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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

20 Lessons (1h 18m)
    • 1. Course goals and structure

    • 2. What is Conversion Optimization

    • 3. What is AB testing

    • 4. Goals & KPI's

    • 5. Optimization research

    • 6. Expert review

    • 7. Quantitative research

    • 8. Qualitative research

    • 9. Science & psychology

    • 10. Bringing it all together

    • 11. Setting hypotheses

    • 12. Prioritization

    • 13. Can you test here

    • 14. CRO with low traffic

    • 15. Setting up the A/B test

    • 16. Quality assurance

    • 17. Analyse test results

    • 18. Reporting on test results

    • 19. Learnings

    • 20. Thank you

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About This Class

Do you want to increase the conversion rates of your website? Learn the basics of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) and A/B testing? This brand new course is a great start to become a CRO expert.

My name is Ruben, and I will be your instructor during this course. My journey in Conversion Optimization started back in 2009 and today I am a Conversion Optimization Manager and consultant. My goal with this course and my other courses is to help as many people as possible in this great line of work.

In this course, we'll be going through the CRO process together. We´ll have a look at optimization research, setup and run A/B tests and learn how to analyze tests. This will give you a great start at CRO!

Key learnings include:

  • Basics of optimization research to generate insights

  • Set up of successful A/B tests

  • Analysis of A/B tests

The course is designed for everyone who wants to start with Conversion Rate Optimization. Therefore, no prior knowledge is needed.

You do need access to Google Analytics and preferably a testing tool like VWO, Optimizely or Google Optimize (any tool is fine). Conversion Rate Optimization is most useful when you have at least 2,000 unique monthly visitors on your website.

Ready to dive in the world of optimization research, conversion rates, and A/B tests? Then wait no longer and get started straight away!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ruben De Boer

CRO consultant, speaker, teacher



Ever since helping out a company in 2009 teach clients to become more happy and confident with improved social skills, I have been fascinated with the questions: “If we can change people’s behavior offline, how can we do this online?”

Fortunately I wasn’t the only one. I have read many books and followed many courses since. Now as CRO consultant at the award winning agency Online Dialogue I have the pleasure to work with amazing people on great websites every day.

From my passion for CRO, I want to help others to improve their optimization skills while trying to make this world a better place. With understandable, affordable and practical courses, a book and by helping out charity organizations for free, I want to make CRO av... See full profile

