Conversion Rate Optimization: How to Convert More Visitors to Customers

Simon Coulson, Internet Marketing Guru

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11 Videos (1h 31m)
    • Introduction

    • All About Conversion Rates

    • Sales Letter Conversions

    • Multi Variant And Split Testing

    • Adsense ClickThroughs

    • CPA Conversions

    • Affiliate Conversions

    • Autoresponder Conversions

    • Testing And Tracking

    • Google Analytics and Awstats

    • Summary


About This Class

Here's a detailed look at my step-by-step course:

Module 1 - Introduction to Conversion Profits

  • Learn what is in this step by step training program
  • Understand why you are losing money by not paying attention to your conversion rates!

Module 2 - All About Conversion Rates

  • Discover how conversion rates could make your online business full time
  • Understand why this top marketer secret is so important to your success

Module 3 - Sales Letter Conversions

  • Learn why the conversion rate is so important on a sales letter
  • Discover how you can attract top marketers to promote your product with the conversion rate
  • Learn how to improve your sales letter conversion rates

Module 4 - Testing Revealed

  • Discover two types of testing that can increase your sales letter profits and how to apply them to your websites

Module 5 - Finding Profitable Clickbank Affiliate Products

  • Learn techniques to improve your Adsense conversion rates
  • Understand how to get more people to click on your ads whilst staying within Google's TOS

Module 6 - CPA Conversions

  • Learn how to maximize your CPA conversions
  • Discover techniques to help increase your conversion rate of CPA offers

Module 7 - Affiliate Conversions

  • Learn the top marketer secrets of converting affiliate offers
  • Understand what you can do to maximize your affiliate marketing conversions however you work

Module 8 - Auto-Responder Conversions

  • Learn how to get maximum conversion from your autoresponder sign up forms
  • Discover some of the top marketer secrets for maximizing conversions

Module 9 - Testing And Tracking

  • Learn what testing and tracking is and why you are loosing money if you're not doing it!
  • See a simple technique you can use to test and track and increase your profits

Module 10 - Testing And Tracking Tools

  • Learn about a powerful free tool which will help you with your testing, tracking and monitoring of conversion rates.
  • Discover a new best friend when you realize the power of this software

Module 11 - Summary And Conclusion

  • A summary all the information you have learned
  • Discover how to take this forward to the next level and start increasing your profits from improving your conversion rates.





Simon Coulson

Internet Marketing Guru

I'm a full-time Internet entrepreneur who has taught thousands of people online about internet marketing.

I have learned to use a lot of different tools and software and have also done consulting part-time for those who want to learn more about website creation and Internet Marketing.

I love to teach people the skills that I have learned over the years.