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Conversational Beginner Russian - How to tell basic things about yourself

teacher avatar Sára Varga

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (1h 51m)
    • 1. Info about the class

    • 2. Greetings

    • 3. Introduction

    • 4. Professions

    • 5. Nationality

    • 6. Language

    • 7. About yourself

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About This Class

This class is for beginners in Russian who already know how to read and write. This class is suitable for even those who don't know a word in Russian, because you will learn basic grammar and vocabulary according to these topics:

- Forms of address, greetings

- Introducing yourself

- Professions

- Nationality

- Language

- Family

- Numbers

- Age

When you get to the end of the class, you will be able to say basic things about yourself. :)

There are exercises in the videos also. You can find an attachment with the exercises on the Class Project page as well in pdf form, so that you can do them alone and then check the answers in the videos. :)

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Sára Varga


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1. Info about the class: Hi, everyone. My name is Sarah. This class is for beginners in Russian who already know how to read and write. This class is suitable for even those who don't know reading Russian, because you will learn basic grammar and vocabulary throughout the class. When you get to the end of the class, you will be able to say basic things about yourself. Let's see the topics that the class of cover you will learn basic forms off a trusting others. Greetings. You will learn how to introduce ourselves, how to say what your profession is, what nationality you belong to, what languages you speak and study. Basically Kabila re related to family. The numbers from 1 to 100 and how to say how old you are and how will you learn it. You will learn basic vocabulary, basic grammar with explanations. You will be able to practice through exercises and you will hear daily life conversations. Dialogues related to the topics 2. Greetings: simply V it. In this lesson, we will cover the forms of her dress a brush. Kenya did that. Keep it up, Shayna. How to address someone? How to say how you're doing and so on. Russian, I hope youll enjoy by you Happy First, let's have a look at some basic vocabulary. The bypass Martina Lexical A bubble. I would like to draw your attention to that. That in Russian there are two ways off addressing other people formally, which is the so called the form. And informally, which is the so called tea for before we used demonstrates the level of closeness, age difference difference off positions at workplace in the school and so on. Fastly news Hello Informally dressed week here means Hello. Formally revie it. This means high informally. Dobre Notre. Good morning. No breaking. Good afternoon deprivation. Good evening. These are the main greetings in Russian. Next you see how you can say, How are you in Russian? You can simply say calcula or you can add Takabayashi. Gila. This is the formal way. And you can say Regula, This is the informal version. You may answer to this question with the words listed on the right side. At least now that evil Heschel. Good. Not Amanda. Fine. Seal Patty asking everything is well, Neech Evil. Not bad floor, huh? Bet when you greet someone and haven't seen them in a while or you just want to express that You're happy to see the other person as a month. You can say, watching the advice we get. I'm very glad to see you. This is the formal worsen. Or you can say watching Rag T blvd. This is the informal worsen. Or if you're a woman, you can say What is your at that bar? Seagate? This is the formal worsen. Or you can say watching you gotta keep blvd. This is the informal version You can answer to this like this yet to wash it Ad. I'm glad to see you to you. If you're a man or you can say Yeah, Georgia. Radha. I'm glad to see you too. If you're a woman when the conversation is over and you want to say goodbye, you can say That's see Daniel. Good bye. Bubka by Does after see you tomorrow. That's catchy. See you. Other useful worth to know in Russian are on the bright side space, Ceiba. Thank you. You're welcome using Excuse me, The informal version or you can say is in need You excuse me? The formal version. Beautiful. No problem. These are still not at all. Martina. Is it possible? Costa, please. And now let's have a look at some basic conversation. Breath with you. Pick door breath with Natasha Cat Una Akaka bash. Georgia had a show. That's the dying you. That's see, Daniel. As you can see in this conversation, they use the formal version off the expressions. So probably they are not that close to each other. PV A tantalum Previously thought calcula Nah Ramana oclock Bagila Mutual Dhaka. But, uh, in this conversation they are using, uh, informal versions off the expressions. So these two guys are probably bodies or something like that. Dopey venture. Even Petrovich W nature. Sergei Ivanovich, what's your advice? Seagate? Yeah. Gorsha Shigella pass eba at legion of ASCII Space. Eva Steel Body. Asking this is another example. Offer formal conversation using it here More is not bus. I need Padua Sta spicy va The translation off This is Excuse me. Can I use your home? Yes, certainly. Thank you. Staff which is Sergei Petrovich. More snow viikii Hasta for Ciba. The translation of this is hell. Sergei Petrovich. Uh, can I come in? Yes, certainly. Thank you. So this is the end off our first last, then Thank you for your attention. See you in the next lesson, Bubka. 3. Introduction: simply via in this lesson, you will learn about the Russian name system and how to introduce yourself. I hope you will like it. Buy a home. The first Let's talk a little bit about the Russian name. The Russians, most of the time, have three names. EMEA, which is the first name? What if? For which is the patron E Nick and Familia, which is the last night. You can see some names listed, for example, the famous Russian writer and pull it push cans full name, which is Alexander Sergei of each poor skin coach. Extra is derived from the father's first name, with the ending off a weight off DNA or your average you have now. For example, if the father's name is sturdy, it either becomes Sergei Shayevich. If we talk about the sun or Sergei, have not. If we talk about the daughter. Familia also have different endings for males and females. The ending where is depending on what kind of ending the basic the fate of male form has. So the male form off Pushkin is pushed you on the female form. If, for example, there is the jolt er in the family, then it's called Push Kina. The same thing is to for the study s key or the sky A Dostoyevsky A is a female, uh, last name. And now let's look at some basic vocabulary. The Viper Small team, a lexical, a pack of a salute. This means what's your name formally? Or you can ask q b. I's a boat. This also means what's your name? Informally? You can answer to dislike this. I mean, yes, a vote. My name is, for example, me as a wood satya. My name is Sarah. You can specifically asked Kaka Basha, Kenya, What's your first name? This is the formal version. Or you can ask Cocteau. Ionia, what's your first name? This is the informal version. You can answer to this like this. My Oh, Kenya. My first name is for example, in my case, my own Mia Satya. My first name is Sarah. You can also ask Kaka, Bashiqa or Chester What? Your patron in the league? This is a formal version or the formal version is cocked. Biowatch esta. You cannot start to this like this. My own or Chester. My naturally Mick is I don't have a no chest. Va battery leak. But off course. If you go to Russia and meet and meet a Russian than you can ask this specifically and you can also ask Kaka Basha Familia, What's your last name? This is the formal version or you can ask cocked via familia. What's your last name? This is the informal version and you can start to dislike this Maya familia. My last name is, for example, my a Familia Pushkin. My last name is posting. And now imagine that we ask the famous Russian writer. That's Majeski. Easter? Yes, Ka