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Controlled Mayhem Poster Design | Using Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator

MadeByStudioJQ, Love What You Do

Controlled Mayhem Poster Design | Using Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator

MadeByStudioJQ, Love What You Do

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4 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Controlled Mayhem - Introduction

    • 2. Controlled Mayhem - Gradient & Shapes

    • 3. Controlled Mayhem - Composition & Layers

    • 4. Controlled Mayhem - Conclusion

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About This Class

Controlled Mayhem Poster Design  | Using Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator

Using Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop to create a vibrant abstract looking poster design with gradients and photography

All Works Copyright © 2020∆ Studio–JQ ∆

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1. Controlled Mayhem - Introduction: so Good morning, everyone. Jonathan Quinn in here from Studio J. Q. Finally on back. I've had time to put together. We'll put aside time for this video. Um, because I've been getting a lot of requests, most recently on my kind of mayhem star. You wanna call it chaos? Um, on people solve asking me, like, how did you know? What's the thought process? So what I'm gonna do today for this lesson is is kind of do a posted in this style, but on the fly said, talking through, like my four Precious I wasn't doing it. So it's gonna be a totally around a poster, but done with the elements taken form one would be the imagery for and slash or trees in this image, because it's quite a kind of nice fall, like a house amano to complement and conflict against the vibrant colors A. So you can see here on, then, also not understate another time. Do like, um, procreate to toil on Howard of kind around different stars of brushes. But these are the elements are gonna be using to put into the poster so they see that proved crazy. But it often comes into something quite nice. So this is the main template to be used in will be looking at stars very similar to this, cause people be lasting me. Uh, can you just show me how you do it? Will you know how you do it, like the thought process behind there? Because you can You can chuck a lot things on on the piece of paper on the line on the composition, but sometimes it could be too much. But people enjoy how on doing it with the colors and stuff like that said, That's the just the introduction off the class would stay. I just or no. So critics say thank you travel for the support and kind of feedback on. I've been getting a region pressure, and it does keep me going Teoh to provide new contents or daily for you guys on also just another quip when I will be bringing their through the to total soon. It's just like me to do that, too. PC for three. Denounce it. We've gotta find a way of getting the recording stuff together because there's knows easier is on the Apple Mount, where you can just print a prince room records screen on old you. So I think I look quite looking to get some milk. A microphone? It's upset anyway. So that's the crook introduction off the class was doing today. Um, yeah, that's this. Have some fun. And so you see what we can do. 2. Controlled Mayhem - Gradient & Shapes: So here we are part one, um, just to show these of the elements port inform Procreate. For my part, say, when you design on that, you can put it obviously in layers like friends Shop on you can bring in is a PSD far on is really helpful because you can then separate these layers, um, and then coffee and then place him into your and she'll composition, um, our lobbies in these Barthes parts elements of these, but it's ones quickly shows of the past that people keep asking about about my great aunt's people love my graders kind of as much as I love unusual in the ingredients orbits The freefall once said, It's the 3rd 1 along here said freeform Grady, because we're going full pink, pink, orange, Eller vibes. Maybe a bit gray. Um, use these elements have been here. So the good thing about this is you can pull around the colors. Ah, and certainly position. You want to make a kind of the shade all the blend on, and then you could just pull them out if they got too much. So then click on one double click cents per in the pink And then that's cool from that one . Well, okay, then. You know, on them a pen. What we're going with, that's pretty like a blue, I think. What was ruled this bus? Exactly. What? Any other Monday? So, uh, well, so there's cause you can see how nice this blends coming together. But there is another option. You can do it with circles or points they call it. You can also do it lights, so you can then draw what you want. The colors, the yeah, the colors together. And then just make something really unique. Concludes if you just pull the ones. Come on, I think Just play with them if you like. This mouse is gonna be really fun today. Sorry we're here. What? Ah, yeah. Just put in small players. Yeah, but also, you can sit still, these in the points ones as well. So yeah, that's that's kind of world. Do you feel when I when I've been doing these unloving, these both pastoral style radiance. But that's how I do that. So hopefully that I have you guys toe current some as well. So basically it's radiant. 