me just made the fix housing first. And we would like all these photo four. And let me just make this probably wrong like that. Little bigger Let me make space right here. And they just put it right like that. Let me being a try here to the center this centre days when most center and this one that just made Send it to right. That's center right here. And that's it. You cannot right here on any image light. Ah, the fish wasn't a phone. Oh, whatever you want. Let me just say patient or phone. Let me just use capitals. Page not found an enemy, just me. It'll be your these one something I don't let me. Yes, center. All right. There's now tested respect because this patient, what's gonna happen is is someone is looking Ah, any page in the page has been removed or is no longer Ah Oh, That website cannot fund it. They're gonna end up in this bitch right here. An image export. Everything all right, and this distant. Now let me refresh the page. Let's say, Ah, let me just right right here on top After were place right here under letters like these and say you enter. And now we have to lend that bitch. Yep. That we're happy that the reason we need that page called Photo for the National found. And I just see what's so seen. Police See, You only have to call back for fourth. Nothing else. You don't have Stephen too. Ah, enter nothing here just just like that. In the next class, we will not be compressing the fire. We want to spur everything toe extreme ill. And then we want to start up learning toe the new homepage which wannabe only with everyone King actors. It's no longer will not be local. Like, right now, we we will, uh, we were working locally. But now the last step is to show you how to upload to your Rio hosting account 24. Congratulation you did it, Now you know how to convert muse to WordPress: way would not be uploading our brand new side to the new heart thing account I got already logging my account because over here is gonna be like a couple step. You have to follow toe installed this application in upload all your content to the your hosting account. What a decent ways you have to go here in this one which is called Ah Fire Money year. And from here we go toe public esteem. L double click right here. And but right now, as you see, we don't have any fold original because we have installed application inside are inside in our new hot steam account. For that, let me just show you. Here we have it. I have it This our soup dummy right here with ah, the domain is a PC on the hittle. We want to stall right here also, Muto workplace up first. In that way, we can a blur the Newell site through these hosting account for that we had to go here to come in here to dashboard and we do the same process like within the first shatters how to install other museums. I work Chris for that just in case you forgot how to do. You have to come in here to this page and do first in style. Go plugging all the way here. Plug ins at new and from floggings. We will not just right there were Muse. That's it. I am used to work as one appear right here. And now you just say install and stay active. After you activate, the first screen's gonna pop up. It's gonna be like this one. Ah, say we don't have any decide other immune site in this father, which is called Empty Value theme folder. And he's right, because we don't have it. Nothing. Jared, let me just go back here to the fire money you don't see right now. It does for other. But those four there's gonna be two fathers here. One is gonna be empty. The volume thing and they're gonna be empty. W cool media refresh again. Let me just touch here. You see, Now we have these two new folders. This to new folders. Works great already by the application application. Create this to Father Octa Matic Lee. You know how to do it by yourself. You have to worry. Hang out from here same person, like a local. You have to double click. We don't have in nothing. Here's yet And now we say a plow. And from here Solich, Fire. Remember, we are and see the drive. And that was the local server was 1 64 Okay, now in here, we had to go to that three. Put Ah, Www three put Avenue and inside the people. Are we going to work? Press being here. You see, we have the same file. I mean, the same folder right here. Double click. And this one And we had the class write here. Now we have to compress first, Theismann, because we can no upload this side like that as a follow has to be a sip Fire for that right click. And you can sip this one. This can war with any other application. And using this application dis applications called wimps. IP, I'm gonna leave you. I'm gonna post the name for this up. You had to say, like this one sip because he is a like roger that one worked. You can open it over there. This makes ladies. I want you to say sip now. Okay? Yes, but it's more file. It's only like our own little fight. Megabytes, No, let me just say open, which is a block. And this is gonna take, like, a seconds. All right. The flowers has been complete. Now let's go back. Just click. Go back to the main folder. Indeed. Value theme folder. Now we have a here, and from here click and the file on top. Probably you are using. Different are using in marching hosting company. Probably. You have, like a hose gate or blue hose. But that see panels. Most are the same. Do you only have to like a look for this one school extract? Because we need to struck everything here and create a folder from here. We say extract Mature is this Folders is a from where you want to extract everything. Make sure this father is right there now extract files. All those fires are being a structure so that the cercano now we can see the folder right here. Now we have to go back. We have to leave this further right here. And remember, every time do you do at that you have to show you can either. Ah, Applause from the up it tell or you can do this way. I prefer this way because on time I got travel. Oh, I got, like, a hard time tried to do from the Arab that the reason I prefer to coming straight here endured this part on which is say a Blau. But don't worry. We are working right now in the new Persian in 2018 you don't no longer need to do these. Everything is gonna be up. Took Martin me inside. Ah, wordpress dashboard. And now let's go back here. Do. There's one. And from here, you had to go all the way here to general Syrians inside, all amused, say generous Syrians. And we got all these already here. We want to leave you everything at the