Kvasha, Kenya. He would answer my oh EMEA fielder. If we ask a pack of Ascii or Chester, he would answer my own orchestra. May Hi, love it. And if we ask Kaka Basha Familia, his answer would be Maya Familia. That's tasty and some other vocabulary. If you meet someone, you you can say the Vita Bosnia Coleman's Yet which means let's get acquainted or if you interviews to people to each other, you can say but in a coma with Costa, which means let me introduce you. This is the formal version, or you can say does Nicola, which also means let me introduce you. This is the informal version you can answer to DS politely like this. Coaching pre Aetna. Very nice. Very nice to meet you and the other person. Or you can answer to this like this. Yes, Gorsha, which means nice to meet you too. And we talked about four more and informal ways off addressing others in the first last time, the so called uh the and T forms. And if you got acquainted with someone, you can ask politely the vine, a T or more sanity which basically means less Start using T or maybe used deep. And if the answer is yes, then you can attract the other from death time informally and some other basic up vocabulary drug. Which means friend, a male friend. Bad Ruka which is the theme of friends Kalanga means colleague This is both male and female . Prepaid Obadiah, this means a me a male teacher people devotee And this means a female teacher again, which is a males to students began ska which is the female student. If that means eat that or this, you can ask still eta Who is that? And you can answer to this like this at the Maya Luca, that is my friends, my female friends. And now let's learn some grammar. The virus is watching grammatical and start with the gender off denounce in the Russian language. There are three groups off sounds masculine, feminine and neuter. You can tell most of the time from the ending off the now, too, which under it belongs to, although there are some exceptions, basically, if the noun ends in a constant that it is a masculine now. So, for example, duke or student, these are masculine mountains. If a noun ends in the letters are or yeah, liking bad Ruka to Yenta familia or need Galia than Etess famine in if a noun ends in the letters, or what a year like in orchestra wolf trap morning progeny in year that it is neuter. And if a noun ends in a so called soft sign in Russian, it's, ah, cold, Yeah, key snack. Then it can be either masculine or family. This you have to learn by heart, although there are some typical endings which indicate which gender the now belongs to. But we will not talk about that now. For example, people Levadia or ah being These are masculine knows, as you can see and Detroit had or no church. They are family names belonged to the gender category, which the name itself belongs to. The for example, on Thorn and the Big Thought are masculine and Tanya or Natasha, our family. And there are exceptions off course. There are now owns in Russian. Which ending up or yeah, like the words Papa, which means Father or Gadjah, which means Uncle. These words refer to male beings, so these belong to the gender masculine, even though they're ending, would suggest they are family. There are also some exceptions to the new to announce which ending or yeah, for example, India, which we learned knees first thing four. Rayna, which means time. These are mutual ER, even though, because off their ending they would also belong to the family rounds. And there is the group off these kinds of mouth, which may be the they'll talk about later, and there are other exceptions are in Russian off fourth, but I try to mention just the holes important ones. And now let's look at the possessive pronouns in Russian. The possessive pronouns agree number, gender and case. We denounce. They modify. For example, my friends eso in this case, my the possessive pro Now, uh, agrees in number, gender and case off the noun friend. So this would be my duke in Russian. And as you can see, the form off his her and days it doesn't change, uh, either off off the groups so it always stays evil or ah, your And this is also the case with there. So this is the each each in Russian and as you can see, doesn't change in masculine, feminine, neuter or, uh, bureau. But the others change their forms according to the gender and number and also the cave. But now we're just talking about the nominative case though the word my which is boy in masculine Maya family, Myo, neuter and my incurable You're the singular. Your also changes. So it's toy via who are you fighting? And this is also the case with our which is Nash in masculine nasha feminine Nasha in neutral. And now she in pure O and also the plural you're is Vash Russia. Last year in the vast she and now let's do some exercises. I advise you to pulls the video here and try to do these exercises alone and then start the video when you're ready and see if you have done the exercises correctly. So the first exercise is to fill in the blanks with the proper pronouns according to the expression in the bracket. So if you're ready, then let's see the answers. So the first, the first funny is my friends. The answer is my Duke. The next 20 is your friend theme of friends. The answer is via bad. Ruka. The next way is our patron unique. The answer is Nasha Orchestra. The next one is your euro form teacher. The answer is Vash crippled Obadiah. The next one is my colleague, a male Coe. So the answer is my colleague. But this could be my aka Lega. If it would be a female colleague, the next one. Youth. Your first name. Vile anemia. Their last name. E Familia. Her student yield students. He's a student evil. The Janka. My notebook. Let's remember that the words t clad in Russian, it's Ah, it's a female. It's a feminine now, So the answer is Maya. Keep that and the second exercises give positive answers to the following question and there is an example. So the question is at, That's why. And the answer is that a tomboy took so you you need to do it like this. So if you're ready, then let's see the answers. The first question at that. My oppa droga The answer Is that it? On my afraid? Ruka at I your Druk the ETA Yoda It'll Nash prepared errata that ETA Nash prepared a bacteria ETA Vash Khalida the International llega. Or you could also answer Atta Boy Khaleda. There's depends on what the question means. So if it's a formal version off asking or it's ah, it's or it means what what it is. So ah, it means it. Is this your Is this your calling in plural? And then the answer is that the Nash Calica Atayev open droga that ETA Evo Patrica a naive or drew that at the border. I hope he was succeeded. And now let's look at some grammar program. These are the personal pronouns in Russian. They are also changing according to the cases. Uh, there are six cases altogether in Russian, but now we will only look at the accuse it of case off the personal programs. So the personal Cronin's in denominated case are? Yeah, See on I know, I know me the i me The personal pronouns in the acquisitive case are Meena Tpf evil, you evil? Nothing. Thus each and, uh, now we need the acquisitive case off the personal pronouns because the verb that which means to call someone somehow requires the acquisitive case. So let's do some exercises to practice this. So the first exercises place the words in the brackets in the correct form. So in this exercise, you need to use the accuse. It'd case off the personal pro now. So here you can post the video on. When you're ready, you can You can start it again and see the answers. So now let's look at the answers If you already the 1st 1 is I mean yes of with Lena TB as the food Sasha The voice that would join yields aboot era Nast's aboot. Anton E got thus the food Natasha E. The Wood Sveta Olya. The second exercises give negative answers to the questions and there is an example vice of with Sasha. And the answer is yet minions of with Natasha. So in this case, I didn't give you the names that you have to rise. So just come up with some names that you can post this and try to do this thes exercise. And then, uh, if you're ready, then we can see the answers. So the first funny is you want that would John yet it was put Max second, CBS would channa