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1. Course goals and structure: welcome to the Converse Optimization Basics force. If you want to learn all the basics of conversion optimization, learn how to set up successful a beat, an increase in conversion rates off your website and this will be the right course for you . My name is Ruben, and I'll be leaving you through discourse. My career ankle versed optimization started seven years ago, and today I'm the head off the conversion optimization and user experience team off one of the largest publishing companies in northern Europe. Of course, we'll go over every step off the conversion optimization process by enough reports you will be able to get her insides from your optimization research. You will also be able to set hypothesis and prioritize them for more success. And you will be able to set up and run a few tests and likes the results of those tests to maximize your number of warnings. The course is designed for beginning conversion specialists who want to excel in their line of work. The force is also designed for market. There's designers and growth backers who want to learn from first limitation and, of course, is designed for entrepreneurs who want to keep increasing conversion rates off their website. Now, if you have any questions, Jeremy scores or after debt, please feel free to contact me. I'll be happy to help out. And also please feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn. During of course, you can find a lecture resource is below the videos. 2. What is Conversion Optimization: what is conversion optimization and why is it important if you ask a lot of people, they'll tell you? Conversion optimization is a systematic approach to increase the number of website Fister's taking the desired action. So, for instance, if you have e commerce websites so website setting items A of 100 Fister's on your website and one person ends up buying something, you want to increase that number to two people buying something or prefer, but even more. I think this is a great description off conversion optimization, but I believe that if you do the right way, it is so much more than just this fruit conversion rate optimization. You will increase the conversion rates off your website, but you also get a lot of knowledge on your website. Fister's behavior knowledge. They don't even know themselves. And with this knowledge, you can improve your websites. But you can also shared with the business and hope business could benefit from your knowledge. So, for me, conversion rate optimization, it's a systematic approach to give your website. Fister's the best possible experience on your website. While you learn from their behavior, you can share those learnings with the rest of the business, making it future proof well, increasing your conversion rates 3. What is AB testing: a big and important part of conversion. Optimization is a B testing. A B testing is splitting website Fister's over different variations off the same page and analyzing the impact on your KP ice. So, for instance, for the websites book a bus which is the website will use in this course, we could run a test with increasing the button size so 50% off the website. Fister's will still see the original website, but the other 50% will see an increased button. In your data, you can see which variation resulted in the highest number of conversions. Now it be testing is useful to analyze what work doing website, so to improve your website and to learn from your fister's behaviors and motivations. 4. Goals & KPI's: before you start with anything related to Converse optimization, it is very important to know the right goals for the company and for your website, and this might sound very logical and obvious, but it's very important to a line with the rest of the company. For instance, if you have e commerce websites and perhaps you have one, he might optimize for increasing number of transactions, so higher percentage website fishers will enter buying something. But if the rest of the company is optimizing for a higher average order value, you're optimizing for the wrong thing. Ah, higher number of transactions and the higher average order value could result in very different optimization practices. Besides knowing the main goes off your website, it's also very important to know the micro goals or micro conversions. A micro conversion can be someone signing up for your newsletter or someone darling in the white paper. These micro conversions could be a very important step towards the main conversion in discourse. We will look at the Book of Buster you and book a bus is a company that helps you find the right coach or minivan for your group travel, and this could be anything. This can be a company event, a school trip or best your party with a big group of friends. The team of book a bus will help you find the right coach and save money with that, and their website go is quite obvious. They won their website fister to go fruit a funnel and ask for a quote. 5. Optimization research: Now that you know the girls off your company, any website, it's time to start doing our research and to be successful in conversion. Optimization research is of great importance. Good and proper. Research and findings from the research results and valuable insights and customers needs motivations and behaviors. It would therefore result in better input for a testing plan, better hypothesis and much more successful A B tests. There are many, many forms off research conversion specialists can use, and basically you can defied them over this matrix. If positive, inquisitive research and you have saying and doing when you are working on your optimization research, it is very important that you documents Boyer findings in one place. To start off Excel or Google sheets can be a good place for this, but it's your progress there. Several useful tools you can use for this. For instance, effective experiments When you are done with your research and you have a long list of valuable insights. It is important to combine those insights for great test ideas and successful A B tests. We will cover this later on in the course 6. Expert review: When you start with your optimization research, it is wise to start with an expert review. During an expert review, you will analyze your websites based on your own expertise and based on best practices. An expert review is not the best form of research simply because he analyzed the website from your own perspective and it could be very different from the perspective off their website visitors. But an expert review will give you a nice feeding for the websites, and you might notice some low hanging fruits. When you are doing your expert review, you will go from the whole website and you want to check every page for free things. And the 1st 1 is clarity. Clarity basically answers the question. If the content or offer on your page is as clear as possible, it also answers the question how your offer or your content is going to improve your website. Fish. There's life today. The second thing you want to check for his destruction. Is there anything on your page directing your visitor away from taking the most desired action? What on your page is irrelevant and that's not actually the goal and can't be removed and the third thing you want to check for his friction. What is causing doubts, hesitation or uncertainty for your website visitor, for instance, is a foreign fields too long or too difficult to fill out Art of bucks and Harrison websites? Or is the website slow and art Ifill Tres and search functionality working properly for your website visitor, let's check out some clarity, friction and destruction issues on book of us that you we find ourselves here on the home base, and the first issue I noticed is this button over here. The word continue Does not still the website fister what the next step is. A better text could be get a free quote, so this could be a Clare to issue. Another possible clarity issue is the lack of trust symbols here above two fools. There are no client logos or a works which book of us has one. When we scroll down, we do see a lot of very good social proof. But by adding a surname and the clients picture, the social proof will look more trustworthy. So for some clients, it might be unclear if they can trust book a bus or not a