3rd 1 along free for Grady in Editor and then prince off Ecology one and then just its recent. So you're happy planets when the ages, You want markedly quite fussy. But, um no, that's too much in. It s so I'm gonna use it in this design. So that's just get its 11 1 I think that is a these contain up. Let's bring back what we have. This should this test remember on this trip. So your phone get back additional 20. I want to take out the lions. Parks preferred the the three points. Four points. It was repair in two minutes. It could get point muddy, even those rgb so that well, im national. Yeah, I can get it can get muddy if you have a lot of colors in what? Because some reason this must be really lucky today Said did apologize. But that's just good with that for now, for clubs to originated between a copier, usually you see that the PSN taken important. Um, and then we're just gonna place that there is a small jet. Have you want, Like I said, this is gonna be on the flight. Said it's kind of cool because I don't even know what we're gonna come up with yet. Um, so, yes. So that's the great inform illustrator. And then what we're gonna do is just bring in unloving my squiggles because they're inspired by that. She finds it very funny. Basically, whenever I do notice on my neck thoughts, I go away, get cup of tea or coffee, come back and she scribbled all over my designs on. Then that's sitting there smoking that may. I don't know what we've done that I want to point that the pilot had done against. He's always always what any of my work. So that's where these scribbles come for my inspiration from that, and I just expected. That's whenever I do a design. I kind of know she's not a substitute, but that's there is a story. There is a story behind my things, even if they can be pretty with so just Cochran in the elements that I like. Okay, they're all black. And that now another tip. If you use a really high contrast colors with really dark just brings out the greens out the ottoman turkey. Um, worse. Another one is that this little quite like days, So yeah, let's just placing these in for now and then you see them? You pretty in the imagery and the names. We're getting a lot. Actually. The yellow you have it, the orange and the blue and the black is working well, that by Do you want off? Well, for back to maybe this color parlor. Who? The original one with the three colors. Who was it? Yeah, this one. So I'm gonna go off this sort start states. Yeah, basically, that's stage two illustrator. Using the Grady in the free for you can have so much fun. You can even just do so different shapes. And then you can just, um, have that as a simple poster. But as you know, I quite like to add depth and different colors and stuff. So So you get all the elements we're gonna play with now, and then I'm gonna be taken some stuff away with brushes and then looking at the composition and quite a that sets that you don't have to spend long each day doing posters or designs. Do something that you saw learning Do something new every day or do something that you've liked to do. Then you want to solve improve on the more you do some it, I think the better you get. Just with experience, that's just £12. So, yeah, now we're gonna go into their stage is looking at the composition and colors. 3. Controlled Mayhem - Composition & Layers: So here we are. We've now got away the other moves. I think we need to create a poster. Um, it's just about just about tweaking now and get into the star that you want. All the the needle, the look. So I got the image. Put these insists, or folders to make it easier using I will be honest, my father very message. Um, because I answered a video. I think I better tidy them up. So I just Problem meant MBs turkey, which is just, let's see the furniture but the post. You can't see the moment because it's what about just trained to color. Moving over there. We'll go lose an unusual one of my furniture, some of the side parts, but I find that I see I got image from Splash Got the vectors, Grady it from illustrator on the The shapes from the procreate designs that I did, um, something up. No, no. Should be a different Excuse me that should be on. Different as it's been. So it is easier Teoh no much because in the same group, I told you, Just take yourself, Be fine for now, I'll be changing out. So as I mentioned we're going to be going for this kind of looks. So the background, the one is, is great at the moment. White submit to too much against these continents. During that time, there were not going to say that them because we brought you here just veggies. That none of it. So there are two of the harness is what's going on in the head. Well, what's going in my head? Um, takeoffs in the moments we could just see how we gonna do this. I don't always like to have things dead in the middle. I think that's a bit boring. Are these include against the Martins here off the texts experience if you see that we got . That's not the kind of going for be conceived with the accent kinda off my grand and was always already jumping against the the monitor of the imagery. Um, so that's bringing this. That's how these shows can be. Anything you come up with. Let's bring in this. That's half, say, when the vibrant yellows we'll see. A lot of these designs aimed went Web design. That's what you do have to consider is when you do go to print these colors here. Arguably they will if you got you got changing C m y que. And when you do, they don't. They're not as vibrant, and they will get a lot muddier. So if you're doing work for clients, you don't need to explain that to seven. Some of the time you were going from where our tippy you're gonna get the vibrancy, show him. Okay, If you're doing a posted just for print or magazine or something like that, I would actually just start design in see him, OK? Because that way, then you went disappoint your south or the client and sense of what they're going to say. Okay, so again, maybe that's just use a pink hair. We're going to give the pink orange And was that we're gonna give the pinko Internet. Yet I look with the great thing about that fool for even That's another all in tribute. Do you really want together? Let's say to get a great and so maybe that's too much over her face. And she was like, under face. Come on now, underneath the picture. So there's just no div, right Click London up with Sarah Change in front of super fast, different ways to do this or tow cover overlay. And then you've got the country. Wants to where? This have a look for, uh, what we're gonna do forward, Wasn't that? Yeah, something like that. Too many colors in it is just You ever killed are the Nothing was trying out for here. Is that see Good. Yeah, I know. I believe in the to. Yeah. So this is what I mean. I take stuff on the flight, but it is. There's no