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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Yummmm -Great Barbeque

    • 2. Here's the secret

    • 3. BBQ chicken

    • 4. Lamb chops extraordinare

    • 5. Roasts including beef, chicken and turkey

    • 6. Shrimp that everyone will brag about

    • 7. Help! I'm out of my comfort zone

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About This Class

The technique that I'll demonstrate in this short course will empower you to make great tasting food, quickly, and safely. It will almost eliminate the hazard of burning yourself or a grill fire.  It will make your food juicy, and it will get lots of your friends and family to brag about how good of a BBQ Chef you are.

If you're out at the grill, play this video on your phone, and check it out. It's not to late to make the following foods easy to cook:

  • Ribs (all varieties)b850aa7f
  • Chicken
  • Lamb chops
  • Pork chops
  • TriTip
  • Roasts
  • and more.

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Alan H. Jordan

Writing & Instruction that Entertains & Empowers



Thanks for stopping by. I'm new to Skillshare, but not to writing and instruction. (I also teach on other platforms.)

I have published over 30 books, hundreds of magazine article, many blog posts and more.

My award-winning book The Monster on Top of the Bed is popular with children and their parents. Check it out on or

My passion is to motivate people, particularly children, to learn to love to read and write.

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1. Yummmm -Great Barbeque: Hi there a town and a few barbecue. You know that where there's smoke, there's fire. And where there's fire, that's not necessarily very good in me. Fire like this way, way hot fire can really cause your stuff to get dried out. And worse than that, it's a closure whole house to burn down. All it takes is a really, really strong wind, where sometimes you're just not looking and something trips out from that fire can be caused by hot coals, and it could be caused by gas grows. So what I'm going to show you is a technique that will allow you to use a pan like this to avoid having that kind of fire. And they get tastier, tastier food. Doesn't that sound good? Great. Let's get started now. There's a caveat, but I'm going to show you doesn't necessarily work for this kind of grill. It works more for the wide grills. But if you have a grill like this and you can turn when just part off the, uh, heating elements, or put all the coals over toe one side, you don't work for growing this. Are you ready to get started? Let's go 2. Here's the secret: Here's the secret. We're gonna use this pan, but we're not going to use it just yet. First, we're going to set up the group. We're gonna turn the grow on. We're going to heat it up using the left, first burner and the middle burner, but not turning on the right hand burner if you got charcoal. If you got charcoal, just shove all the charcoal over to the left hand side. Don't make it really, really high. It could be hot. Just keep it to the left hand side. Here is why we're doing this. We're gonna cook with conviction once you get the left hand side of the grill hot and you put in a pan filled with your favorite food on the right hand side and closed a grill. What's gonna happen is that the air is going to circulate around from where it's hotter to cooler, and when it does, that's going to cook your food. Your food is gonna cook safely, and it's gonna have good natural juices in with it. If you don't want old juices, you can put a little trying here. When those little things like a baking trade, it raises it up. Sort of. The food doesn't hit that uses. That's OK, too. We're basically using the same principle as a conviction of Got it. Okay. Catch you in the next video. 3. BBQ chicken: This is what we want to avoid. All this hot fire that comes up and the fire it Sears everything and dries it out and fire that could jump out if there's a wind and cause a fire in your house And there goes your deck and there goes your house all because, Well, you didn't pay enough attention. Course it goes to say that you shouldn't have a grill that's this dirty. You clean your grill. But I'm using this picture to show you the grease and all the other stuff and how dangerous it is. We want to stay away from this. Now. The technique with this pan is gonna work really, really well with lamb chops, chicken and spare ribs. And you can use it for a variety of other things, like steak, too. And here is how you do it. After you have the grill heated up on the left hand side, you put whatever you want to cook inside this pan and put it on the right hand side for chicken. I like to use in paprika, a little bit of onion, salt, maybe just a touch of black pepper and some poultry seasoning and I put it in there and I closed the wig and I stay near the grill just in case something should happen. And after about 15 20 minutes, I check it cause has been cooking in around 400 degrees and I take it tongue and I turn it over and I check it again in another five or 10 minutes. Still looks just about done, but not quite that. I take it out and I put it on the left hand side and turn the heat down and go and it finishes it off. That's what I do for chicken. Now let's check out what we do for a couple of other things. 