small friction issue happens here in navigation. This I can with the phone. It's not applicable to access the contact page. You actually have to click the word. Now let's fill out this form. I'll go from my hometown of Amsterdam to Brussels, intelligent for a nice day. I'll go on the eighth of June. I'll return on the same day. I will leave early in the morning and return after dinner and perhaps some drinks with 23 friends. This four seems to be working perfectly fine, and I don't see any friction issues here. Let's click continue and see what happens. So we find ourselves on the requested quote page right now, and one of the first issues I noticed here is that this button is by far the most important . There's quite a lot of destruction. Here is quite a lot of text above the fold and the color off this bus, and this dot is exactly the same testicle to action button. So this could be a distraction issue for two more customers could miss a lot of information about the bus. In this case, the bus is like a product to the customer and There's a lech off product pictures and product details book a bus could at images off the bus from both the inside and the outside , and it could also give more details like this. The bus containing toilets is their musical import, and that's it contained free WiFi. So this is very likely a clarity issue for a lot of Web site visitors. A friction issue happens here in the form fields. The quotes off the buses can be sent to the customers email address, and therefore potential customers might not want to leave the phone number on this website yet, so these are a few good insights for book of us. When you do your expert review for your own website, you want to check every page on desktop mobile and tablet, and you want to check for possible clarity, destruction and friction issues in the lecture resource is I edit a document with the full expert review for Book of Us as mentions. When you are working our optimization research, you want to document or your findings in one place. An effective experiments is a very good tool for this, but for discourse, you will use Google. She's and I already inserted our findings from our expert review. A link to his document is available in election. Resource is 7. Quantitative research: to do your quantitative research. There's one very important report in Google analytics, which is shoot use as a conversion specialist. Now I assume for the sake of this course that Google Analytics is set up correctly for your website. If this is not the case, ask a developer or tech manager specialists to help you out. In this report, we will set up your whole funnel using Google Analytics goals, and we will analyze every step off the funnel for bucks errors and drop off points. Here's how. In Google analytics, we will start off in the admin panel, which you can find here at the bottom left, and we want to create a goal for every step in our funnel. To create a go, you have to go to the few column and click goals and click Knuble, so we want to create a go for every step in our funnel. So in case of an e commerce websites, that's funnel might start at the get Zachary Paige Cory pH to give the gold name, choose the type destination, click continue and a year around off the destination should contain. So use regular expression category and this old depends on how the Ural structure off your website works to ever name, destination, even regular expression, and we click safe. Now You want to do this for every step in the funnel. So after the gets Cory Page is the product page. If the destination continue and record expression, your L should contain products after product, you'll get the cards check out Step one, check out step to all the way to the final conversion. I've also set up a funnel for the book of best Websites, and this is, of course, a very short funnel. We'll cancel this for now, but it's funnel contains of show for submit, step one and quote requests. Next he went to go to custom reports and as a conversion specialists, this is where you will spend the most time in Google analytics. You can find it here customization, Gustin reports, and we want to create a new custom reports. In this section, you can build your own Google Analytics reports based on all the information available, including the goals you've just set up. So for our custom reports for book a bus, you want to select the metrics users sessions you want to know to bounce rates, and now we will build our own funnel. So it started with gold one conversion rates. So show form next, where the submits that one. So in this case, school three conversion rates. And after that, we have to quote request. So these are the metrics. Now we want to see these metrics for the device categories. This means that differences between mobile desktop and tablet next who created, drill down and want to see browsers and browser version. So this is the first custom reports which you would like to see. We'll get the Tampa name, but of course want to see more. So you create a new report. Tap looks like the same metrics, but this time we will create a new drill down. So we'll start off by again selecting the fights category. And the second I mentioned is user type. This defines the difference between a new and returning visitor. We'll give the name and create one more custom reports apple, and this time we will select if ice category and the source medium, so we can see the differences between the traffic sources. When you're done with your custom reports it's safe now. Of course I cannot show you all the data. So I selected two days a long time ago from the old website of Book a bus just to show you how disgusting report works. And with this reports, we could make a three d skin off our websites and his report is extremely useful. So here we have to them mentions and the metrics we select it. And again, this is your funnel. So when you haven't e commerce website, you want to have the conversion rate off all the vistors fist in your category page your product page your cars, your checkouts, etcetera, etcetera all the way to the final conversion. They want to click through these reports. And whenever you see a very, very low conversion, this could indicate a buck or an error. And when to fix that as soon as possible. When you see a low conversion, that means there's probably a drop off point somewhere and want to focus your A B testing probably on that page or that area off your websites. So in this case, we see that mobile only as a conversion rates off 10%. And this seems quite a bit low when compared to desktop, where it's almost 20%. And in both cases we see that almost every fister sees the form, which makes sense because it's on the home page and there's a big drop off when going to request a quote page. So submit Step one. Now we can investigate this further by clicking on France's mobile and we can see Oh, the mobile browsers. A good take on, for instance, safari to see if there's a book or an error in a safari version. How could investigators even more, for instance, by checking out the source medium to go to source medium again Select Mobile. We do this by clicking on mobile, and now we see a list of traffic sources on Mobile a weekend, for instance, see that Google Organic as a very low or actually zero conversions but is based on a low amount of data. So by clicking through this custom reports, and perhaps you can think of some Gustin reports yourself, you could really make a big scan of your website and see where the drop off points are in your funnel, and this gives you a lot of valuable information for your baby testing 8. Qualitative research: In our qualitative research, we will look at Web interaction analysis, customer feedback analysis and science Web interaction. Analysis are click moves, screw maps and heat maps. A commonly used to for this is Hajar. Let's have a look here. We find ourselves in Hajjar and let's check out this hit map off the front page. They will start with desktop and clicks. When we analyzed this hit map, we see a lot of clicks in the form, and that's a good thing because that's the main goal of this page. We did not see a lot of clicks below the four, so there's nothing special here. Now let's check out the straw death in this chrome app. And like every other scroll map, we see a large drop off below the efforts fault. And in this case, that makes sense because a lot of people click on the form. But he also see a large drop off after the welcome aboard message. So either the message is very convincing and people go to the forms, trade away border messages, not convinced in that hole and people drop off. So this is definitely worth testing. It's definitely worth looking into this content. Let me scroll down for murder. We see that barely anyone notices to social proof. Only 35% of visitor reached this points and the same goes forward. Ah, success stories only 30%. 