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5 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. 1. What is contouring?

    • 2. 2. Where do we normally contour?

    • 3. 3. Various tools for contouring

    • 4. 4. Products used for contouring // Contour Powder VS Bronzer

    • 5. 5. Contouring demo

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About This Class


I know contouring can be a little confusing sometimes! Many people aren't sure of what contouring is, what's the difference between bronzing and contouring, where to contour and how to go about doing it. So I put together a little class, hoping to address these issues with what I've learnt so far! 

This class covers: 

1. What is contouring? 

2. Where do we contour and why?

3. Tools for contouring

4. Products for contouring and the difference between bronzing and contouring 

5. Contouring demonstration (how I contour using cream and powder contour products) + Tips on finding your cheekbone

Hope this class is useful! :)

If you enjoyed this class and would like to learn more, feel free to watch my other makeup classes: 

Meet Your Teacher

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Certified Yoga Teacher & Makeup Artist


Hello, I'm Sarah! I am a certified yoga teacher, freelance makeup artist and a self growth enthusiast. I am so glad to be able to learn more and share all my passions with you here!

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1. 1. What is contouring?: everyone. So today we're gonna talk about the basics of contouring. Many people was asked me about contouring. They are confused with bronzing. So today we're gonna talk about the basics what is called entering exactly and how you go about doing it. So for today's purposes, I'm going to use this book with the pictures. A case It is a step by Gary Cockerill Just to show you two pictures because I can really find my face charts. So if you take a global that's ages for the lady right here you can see that certain parts off her face it looks, doctor. This is because certain areas contra powder has been applied. So contouring really helps to add depth and definition to your facial contours and kind of makes certain things certain areas of your face stand out. So, for example, right here because we add a contra powder, it basically doesn't reflect as much light. So look gives the illusion that it's sunken back, and usually when you apply foundation so, like previously idea the base make up 101 So once you apply foundation, it removes all the natural shadows on your face. So when you actually put bronzer and contouring. It actually adds natural dimensions back to your face. So that really helps to make everything look more natural and gives you more structure. So makeup is actually all about light and shadows. So if you think about it, we have the lighter shades and we have the doctor shades. It's really about playing up all these shades to create such a illusions that we want. So, for example, if you just take a look like, for example, my arm, you can see that you know, as the skin hits the light or the light hits my skin. There are certain areas that are DACA and lighter. So basically, where we put darker shades, lighter shades on our faces, we are trying to mimic certain illusions. So if we take a look at this image here as well, you're going to realize that this beautiful lady, huh? Areas here are DACA and then this area here, right under the cheekbone, is also home to it along with the jawline. So contrary really is to add definition back to the facial contras because when you actually apply foundation, it eradicates all the shadows and then he can make your face look pretty flat. Another picture that we can see is this one. So if you take a look here, you're going to realize that basically, whatever areas that we kind of want to bring definition to will put a darker color, because what that does is it reflects less light, which means it gives the illusion that it's more sunken in, and it can give you certain illusions that you want. 2. 2. Where do we normally contour?: so back to the question off which areas to Yukon toe. So there are a few areas on the face. For example, the festival would be the forehead area. Generally, people like to add a bit of quartering powders there to kind of reduced the illusion or reduced appear in Syria off a larger for hit. Because when you put the darker powder along the sights and sometimes at the top, what it does is delight will bounce off the middle era here to kind of make the four look a little bit more protruding, and it might reduce the appearance of a larger for it. The next place we usually contra would be the nose, so some people will contrato nose area to make it look slimmer or make it look straighter. We can also contact the cheekbones, which is the most common form of contouring. When you contour the cheekbones, it reduces the appearance off around face. Any me make it will help your face look a bit cinema because it brings out bone structure of your face and then we can also call into the jawline. A lot of people like to do that for the illusion off a sharper jawline. And lastly, we can also put a bit of contouring powder and to decrease. This can help make the eyes look a bit bigger because what it does, it will kind of make the crease or your double eyelid appear more prominent case. And now we're gonna talk about products you need for country. 3. 3. Various tools for contouring : Okay, So when it comes to tools, there are many tools that you can use for contouring. So, for example, there are different kinds of brushes that you can use. And then, of course, we can also use the beauty sponge. So, um, there are different. I would say the other from benefits and use h when it comes to the different brushes. So let me just talk to you very quickly about them. The fists brush that I do you sometimes is actually offend brush. So as you can see from this one, the bristles are really long, and you're really spread out. So when you actually apply it, it's gonna be very natural, very diffused. And I do like it a lot. So I used his products with powder products because they don't work really well with blending cream ones. And then the second kind, which I see I think is the most common kind would actually be a slanted cheek brush. So as you can see, it's kind of Sunday to a point right here like that. So if it's really nicely