Conversation Skills to Attract More Women Into Your Life (a French Man Shares His Secrets)

Benjamin Pages, Life & Communication Coach

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12 Videos (51m)
    • 0 Intro

    • 1 Perso

    • 2 Enter The World of Women

    • 3 Pre Framing

    • 4 Starting Interesting Conversations

    • 5 Storytelling

    • 6 Saving an Awkward Moment

    • 7 Closing a Conversation with Grace

    • 8 Priming

    • 9 Mirroring

    • 10 Kino

    • 11 Toolkit


About This Class

Have you ever wondered what makes a Ladies' Man who he is? What allows him to attract countless gorgeous women into his life with little to no effort? 

Imagine, a few weeks down the line, having more beautiful women hang around you than you've ever thought possible... This is what this course promises to deliver in 60 minutes of lessons broken down in bite-size 5-minute lectures.

In the first part, we'll focus on verbal cues that will allow you to build an engaging conversation and build up attraction on your very first encounter with a woman.

In the second part, we'll focus on how you can use your body to build -in one date- levels of attraction most men will take you weeks to achieve.

Ready to play along with me on this and turn your life around? Good, then let's go right into it!





Benjamin Pages

Life & Communication Coach

Active in the coaching space for the 10 years, I am bringing my passion for communication to life through actionable courses that allow to take your life to the next level immediately. Expert marketer, you can usually find me either at the gym or behind a piano when I'm not working. I hope to bring you as much value as I've received from my coaches and mentors throughout the years.

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