28% of Website Fister's see the success stories. So this is also worth looking into its worth testing. Now let's check on mobile and we started with the taps and here we see that the clicks are somewhat the same as on desktops. A lot of clicks and form, which is good and barely any cliffs below that. Now let me check out the stroll Death on mobile Home. You also see the same thing as invest up so large, drop off bloated folds and definitely around the welcome aboard message. So that is worth investing for the customer feedback analysis. We will have a look at two sources. The 1st 1 is your customer service, and a 2nd 1 is again Hajar for their pools and surface your customer service. It's a great source for a lot of valuable insights, but it's often overlooked. Simply ask her colleagues there for their frequently asked questions or concerns and praises. They receive and use those insights for testing plan. Now let's have another look at Hajar for the survey and our pools in Hot John. It is very easy to set up a pool. A bull is a small box, which opens at the bottom of your websites. When a user performs a certain action in this box, you can ask one for a few questions. For instance, when efficient there enters your websites, you can ask them the goal off their visits. Or when someone is about to leave your website on the desktop, you can ask them to reasons for leaving. Like do they have any doubts about the product, for it's information missing. And when someone reaches your thank you page, you can ask him the reasons why they brought with you today. So setting up a bull is very easy and can provide you with a lot of useful information. Let's start with the name and its name. It exits pool look targeted on desktop and on the front page. Mexico. Ask a question and Hajer has a lot of examples here. But let's ask, Do you have any doubts about our products? Let's give this one. I say thank you for answering this bull. Your feedback is highly appreciate it. Click Next. Can a terminal language the precision on the Bages, Left or right, you can change the background color or the theme, and when you have a business account, you can hide Still hurt your Brendan, which you can see here. We launched a poll when the user is about to abandon the page on the desktop device, and Fister's will see this ball until they submit a response and that sits. We set the poll too active and create a bull, and it will run straight away. Now setting up a surveying Hajar works just as easy, and you can ask many more questions. So with a pull on with a survey, you can get a lot of valuable insights. When you ask the right questions, he can find a lot of example. Questions in the resource is off this lecture 9. Science & psychology: Next up is science and psychology. He will start off with a few basics and to the ends. Off this lecture, I'll give you a more advanced tip, which will result in a lot of valuable insights for the basics. Who cover three principles based on Children. His best seller influence. And we'll start off with social proof. And this is, of course, a very big and famous online social proof is our tendency to company behavior off other people, especially when we feel uncertain and you'll see this everywhere online for your own website, make sure you have reviews ratings and customer stories and make them as real as possible. So include the first name, the surname and the picture off your customer. You could even ask your customer for a video testimonial, the next principal, its authority. And this is our tendency to abate fingers over 40. And this principle has made a huge impact on the history of mankind. Lots and lots of people have done great things by following great leaders like Martin Luther King, but unfortunately we also did a lot of bad things by following bad leaders life, for instance, what happened in Europe in the forties off the last century. Online. You can show that your on authority by displaying media icons on your website, let you make that embarrassing there over showing a warty of one or a number of years in business or in picture off your fault, leader or yourself on stage, giving a presentation by showing that you are an authority or a thought leader in your markets. Your website fister is much more likely to convert the third principle. Iscar City. When something is cars, we value it more, and therefore we wanted more. You probably notice from the last two tickets available or last hotel room available temporary discounts or low on stock. You can find scarves the everywhere online. When something is scars, we wanted more so, if possible, makes jury of scar sti on your website as well. Now, 40 more advanced it with every assumption you make and every hypothesis you have. That's a huge chance it has researched before, and you can find us online. Simply. Go to Cougar Schooler. You'll find lots and lots of information and valuable insights there, trying, searching for reasons to buy your product or motivations to buy your product online or a search for behavioral models on Google Stoler, you can find a lot of valuable insights, So check your social proof authority, Escarre City and find a lot of valuable information from scientific articles and at all these findings to your list of research insights. 10. Bringing it all together: if you did your optimization research and he documented all your research findings. You now have a long list of valuable insights, and it's time to bring everything to get her. We first have to determine if we're going to just something or fix something straight away . And for this we will have a look at a pyramid off conversion optimization. When a potential improvement for your website, it's related to the definition off your value proposition. You always want to test it simply because we're not certain which value proposition Which definition will work the best. We're also not certain which definition will persuade your website fister most in order to convert when something has to do with technology or French community, you want to fix that straight away. Technology is everything related to bugs and errors, and bucks and errors are major conversion killers on your website. You want to fix those as soon as possible, especially when a lot of Fister's see those books and errors. Research observations related to functionality can, for instance, be filters, not displaying the right results or your search not displaying the right results related to the search term. You want to fix functionality issues trade away as well. Usability. It's a bit more complicated. Usability is to ease your user experiences when going for your websites when going for your fun. When a usability issue, it's very clear you want to fix that straight away. For instance, when five out of six participants in usability test gets stuck with the same thing on your website, you want to fix that. But if usability issue is less clear, it's less certain you want to test that he wants to test. If usability change, you're making solved issue and results in higher conversions at the top off the pyramid is persuasion, and persuasion is something we always want to test simply because we don't know. We're not certain what will persuade the website fish their best in order to convert so always tested perspiration. Now let's have a look at all the findings and ideas we got for book a bus. Here we have our list off insights, and for the sake of this course, it is a rather short list. When you do the research off your own websites, you will spend days or even weeks on this and you will get many more insights. The next step is to come up with test ideas from these insights. So, for instance, we have the insight that it is not immediately clear if Book of us is trustworthy or not. We also have the insights that few Fister's see social proof and trust