yet? I mean, yes, I've looked visa The 3rd 1 yourself with arena. Yet yours of with Anastasia the fork one east of with Alexe Dante even yet each Vladimir the fifth month was a good Masha Lioudmila. Yes, nothing with Anya And now in defects of five. Let's try to use old grammar. That's we have learned in this lesson. So the exercises answer to the question Don't Antah Toyota means who is it? So in this exercise you have to use the possessive pronouns on you can see in the bracket That's ah, which possessive pronoun you should use. And you you have to also use the acquisitive case off the personal pronouns so you can post the video and when you're ready, you can see the answers. So let's see the answers. Don't get that? It's, uh Nasha bad. Ruka U s A Vote era Do it it the more likely for the vacuum you've always have with Nikolai Ivanovich Joetta at the evil Kalanga Yours Aboud Orga Petrovna do it It I used again you boys have Would John do it? Eta Basha Nijinska Years of wood Mata Ethel Yeah. I mean yes have would like that and left but not leave. Listen to this dialogue And now you should be able to understand it completely. Absolutely. Yeah. Bash Baripada Vodka. Yes. Ive with Alexei Ivanovich watching React Akaka Passion for media My f A media. See that up? I mean yes. About John Maya Familia meat. I mean yes, I will take thought yet. My f Amelia, please. Some watching react. John. Victoria. So this is the end off our second lesson. I hope you enjoyed it. Thank you for your attention and see you in the next lesson. Providencia. Becca 4. Professions: same TVX. In this lesson, you will learn about the profession how to say what you do for a living in Russian. I hope you will like it by a holly. So first, let's look at some vocabulary. The Vipers. Martina Lexical. If you want, ask somebody what their job is, what they do for a living. Then you can simply ask the V, which means, What do you do? What is your profession? This is a formal version, or you can ask Study, which is the informal Worsen off the same question. Or you can extend this question on Basque Italy path half a. C. This also means what is your profession? This is for more or you can ask totally packed prophecy. This this is the informal version You can answer to this question simply saying, Yeah, uh, for example, Yaghi, which means I am a guide. And now let's look at some professions. G The means guide. Brach means doctor using year means engineer chef, your means driver. Military in year means police month, and in some cases the Russian has two versions off the name off professions, one which we 1st 2 males and one which your first females like the case off writer, which can be either sack, tell or be sacked because actually the male and the fact in itself is the female version. Also, I would like to mention that if you have to feeling on official documents, Russia, even if you're female, you have to ride the male versions off professions. For example, if you need to feel in a form for studying Russia, going to Russia or something like that. So if there is a line saying process CIA, then you have to ride the If you're a writer, for example, you have to write B satya, even if you're female economies. Economy ska knew economies, believe or chick means interpreter, translator. Secret. Our secret. Tasha means secretary, Businessman, mused businessman. So what Mali's Jordan Eliska means Journalist OCI Kale. What can you do that or prepared of Atul preferred Avakian Silene Russian. Um, they used logical or illogical Nitze until high school. So until high school teachers, also including ex high school teacher, but at university, they used Baripada Vata or preferred Avakian exact. For the teacher, my God means cook at the Black Cat News lawyer. You can also inquire about someone's job asking about the locations where they work. You can use the word, but I bought that, which means to work in the question. Give it about eight years, which means ready you work. This is formal. Or you can ask Get Arabo fish where they were. This is informal. You can also use the word Chiquta which needs to study somewhere in the question together or two. Yes. Where do you study this is formal or get it watches sap. This also means who I do study. But this is informal. Or you can simply ask this again. This means Are you a student? These are some of the places where you can either work or study when you first get means university. If the court means institute college, Bonnie Pizza means hospital Fear MMA new company. Scola means school bunk means bank Bush. That means post office. The board means factory polizia. What milita means? Police station Restart on means restaurant Magazine means shop store. My source. Muse Embassy. Most say means museum that news theater back Sad news Train station. If you're not sure off somebody, if somebody is working or studying than you can ask this robot idea. Really? This is this means do you work or study? This is formal or you can also ask There are both mash or chips. This also means you work or study. But this is informal. If you're doing both, then you can also answer. Yeah, I bought a you Georgia who choose which means I work and also study Ely means or and, uh, nausea means also that I bought. That means we're place and if you're at work at the moment then you can say Yeah, not aboard you. I'm at work and now learn some grammar the vie approaching Grandma We even learned how to make the purer forms off. Now, in the prettiest lesson, we learned that there are three genders off mounds in the Russian language. And now we will look at how to make your of forms off them. So the basic rule is that both in famine in and masculine announced the ending off the noun changes to either the letter e for the letter e to which letter denounce and changes Depends on what the ending off the singular now waas In some of the cases liking againt the board. You think? Dude? The bureau will and me in the letter e Like Gigante the body Institute e in masculine ounce in the place off the so called so sign and the letter year dinner always gets the letter e like in a prepaid of Atul preferred of actually Moos a was a in family now owns mostly in the place off the letter off the non gets the letter e like See it, Emma. See it on me. Scola Schooley by Nitze by music but in place off letters like the soft sign and the letter . Yeah, the non always gets the letter e like familia family. She cried strategy and after the continent Uh huh. Gah and Sha Sha and Sha In the plural form, the word always gets the letter e both in masculine and some in it. Now, for example, Bunk bunkie or droga Badru G. Leslie, The new turnarounds get either the letter or the letter. Yeah, in place off the letter or the non get the letter up liking or chest for orchestra and, uh, in the place off the letter. Yeah, the now I always get the letter. Yeah, liking more Yeah, Maria. And now let's look at some exercises. The first exercises make pure of forms off the now and the pathetic Cronin. So for this exercise, you need to revise the possessive pronouns which we have learned in the previous last time . You can stop the video now and try to do the exercise alone. If you already. Then we can see the answers. So the first funny is Maya bad. Ruka, The answer is my God. Rookie Nash broke Nashi Drog troika llega So I eat Talagi Evil people Slovakia Evil preferred of actually yours again yours again T e t Emma e t out of me Rashed Institute Bashing Institute E my bank My Bunkie National Rat Nashi Karachi Maya Cheeky Anita My cheek Can you see Evil economies? Evil Economy City Roy Advocaat de Advocaat e my own orchestra My watch esta Russia imprisoning you. Vashti present Kenya E Moria each Maria My secret that my secretary Let's look at some grammar again in Russian. There are three types off conjugation off the work Louisville now look at to off them with the help off the two words. But I bought that and would cheat that the verbs off the first type of conjugation have unending off at what? Yeah, you need to cut off the ending and in place off that comfort conjugation. So the conjugation off Roberta is Yeah, that I bought I de la both ish on Anna Arab What a it me. But I bought I am the that I bought eight year honey parabola