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Control Anything Anywhere without Internet with Arduino

Ashraf Madhoun, An Engineer with +10 Year Experience

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11 Lessons (1h 29m)
    • 1. 1 Introduction Arduino

    • 2. 2 Hardware and Software Requirements

    • 3. 3 What is DTMF

    • 4. 4 Basic Layout and Function Explained

    • 5. 5 DTMF Decoder

    • 6. 6 DTMF Decoder Circuit Explained

    • 7. 7 Headphone Jack Explained in Details

    • 8. 8 Arduino DTMF Circuit Simulation

    • 9. 9 Coding Arduino DTMF part1

    • 10. Circuit Schematic

    • 11. Make DTMF Decoder Module PCB


About This Class

What you'll learn

  • Learn how to make your own Arduino Wireless long distance Controller via DTMF Decoding without the Internet, WiFi or Bluetooth
  • Learn about DTMF Decoder and how they are useful to your electronic Projects
  • Learn how to give Arduino Super-Powers without extra modules
  • Learn How to program Arduino using Arduino IDE
  • Learn How to make your own DTMF Decoder
  • Learn How to use interface DTMF Decoder with Arduino.
  • Learn How to make your own DTMF Decoder PCB Board using Eagle Free Circuit Design Software
  • Learn How to Simulate Your Circuit using Proteus Professional Software
  • Learn How to Make a 3D Case for your Project Board to Protect them from Environmental Conditions using Fusion 360


  • Basic Knowledge of Programming


Learn how to make your own Arduino Wireless long distance Controller via DTMF Decoding without the Internet, WiFi or Bluetooth!!

Have you ever needed to Control a device, sensor, or a project from a long-distance location that doesn't have Internet? Are you tired of using Radio, WiFi, or Bluetooth modules that cost a lot and have a limited range + the programming pain that comes with them!! Yes? Well, You have come to the right place.

In this course, we'll introduce DTMF Technique that will give Your Simple Arduino board super-powers, with DTMF you can control anything, anywhere with a simple, cost-effective solution.

In this course, you will learn how to write a very simple code to control multiple devices in an easy way.

     Why you should learn how to Control Anything Anywhere via DTMF:

  • It's easier to program

  • Save time in the development phase of your project

  • Less effort when you want to change or update something in your Arduino based device/project.

  • No need for extra Bluetooth, WiFi, RF, or any other module.

    What you will learn in this course:

  • How to program Arduino using Arduino IDE

  • How to make your own DTMF Decoder

  • How to use interface DTMF Decoder with Arduino.

  • How to make your own DTMF Decoder PCB Board using Eagle Free Circuit Design Software

  • How to Simulate Your Circuit using TinkerCad Free Web Simulator

  • How to Make a 3D Case for your Project Board to Protect them from Environmental Conditions using Fusion 360

Goal From This Course:   

- Learn how to make your own Arduino Wireless long distance Controller via DTMF Decoding without the Internet, WiFi or Bluetooth

Required Materials   

  • Arduino.

  • Arduino IDE

  • DTMF Decoder

  • Mobile/Smartphone

  • Fusion 360

  • Eagle Free Circuit Design Software

  • Proteus Professional Software

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in making his own Arduino Wireless long distance Controller via DTMF Decoding without the Internet,WiFi or Bluetooth
  • Anyone interested in Controlling sensors, devices or projects from a distance without WiFi, Bluetooth or RF Modules
  • Anyone looking for an easier to program Arduino for Long distance Control
  • Anyone looking to Save time in the development phase of your project
  • Anyone looking for an easy way to change or update something in his Arduino based device/project.
  • Anyone looking for long distance control without the need for extra Bluetooth, WiFi, RF, or any other module.
  • Engineering Students - Electronics, Electrical & Computer Science
  • High School Science Students
  • Electronic Geeks, Hobbiest & Art Students
  • Embedded Systems Geeks
  • Arduino Geeks
  • IoT and embedded systems Geeks
  • Anyone interested in connecting his project to the internet with a low budget solution
  • Home Automation Geeks