indicators on the front page as well as that. Very few Fister's see success stories on the front page, and we cut this from hit maps, and we have to incite that. People need a feeling off certainty when arranging something for a large group of people. We got this from science. Judging from the reviews on the Book of Best website, which you can find here, it seems like that book, a bus has quite some major clients. So perhaps we contest that idea off, placing climbed logos on the front page right after the free benefits. So right here. So let's at this test idea to our test man. So let's say clients logos on front page. In the next lectures, we will create a test hypothesis and do prioritization for this test idea. Another test idea, which we can formulate. It's placing bus images on a request quote page, and we got this idea from customer support. Were potential customers asked What kind of bus table guests You got it from a pool? That's some fish. Their state. That's unclear what kind of bus table gets again. We got it from science that people needed feeling off certainty, and we got it from expert great few that there are no product pictures and details on the Quote beach. So by combining your research findings, you will come up with the best possible test ideas. We now have to test ideas for book of us, but for your own websites, you want many, many more. You can find a link to this document in a lecture Resource is. 11. Setting hypotheses: for every finding you guts, which would be fixed straight away. Send it to the I T. Or Development back lock. You might want to help out to developers a little bit by giving some sort of prioritization like, for instance, fixed the buck or error first, which is closest to the final conversion. Or fix the buck or error first, which results in the highest drop off. But other than debts center finding to the I. T. Or development backlog and leave it there now for all the other ideas you got. You want to test those you want to set up hypothesis and run a B tests to see what works on your website, and what this Enough and I prosthesis should be set up as displayed on the slight. So changing a certain element into something else for a particular audience will result in an increase or decrease in a certain gay P I. Because of this and this reason. So for book a bus, we have the idea of showing client logos on the front page right after the free benefits, so the hypothesis could look something like changing the three benefits on the home page. into three benefits containing client logos for all Fister's on desktop mobile and tablets will result in more quotes being asked because Fister's trust book a bus more. Now. This is a solid I bought Mrs Now setting up a hypothesis for every test Iberia have might sound like a lot of extra work, but believe me, it is worth it. Setting hypothesis really helps you to focus your testing. It also helps you to test the right things and especially to draw the right learnings from your tests. So setting up hypothesis is very important and definitely worth it. So let's do one more. Let's get the idea off adding clickable bus images to the request. A quote page. So this could be the hypothesis. Changing the itinerary fields on request a quote page to an itinerary fields with clickable images off a bus for all. Fister's mobile desktop and tablet will result in more quotes being asked because for Fister's, it's more clear what they will get Now. This is another sonnet hypothesis, helping you to focus your testing. So in summary, make an eye prosthesis for every test idea you got. This will help you to focus your testing that's the right things, and drove the right learnings 12. Prioritization: you now have a long list off hypothesis based on your research findings. Next up, it's key to know which hypothesis you have to test first on your website. In other words, we have to prioritize our hypothesis, and there are different frameworks to realize this. A very famous and often used framework is the pie score and pie stands for potential importance, and east potential is how much improvement he expects. The change will make importance. Stand for how much traffic will see this change and how valuable is to traffic. For instance, there's a traffic come from expensive online marked in campaign, Or is it a very important? Let it bake your testing on and is, how easy is it to implement the change? Now you give all these free a score between one and 10 you take the average, and that's the by score for your hypothesis. Obviously, the high boxes with the highest by score should be tested first. Ice is another famous framework, and it is quite similar to the pie sport. Ice stands for impacts, confidence and ease. Impact is what will be the expected impact if this works, and this, of course, is related to the number of visitors that see the change and the research sources you used to get to this hypothesis. Confidence is, how confident are you that this work and is the East off implementation? So is he Is it to make this change now? Buy an ice are nice and easy frameworks to use, but it has its downsides. There is one huge limitation and its effect that these frameworks are based on opinion. It's not based on facts is based on opinion, because if you look at pie potential, how do you know how much improvement you'll realize with their test? How sure are you? And the same goes for impact in the ice? How do you know how much impact this will make? Well, if you do love a B testing and get a lot of experience, you might get close to gift the right scores in these frameworks. But still, it's not fact based. And if you lot of a B testing, you'll see a lot off surprising results from her tests. So I like frameworks, which are much more based on facts, and a big sell framework is a great example. The exam framework is from Pepe, who runs the website Conversion excelled of Come any made a framework based on facts. You can see this framework here on this life and it asked you questions such s. Is that change noticeable within five seconds? Yes or no? It's a change above the fools. Yes or no, but also that hypothesis come from user testing or from data analysis and this framework. It's much more effect based, and you will get a much better prioritization off my butt assists and therefore you will generate more successful tests and being more successful in your A B testing that sets the parrot ization score for our two hypothesis. And for this we will use the B Excel framework. But I added two components. The first component is has this idea for a similar idea been proven before with an A B test on this websites Yes or no? The second component is this idea based on science, yes or no. So let's take it out. Let's start with the best idea off the client logos. We have not done any a B testing yet on Book of Bus, so it has not been proven before this change is also nothing rougher fault, but it changes quite big, so it is noticeable within five seconds. We did not do any is basic testing. He also did not see this from customer feedback, but we saw in the weapon lyrics that there's a big drop off from the front bench. It also sold in Web international analysis and ideas based on science and a traffic. This case is high because the Book of Buster You is a small website, and we're testing on both desktop mobile and tablet, so almost everyone will visit the front page of a book of us for other equal MERS websites . Traffic on the home page is quite low percent of revenue means how much of the revenue is going through this page. Well, in order to comfort on book of us, everyone has to start on the front bench. If you're not facing the front base, there's no way you can convert. And as we're running this test on old advices, sense of revenue, it's over 61%. It's actually 100% and leading the client lovers to the front page. It's quite easy to set up, I think will take 4 to 8 hours. So get this two points, making the total score off 12. Now let's check out the second idea, which is heading images off a bus on a request to quote bitch again. This idea has not been proven before on Book of us, but it is about faults and is noticeable within five seconds. We did not do any use based testing. We did get this idea from customer feedback. We did not get it from what analytics or Web interaction analysis, but it is based on science traffic on request. A