tight in third person plural . The conjugation can either be would or ute verbs off the second type of conjugation have unending off eat well, yet you need to cut off the ending eat or the ending yet and in place off that confident comes the conjugation in third person plural. There can either be at or yet, but we need to mention that the verb chick that is that a reflexive er so in conjugation it has the additional ending off CIA after the Continent and CIA, which consists off the letter set on the so called soft fine after Rowell's reflexive verbs in Russian, always and in the CIA. So the congregation off which it's that is, yeah, choose de Gea or Ana watching that me Jim CIA to be, would you get I mean which actor and now some further grammar. So as I mentioned in the previous less and also in Russian, there are six cases today. We will look at some used off the proposition all case there are the nominative forms off the sounds like when you first get magazine Scola and so on. You can find the nominative form off the now in the dictionary. If you want to ask What is this? In Russian, you can say stone ETA and if somebody asks this, you must say Skoula would if that's yet. In this case, you use the noun in the nominative case. But if you want to answer to the question there which is here in the Russian, then you need to use the proposition. All case, the basic rule off the proposition all case is that you always use it with a proposition. In this case, either the proposition that which is more like in in English for the proposition now, which is more like on in English. But we will talk about the differences off using these propositions in other lessons. Not now. Now just try to memorize the words lifted here with the propositions we don't like now as Obadiah, not Portia Novak's Allah or not abortive. These are used with the proposition that so the first true is that in all genders the noun gets the letter e or the letter yet is conjugation in the proposition. All case, for example, when you first it Yet when you first get yet my source my source Skoula Just cornea. If the noun and seen ah, the so called soft sign or yeah or yeah or yeah, it loses the last letter. And in place off that death the letter, for example, Felicia police Or keep the bag Craggy board progeny In year you present me And now let's do some exercises. The exercises feeling the blanks with the proper form off the world that I bought that were would she in some places can be both off the verbs. Now you can stop the video and do the exercise alone. If you already we can see the answers. So the first funnies, John that both say it. See it may Yeah. Who choose or Robbo tell you? University educated. Yet it would Jessa or rabble ish. Danny would tractor What? Had a boat tight? Me what I am magazine The robotic bank on a cheetah or Arab Wittaya school? Yeah, the chicken. Yeah, but I bought Oh now forced you Une But I both died Esperon the gorgeous Yeah, really robotic fish me that I bought I am obviously cooked yet the second exercises complete The sentence is by putting the words in brackets in the proper form. So here you need to form the proposition alot case off announce which are in the barricades so you can pose the video now and do the exercise alone. If you're ready, then we can check the answers together. I mean yes Have would Anton Yes to get yeah who chose at Amoy Drug Fascia one towards a student on Chiquta University Eight year evoked bad Ruka era problem not post here Even Petrovich Mr. Gay Evanovich Robbo tied. See it, man e through Victor gave it that I bought I it bank yet and left but not leave. Listen to this shore dialogue which you should be able to understand that completely. Natasha Buzz Mercante Especialista ETA My drew you boys have with John 14 pre Aetna John October prophecy. Yeah, Businessman yet a Both. I feed me of the Yeah economies. Yeah, Georgia Rob water. You see? It May. And this is the end of our lesson. Thank you for your attention. I hope you enjoy this and see you in the next lesson. We'll begin. CIA Bubka. 5. Nationality: simply V it. In this lesson, you will learn how to say what national d you belong, Teoh some objectives of the Russian language and how to make the pastors for more for words in rational. So I hope you'll enjoy it. Buddy Holly. The first Let's look at some vocabulary. The Vipers. Motrin A lexical. If you want to ask somebody about their nationality, you can ask Gov. Panati in honesty. What 30 financial analyst e this means. What is your nationality? So the 1st 1 is the formal, and the second is the informal version. And in Russian, if you want to say to what nationality you belong. Teoh. There exists three forms that you can use male, female and plural. The nationalities here are all in this order. So the 1st 1 in the aversion the second of female and the third the plural. So let's look at some nationalities. Bruschi Bruschetta, Bruschi Here. This means Russian, in this case, the name off the nationality and the objective is the same. So also, the adjective Russian is Bruschi, But that is not the case with other nationalities. So, for example, the nationalities ugly Chan yin for English and the objective is unlaced e. But we will talk about that later as well, because the next lesson is about languages. I just wanted to join your attention to did. This is different from the English language. So, for example, if you want to say that I'm an English man, you say, yeah, hungry Chinese. But if you want to say for example, that this is an English beyond, then you say ETA unleased t fear and in case off Russian, this is the same. So if you want to say I'm a Russian man, you say, yeah, Bruschi. But if you want to say that that this is a Russian film, then you say then you also use the d brewski. You say ETA brewski. But we will talk about this later as well. So let's continue with the nationalities. Hi, Mary. Kanye's America Kanta America concept. This means American keep diets. Keep die unca Keep ditsy this me of Chinese cutie. It's cut a young cut Cut eight c news Korean you born yet you Bianca you point c mia's Japanese name it name ca. Nancy means German. If the Youngs, it'll younker. It's a Yancy muse Italian ugly Chinese Ugly Juncker Ugly China means English. France was France Ajinca France Susie New French shred, shred ca sh Ready means Swedish If value East Banker is fancy. I mean Spanish Tora torch anchor. The work e means Turkish. Also, we will learn how to ask some specific questions about where somebody is living where they were born and so on. So you can ask Hajkova. Sharad Know Gordon. One coy toy. Ragno Gordon. This both means in what city you were born. The first this formal. The second is informal and you can answer to this like this Moyad. Admiral Gaudet I was born in. So for example, if you want to say I was born in Moscow, then you say my definitely Gordon must glass. You can also ask Get this the challenge of Yorty. What? Get to see chest. Achieve your sh This both means Where do you live now? First formal, second informal. And you cannot serve two just like this stitch, as Yazhou means I am living in. And in this case you have to use the proposition ALS case What we have learned in previous lessons. So for example, if you want to say I am living in Moscow. Then you say See chest Yazhou mask there. And in this lesson you will also learn how to form the past tense off work in Russian So you will be able to ask give usually Orion ship or get geo or get a Gila Ryan ship. This means where did you live before that? The first ISS formal second is informal. And in the second question, you can see that there are two forms that you can use. This depends on whether the person you are asking is a man or a woman. If it's a man, then you ask, get the shield and shit. But if it's ah woman than you ask, get to Gila friendship. And you can answer to death like this. Run Shit. Yeah, she'll for Raiyshi, Angela. And in this case, you also have to use the proposition All case and this means I used to live in. So for example, if I want to say I used to live in Moscow, then I say Ryan Shit. Yeah. Sheila, must I say yeah, Djula, because I'm a woman and you will also learn some objectives in this lesson. smiling t small about