1. 1 Introduction Arduino: Hollande will come through this a new course and what you learn how to control anything, anywhere without Internet on using are doing this is Ashley from Educational Engineering Team. In this course, we would use our greenoe on a detail math mature on. We will introduce this to TR for your in details to control anything that comes in your mind from anywhere without the need for an Internet connection. The little math module gives the Arduino superpower on allows you to control anything in so many ways. The main objective off this course is to control the functioning of the industrial, agriculture or even home application lords, using wireless technology that doesn't require Internet connection on that can be accessed anywhere. Only one cell phone is needed for this course on. We will explain everything in details. Now what you learn in the scores. First, we will talk about DTM off. What? What is the time off? How to implement it on why it's important to know the time off while using develop is better than just a module? Or why have lists Internet based controlling on how to control anything, anywhere without Internet, where you can use this project, we will explain the application circuit on simulation for this project. We were right. Accord toe control. Anything. Onda, We will make a PCB for the final project Onda. We will also introduce you to how to make an outer case for your project. So this will be a complete project based course. We'll start with the basics off wireless communication using the term math. Then we will light our code on from there We will make a PC before all project on would create an outer case. We will cover every aspect of this project. So I'm sure that you will enjoy this course content. At the end, you will have a fully functional project that you can use on implement anywhere. Thanks for watching this quick introduction. 2. 2 Hardware and Software Requirements: hardware and software requirements. For this course, you will need a micro controllers on. It can be Arduino or pick my control are depending on what you are familiar with. We'll need on I see. Called Mt 8870 on this is mainly the DTM. After recorder on, we will explain it in details. You need a phone, Jack. Just like this one. Andi will explain how to use it, How to connect it. Andi, which parts are need? You'll need some leads on You need a 3.5 megahertz crystal. That usually comes with this. I see which is empty. 8870 You will also need Ah cab Esther 109 off a lot. We need to on 20 PICO. We also need to go busters. So forecasters in total These are serum ika busters. You'll need 100 kilo ohm resistor to on to 330 care OEM resistance on four One killer Only the store you need. Ah, voltage regulator 78 05 It's a five volt a voltage Regulators. You'll need 10 micro Farhod paralysed. Master, you need to off them. Andi, you need a mobile phone with his phone. Jack, the mobile phone will be used on. We'll explain why we need it. It can be anything. There are wild phones that are less than $10 can be used for this project. I will show you the one that are used in the practical section, but that's it. These are the hardware components that we need regarding the software we only need on our green software on a circuit design software and will explain how to give the so for in the download and installation section. Thanks for watching this lesson. 3. 3 What is DTMF: Hollande will come from the sinuous on in, which are going to explain what is DTM off now. The first thing that you need to know is what the time off stands for. It stands for Dwell Tune, multi frequency, so it's basically a frequency based tomb. On it is the basis for our telephone system. The Touchstone form is technically at them after generator that produces the term afternoons as we press it. So when you hold your phone when you press one on the dial, it creates a tone when you press to it creates a different room on when you press three. If creates other, too. On. These were first used in the telephone system. When you place one year to the form, it will create a tune that of specific frequency on. This is what we call the damn off or the well tone multi frequency. How does it work when we press the battles on the key? Bad a connection is made. Their generates students at the same time at all June on a column to him, these two tones identify the key. We pressed toe any equipment we are controlling. If we are using additon after a bad to remotely control equipment. The tunes can identify what unit we want to control as well as which unique feature. We want this to want to perform or this project toe before now. As you can see, this is the Adele all the key bad tool that exists in your phone on nor telephone network on anywhere. As you can see, each of these numbers has a column frequency and narrow frequency. So when you press one, you are basically selecting 697 heads on 1209 health. So these are the two tours that we are selecting when we are pressing a number one, and you can hear that tune if you hold your mobile phone. Now, if you open up your key bad your touch keypads hand tried to call someone try on Press one . You will hear a different tune down when you press two or three or four or five or six, so we new place that digital or the digit one of the key Bad visionary of the tones. 1209 Health Onda 697 Health Pressing that digit to will Jared that wounds 1336 on 600 97 hurts. Sure, the tune 609 7 is the same for both digits one and two. But take two tunes to make a digit on the recording equipment knows the difference between the 1209 on 1300 36 Andi. It will recognize that when you press one, both of these frequencies are used. But when you presto, this frequencies used by this frequency is different. Now it's 1336 so that recording equipment knows the difference between the that owns Andi. Basically, it requires two tunes. Dryden. Fire. Any of these keys on that key? Bad? No. This table is showing that them a floor and high frequency tunes on recorded output. As you can see, when you press one, it will send to these two tones 697 and 1209. These two tones are sent inherits. This is the law, the Tama frequency. And this is the highlight African see on the dick Order will generate this output 0001 So this these are four bit binary recorded output again. When you presto attrition, these two frequencies on it will record these frequencies to this spinal cord. 0010 on you lost that. Each of these calls is different than the other. So using an if statement in any programming language, you can know which number was pressed using this code. So when you receive 0001 you are pressing button one on the Mbeki bat. We are receiving 1100 You are pressing the Hashtags sign. I'm Becky Bat, so it's that easy. Now let's summarize what we have learned So far, we have discussed that when your press one you are basically generating this tune or this frequency on this Rick ones, these two frequencies will be taken by the recording equipment sort with thick these two tunes. The recording equipment on the recording equipment will generate ah, buying a record which is 0001 on If we used Arduino toe, read the coming in both from the A recording equipment, we will ask using an F a statement. If the first number is zero second, number is zero. If the third number is your on the fourth number. It is one this means that they use are pressed one of the key. But it's that easy on. This is the main concept that we're going to use for this course on for our control. I think anywhere project, We are going to use a mobile phone with a SIM card on. We'll explain the whole process in the practical section. But for now, what you need to go to know is that DTM off means dual tone multi frequency. This is the first thing. The second thing that you need to know is that ah, the telephone system on your mobile phone Touch key bad are using the very same concept are basically generating Ah, two frequencies when you press any number or an icky in the key Bad. So in your press one, it will generate two tunes to frequencies on. There is a table that shows all of these frequencies this one at all frequency on the high frequency on there is a decoder equipment are recording equipment on. We're going to explain how to make your own dick order. It will take these two tunes and will generate are four bit vinyl record that you can recognize using your microcontroller to know exactly which number was pressed on. This is the main concept for our project. Thanks for watching this lesson. Things will be more clear in the practical section, but for now, this is everything that you need to know. If you have any question, I'm here for you. You can ask in the Q and a board. 