fall. We just wanna live. Check This will make sure this our own Check this too. And we only have one folder right there. If you have a one with ah, one more for the right. They're going appear on top. Own that bottle right here. All right, now, let's say safe changes. Same process. Like what we were doing before. Luckily, now I think you're really guess at the length Now, let me seem when we got here. You see all the purchase inside? Hello. I'm use everything here, including this with dollar signs. All right, now over here. And they already being compared to workers, there is no longer that esteem. L Extension decides. Now it's time to refresh are a new sight to see how they look like life now. All right, Everything look good Now, let me just go down to make sure everything is working perfectly. All right, I see. Here we see this guy up right here because remember And here, let me just show you I walk you through the patchy We just build in this course brought you remember, we build is were we created. Ah, pitch right here was both that you are paid on, uh, service right here. But because we reducing debts, which But we haven't create those post right here. We don't see the Suppose we don't see this project right here. Let me just go back to right here. Do you suppose this justice is the local host? We are missing this both because we have in Crete. Any post this Ah, we had to create those post again. Because, remember, we just upload this like a framework. In effect, Go Service service is working because remember, these are using the dollar sign before these are internal pages in silo. Amused that the reason we see this page is but the federal projects those pages are hosting in the local WordPress account does me over here. We don't have any project checked as a Sepp. This one right here, which is service. There's only you will see right now. Service. Okay. Figo team to make sure all patients are working. Same things gonna happen. We don't have a team members yet except the origin our administration for these one. But we don't have anything. Member Jet. We have to create team members. But you already know how to do that. In the previous chapter, I show you how to create a team members. Then you go block. We won't only want to see that the fall brought without picture is the only one we got right now available. Which is this one right here. If you click here in the picture, Supposed to be a picture somewhere, whether it's can't you take you right here. You ain't fainting or here. You just see that comin. So But without the four original WordPress comments, this comment was created. When I create that thing is credit sale. And you see here this is the post. This is the contents. In here is the both to be the picture for the administrator in this entire mystery. Your name? All right, let me just go to contact us. Contact us. Same thing we see them up with the others. Plus over here if they tried to sing, email is as given. Enter the holding from Mitchell. Let me go back home and let's just may problem create one project. Let me jog. Walk you through. Now inside. Let me refresh. Actually, you can see all the pages are right here right now before we find Ah, finish this class. Let me just make they mean one project for you. Just in case you forgot one team member in what it was in one for you. Give me Jessica here. All right. First we want to create one project right here. You can see when that this, uh, this light blue doesn't mean this active right here in the projector limit. Jessica, that's grab. Ah, these texts from here did the 1st 1 here this create one for you right here. And just then they small and they mean now go and said one image. We don't have any getting out. Library this empty, lesser like one. Then from here, they just picked up on the 1st 1 All right, we have the first image for here. Remember to add it Napier for these image like a decent bread organic bread. But here in the description said esa future image in here. Remember, for author you had to pick the author because this is, ah, project. We don't want no one. We don't want to allow people toe make discussion about it because we just show anything our work and say polish and I forgot to set category for this one. Let's just say yeah, let's just ah, friend, probably bakery is going to be best, But let me judges this right right now. Okay, Have the No. If you see if a click in the next Both this change to this our team member, Let's create a team member right here. It's some information. Maybe Jeff. Probably good. More damage. Ethical here to my local Come and they just It's one right here, missy. He's Ah, I would define it. All right? Yes, the media natives. One idea of designer. Thus his title. And this made future. Let's grab another image for this guy blow. Hey, now we let me go here. And team members there's just at this guy said that image, All right? It looked like we don't with this, but we haven't done jet. Let me just polish right now because he gonna Allah up this name right here. Remember, his name has become a skill class. Remember? We had to create over here a new user. We want to call this guy. Ah, Charlie, let me just call. Probably his name is gonna be all right, and that's it. You can add it here. We had to our email. Ah, okay. That come and you can get it out here first. Name last name with ah website in creator puzzler. And remember from here, he cannot be a subscriber. He had to be on offer. I use her. No, we have it to users and from here. And we had to like, let me just go back here Where was my for juicer? All right. Here, let me go back. Team members, we have it. This here's a Web designer and the authorities here. The name they may just change his name now is Behe become John. If they go back to thinking so the team page now you see his title is Web designer and the author or his name is John. All right, let me Jeff create a contact picture, new contact and the title. Remember, we don't need to do nothing with that title. We only can write something. The bottle one like a message has to be a straight to the but you can write the just remember like ah, you can say like that contact. Yes. This is gonna be just for you to remind you. Watch this contact or what was inside the car thing. Just, like done. Publish. And now let's go. This one blessed this. Ah, design it First, it is gonna take you to his name right here, remember? No, he's naked. Young. This is the what is death in the company. If you go now, team, you