Shoy beak, Satti four nor the new crests. Easy, beautiful. And we will also need the work baked, which means to be. And now let's learn some grammar. The vibe is watching Grandma first Let's learn the conjugation off the verb to layer, which is Jeet. The congregation off this world is a little bit different from what we have learned already , because there are some exceptional work in Russian that you have to congregate slightly differently. So let's look at the conjugation offer sheet. Yeah, she will Dean of yours on Ana Jeev Yacht May G Veum re GV or honey G bow and now also learn how to form the pastimes off the words. This is very easy, I think so. You have to take the infinitive form on the world. For example, the infinitive form off the verb to live, which is reach. And then you have to cut off the ending. Yeah, So the letter tear on the so called soft stein and in place off that comes either left? Yeah, no. Or Lee, mainly we use just these three forms left, which is masculine LA which is the famine in or Lee, which is the plural form. But at some point, you will also need to remember that there is a Mutar form. So let's look at divers that we already know Retreat. This means too late jail Villa Julie that I bought that which means to work that I bought down Yeah, botella that I bought on e big, which means to be Bill Billa Billy here. I would like to draw your attention to that. That's in Russian. The word beach, which means to be, is only used in the past. So if we say, for example, that I am Russian, then we say Yeah, brewski. As you see, they don't use the work to be in the present test. But for example, if we want to say that somebody was the Russian man, we talk off him in the past times because, for example, he has passed away. Then you have to use the world to be so you say on Bill Eroski. Okay, so you need to pay attention to that. And then there is the world Chiquta, which means to study somewhere, um or chest. Yeah. What? She last or Chile in this case, the same who will applies as in the formation off the present tense, because after constant, you put the ending CIA as seen or just yet. And after vowels, you put the ending CIA as a Margiela's. And now let's do some exercises. The first exercise is fill in the blanks with proper form off the street. So here you can post the video Onda do the exercises alone. And if you already, then we can see the answers together. Teach us. Yeah, Jew must quit, but I ship usual America damage of, um Lana Review Tracee Right Shipman Julie Math Great. Such as measured Bianchi of it Get an easy John Rice Asia gangly CHS geo care my knee Give vision of Yorty and the second exercises put the words in brackets in the proper form. Uh, here you will see all the words that we have already learned. So here you can post the video on when you're ready. Then we can see the answers together. So if you're ready, then we can see the answers. Death re Vot Yazhou, My square Arang shit usually don't going you you're a bow tie it or would have Watai it blanket Iran Sha ab OTA is difficulty Ana Cheetah really are a bow Tie it, Brian Shit! Ana A sea chest that I bought I it chf museum e watching Get rusty Orion ship me Julie E rob Totally scare money again. Usually boat e which have left each other Dan, usually e or chilis are Aisha. And now let's look at the form of adjectives in Russia. So in the Russian language, the adjective needs to agree. We denounce that they qualify in number and also in a gender. When you learn the adjectives you learned their math killing form which can be off three types, it can ending white which is always tried like by shoy that adds annoy. So you see, the stress in these objectives are always, uh, from the last syllable it can ending e if there is a hard root like in Novi and it can ending e if there is a soft fruit like Eroski and the ending is always e after the letters Kaga and check shirt Shia unsure and we have ordered the total about this on. We talked about the approval form off mounds and this rule is a kind of general who in the Russian language. So after the letters Kaga and Gesture, Shia and Chef, there is almost always unending off e or ending, which contains the because off pronunciation rules and when denounce his family in the adjective agrees in gender with the now. And this is also the case with the new turnarounds and also the pool. Ah, so summoning endings are IAEA or YAYA, depending on if it connected to a heart, truth or staff truth. Neutra endings are oh yeah, for hard routes and year. Yet for stops afterwards, and plural endings are yet for hard route. And yet for fast routes and the question coy means what's kind off. So you can ask, for example, Kokoity Gordon, which means what kind of town? And you can say, for example, that adenoid Go ahead. This means the city I was born in Takaya Pachuca means what kind of friend seen at friends . Christie via pad Ruka means beautiful friends. For example, Koya anemia means what kind of first name, for example, little sky anemia means a Russian first thing. Cocky as tetralogy means. What kind off new notebooks? No, the exit. Roddy News. New notebooks So you see you have to form the adjective to agree in gender and number with the now that they qualified. And now let's do some exercises to practices. So the first exercises feel in the blanks with the proper Jackie will ending. So here you can post the video and do the exercise alone. And if you already, then we can see the answers together. So let's start by Shoy Goard's No, the is a void. Christie via France. Ajinca that area Foster I had no legal What ads? Those kiesle again T American Ski A Banky It I am skint university. It Steve, I applaud Ruka, Meilin, Chaos Vielma nor the duke shreds there. And the second exercises place the pronouns in the proper form. So you see personal pronouns in the bracket and you have to make a possessive pronouns off them. So this is a kind of revision, Teoh what we have all that already learned in previous last time. So here you can pull with the video and try to do it alone. And if you're ready, then we can see the answers together. It's the first funnies. My Radmila court at British, your treadmill cord at Baraka Nash ad Adnan recorded Muska Kokoity Boyd at no record. Kokoity, Vashon Radmila Gordon, You've or add Ngoran. Barely. You have no record at New York. And now reveal. Look at the proposition. Okay, So little bit again. So as we have already learned, when a noun ends in Yeah, in proposition all case, it gets the ending e the names off. Some countries are listed here, and most of them ending. Yeah, you can see this in this table, for example. Nasty. Yeah. Which means Russia in prep additional case and throwing the question. Yeah, which means there will be breast ce, or this is also the case with Francia, which is friends. This becomes vat Francie here because it eases the pronunciation. Comforting the letter, all in the proposition. But this is also the case with the other. All their countries, like Italia Vitali towards CIA. So what's the Espana respond? Me. But you see that there are towns and also countries which doesn't end in Yeah, like musk America. Keep guy cut A Yeah, uh, in these cases, the ending will be yet, like, musk there from Medicare. Keep tire Cuddy. And now let's do some exercises practices. So the exercises place the words in brackets in the proper form and fill in the blanks. We do proper for it here. I mean the nationality. So if, for example, that is the Chinese there is China, that for example, somebody lives in China then you have Teoh feel in the blank with the proper nationality that they are on Dhere You compose the video and if you're ready, then we can see the answers together. So the first money run Jeev yacht Keep tire on Keep dying Yeah, she bullshit, etc Yeah sure Lucia Gvr Vitali Ana Italian unca Frieda Lee Gun Ji votes care mine I me Nancy Did you have your spam? Mary Kay de I'm Mary Canyon Mission beyond Rusty me little stevia Busy bot Wrongly the ugly Channing John Gvr Francie on France als DVR The appointment de you poignant and as usual, listen to these dialogue and, uh, you should be able to understand it now the vital Posner call me Anthea. I mean yes, a vote Victor Eroski watching pre Aetna I mean yes, a little bit young. The Chinese little Beth vision beauty of masks that suggests she won't get a boat. I was must quit. Give it of what ate you yet? A bottle. You'll see of me. Axles. IPA Prophecy. Yeah, it come on these together. She lied on ship. Ranchi. Usual. Gangly. Were having a go at London. The Billy flung doing you that bill that watching press TV, cord math, quit towards watching by showing Chris Levi cords. Victor, a mask over shrapnel. Gore. It needs more oregano. Gordon. Small inns. No, si. Chatty as you do you choose again. The Orci is you chose the insecurity and this is the end off our lesson. Thank you for your attention. I hope you enjoyed it. See you in the next lesson, Butka. 