4. 4 Basic Layout and Function Explained: Hello and work. Now let's talk about the basically at layout and functioning off this project. Now, the basic layout on functioning off this project is basically using an item of the corridor I see which is 88 70 on this project uses this them of the quarter. I see that the cords tune generated by the key bad off cell phone when we brisk ease on our cell phone. When call is in progress, the other person will hear some tunes with respect to key is pressed. The stones are based on the details off technology that is transmitted in terms off pair off tunes. They receive all the takes, the valid frequency payers and gives the appropriate BCD or buying a recorded decimal cold as the output off the detail. After recordar I see. Did you run off? Signal can be tapped directly from the microphone pen off cell phone device. You need to cut the microphone wire on. We will usually see four wires. We will explain how you can identify them. Among these wires, we need only two wires ground on right wire. We'll explain this part in the practical section. Now you need to take the right yr on. Connect it as in both toe, the the quarter circuit ground off Jack or headphone Jack should be connected to common ground off your circuit. The signals from the microphone yr are processed by the system off the Korder. I see what she generates. The equivalent Finally seek once as apparel output that we already mentioned, which is basically a four bit parallel output. Onda, we already showed you the table. Now, once we get four bits for each off the keys pressed using the term of Dick order, we can easily identify the number oppressed. Now we already mention what is the time off on? And how did him after? One can be used to recognize the number that you did click when you call someone or when you use your form we will use the very same concept here. As you can see here we have I'm a bad form on Dhere. We have another mobile phone. Now I will use the pin tool to identify things. Now this mobile phone will be doing in your hand that you will use to control. I think can be this phone or a touch phone off any other type of phone that's available for you. IPhone, android or any other type. It's nothing is certainly this phone. You know, this is like a concept thing. No. You will call a number using this form. Andi, this number will be placed here. Now. This is the phone that must be available with the project that you want to control. Let's say that you have, um a greenhouse that is at this stamp location. And you want to control it? This part of the project, Would it be inside your greenhouse? No. It will have a mobile phone with a SIM card. Sim called. Now this in card will have a number. Let's say that it's the number is 123 Now you will use your mobile phone toe. Make a call to this phone, which is 123 So you will call 123 on the violet. Work will carry the call on this formal. Received a call now. Once this for receives the call, it will auto respond on. It will start listening for you. When you press one on your keyboard, it will send one here on this phone has a four Headphone Jack. Now the headphone jack here will be connected to the detail. Off detection unit on. You already have call Talked about this. I'm off equipment that will be used. Take that. Determine after one on Converted to a burner court. Now, once the detail of detection unit receives the tomb for number one, it will record it to zero 001 And you already I talked about that here. When you pick one, this is the table inflict. But on one, it will send 0001 these four bits. This is the output of the dick order. Now it will send 0001 on This is how the device control unit will know that you pressed one on. Let's say that you have accordance. Ideal microcontroller were inside this cold. You are adding if statements If one is breast, they're known the light light on if two is breast, turn on the shades. So this is one. This is two. This is three on this is for so depending on the if statement on on the lumber that these are did clicked in this location, it will control the devices in the distant greenhouse or on the distant location. So this is the main concept. Now let me excellent again. You have our by phone in your hand and you want to control your greenhouse so you'll pick up your phone. You'll call 1 to 3, which is the number ah, that the SIM card inside the phone inside your greenhouse had on Once you click 123 the mobile network will call the other form now, once the other four receives the call, it will also respond. There is another respond feature and once it ought to respond, it will start listening for the tunes. You'll press one in your key bad and once you press one Yorkie bad. This phone will send one through the headphone jack toe the detail off detection unit on In this case that there have detection unit will use the table that we already mentioned to recognise the tune frequencies on day accorded toe Byler Court. So it will create 0001 It will send a 0012 of the Vice control unit which has according sided on inside this cold. We are asking if one is breast. They're known the lot. All the lights if two was breast alone. The shades. If three is breast, they're on the heating or cooling system. If all is breast, they're known any off our electrical appliances. So it's control anything, anywhere without Internet. But you have tohave I'm upon a network or a move I'll form for the system to work. Now what I usually do is I get I'm a pile form that only cost me like $10 or $20. You know, one of the old move iPhones because you don't need any feature. You just need a headphone jack on the phone that can take a SIM card. So there is a $5 phone out there Ah, that you can use for this project and they doesn't consume any power. So you can place them in your greenhouse in your greenhouse on place a solar panel toe charge the form during the day. It has a lot of applications on its widely used to control things. Ah, from ah anyway, of on using a mobile phone will cut the cost off using a just a module. You know, most of Asia's and modules are costea, Andi. They require out force toe program them while this phone will only receive a call on DWI will use the headphone jack to transfer the tune for the numbers to the detection unit. Now, these things will be more clear as we go on the scores. Andi, in the practical section were which where you will see these things in action. Now, just to make sure that you understand what a tune is, I will let you listen to the tones. Now, once you make the call on once this for receives the call on, respond to your call, you'll start pressing numbers on. Once you press one, it will send one here on the tune Sound for number one on the key. Bad will be send to the do them off detection unit using the mobile phone. Jack on 20. You sound just like this. This is for zero. This is for one. No, As you can see, it's easy on. It's basically two phones connecting together using mobile network Andi, you send the control orders using the key bad, and you'll send the phone on your mood by funnier or more by phone to the receiver phone, which will take the tune for each key. Bad press on. Send it through the headphone jack toe with them after detection unit. That's it. Extortion. If you have any question regarding any of these parts, please ask in the Conde board. 