quote, which is medium. But a revenue again is high because everyone has to see the request to quote page before they can convert. And anyways, images is not easy. You have to get the images code them in. So say this takes more than two days, making a total score off nine, which means you have to start with the climb logo test 13. Can you test here: the next step a student German if we can actually run this test or not, and this old depends on a number of Web site visitors and a number off conversions going for your test. A rule from in a B testing is that you need at least 1000 Fischler's and Freedom it 50 conversions for each variation your testing, but I barely see these numbers work if you want to make it statistically fillets with 1000 visitors and free on 50 conversions perforation, you need to find a big uplift. You need to find a big A B test winner. The change in your variation shoot result in a huge uplift in your conversion rates. For instance, if you work with 1000 conversions for each test variation your testing. You need to find an uplift off 10% on the KP I to make it statistically fed it. So you need, for instance, 10% more seals. If you're running an ICO Merce website, that's of course, huge. That's a big uplift. Just imagine the revenue off your website over Southern increasing by 10%. I've seen it happen, but it's not very likely it's a very big increase. But if you work with 10 thousands conversion sparked test variation, you could actually start detecting an uplift off 1% on the KP I. And it's always to do with statistics. The more visitors and, um, or conversions going for your test variations. We'll help you detect smaller changes, which are significantly fell It Besides this, it is also very important to Hef. Your tests run for food, business cycles or full weeks. You want to run your test for one full week up to maximum off four full weeks mess because if you only test in weekend, your behavior or for customer could be very different from the other days of the week. So the change you're seeing, because after a B test, good work for the weekends, but you will not know the impact for, for instance, to Monday into Tuesday. You also don't want to have your tests running longer than four weeks, and that's because people can delete their cookies. If you run the test for longer than four weeks, you can be sure that a lot of people the lead to their cookies and when they return to the website, they could see a different variation than it sold the first time. This, of course, the future data and the lucha results and makes it less trustworthy. In order to calculate the number of visitors and duration your tests should run, we will use a useful Frito on a big test guy dot com. But before we start filling out our numbers and we will do that for the book of bus websites, it's important you are familiar with some of the terms mentioned in this tool. Let's start with one sided versus two sides. One side. It means that the change in a conversion rate cost by the variation. It's either bigger or smaller than the conversion rate in control. So, for instance, when you look at transactions for e commerce websites, you want the variation to have more transactions. And when you're looking at bounce rate, you want to see a lower bounce rate, so less bounces. So this is one sided testing. It's ITER. Bigger border change is smaller, and this is what you will usually use in a B testing. Now, if for some reason you want to see if the change is either bigger or smaller, so it could be both in death case you will use to side of testing. But in 99.9% of the beatus, you will use one side. It's now the power. The second term is The likelihood is that your experiment will detect effect. Wender isn't effect to be detected. And this might sound confusing. Technical. It is important. But this is all you need to know, because in a B testing, we always had the power to 80%. And the power depends on your simple sized, effective to test and the confidence level. But in a B testing, we set the power to 80% and the governor's level is the percentage of times your experiment shows the same results when you repeat the experiment. So the percentage of times your results hold when you repeat a B test. Now, if you said this to 90% it means that in 90% off the cases, your results will hold. If repeats AP Test. At this stage, when you calculated test aeration a sample size, you don't want to put the conference level lower than 90%. If you do so, it could fair homie that did change you find in your A B test is caused by chance and not caused by the change you made in the variation. Let's check out the simple size and desperation for our client of the tests. And to fill of these numbers, we have to go to Google Analytics and set the time fair. Get for one week. Next, we have to go to the segment session. Over here, click a new segment and click on conditions. Now our test will run on the home page, which in Google Analytics it's defines by page. Exactly meshes slash. Now you can find a number of users on the right side of your screen, but let's assume this is 15,000. However, you want to segment our data for at least desktop. So besides all the festers in the test, we also want to see what specifically happens on desktop. So click on ends to fly Scategory go contains best up. Let's assume this number is 10,000. Users should go back to a B disk guides and for unique fish There on your desk page per week equals 10,000 users. Next, we need to know the conversion rate in control. So we go back to Google Analytics in conditions lead to defy scategory and click on sequence because first, a user needs to physicist the home pitch. And next he won the visitor to comfort. And for most websites it will be press actions procession. It's larger than zero, but for some websites, it could be a visit to the thank you bitch which could look like this when things thank you and another possibility is a certain goal completion. Let's assume for book of us this number of 2100 which is a conversion rate off 21%. Next, we need to know the expected improvement over control, and this is how much uplift do you think your changed will generate? And this can be a bit of a guest work at first. But after you've run some tests on the same Web sites, you'll get an idea of what it's a realistic number here. Nobody fool. This is set of 15 and 15 is too high. Just imagine the revenue off your website increasing by 15%. So for our first test on book of us, let's set this to 5% The last figure we need is the maximum number off weeks for this, A B test and this is kind of optional. But let's set it for two weeks for now. Now the hypothesis is one side it the powers 80% and let's at the required confidence level to 90%. So the minimum simple size. For this test, it's 6906 unique fister spur test variation almost 7000. And to get these numbers, the test has to run for 1.38 weeks. And as we want to run full business cycles, this is running up to two weeks off testing. Now, remember, this is the absolute minimum simple size for your tests. If you have more data, you could analyze more segments and detect smaller uplifts in your variation. So don't be modest here and aim for more data 14. CRO with low traffic: in the case that you do not have enough traffic and conversions for statistically, fellas, a B testing you can and still should do conversion optimization. When you have a low traffic website, there are three things that you can do, and the first thing is that you still have all your valuable research insights, and what you can do is implement the ideas on your website, which are based on several research. Resource is so implement ideas with the highest priority score straight away. Imagine that you have 10 ideas based on several research. Resource is by implementing those 10 ideas on your website is trade away. You're very likely to see an increase in your conversion rates. You just don't know which ideas resulted in the uplift. But if implement five of those ideas right now and the other five a month after that and keep track off your conversion rates, you're likely to see an uplift. If you did your research right, the second thing you can do is still run a B tests, but with a lower significance level. This means that you need less traffic and less conversions to find yourself when they beat this winter. This way, your A B tests will not be statistically fell it But you will get an indication of what works on your website and what will not work. We will cover statistical significance later on in this course, and the third thing you can do is to trek micro conversions. So, for instance, when you are running on a B test on a product detail page often ICO Merce website Instead of measuring for the number of transactions, you could measure the number of visitors who reach your cart page. So the next step in your funnel as you will have many more CART visits compared to transactions. He needs a lot less data to make her a beatus. Statistically fell it. So remember, if you have a low traffic website, you can and still shoot do conversion optimization. 