6. Language: in previous in the person you will learn about languages, how to say that you can speak a language in, ah, Russian and also some verbs which connect to this topic. So I hope you'll enjoy it. I e. Heavy. First, let's look at some vocabulary the wife, a small team, the lexical. So there are some words which we will learn in this lesson, which connect you speaking a language coverage to speak teeth that to read be such to right ? Funny much. Do you understand? Is a chat. What four cheats the study to learn. And if you want to ask somebody, if he or she speaks the language, then you can ask recovery, Kaparo whiskey or the coverage Japan Lyski This means do speak Russian or English. These are four more or you can ask to coverage. Bartoszewski, take coverage. Family Ski This book This also means do you speak Russian or English? But this is informal, and you can answer that you got value Perelstein that you cover you pang Lisk. This means yes, I speak Russian or English, where you can answer yet young Echevarria Karnowski yet young ago value Bangui ski And this means No, I don't speak Russian or English. And there are also some adverbs with with which you can specify how well you speak the language. Young know gaga value. Perranoski. This means I speak a little Russian yada Suga. Very Pruski. This means I speak Russian. Well, one your flow handle value, part whiskey. This means I speak Russian poorly and really learn another word which is on off the letter verb much. This means to be able. And, um, you have to use the infinitive form off the word that comes after it. So, for example, the more strategic that Bartoszewski this means Are you able to read Russian the efficacy? After the conjugated form off the verb march, there comes the infinitive form off the world to read, which is detached. You can answer to this Yamaguchi Bruschi. I can read Russian or young Yamaguchi far whiskey. This means I am not able to read Russian. And you can also ask somebody Kokoity rash, bad, noisy. This means what is your native language. And then you can answer my rad noise. Speak my native languages, for example, My dad No, you seek My native language is Russian, but you already know this word. Radon Oy. Because in the previous lesson, you learn the expression that had knowing Gordon reach me the city I was born in. And there are two other important words that you need to know in Russian. Can you show off course And no, which means but And now let's learn some grammar, The vice searching grammatical And before I contra gate or the words I would like to draw your attention to that. That Ah, here, uh, cheek that money. Nice diesel chat. Gucci and Governorate are all regular words. So in the previous lessons, we already learned the first and the second type of conjugation off Russian. So this is not new for you. So, um, these are all regular works, But be such as you will see its its a little bit irregular. So let's start with cheap that Yeah, she died. T t fiish on on a cheek diet may cheat. I am vhe taita on each it tight and the best forms she down Chief Dalla Chief Talley, When you much Yes, funny mine De bunny, My ish on an opinion My it mai bun in my, um we're very banging my a que honey when you might and the past forms fun, you know? Funny Moloch. Funny, Molly. Easel check. Yeah. You still child? De it'll childish. Oh, Nana is a child. May be zilch. I am V is a child on Lee is a child. And the fast forms if your child is what Shallah is Charlie or cheat Yeah, so did or dish on on a wood tick Me would seem every would she get I need we'll chat And the best forms Lucia or Chila? What Chile governor Each you got value Did the parish on an aga me covering. We govern Egypt une governor yet and the past forms Bavaria. Barilla? Not really. And there is the word Basat in which, um, as you can see the the route changes. So there are some kind off words, uh, which which are somehow irregular in Russian. There are some rules to it, but, um but you will need to learn these that these changed our rose. So let's see. Yappy shoe d b shish on on a be shipped me Catia v b shit une Beashel and the best forms we sell Be Saleh be Sally and, as you can see, even though in the conjugated form the the rule changes, it doesn't mean that if, uh if we want to make the past dance off the verb, that's it also changes. So it doesn't change, even though in the conjugation off for the present tense it changes. And now let's see the conjugation off the facility. Reverb watch. Um, ago, Do more dish one on that more shit. Mi motion, the more chicken I need more and the past forms Morgue, Marbella, mug Lee. And in this table, you can see all the worlds that we have learned today. And, uh, I would like to draw your attention to that that after the world's evil chat and G, you need to use this kind off whole version off the name of the language. For example, Bruschi speak Name its key Zeke People's Keys Week and after the words coverage cheetahs respect, uh, and find much you need to use this the shorter kindof version. For example, Bartoszewski Banya Meskhi by Pawelski. So you need to pay attention to death after certain words which were John you have to use. And now let's do some exercises so the first exercises fill in the blanks with proper form off the words in brackets. So here you basically have to conjugating the verbs which we have learned today but pay attention that there are some places where you have to use the past tense. So here you can post the video on Try to do the exercise alone. And if you already we can see the answers together. But I share your PLO Hechavarria Paderewski, Most teacher cover You had a show. Brian Sherrick Door PLO Hachi Tall, gangly ski as he just retired Herschel Russia Lane and, you know, got an email. A preference for France sooskee as the chest money Myers watching her show such as? Maybe champagne immaculately China are ichef be Sally Flora John A lean such as had a shock of Aria Bruschi arranged a *** very Lee to see Just had a show Pony Myers Frankly, skip Orion ship D'hara show Manimal spangly ski. But I ship you any more coverage. Parros. Asi Chazz Magoo Ana More should be set back it. I ski Orion Shania on um, a glass. The market digitize Barshefsky arancha rim ugly. The second exercises fill in the blanks with the proper form Butch and the proper pronoun. So again, this is a revision off the pronounce. Now you can stop the video and try to do the exercise alone. And if you're ready, then we can see the answers together. Antone more shit. Besides part whiskey at the Evo Radmila music demotions She Panya Meskhi at that point had really easy Yemma Google varied different sooskee at Amoy Radmila you seek John Jim more good cover each families at that each suddenly you seek mi motion she ties emphasized by Ponzi scheme eta Nash Bradley seek the marshal take a varied by my honesty it of a shod lazy defend exercises fill in the blanks with the proper form off the words in brackets. Now you can stop the video and try to do this exercise alone. And if you're ready, then we can see the answers together. Yeah, he's a child on this music. When you first see it you orga or Chiti? Bronski Easy. Marx is a child to rest in Music Institute Deity is a child name after music schooler Ryan Shay Yeah, cheer France will skill you think Mai which in Italian ski easy. The is a check. Yes, Gretzky's Anne Schuchat, Qarase Keys, Dick and the fourth exercises Feeling the blanks with the proper birth here, you need to use that the names off the languages. So