4. Lamb chops extraordinare: let's say, Wanna make lamb chops? That sounds good, doesn't it? Well, lamb chops should come out tasting juicy the way when a Coke, um, is that they're still a bit a pink lift. I'm not old, not all dried out. And you can do that very well by putting them in the pan over here. And you can put in some potatoes and things like that, and maybe a couple of tomatoes and other types of vegetables that are going to cook along with it. And then don't worry too much about the tomatoes if they get over Don, because allied flavor to the lamb and potatoes or or be really nice to. And you take this stuff and you just do the same thing that they were chicken, but with different seasonings. So what are some of different seasonings? Well, I happen to like putting fennel and land chumps. It gives it a sort of licorice taste on. You could put Carraway Siegel on if you're really trying to be good about it, you can also use old a standard seasonings that you would take a little bit of sold, a little bit of pepper and stuff like that. But if you're trying to avoid high blood pressure or something, fennel is amazingly good. Oh, and Trump's. Give it a try. You can try somewhat fennel ones light and some with your other seasonings in the right side and see how you feel with the lamb chops. Make sure you check it out about 15 to 20 minutes. Turn a mover cecum in about another 15 to 20 minutes. Depends how thick they are. After really thick and may take longer to really thin, it won't take so long. And then when you're just about done but not completely done, take him out like you did with the chicken and put him on the grill on the left hand side turned fire down a little bit and young, you're gonna have some really delicious tasting lamb chops. 5. Roasts including beef, chicken and turkey: a roast is just about perfect. It's not terrific. You just don't overcook it. You can always hear it up a little bit more. Do it the way that we've described. Put some really good seasonings on what kind of seasonings a good rush doesn't need. Much I tend to just use will have been a pepper, some fresh women. Maybe it would have been garlic, a touch of, uh, onion sold. Maybe we actually cut up some onions and put it in with it, perhaps reports and potatoes around it to give it forever. When it's cooking the pan, it brings in the flavor of all of these things. Wonderful, just wonderful. Chicken chicken does really well, because you really just roasting it and you can put a lot of stuff in the pans. Now, when you're doing this, you might. You might want to put some of the vegetables than in later on so that their overcook, but the idea is very simple. Keep it on the right hand side, but the conviction off and take it through and brown it. You may not even have to think about the possibility off putting it over on the right Now, here's something that you could do. You could turn the chicken upside down and this works for turkey also, and open up a can of beer. Pop it. So did its open drink about 1/3 of it by pouring it into a glass or a cup first. So you only have 2/3 of a can. Maybe 1/2 a can left trashing appear. Yeah, makes hope barbecue experience a little bit better, does it and then cover DeWitt and let it cook and beer comes up in Keast keeps the turkey. I hope the beer comes up and keeps the turkey or the chicken really, really moist. Now I've got to tell you, I agree with this, But if you go online, you're gonna find some people who are going to tell you it doesn't work. So you have to figure out if it works for yourself. How do you like that? Ice and idea 6. Shrimp that everyone will brag about: What about shrimp? While shrimp is really, really good in a barbecue, But in this case put some skewers on it and put it above, depend above, depend and why you're right. It throw in some various garnishes and things of that nature to add some flavor and make sure you could with the seasonings you like and make sure you turn it over. You're gonna really like it. Now. Don't forget when it's mostly cook, do you take it off and shifted over to the left hand side so it really looks barbecued. Are you getting the idea now? The same technique that you can use Which rib with rand chops? Well, it doesn't work so well with hamburgers. I've cooked hamburgers the way you normally cooked hamburgers and just keep a close eye on him, and I probably cooked steak the way you normally cook. Stink, but not necessarily. You could use this technique for hamburgers and steak. I'm not tried recommended, but there so many things that it works for. You works for tri tip. It works for you know anything that you can heat up most of the way and then just finished shoving over to the left inside to finish growing. Okay. Have a great barbecue experience. I hope you really, really have a fun one. And that you enjoy your food and that everybody says, How did you do that? Anyway, if they dio come about this video, Okay, Thanks a lot. Take care. 7. Help! I'm out of my comfort zone: Hey, guys, this has been outside of my comfort zone. I could talk about business things I can talk about writing, and I invite you to check out my other courses. But if you've like this, give me a couple of shoutouts because it's really hard for me to do this type of thing. I can make good food, but I'm always a little bit shine a little reticent about telling people how to cook. Meanwhile, I really want to share it with you because I think it's really important that you were in some of the techniques that have really helped me to become a better hook. Andi, if I get good feedback from this, maybe try another video in the colon, every wine. So let me know what you think and stick something in the projects. Okay, Take care now. Bye bye.