5. 5 DTMF Decoder: did them after the corner. The implementation of detail mouth decoder involves the detection off the detail afternoons . The integrated term of the quarter is the device that receives the incoming the damn off data and convert this data into our respective forbid buying a record. All find out buying a recorded decimal. It's insured BCD these numbers or the species. The numbers can easily be used to identify the lumber pressed. The I see that you are going to use is called C M 88 70. It's a folded him off receiver that integrates both ban split filter on Dick Order functions into a single 18 pin duel in baggage chip. It's filter section uses, which caba store technology for both of the high on low group feel stars on for the Al Toon projection. Now this is how the icy looks. This is the schematic. As you can see, it has 18 pins. Andi. Each of these spins has a specific function. Now, as you can see, pins, number one and two are for the inverting on non inverting input. Number three is to select gain. It gives access to output off front and amplifier for connection off feedback. Resistor number four is for voltage difference. Andi seven and eight are for us. Later on, we are going to use them. Usually this spicy comes with the oscillator. It's 3.5 million hairs crystal oscillator connected between these two pens. Number nine is the negative power supply, or ground number 10 is a tryst. Edible output enable on. It's basically allergic high that enables the output Q one to Q. For now, pins from 11 to 14 are the most important pens. There are Q on Q T Q three and Q four Andi were enabled by o. E. It provides the court corresponding to the last valid to impair received. So we must enable been number 10 to give the four bit PCD called for each tune. Using these four pence. Now open number 15 is STD. The laid steering output Andi number 16 is for early stealing output Number 17 is for stealing in both guard time output. It's by the directional on number 18 is for the positive power supply, which is five volts. Now. We don't need all of these spins. The ones that we do need will be explained in the circuit design on simulation section, so don't worry, everything would be covered. The receiving Sil phone cords are determined or dual tone. Multi frequency coded on must be decoded. Using this, I see the time of the quarter will identify the key frequency on converted or convert that frequency to digital calls, which are then fed to the microcontroller. So this I see, will take the headphone jack from the phone toe. Listen to that ones, Andi. Each tune will be converted to four bits. As you can see you want you to Q three Q four on these four bits will be sent to my foot controller so that you can use if statement to recognize the number pressed on. We already showed you the table that you can used to identify the number. If you received three zeros on one means that button one was placed on. Decide you're cold. You can't say if button one is breast. They're known the lights, if but onto is breast. They're not the lights on and so on. That's it. Thanks for watching. This is Ashraf from 6. 6 DTMF Decoder Circuit Explained: Hernando will come of this stimulus on which arm Gong Tau explained the circuits committee for the DTM after recorder. Now let's start. The first thing that you need to know is that we have the import from here. This is basically the right. Why are from the headphone jack? Usually we have two wires. One will be connected here on the other one would be connected to ground. Now the one that will be connected to you will pass through the appoint one meek Michael broadcaster, 100 kilometers. The store on it will go through pens number tooth and three. And here we have another 100 kilo ohm resistor. So pens and minus aunt she s will take the headphone jack input on the other, while from the headphone jack will begins to ground. Now Ben's number one and four will be connected together. As you can see here. No, Ben's number 56 online will be coming to ground. As you can see, these three pens on Dhere, we have oscillator one and also later to friends. Usually there is a crystal that comes with this. I see on any other defendant Mature I see is 3.58 Mega helps I see Andi in this schematic, we will have to add to ca busters over Crystal to make it more accurate. So I would add them. The whole design. This is the first caressed or they're not intersecting here with these wires. Now we have a capacitor on. We have another cup buster. They both are connected to ground. Now each of this combustible have 20 people for our value, their Salome ca busters. So Crystal took a bus store, Stebbins number seven and eight because they are called us later one. And it's a letter to no school back. The Red Collage. We are done with this part. Now let's talk about this part. As you can see, Ben's number 10 on 18 are connected to five balls, so this has been number 10 and it's insert intersecting with the number 18 and are both connected to five volts. Now we have Ben number 16 and 17. Connected. 16 is connected to a 300 kilometers sister. 17 is directly connected to a master, so both of these are connected here. They are connected to appoint one micro followed Kappa store, which is connected to five volts. So one side of the capacitor is connected to Ben's, them passivity, and at 16 at this point on the other side is connected to five volts. Now the remaining is basically let's change the color toe blue. As you can see, these are the most important pins. Q. One Q two pure three on you, for these are basically a four bit out boat to be connected to your microcontroller. If it is an Arduino or pic microcontroller, it's up to you, so you will get four bit signal for each tune. So if we placed one on the key, bad it will generate to frequencies on. These two frequencies will be processed by this, I see and converted toe for bet zero 001 Now inside your cold, you have to check if this is the combination. It means that they use are pressed, one of the key bad. And there are other combinations for other numbers, as we mentioned earlier. That's it. This is the circuit schematic for the lithium off Muldoon Onda. Again, you have to connect the these four wires to your are doing aboard or pick my control. Bold, depending on what you do and we're going to do this and simulation using brought a software . But that's it for now. Thanks for watching. This is a shot from 7. 