Control Your Watercolour Bleeds with Ease! by Pizzle Paints

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6 Lessons (46m)
    • 1. Welcome!

    • 2. Materials

    • 3. Colour Swatches

    • 4. Controlling Bleeds - Loose Leaves!

    • 5. Controlling Bleeds - Loose Florals!

    • 6. Paint your loose wreath!

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About This Class

Welcome to my newest Skillshare class!


Control Watercolour Bleeds


1. to have an understanding of the relationship between paint and water 

2. to have the ability to control watercolour paint 

(that was made up but looks sort-of legit - right?) 

In today’s class you will learn how to CONTROL your watercolour BLEEDS with EASE! My friends, 'ease' is the key term here... I'm going to teach you about control in a way that is achievable, encouraging and that you can adapt to anything you paint. You will no longer be afraid to watch your watercolor subjects bleed into each other, instead you will be able to control where and when the bleeds happen! This class goes through a three step process: learn how to control watercolour bleeds when painting loose leaves, learn how to control bleeds when painting loose florals and piece them all together by creating a loose, floral-filled wreath (A4). Let's break down the class steps below. 

What you will learn:

  • What materials I used - Art Philosophy Pallets - Essence, Woodlands & The Classics - (Discount Code: Pizzlepaints15%, Silver Brushes 'Black Velvet Round' sizes 6 & 4, Art Spectrum 300gsm European rough paper. 
  • How I choose my colours & swatch them
  • How I control my bleeds through the examples of round leaves, pointed leaves & 3 type of loose florals 
  • How I construct/paint a wreath using the following steps - Statement Florals, Balance not Symmetry, Colour Consistency
  • How to detail/decorate my wreath - add veins to leaves, paint the pistils *center of the flower*, add little dots *as fillers*

Gosh I hope you enjoy this class because I really enjoyed making it. Remember that YOU'RE IN CONTROL! Don't be afraid of the paint. I am itching the see your projects and cannot wait to hear from you.

I would really appreciate if you could review this class for my own personal development.

Happy Painting! #whenindoubtwreathitout