now you can stop the video and try to do these exercise alone and they feel ready. Then we can see the answers together. Yeah, already. Kanye's Maiorana Jozic Gangly ski Can you show me? I am a group coverage besides families. John Francis ive or add new music fan Selsky Can you nationa on Marsha cheetahs? Besides preferences, keep Martin YMCA Your red noise Sick Name it. Can you nationa on a funny my It's funny Mesquite Make it tight. See, Nash Red Noisy kit I ski Can you nationa with covering Patty ties the shed but straddling music shreds Key Rechy tiki Past risky Lana is Sasha Rousse Kia. He ran noisy. Close honey bunny Mild Gaviria. And as usual, listen to this I along and now you should be able to understand this completely test with Victoria Acosta ETA Mayapada Google Lucia Watching Lucia Detail Young Come that data Younker Atty Your swift! Did you have your She must There that suggested a seafood you choose, But I should You laugh shreds e a t. Yeah, Toshio choose Mask are And she is a lovely me somewhere. And we'll go ahead. Lucia. Attic coverage spangly ski yet nicobar you to coverage by Thai and ski yet unique. Over you bite. I asked No mega very me planning my empire. Waske, this is the handoff. Our lesson. Thank you for your attention. I hope you enjoyed it. That seeing the next lesson over Agencia Becca. 7. About yourself: simply Viet. In this lesson, you will learn how to say how old you are. The numbers from 1 to 100 some vocabulary related to family and some grammar. Also the base accused off the charity of on the date of cases. I hope you will like it. But you, Holly. First, let's look at some vocabulary. The bypass molting now Mexico. So first, let's look at the numbers again of on Do That to City three. She theory. Four p yet five Shift speaks c M seven Voice him. Eight. Gave it nine. Dear See dance a Dean, that's it. 11. Dana Thank sell, Serena said. 13 GTR not 14. Pick next 15. She's not like 16 team. That's a 17 voice seemed like thing 18. Give it enough, it 19. And from the number 20 you just need to learn the name off numbers, which ended zero. So 2030 40 and so on. Because if you want to say like 21 or 22 you just have to put together the names off. The number is just like in English. So, for example, 20 bunnies 20th Do I think and one is a dean so If you want to say 21 then it's direct back again. Or 22 if device like it in Salon. So let's get get back to the numbers from 20 to 100. Do what? Such 20 three. Such 30. So Rack 40 biggest yet 50. She's just yug 60 Seem gift yet 70 Wasim Just yet 80. Giving Gosta 90 So 100. And if you want to ask somebody how old they how old they are, you can ask Score Coven. You left? What scorecard? Tbl it This means How old are you? The first is the the formal and the second is informal And you can answer Yeah, do at cycle it I am 20 years old or you can ask Coca Hemu Let How old is he, Jim? Three second. He is 30 years old. Quirk a year Let How old is she? Yea, galactic p I lit. She is 25 years old and ah, you have to use the day teeth case Teoh be able to say how old you are and we will learned this in this lesson. In Russian there are two words which you can use to ask if somebody is married the first days, Jenna, which means basically to have a life on this you can Onley use for males. And the other word is the muj, Um which means to have a husband basically. And this you can only use when asking women so you can ask command vision. Natty. What? Or Genet? Which means are you married or unmarried? The Yeah, gene that or damn origin at which means, yes, I am. Or he is married yet young Asian that yet owning Asian it Which means No, I'm not Or he isn't married. Or you can ask a woman these allusion or a Nazem illusion. This means Are you married or is she married? Yes. And illusion. What? On a subversion? This means I am Or she is married. Young is a motion Anania solution. This means I'm not or she isn't married. And you can also ask Les es senior What? Well TV. I Yes. See Sena, This means Do you have a family? Uh, the first, this form or the second informal. The Armenian? Yes, Sena. Yes, I do. Yet a minyan. You see me? No, I don't. And the this means in Russian That if somebody has chin and so it doesn't refer Teoh. Um, if you have parents or siblings or something like that. And also, if somebody is single, then they can say yeah or one whole us, which means I am or he is single and this they use for nails on Lee. But there is, in other words, which also females can use, which is Addie Nordiska. So a female can't say. Also, Yeah, Adi Nordiska, which also means that I am single. And also there are some words which relates to the topic family. So let's see them already chilly parents not yet back. Father Much Mama, Mother more husband Gyma life Getty She had run sin son, Dutch daughter, but at but either sister, Sister Babushka. Good. On Monday, Dedushka, Grandfather and I would like to trow your attention to that that the birth papa in theater strap belong to a special group because these aren't masculine, that which have unending off feminine house so unending, which is typical for feminine sounds, and these are always conjugated as prominent. But the objectives before them in the past tense off the verbs after them are in the masculine form So you need to remember that when using these words. And now let's learn some grammar. The vice solution Dramatic. So first, let's look at the genital k on the personal Pronin in the giant in case so, as you already know, the personal pronoun in the nominative case are yeah de on ana me, the honey and the personal Pronin in the generative case are Minya tibia evil, your nasty. Thus and as you can see, there is the letter in brackets before the personal programmes Evil year and each and it's because if you use the personal pronouns in the genital case with a proposition, then you have to use thes forms. So no evil New York and me. But just with propositions, this makes the pronunciation easier. And now let's see how to form the genetic singular off the nuns. So the basic cruelly that masculine and new turn ounce get the letters or yeah, at the end. And ah, in the case of masculine noun, the rule is that if a masculine down and in the lesser yeah, or in a sauce time, the generative will be yeah, for example, moves a Maziya, prepare the vata report of Atilla, and in other cases it will become It will get the letter at the end. But at bafta Wash Rosia yet And if a u turn on and in the letter Yeah, Then just the generative will be Yeah, for example Moria Moria. But in other cases, it will become a, for example, watches for orchestra and the family now basically either get the letter e or e in the genital Singular. The rule is if they end in yeah and self Stein or also after the letters Kaga and Cherkessia, Shia or Asia. Then the tentative, uh, case off the now and we'll ending e. For example, see Mia Sting, you babushka babushka garage variety. And here you can also see to ah announce which are irregular denounced Dutch and match because these these now owns a generative case Singular. Janet's case will be door cherry and mastery and other words. Ah, we'll get the ending e for example, sista 63 and that just remember these two words and their plural genetic forms Gaity on the floor or Janet E. D. K. And already chilly on the bureau generative Ready chili. Um and just remember them now because in this last on the one deal with the genital Turo and now let's look at the use off the genital case. So the first years is with a proposition. It means to possess something. For example, Cantona. Yesterday Gina whinny voice Gina. This means that Anton has a wife or that he has a live or who say yes to Marsh when your yes, this means that era has a husband or that she has the Hudson's. And here I would like to draw your attention to that. That the word. Yes, he is used at the kind off substantive work, but it is only used when the stress is on the existence off something. For example, if somebody asks you last year's Sena and you ask, sir, that will mean a ist Sena here the stress, the emphasis is on the fact that you have a family that you have for example, Children. Oh, are you can Or if somebody asks you on the street, good at Yes, when you were six years