able to see this member is being added now and you see the same design remain life like a locally. If they go here local team, we have it the same design because remember that it's signed. It's based in other immunity. Signed may be just what waas right here. If you go now service then service We have it. This this our internal service Waas project Theissen projects we only have one. Hey, are we here? Just to see this letter is too much information right here. If you can change it, what we can do like a cut? Let me just go about to the post does for probably Let me just highlight this one. Remember the Quantrill easing here? The one that made these one I roam 40. All right. And let's say I won't upload this because you know the only thing you have to do it's like cut. This is too much information. Are we here? Probably only need like a 40 Worst that's going that way is going to start from here in that somewhere here. But you see, everything is working fine in here too. We have a fear the second, remember, That's the second project Waas that thing members in the last one wasn't that project? Tell inside. Now let me just do something with this block. All right, in here. Let me just add a picture right here for that. We had to all here any post and we have toe one picture for because there is no future image and also weaken. Got category right here. It's gonna be love, but there is blood. You can name any card you want. Amy just on chick down and growth here. Thank you. We need a new picture. It's gonna be posed. Proposed that she was just this picture. I recommend you all the time, too, to compress picture. That way you can do websites gonna love fast. All right? The picture is right here is to make our picture ST Ng. Make sure you added information here for us CEO purpose. No place that you were here. Hello. I'm used to work for us. The There you go. You have any new product right here. And you can't even comment right here. Let's say let's try to see everything is working fine. Anything. Thank you. Being happy, Faith. Probably. Yeah. There you go. In. Both thing over here is gonna be who's who posed that one right there. You see? Thank you from a skilled class. All right, let me just go home. Pish. Now we want to see more activity. Do you remember? There was nothing here? Now we see activity there. Everything is working. Fine. There's 12 Yep. I think we've made it. You did it. Please. Church. Your signed with us. That way we can see how you did angle. So if you have any travel, we can help you to figure around. Did you have a stock and some part of the video, please let me know I would be happy. Okay. Let me Jessica buck here to that design. Congratulations. You did you end up this class and if you end this class with all these custom page, you are also Thank you so much for follow me along with this class was a pleasure to be a teacher. And you did it. Let me just walking through what we just may in this class envy just plenty. How many pitch we create in this process? We create seven pages and total was the homepage. We create the protective page. We create that Tim page service page that for four, which is very useful for people are looking something, but it's no longer they're gonna landing in here the blow pose the contact page. Plus this single and also the discussed, um, which start with the dollar sign in the single plus that custom name, which is team or whatever you wanna call it. What I recommend you is like, if you are working with large, we want our actor page and your someone had that control inside you. Although, I mean, you were pressed. Don't create like that. You just can't do like did let me do this just to placate. Indeed, one right here also, because this Paris And now when you duplicates coming, fainting here and just change it remember, this is a copy in. Just change it to something else. Whatever You want to call that pinch right there. Let me read this one because we don't need this leader. All right, I I will be working in the future, creating more ah, tutorials angle. So we are working right now in the new up is gonna be available right now. We're in December. But that was gonna be available at probably a mid or January, we will not release a new burgeon with Trey. Now we are trying to also you'll be able tow, edit life in workers. You can be ableto edit, edit everything without goto the dashboard inside dashboard That's gonna be also And once we tried toe warlords in the future, you don't have to worry about to upload your side to your hosting accounts. Gonna be everything inside work. But you don't have to leave workers that we are working right now. We're planning to do that in the future, but for now, this is the right way. But I would be updating this class often like I knew. Would you come out? I will be a day with a new witch. How to you, Daniel, which it there isn't a big change in the new Miffed were press up and also I want to be created added more beauteous about hard to uses it. There is something wrong with a new place supposed to belong. I gonna be looking into to see what's going on and also gonna be contacting this are developers. That way we can work together because right now we're working together's, um that way we can help you guys to build better. Other amused. The sign in easy to convert toe workers. And remember usedto work. Press is free. It's gonna remain free for people you can use for converge without pay. All right. Congratulations. Thank you for taking this class on. So glad you made it. Always here. And please don't forget to chair with us on that. That it signed. You just create Ah, I like to see it. What? What you have come down with this class? If that were, plus was health for you being unhappy too. If what's so health for you and so happy? I may. Something like a even is small. I make a big difference because now you can. You don't need toe stuck. Just another immunity signed. You can beauty. I've only amused the sign like a Ukraine Over here, the structure. But the content is gonna be managed by WordPress. That's my dream. In the future, that's gonna be easy. Create a design here, but everything can be hosting all away and the powerful workers. All right. You have a quest to please liminal. Thank you for watching me. It was a pleasure to become just drugs her. I'll be working car and making more tutorials, keeping out there all the time. That way we keep doing good with this application in. Probably see you next time. Thank you.