7 Headphone Jack Explained in Details: Hello and welcome. Now let's talk about the audio, Jack. As you can see from this image, this audio jack is a very famous one. You can find it on almost any mobile hit phone you can cut the mobile hit phone wire on did use its audio jack. If you have one around, or you can buy one yourself from any electronics store, as you can see, it has three tips. Ground are ex ante X on There are sometimes sometimes called sleeve on drink now, depending on what you call them. This is a 315 millimeter audio jack that is used to connect the mobile phone. There are three parts in audio Jack, namely tib. Bring on sleeve in the scores. We have used the tip on drink using multi meter. Find the corresponding pains or wires. If you are cutting a headphone on sold are the two wires that correspond to the ring on tib on. You can easily use them in your project now to make sure that you understand what you have to do. Here we have three different tip held. As you can see, you can find any of thes in the stores, or when you cut your mobile phone hit phone, you will find three or four or even five different configuration. Now, what I need you to recognize is the following. You need toe. Always look for a three terminal connector, not before their male connector. It's called er us not e r R us. That way you will not have to decode which is the ground, not It will always be the sleeve terminal, which is basically the shield in this case or number four in this case, that one or number three in this case, that round one. Now, depending on what you have, you need to make sure that you will get two wires one for the ground, which is the shield, which is, as you can see here, that on the top here on the other one is for the audio signal. You need to make sure that you are not connecting to the mike. We don't want to use the mic. So number three here must be ignored, because if you connected to the mike, the mike is an input device. Plus it's not an outward device, so it won't really send the tone toe that detail math record our board. Andi. In that case, your project won't work. So make sure that you are selecting either the left or the right depending on the type off headphone jack or Jack that you have speaker. Because we want the speaker sound, which usually will hold that all. Now there will always be a lift channel on the stereo on its called sometimes called the Tip. As you can see here, this is the tib on. This is the drink. Now again. And in the case of a voice call the lift on dry Tibbs are basically the same. They will receive the very same sound. Andi, it's probably not a good idea to connect the tib Andi from the left and the right side, so don't connect them together. Just take away from one of these two and take our from the ground on. These two can easily be used in your with your time off the corner. Sorry again. This image might be more reliable. As you can see here we have t x r X and ground. We must take our from the ground. Onda, We must take our either from the left or the right speaker. You can always to start the headphones that you have to make sure using a multi meter that you are not connecting to the microphone. Find the ground on find either the left or the right speaker. Okay, Now I showed you like three different configurations. Always look for the ground first. Once you find the ground, you can taste with the other wire to check if it is the mic or the speaker wire using a multi meter or you can buy ah, one that's already made from any electric store. The usually sell them on. Each yr is identified. This is the mark. This is a speaker on. This is the ground. If you faced any problem getting your headphone jack to work, you can contact me, and I will help you on that. I hope that I clarified it's a little bit hard to explain all the types available, But what I'm telling you is that you have to know exactly the type off headphone jack that you have. Then use Google. Now I will show you how to do that in a minute. Now let's say that you have a t R R s headphone Jack. Let's go toe Gogan. Now buy a tee. Are s Hite phone Jack on. Go to the images. As you can see now, you can easily recognize which one is the tip. Which one's the ring on which one is the sleeve? As you can see here in this image on in this image, If you looked at this image, you can see that this is the microphone here and the headset PC hits it. This is the microphone. This is the ground. This is the right speaker on. This is the left speaker. So you can take away from the left speaker on our from the second drink here. If you have a PC, Headphone Jack. But if you have a serial audio or mono audio Jack, you can simply take that tip From here on. You can take the ground, which is this ring All this ring, the one that is near the base. Now it's easy if you have a moan or Syria audio on its most likely the case for most off the headphone for your mobile phones. But when it comes to PC, it's a little tricky. As you can see The thing that is closed to the pace is the microphone, Safa ground. So you might make a mistake by baking the wrong hit phone. Jack on this will cause a very big problem for you. You're detained after quarter. Won't be able to recognize what's happening again. This is a jack that you can't per shares from an electronics store. You can see that this is the tip, which is the left speaker. You can take away from that on the the bottom. Bring is for Mike, so you shouldn't use it. You should. You use the second ring glitches for ground again. This is a PC hit phone. Jack. Andi, you can keep looking until you find one that matches. You are Ah, headphone Jack. As you can see again, this one we have that if Speaker right speaker, the common, which is the ground on the mic input. Now if you look for hit for mobile headphone Jack, if you have abided one wiring Ah, If you increased this as you can see, you can see that this is for ground, right? Audio lift Audio on. This one is for the microphone. Okay, this is it as you can see. Here we have this one. This is the headphone Jack. If you have a hit fall, I'm about headphone Jack. The first thing here is the ground. The second ring is for the mic. The third and fourth ring, which is the tip, is for the right and left speaker. I all prefer to take this one as our input signal on look forward background. It will be usually the fares or the second during depending on the type of the headphone jack that you are using. That's it for this lesson. I know that I spent a lot of time explaining the headphone jacks on different types fit phone jacks. But this was because there are a lot of types on you might by mistake. Ah, why are the wrong Ah, headphone Jack tib, which will cause your project fail? I'm trying to make sure that everything would work correctly for you. If you have any questions. Or if you have a headphone jack, that's not a usual time. You can take a picture of that headphone jack and send it to me like you and a ball or via messages. I'll be more than happy to help you. Thanks for watching. This is Ashraf 8. 8 Arduino DTMF Circuit Simulation: Hollande will come This new lesson in which I'm going to explain the circuit design for Arduino interfacing with the term affordable as we already mentioned, we have a little food you'd on. It will connect our do you know using four. Ben's Q. One took you for Andi. These four pins will deliver four pit when Anne Key is pressed on the key. Bad. So the key bad to become now toe simulate the circuit. We need to use a simulation platform. Think of cards. It's an online simulation platform for our well electric sports. So exile in it's a free service outside and worldview off a Gmail account. All you create an account. Now this is the last ball. Choose circuits from here on click Create new circuit. No. Once you create a new circuit, he can start dragging items we need Did board. You also needs Ah, nine volts battery. We will also think we know. Okay, No, Depending on your final project, you can choose different items. I would add, Let's on resistors. So we need for the stores for the four devices that want to simulate on we need for leads. No, we have a share in the value 220. Home for the leads plunged 20 on same. Here's 220. That's it. No, we need to add ground five folks local after reds on black. We will take the black well here. Okay, under Thick added. We're not here to