15. Setting up the A/B test: All right, let's start building our A B test and this course we will use feed. They'll be over this, But there are many, many tools out there in the market. Besides feeding LBO. Often, I see it's a very famous and often used one. You also conferred a be tasty Google optimize and probably a lot more. In my experience, these tools do pretty much the same things. They're quite the same, apart from the price you pay for it. But they like to stress one thing. And at this that these tools are testing tools. You should use them to set up tests and have them spit visitors over different variations. I never used these tools to analyze my data and analyze the results off the tests. For data analysis, I use Google Analytics with Google Analytics. You can segment much more, and the data is March more trustworthy because the core off Google Analytics is gathering data and being able to analyze the data. Whereas the core of Fido Vo optimize Lee and any other testing tool for the matter is to set up tests and split Fister's over this variations so always set up your a B tests in your testing tool and do the data analysis in Google analytics. Here's how we're gonna do it for Book of us. Let's set up our A B test for book of us. We find ourselves here, inevitably Oto in a B testing section. So let's create a new test, and we will set up a test on the home page. So this is the official editor off feed of Leo, and every testing toe will have official editor and her two ways to set up tests. The 1st 1 is food official editor itself. So you can click, for instance, Here you can change the text. We can move and resize change the style and a few other options. Not a second way to set up in a B test is with JavaScript and CSS coat, and these two options are available in all testing tools. When you have in a B test, which is rather easy to set up and just a small change on your website, you could use the visual editor You could, for instance, James a text over here. However, if this much safer to set up your A B test using the JavaScript and CSS section off your testing tool. And that is because when you're making changes through your official editor, the testing toe will write its own coat, and this coat might not work on old browsers and on old if ices. So you have a large chance off starting a B test with bucks and errors. So if you can write coat or you have a developer helping you out, always make the changes through JavaScript and CSS. Now for our A B test on book A Bus you wanted to add. Client logo's over here, and I already made the coat. Let's go into the coach section to Javascript and I'll copy paste the code right here. Now let's add some CSS and have done, and there it is. It is not the best off the science, but it served a purpose for this course. Now you might notice that some images have been removed here, but this is likely caused by the visual editor. Later on, when we do the quality assurance, we will check if everything looks and it's still working perfectly fine. Now let's hit next. Now if we W oh, we have to end ago, but it's mentioned we'll do the data analysis in Google analytics. I know they feed Opio or another testing tool that hip next. Now let's give this test in name. So let's set a date for today. Ryan Lobo I. D. Six. You could name to test however you like. Let's click finish now. It is very tempting to start a test right away, but we have to do two more things. First of all, we have to connect this test to Google Analytics a second before you have to check if everything is working perfectly fine. So let's link the test with Google Analytics. And to do this, we first have to go to Google Analytics and create a new custom dimension in the admin panel. In a property column, go to custom definitions and custom dimensions and create a new custom to mention you could name the custom mentioned as you like. Set the scope to user, make sure it's active. Conflict creates. Now remember the index number off disgusting dimension. Go back to your testing tool and in this case, go to settings and other and fill out the number right here. Now accustomed. I mentions work the same for every testing tool. This is an easy way to link your test with Google Analytics. And don't forget to hit safe and your test is linked and data will come into Google analytics. Now, when you are running your test and you do not see any data coming into Google analytics, this could mean two things. First of all, you might need to fill out an account prefix over here, and this prefix is related to the set up off Google analytics on your websites. Ask the one responsible for this prefix to set it up. This could be a developer or a weapon. A list. Now The second problem that could cost data not coming in is when the snippets off your testing tool it's placed on your website through a tech manager like Google Tech manager. And this is always a better idea and will result in several problems. The snippets off your testing toe should be hard coded on your website, as the instructions will tell you. So do check this out with a developer so in summary, to set up your A B test, trying to make the changes through the JavaScript and CSS section off your testing tool. As always, connect your test with Google Analytics through a custom dimension 16. Quality assurance: we have finished setting up our A B test, but before he put the A B test life meaning before we allow visitors to enter the test and see the variation or control, you want to make absolutely sure that everything is working perfectly fine. And this is called the quality Assurance. We want to make sure that everything is working fine, because we don't want to be responsible for breaking certain pages on the website because of our A B test. And we don't want to be responsible, for instance, for the check out not working a full week and lung because our A B test Boston working well and broke a check out. You want to make sure our beatus works fine on different devices, different browsers and different screen sizes to do the quality assurance off your tests. The preview Moz for most testing tools worked perfectly fine, however, as she wanted to make sure that everything is perfectly institute. You want to do the quality assurance as really as possible, and therefore you want to set it best life. So did only we can see it. For instance, we can set the test life on our I p address. So to do this, we can find our I p address on many websites. I will use this one and copy this number. I'll go back to the testing tool and insert it into targeting which, in food LBO It's under settings. You're else enable campaign for a specific fister group and finds I P address right here basic number and hit safe. Next, we want to make sure that we only see the variation of the test. We don't have to see control, so we'll go to settings and others make sure that 100% off the traffic is included in a campaign. And from this 100% you want to make sure that everyone sees the variation. It's close and safe. Now let's do one check. In summary, we see that control is disables. A B test is targeted to our I P address, and 1% of traffic is included. Now we can start a test and do our quality assurance. So now we want to check out our variation in different browsers on different devices and for different screen sizes. So let's start with Google groom. Here we are, and when we scroll down, you can see this. Images are working and we also see the client logos over here. It looks pretty good. Now let's rece ice make it there again and it seems to be working as it should. Now let's check out fire folks. Same thing. It just are