here. Ah, the ancestors is on the existence off university in the town. But if the existence off something is obvious or well known and it's a specific trade off this object that is discussed then yes, usually is omitted. For example, will she be a courtesy via Glatze here? Um so the fact that somebody has eyes is obvious mainly. And here it would be really strange to say that would be a yes, crafty via Glover. It depends on the context, but mainly they they will say this way. And here the answer stays is more on the quality off something so that you have beautiful, gorgeous eyes or, for example, another example Amina Uddin brat. Here the emphasis is more on the quantity off some things. So in this case, that's you have one brother and not on the fact that you have a brother. So just remember this and the second type off use off the genetic case. If there is a negation, there is an absence off something. Then you always have to use the genital case off the now for example, Amina. Yet Moshe coming And yet, sister, the the this means that I don't have ah husband. I don't have a sister. So if you if you don't have something or if there is nothing or there If there is, for example, there isn't a table in the room than you have to use. Uh, always after the word yet, Um, the generative case off. Denounce, for example, of calm naci. Yet, Stella, this means that in the room there is no table. And also after the numbers, so in Ah, in the Russian language, this is really important to know that after the number one, you use the nominative case singular. Often now and after the numbers from 2 to 4, you used a genetic case singular. On between five and 20 you used the genetic case plural. And from 20 it starts, This starts again. So, for example, 21 after 21 there will be the judge of the nominative case singular off the now because the last digit off the number is that counts. So let's see some example on this. For example, adding brat va Bratton three data cheat, eerie Bratton. So here, uh, between two and four, you see that the noun But at, uh is imaginative case singular, which is Britta. And also pay attention to Dad that in this in this lesson, this is important. That the This is also the case with, uh with the now only here, which is God in a Russian. So again, God, va three cheat, eerie Golda and the generative plural off this now needs let so after, uh, 5 to 20 they will use lift. For example pH lit five years and the fourth used off off the A genetic case is after some words which refer to quantity for example square ca How much Noga? Many a lot news Korca, some Molla a few little. But in this case, they use the genesis euro, which we don't really the murders into. Ah, in this lesson. But But you you need Teoh know this because if you ask somebody that how old are you? Then you will last score Cartabia lit and in this case, you you see that you use the generative poor off the now year Lift square ca let's Or if you want to say that many years, then you say no God lift or you already know the genetic plural off the noun A Children. So, for example, if you want to sick say that a lot off Children, then you say, uh, Noda DK And now let's look at some exercises. So the first exercises put the personal prone as into the genetic case with the proposition . And ah, here you compose the video as usual. And when you're ready, then started video and let's see the answers together. So if you're ready, then we can see the answers together. You mean a s sister? When you voiced Sinead George when asked Babu ski lessees Sena would you be? I used bad Ruka When you're in yet, Moshe, when you get DT the second exercises put the words in brackets into the generative case. And here, uh, you will also have to use the proposition sound there. So here you can post the video on when you're ready, Then start it again on and let's see the answers together. So if you're ready, then we can see the answers when you need a net. Moshe Victoria Net ready? Kelly or C three net door. Cherry batta yet? Sina Who? Andre. Yeah, yet journey Otani Net Sisterly ibra Oh, you re a ivanovich yet? Bob Bush key mediator Ski Oh, you'll any better off me knit Seaney? And now let's look at some grammar again So, Industry Essen, you will need to know how to form the date of case. To be able to say that how how maney years old somebody is and the first let's look at the personal programmes either dated case So the nominee etc You already know which are Yeah d on Anna Mae Every need and the dated case off the personal pronouns are Minya TB air You move Yes, numb of them in And just look at a how to form the singular Now in the data case. So the basic rule is that masculine and new turnouts either get the letter or the letter you in the date of case The rule for this with the masculine now's our that if a mess going down ends in the letter year or ah the soft Stein than the date it will be you for example Alexei Alexei, you prepare the vata pretty part of I tell you in other cases it will get the letter, for example. But at But ratto motion motion at yet so in the case off the new turnarounds, if a neuter noun ends in the letter yeah than dated, they'll be you for example more yet. What do you and other in other cases it will get the letter or chest? Or just And in the case of feminine now, in the dated case, the singular noun will either get the letter. Yeah, or the letter E in the in the data case. And Julius, if a feminine noun and sing Yeah, or the soft sign, then the dated case will be eat. For example, get a ride. Karachi Maria Murray. Also, there are two exceptions. The worth the Dutch and Match, which in the data case, our door, Cherie and Martin. Just like in the generative case. And in other cases, the the ending will be. Yet, for example, sister Half sister Day seem yeah, sing yet babushka babushka. And now let's do some exercises. So the first exercises fill in the blanks with the proper word Good Gorda or lips. So here you compose the video and try to do the exercise alone. And if you're ready, then we can see the answers together. You move that chickadee in God yet, but such a teary go that yeah, what's them? That's I live GPS chocolate run three tied Jagoda laying in the Western let era treat such shifts lives Victor PTC Atchity ricotta Mama shows this year Lift pop it shipped this year Black catching it cinnamon three Gorda door Cherry Chitti recorder And the second exercises Place the words in brackets in the proper. For here. You will need to use the data case off the now on personal pronouns. And now you can stop the video and try to do the exercise at home and they feel ready. Then we can see the answers together. Yeah, give it. Not yet. You move. So AC three Gorda, Natasha then act like it. TBS Tora cleared, Jim three Chick dearie Korda vom piggies Yet let my teddy should just yet divorce them. Let Brattle three. Not that he it Yea, she's not live sister area dry three Gorda Victoria. So rock ph. Let Alex say you treat such chesty let Virginia device like B s left. People kill you. Treat cited. Go that And as usual, you will hear a dialogue and now you should be able to completely understand it. Personal Conte special stuff it a model Michael watching pre aetna a means of wood. Sasha Michael, the governor is Eroski. The union aka Cover You money, My parents Sasha Axles IPA Prophecy. You have a match. It a bow tie. You find Needs it of the Yeah, economies. Water you. Thank you, Michael. A squawk of omelet. Yeah, treats like B. I lit a bomb. Yeah, cleats similar. Sasha a less Yesenia that you mean? Yes. To Gina. Seen you. Torch seenem. Divina, cycle it door. Cherie lives. Activex, Regina on a trip. A devotee. Nitze the boat I had be instituted. Ah, vision atty dia Taj. Not Minya yesterday saying you move Piak lit. So this is the end off our last lesson in this class 90 for your attention. I hope you enjoyed it. And I hope you find this class the useful. And if you would like to see more classes like this one, then please share your thoughts and leave comments and review this class because I'm planning on continuing, uh, these types of classes if there is an interest in this. So I hope you enjoyed it. Um, enjoy learning lot. A Russian in the future on, uh, over Ghencea. Bubka