make sure that they're all connected. So now we have far off here and here. No listening. The cathode to the ground. Great. No, let's look at this. What? Sorry. And as you can see, it has a positive chairman on a negative, telling them No. We add four leads for the four devices. Let's connect them somewhere from eight or lever. So this will be connected to the number 11. This will be a total number 10 this one to the number line on this one. To the number eight. No, I think that we need to do is simulate the determined for your on to simulate it. We need, like, four bottles or for digital signals from any source. No glad force, which is We need to follow a specific better. Andi, if you went here to the starter kit selected Arduino, you can see that we have a battle circuit here. So let's add one. The design. As you can see, this is our battle circuits on. We need everything, but we don't need it. Our limbs since we already have one. So take it off full here from over its Onda we will place it. Compare number zero on regarding that ground. We'll connect it to the clipboard ground. The five volts will be reflected or five falls from the search. Now we can move. This has been warned. And as you can see, this is our first with which no, with other switches as well. So we can't simply select the switch on and control C and Control V from your keyboard toe could be and based the switch. Now we have force, which is we need for our sisters. You can create yourself by adding a switch on Dallas. The store that is that is thinking or more. Five along again. One here on another one. Now this part will be connected to the second Been did anyone de to only three. This one looks the connected with this side again This pin Are you connected? Just like this? Pain as you can see here to the ground. So ground ground on the ground, the power button been must be connected to the five balls again. Five balls on five volts. Now this will be our Q one. Q two, Q three and Q four. Andi. We will use them as a reference for the little afford you'll to control. Four devices on Dhere are using four LEDs instead of four devices just to prove the concept That's it for The circuit is on the next Russell. We're going toe code Arduino to receive the rhythm off signal from these patterns on toe act according Thanks for watching this is Ashraful. 9. 9 Coding Arduino DTMF part1: Hello and welcome. Now that we have created our circuit, we need to call it Onda. According concept is very simple. We know that we have a specific better Andujar dimension that there are PowerPoint presentation And we talked about that If we did receive 0001 it means that we are pressing key pattern number one on the key Bad Andre are doing who are going to do the same Here we will send 43 zeros on one to simulate pressing key number one on the key Bad So this will be our little off simulator area now to start according process click here on day go two blocks Change it to text And as you can see, this is our main according area No, I will increase the phone Fun size Okay now in this area we need to sit these and for ballads on for the buttons We know that the pin lords function can be used to sit then But Aunt Output We know that these number eight nine then on 11 are outputs Onda We know that pins number zero one two on three Our input now here inside this area What we need to do is definitely we need to ask using an if statement looking increase of all you okay? No, if we need to read the digital value from these four pins 01213 so we will read them. Q. One equals digital. Khalid's on What we need to read is this Penn State? No, we need to do the same. I just tried zero Andi Coby on based the same line in Q two equal, distant Read for one, which has been number one on the que three or equal distant read Poor pin number three. Off to then and pure for equal just read City. And that way we can read the incoming detail off for big data. Now we're going to ask if Q one equals zero. Andi Q two equals zero on Q three equals zero on Q four equals one. The key Bad. Keep that WAAS breast is key number one Onda. We need to turn on the first device or lead depending on our table. Logical c 0001 means that we pressed one on the key. Bad on the corresponding pits are 0001 now we need toe there alone, the number eight, which has the first lead, or the for the device in that case. Okay, now let's just our code. I have a few lines. I add cereal that begin, as you can see here, Justin's of the Output Andi. I printed the values that we did read from Q one. Q two, Q three and Q. For I also chairs the sorry 0 to 4. There is a bug with the simulation. It's reading one on Penn zero, even if nothing is connected. So I had to change. It took in fourth. Sometimes it happens with this simulation violent. It has some bugs. Now we have four bottles, as you can see here, connected toe men's number 123 and four solid was changed. This one, 23 and four. And here 123 on four on. We will get the values here. Now let's stay on the simulation on. As you can see, we are getting four zeros from the four bottles, which is basically the detail math for bit signal. I already mentioned that if we did receive ah 1000 it will turn on the first lead as bare our code 0001 on We know for sure that Q. Four is this the lead for? So it's this pale and it's connected to this lib. So let's just sit out. As you can see, once I click on this lid, it's giving us 0001 on the lead is on, As you can see here now, it will stay on because we didn't add anything to tell it off again. If you click here, you will receive a serial motor 0001 which is the detail off court the output of the decoder for placing key number one. Now, if you want to tell enough the lids, you can add ends and here you can add digital drive slow. So once you press one, it will tell that it on once you leave. It was then that it off, as you can see here, press tenet on then off, which is enough for us to tell on the device. You cannot just the cold, depending on what you want the final result to be. But this is the main concept for controlling the tail off signals. Now, if you want to use other cords as well? You can simply do this. I could be this line, but else based the same line f on you can change this to any other number. We have 0011 for key number two on. In that case, we want to tell alone the second did which is? Number line. As you can see here. Okay. Lets you here and that's it. This is how easily you can called right. I'm off on interfaces with the Arduino. We're going toe design that is out of the corner circuit. Andi, make a connector to get four wires for that. You want to pay you for that? A signal. Therefore, bid data signal. But that's it. Thanks for watching. If you have any question, please ask inaccurately about this is Usher from 10. Circuit Schematic: hello and welcome the stimulus on in which are going to create our DTM off decoder circuit design. Now the first step to create our circuit design is to open up the software that we just install, which is Eagle Software. Now it's, ah, free software provided by Autodesk. No, let's create a new project file New on select Schematic This is our man's committee area. Let's save this project. Let's give it a name. Let's call it the time off. Dtm off because on the shoes location to say of the far school circuits Click Save Now, If you need to add a component to your schematic, you need to go to this. Add part icon. Click ones on the parts manager will show up here right in the search party. DT, enough on. We have this. I see. It's an alternative for the 88 70. I see it has the very same pin name on bond. Very same package. So we will use it. Double click, click. Ok, listen, like the photo brand, let's