working. Here are decline logos. That's precise. Make a bigger again works fine and the same for an antique store. Now, as this test is running on all devices, you want to repeat the same steps for both tablets and mobile and for both IOS and Android . And when we're sure that everything is working fine, you can go back to the testing tool force the test. We'll go to settings and others, and we set this so that's 50% will see control and 50%. We'll see the variation. It's safe who changed targeting again. So every visitor we'll see the campaign on all devices and all browsers we do one less check in the summary, see if everything is set up correctly, and when it is, you can start the test and this is theirs can enter your test and data comes into Google Analytics 17. Analyse test results: when you reach the end of your desperation and you have to need a number of Fister's in your test, it's time to stop the test and start analyzing well before you stop the test. It is very wise and important to double check if you have to need it. Number of visitors in your test based on calculations you make before launching a test. And it's because there could be many reasons why the number off website faced or fluctuates . It could, for instance, be the case that your testing toe is not sending every fister into the test. But it could also be the case that a big marketing campaign stops while you were running the test, and this caused a drop in the number of Fister's on your websites. So when you reached the ends off her desperation, always double check if you have to. Sufficient number of Fister's in your test, and if so, it is time to stop the test. Never stop a test sooner than debt. You can only stop their A B test sooner if the results are very, very poor, or when it causes a buck or never, but never stop a test because you think it's statistically significant and the variation is buried and control for the ordinary rounds always let the test run, consistent with the calculations you make before and only then when you have reached the end of her desperation and you have sufficient number of Fister's in your test, then you can stop the test. And then it's time to start analyzing and see how your test and a test variation performs. To analyze the results off our A B test. We have to go back to Google Analytics and at a new TEPCO are custom reports. In this step, we will use the exact same metrics as before, but that's the overall number of conversions. So in this case, go to completions. So remember these were conversion rates. But for this analysis, we want to know the absolute number off conversions. Now in your dimension drill downs. Find the custom I mentioned, which you named in Edmond Final and used in your A B test. Now let's hit safe and check out our results, and here we go. If you do this yourself, don't forget to set the right time period and a top right in Google Analytics. So in this table you see the guessing I mentioned with the variation and control. You see the number of users, the funnel, an overall number of conversions. Next, we needed toe check. If the variation actually outperforms control and we can use the A B test aviation calculator from a B test guy, freeze a link to this, too will be available in the lecture. Resource is now. Let's fill out of numbers, which we saw in Google Analytics users. A means a number of users in control ankle versions. A. The number of conversions. Same goes from B. B s to variation and canned company. These numbers from your table and Google analytics. Now let's hit May calculation and see the results. So this looks very good because the chance of be outperforming A, which is the chance of variation outperforming the control. It's 98.6% and you're in the test bear gets. The variation generated an uplift of 5.14% so this looks like a very successful test. Now, remember that we also want to segment these results for desktop traffic, so we go back to Google Analytics and add a second our dimension to our table, which in this case is device category. If done correctly, you should see a table looking like this. So again we're for gusted and mentioned with the variation and control. And here we have two device category with desktop, tablet and mobile. Now for desktop again, we see the number of users and a number of overall conversions. That's uncertainties in aviation calculator. So for control, with 9978 users with 2101 conversions, and in the variation, we got 10,000 and 13 users with again a higher number of conversions compared to control, let's make the calculation. And also for desktop, we see there's a high chance of being up forming A with the conversion uplift off 5.5%. So this is a very successful test. Now it is up to you how high this number should be before you declare a test winner. I usually declare a winner when the chance of be outperforming A is 85% for hire. So in this case, variation is definitely better than control. So we can be very happy with this test 18. Reporting on test results: Creating a nice looking report from your test results is useful for two reasons. The first reason is internal promotion. When you share your test results, your insights and learnings you got from a test with the stakeholders in your organization , you get more people on board. You get more people and majestic for your Converse optimization practices, and you will get more support. The second reason is, of course, documentation. Whenever you want to check back on the test and see the results, it's much easier and nicer to do this with the report, you'll get a quick over few on what was tested when it was tested and what the results were . And, of course, when you get a new conversion specialist on board, so new converts specialist in your team this birth can quickly reads for all the reports and see what tests have been done and what the results were. If you make a report and you're going to share it with stakeholders, it is very important to keep it simple. I never copy and paste roll data from Google Analytics right into a report. Make it nice and easy looking. A good report should have to following sections. It should start with the reasons why you did this test. And also, of course, the best hypothesis. Next, you want to mention the set up off the test. So the duration, the segmentation and in Maine, KP eyes off course, you want to include the results for each man KP I. And don't forget to include the business case when you find yourself a test winner. If you want, you can add other useful insights for instance, which you've got through segmentation and every report shoot and with learnings and recommendations and, of course, your name for internal promotion. 19. Learnings: Now that you fully analyzed your A B test, it is time to draw learnings. Learnings are very important. If you really think about what you have learned from your A B test, you will get our valuable insights and knowledge or your customers behavior. And he will come up with good and new A B tests, which you can run in the future. When you did your test analysis, always ask yourself these three questions. First of all, what can I learn from the results? Second, what do these results say about my customer and my customers behavior? And, third, what other tests can I think off? Settle for Book a bus? What other tests can we think off now that we know that adding the client logos to the front base works well? Apparently the website Fishers of Book a bus haven't needs for social proof and trust, so we could test with repeating the client logos on the request quote page. We could also test with adding the surnames to the customer reviews, and we could test with placing the client logos higher up on the front page. In short, but drawing learnings from your tests, you will get her valuable insights and you will keep building on your success 20. Thank you: Thank you. Thank you for following the whole course. Now, if you still have any questions, doubts, concerns or like to share successes Piece of free to contact me. I'll be happy to help me out. And I want you to be successful in converse optimization. Now, if you like this course, I'll be very, very grateful if you can leave a review. This will help me as well as others who are considering to take this course now. Thanks again. Thank you for following the whole course and good luck putting everything into practice.