client. There's no claim that I am the client. I try and stuff. I think people like because what I do when I designed So they are like, if people like it, that just means so much more. So the idea is to just develop your own skill, your own start, but enjoy what you're doing. I think the more that you enjoy it, the more sure in your work Central city, near the computer. Do you really wanna do this? I think I'm not enjoying this. Then you won't get the results as much as if you are enjoying something. And then on the days if you want your no enjoying something to sort of break, start, Get Yes. So here we are that we've got the composition of the image there. The only thing is now I'm not sure this greater is gonna be working. Said two million colors. I just want when the great in works with my other work here. Gonna let up? Yeah, you just got gray. And then you've got the background, the images. Great. Then you've got the color on top. So you've just got to things against each other. If I have colors, different colors with colors of rail and there's just too much Wang Jen is just Well, now it's told to do so, Uh, just ones they're never gonna get Teoh saturation to say I can take these. Yeah, the moment need to go back and change the plan itself, being in the straits up because that's not working as much. Now I want to do and still use it. Thank you. Bigger, but that I'm gonna just take some away. So amusing, um, some of these drums brushes that you can't honestly. And then we'll go from somewhere now in its reverence creative, Markle, something having a plan that they ready. They weren't ready. Well, when you wanna have a bit if, um, elements of what layers. But like I said, I want to take away some of those colors can use. Still use the shapes. But no, I have the whole city. That's pretty cool. I think maybe I have this furniture on the side of black Just the green you're looking at very. Then you look at that. You're thinking, why? Why is the blue complemented each other? Don't do that. Says no reason behind it. So if you haven't just off monitor than when it stands out of its great and two that it doesn't relate to the kind acid is like you're not pushing for a meaning behind it. It's there for information about what the design is. But you don't want it to get in between the the vein of the design. So then we just cannot. This controlled mayhem, obviously. How events? That's good. Folds it would be rude. Mater. So what I'm gonna do hiss find away. Placing Mr Photography doesn't always factor this straight. Uh, sister, I mean, but it just like sentence. I got 63 since 60 on the when we say 76 50. No. So now I got a friend of word making this work because what you can see this images that she's Ah, what's going on? You can kinda see. Couldn't move. You can feel that leaves Oh, about love. Well, no. Is what mainly school. If you just picked from the colors you got, then you know, added more colors to the design of this You just continuing on, I would say we got 123 blue there, world, quite large. Is this red here? But there's nothing here. So let's move this away for for much of the But this red underneath she was little believe no. Well, this one here keep underneath the emits. Uh, this much is really like it's that But then that's just changed to cover. But maybe one of these that's that's And then sometimes where I learned to dio, I don't go on too much, we'll find another then I like Teoh people asked about the fact to filter noise that lawyers pictured a kind of have to did you, Ron, for to turn this girl eight certainly Get that nice look the half to see from far away That's like it's my neighbors, actually. Well, it's. But then what you can do that is is your brother yes, stories it and then just took away some of the elements. So you've got the look of the original imagery, Andi. The effect on talk which adds to the stop to basically that that's it. That's past the bearish down for today. That's where we come from. God, all the elements coming together and looking quite cool. So, yeah, I'm just gonna be one to the conclusion, but it's just a quick once day, but you can see how we can lair up the different elements to seven. Quite interesting to look out. 4. Controlled Mayhem - Conclusion: right here. This is the final result. Just I'm saved into the louts that are using Instagram. I'll do also like to add elements that using the post of kind of put behind it just to up the working furniture you consider was taken away. They're still quite nice. But I think it just adds more depth when you have some elements. But then you've always let the board of the face stuff. It's just to conclude reviews. Elements form in the Straits up ish, our need to play on the twin towers better next. So, in terms of what I want to have us to find out, Like I said, I've done on the fly. So I learned that that wasn't gonna work. That's what we still added it here with the shapes but wasn't ideal. Um, but then we got the other elements off the poster. The different brushes are using procreate. Um, because it doesn't matter what ecology do have improved break, because sometimes you can just put into the person, but a czar showing you could just change color anyway. But this will come together. Really mostly, Yeah, I'm not a reluctant during more screen time. for this, I would be looking damn or free d two toy will soon once I get stuff. But I just wanted to push a poster one out because I do get a lot of good feedback on, but I just want to show you more about the way I going to do it on. I would love to see what you guys come up with. Do you take me and I takes a while. But I do with you all the tags, they don't think that I don't is just takes what? To get through them. But, uh, do you talk me and follow and share what you do and then took me in there and then you really interest? See what you come up with to, um, isn't Monday's about one bit sunny, but hope for this break, Brian, that your day and we're looking forward to seeing what you did. Okay, thanks a lot on, um, let's look forward to the next one, which is a free Afridi tutorial. A lovely day. Thank you very much.