work with this one. Okay, Now this is our man. I see Now we also need cab pastors so you can choose any of this couple stores. Police are on doctors. This campus it for Okay. As you can see, we have a lot of investors. We have this one. Now we can go back here, choose any of these footprints. Depending on the Commesso that we have, I will choose the default one which was basically this one. Andi were mentioned that we need to talk about caressed ours if you used your right mouse, Click your cattle 10th the item. So we need to rotate it twice. We need to collect stories here and here. Okay? No, we also need polarised cover story. The one that you just add. It was a salami coppa store. No, To get the polarized investor, we need to afford that simple theory. Here it is. Now you can choose any of these footprints depending on your needs. We will go this one on any Sorry on. We also need Tokarev stores now. We also need few resistors. So it's right resistor Now this is one of that is the stores. This is another one on. We need other. So that has a footprint. Okay, listen, work again. The spacing is something you have to select based on what you have or flattens that you did for shares. I will select this one. And it's odd it restores because the move them they touch. Okay, now we also need a Kristen. Okay, Um, we need to look Christoph with me. Check all of these held three pens. Okay. This is it. Onda. We need one with a throw. Whole footprint, This one. Okay, we will place it here. No, that's it. These are the components. Now, if we need anything kills, I will add it. We will need some connectors. We will add them. Have the end. But now let's connect these items together. Okay? Don't so on. Let's say that zayn. Okay, now we also need bar on the ground. So we have to prick here. It's on power. Um okay. Here we have a connection, Zack. Okay, Now let's look for Visa. See, that's a more common name. How's it going to see this? Isn't we also need It's hard to. We also need the ground. Volunteer says As you can see, it comes in different shapes. But I think this one it is the 1st 1 to be used. Okay? No, we have most foreign born. It's available. What we need to do at this point. His start wearing simply go here, click on this line on start connecting elements together Now in your opening. These took up a stores. We need to connect these two together on and we need to connect them. Found full. Here it is. This is our ground. Let's drag it on. Places here. Go. Okay, now they are connected. We have done everything for 78. Now what we need to do is connected. Pens number 56 Online to ground. So number six to ground number five to ground on. We also need to connect the number nine to ground. After this, I'll provide a schematic for you so that you can follow. Now. After doing this, what we need to do is connect the remaining prints we need to connect Friends number one and four together. So this has been number one on this has been number four. Now we have connected them together. We need to connect pens number two and three. As you see these two friends. If you Zolman the stubbins now to connect them, we need That is the stuff. So listen like this to the store on the fuel. Need to do anything you can simulating. Click. As you can see off, simply flick on that resistor. No, we need to connect this Resistol Trouble number three on reading toe. Add another with the stuff of this area. So let's on this one shows that if it go back over it, Okay, Okay. Concludes that you need to make sure that's not connected to I think, girls. Now go back on. Connect the number three to visit the store connecting number two. This through the store on the pain from this one must be connected with this point. On the other side of that is the story must be connected with like a pastor. So we will drag, have a store. So let's drag off these cover stools. Let's make a Kobe Okay. We need ah kombi off this cover. Still, we can use this to or we can simply a lot of this. Just control C and Control V and you can based as medical stores as you want. Now we need to connect. This spin on this spin will be connected to a connector. We will go back to that on the next day is Goto Bends number 16 and 17 here. We need to connect at a store on DACA Buster. So let's again select this. Give us stuff Control C control three. That's place it here. You also need that is the store. So let's drag it on. Base it here. Okay. Now what we need to do has connect these two together from been 17. We must connect it between these tools on been 16 must be connected down here now. The about part of the master must be connected to five volts on pens. Number 10 and 18 must also be connected to five balls. No, You know that we have everything we can simply select. He was a select tool to remove any extra combine us that we didn't use just to make sure that we have everything up until really now we need something, Nectars. We will receive the mic input from here. From this point, Onda, we will receive the decoded output from these four bits D zero to D three. So we need for been connected here on. We will need to been connected for the Mikey. So you have to go to the parts library and from here, you have to look for a connected Okay. Now, once you're not connected, we will get heaps. Results. You can goto connector arm. Quick on. Choose any of these connectors. We only need to pin connector. If Okay, let me scroll this. Andi, we need a four print connect all there, so choose and four rotated. Aunt Connect. No become serve. Let's connect these items together. Okay? Now we need to connect the other side to the ground on. Regarding this item, you need to make sure that it's connected. As you can see, the four whales are connected. Now, the last step will be making sure that we have the right values for each of these items. So choose this tool now to edit its priorities. You need to go to the item. Nobody flick here in the parts library on full here, like 22. Vehicle for aunt. As you can see not sitting here, we also need to do the same for the other item. So we have to investors here. 22 people for our we tow it. It the first tell two we needed Toby 3.579545 Make a health again. Usually this crystal comes with the I see now when you do it, that is a store of value. This is the stuff which is connected to B number three is 100 kilometers the store. Okay, now that second it is a start is also 100 kilometers the store. So we have 200 kilometers the stores and we have a capacitor for years. On this cover story. Let's C five track it down on this. Custer must be 50.1 Micro Farhod. No, we also have other items. We have a restaurant semester. Here are for are for value must be 300 career home click OK. And we have another combust over here, which is C six double click on must be 60.1, Michael for aunt. No. All of these items now have values. Onda, we have two connectors. One for the import on one for the output. I will add another connector. So you see, this is our connector control C Control V And we would have another connector here on this connect. It will be four power. So for this circuit to get power. We need toe connect vcc underground. Here on. We can simply blood end about called here or two wires for the five volts on ground here to provide the whole circuit with power requirements. Now let's connect this connector 1st 1 must be connected to ground on the second, then would be connected to the Five World. Okay? No, we have everything up onthe ready. What I like to do is change the name. This is the power Connect off as L toe. Yes, everyone is the mike. And on this is that data house. Now all you'll is up under ready for the BCG production, which we are long to do in the next lecture. Thanks. Rushing this lecture. If you have any questions about any of these items you can ask, I will add on image for the circuit schematic so that you can do it yourself if you wish. That's it for this lesson. If you have any questions, you can ask in the Q and a board. Thanks for watching. This is Asher from 11. Make DTMF Decoder Module PCB: Hello and welcome to this new Lets one know what you are going to create the PCB design for hours kinetic. Now the first step is going toe the tools on make e r C. Check. As you can see, we have few wordings here and we don't have any errors, which means that everything is okay. Now, if you plate on each of these, you will see that they are not Erol's. It's just telling you that the letter out has no value, which is this connector on? We don't need to add any value. Ah, power connector has no value to its also connector. The mike in is also a connector on. These two plans are connected to Visi on the ground. It's also telling us that this combat store is overlapping that pin so we can drag it here or there. You just need to click. Approve all of them. Andi, As you can see, since we don't have any errors, we can move on. No warnings are not as urgent as a rose, but save require a quick overview. One warning to look for is the one about on it, and you should make sure that you don't have any warnings that might affect your final design. Now, about the board Lee out. You have to go to the file menu. Andi, select switch to board. Now you need to create from schematic. Click AEA's. Creating the base off the PCB layout from the schematic is easy. You just need to click file, switch the board on when it warns you that the board does not exist. Click Yes. To create it from your already made schematic. As you can see now we have the board file opened up. Andi, these are our components. This box has everything that we have. And as you can see, we haven't flares here. Now we have this black box. As you can see, this will be our board. We have to move our combines inside it on. Blaze them correctly. Now, toe, move Any of these items. What you need to do is simply Go on. Select. Now, if you use the move tool unclipped anywhere inside the item, it won't move. You have to click on this plus sign toe. Move it aside. Your board. As you can see here now, these gold lines, each one of them repentance on uncoated trees and we will use auto routing or manual routing once we are done with the placing. No, let's place the components on. Try to make sure that we are placing them correctly. No, you can use these gold lines to know exactly which component do you need to place on where to place it? As you can see, placing this item here will help and routing If we placed it here, the road has to go all the way there. So try to place everything correctly. Now we know that we have toca busters here so we need to go on. We need to see the car busters. You cannot it with the right mouse. Click on we have another cup, a store. You can also rotate it now we have the mic and connected and they can seal this Place it here we have a resistor on decapitated and place it here we have another capacitor. You can also take this year on the best store. Let's do like this resistor first Rotate it, Place it here Rectus restore. Place it here on. We have that out pins You we have the bar connector. Can simply place two years on. We need to move. Describe master on the mic and okay, this is our pulled on. All the components are now selected. Now let's resize the bold itself. As you can see, we have this sport on. We can move it. He was in the move. Tool on. We can scale it. Okay, let's say that this is the origin on its more this one here I leave some spears. I always try to make the connector. Let's get this spill. Always make the connectors at the edge of the board. As you can see, here we have the power connector. You has the mic and and here you have that out. Now here we have all the components on. As you can see, they are all one side. One thing with with circuit board is that they have two sides. However, you typically fare or pay pair layer that you use. And if you are making this ball at home, you might only be ableto make one sided board due to the logistics off soldering through whole parts. This means that we want to use that bottom off the PCB use the mirror command and click on the surface Mount parts. To switch them to the bottom layer, you may need to use the rotate on move command to correct the orientation of the parts. Now, if you I want to know which part are which side is a part on, you will see that most of our parts are in agreeing on. If you looked here, as you can see here, you can see that we have a top and a bottom. Now these two are the layers, the top players on the bottom. There's has different color red on blue. Now, if you want toe more apart from the top to the bottom bar, you can easily do that by selecting the mirror tool. As you can see, this is it on simply. Go on, select the item. Now let's move on, Goldman. As you can see, if this is our art now, this item is in the bottom layer on this, our teams in the top layer. Now let's through the Bart's. What you need to do at this point is simply flick on the route air wire on start routing. You can select the words from here. Let's make a 32. And as you can see, this is our first. Why are now if the wire is in red? This means that this yr is in the top player now if this in blue means that it's in the bottom layer. So if you need to create our in the bottom layer, let's over this You need to select from here. Bottom. No. When you create a way off, you can see that. Now it's in blue, which means that it's in the bottom. There again, you can proceed. Wiring. This is called Manual wearing on. As you can see, it's very easy because the sport doesn't have a lot of components. Okay, now we need to do this well, here on going to connect this way off. Okay, lets them all this. I don't have the swell here, So I have here this one hand you can use auto routing. It's up to you. You can see it's really easy thing to do. Now we have few wiles left. Um, here we have some problems. As you can see, we have this. Well, next go back. Let's go tell the Spartans to see if it would work otherwise. we will have to make a film buff or some players. Great. Now we don't have any jumpers. This kind of go underneath the I. C. Very good. No, the last one is this one here we have. Although else connected together the bottom layer andare components will be on the top layer. This is our final PCB design. As you can see, it's very easy on very straight world. Now you can goto the tools, make CRC check to make sure that you don't have any errors, and you can also make a DLC check. As you can see here, we have one error. We have missed one yr, which is here. You have to connect it. So let's go back. Here's on connected. That's why it's really good. Now we don't have any errors. That's why it's really good to make the test before moving on. Now that we have everything connected correctly on, we don't have any errors. We are good to go. You just need to save your design on men they got. You usually use toe plenty or PCB on. Proceed with other steps. You can bring this PCB on peace, be bored, solder it on. Do you have a fully functional detail math module up and ready for you to use? This is the bar court. It will take five volt on ground on. This is the mike in. It will take one while from the mic and other income background on these are the four out weapons. This is our PCB. Thanks for watching. If you have any question about everything, please ask in the Q and A board. I'll abroad the resource. Ah, design files for this lecture so that you can use them as a reference. This is a show off.