under the treat bone and he goes nicely against, decide off the forehead so it works very well, especially if you're a big enough because this one can be used for applying. Blush is, and you know, other products as well. So it's a good rush to have a while back. One of the most popular contouring brush is is actually in as eat a brush. So if you google it, you're going to realize it's very like flett brush. So, um, a lot of styles like that has been popping up, so this is a very flat brush. So what you do is as you dip it into the product and you put it on your face, especially under the cheekbone ordered online, um, the bristles itself will give you that straight line. So many people do like that, so that a brush like that can also be very useful. And one of my favorite ones is actually this one from real techniques. Um, I don't know if they still make this one, though. This was from there. Cole called collection. I think so. It's just really small tapit synthetic brush so it can work with both powders and creams and because it's quite small and tape it if it's really nicely under the jawline under the cheekbones and around a full head as well. So I do like this quite a bit and not a sleeve. You're using cream products and you want something very natural. A small stippled brush like this from elf can work really well. So stippled brushes are combination off natural bristles and synthetic bristles. So what? It does it really diffuses to product really nicely on the skin and gives you a very natural effect. So I do like this a lot as well. 4. 4. Products used for contouring // Contour Powder VS Bronzer: so there are many products that you can use to contra. You have powders, you have creams. It really depends on what you like and what you are comfortable with working, working with. So, for example, when I corn toe, one of my favorite products is the England contouring powder. So you can see this is a very cool toned powder. Um, it's very finely milled, and it's a little bit grayish. I hope you can see. Let me take So it mimics the shadows of our face really nicely, because actually, our shadows on our faces are not warm. They're not orange or brown. So if you do use a powder, a bronzing powder to corn to it may look a little bit unnatural. The everyone is a liquid. So, for example, this is the L. A GoPro conceal into shape toast. I like to use this, um, two contras well, because it iss slightly cool tone, and it was quite nicely with darker skin tones as well. So if my clients have darker skin tones, does will look great for me. Personally, I'm not that dark, so it will actually be a bit unnatural on me. But if you just find a darker shade of concealer or darker shade of foundation that is generally a little bit cooler, unusual in tone. It can be really good for contouring as well. And, of course, you don't have to go out to buy a special product for contrary. So, for example, this is my Norris Press powder in heat, it's Akula toned press powder. So I used this to Contra sometimes as well. Now many people confuse contrary products with bronzes. The main goal a bronze is really is to add radiance. A glow like a sun kissed you back on the skin, so it really that's warmth, which means the shape off bronzes are generally a bit warmer. So if you take a look, for example, this is the Mac, a Mac sunlit bronzer Senate skin bronzer. So it's gonna be a bit more warm and told like that or another one will be the famous Chanel right? So this is D, so they tend ation. Now it's a very warm tone cream bronzer. So if I show you the difference in tone with me, let's say my England on you're going to realize that bronzes and contouring products do defect quite a bit and bronzes generally have a bit of Shima to give that radiance. So if you're going to use that to Contra, it may look unnatural considering that there be should Monday areas that I'm not supposed to be there and if you think about it, contrary released to receipt the areas to kind of to not reflect light. So if you actually have shimmer in the products that you're using the contrary defeats the purpose. 5. 5. Contouring demo: Okay, So as you can see right now, I just apply foundation and concealer. So all mine, pretty much my natural shadows along my cheek bones have been reduced quite significantly. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna show you generally how I like to contour and bronze. So for me, I'm not big fan off strong contras and all that. So what I'd like to do is actually a combination after liquid one, which I told you as well as today. I think I'm going to use the England contouring powder. But sometimes when you use a contouring powder by itself, especially if it's really cool tone, it might look very unnatural under skin. So what I'm gonna do is I'm also going to add a bit off cream contouring as our cream bronzing with my Chanel with my Chanel bronzer. So everything kind of multi together nicely because of No, I'm just gonna get, like, a very gray line underneath my cheekbone. And I don't think that's very natural in my opinion. So that's what I'm going to do today to show you the difference. So I think for today what I'll do is I'll do half site of cream and then half side of powder so you can kind of see the difference. Now President for me, I find that cream products are a lot more natural because they do blend into the skin much better, so that's my preference. But it does take a little bit more time, in my opinion, so that's something to work with. But I do think cream products are better for beginners as well, because if let's say you kind of mess up that area, you blend it to two dark down. What you can do is you can kind of like fix it. Because cream products are still movable, you can kind of move them, remove them a little bit because they haven't been set, whereas powder, if you actually kind of like bring it too far down, it's a bit more difficult to remove, so I generally prefer cream products and recommended for Begin is as well for knows contouring. I don't do it often, even though I think a lot of people like to do it. So for me personally, I would prefer to use liquid product like this one misery like this one to actually contact the nose because it gives me a lot more control as competitive powder. So I think that's what we're going to do now. So this is my before you can kind of see that. Um, there's not a lot of definition to my facial contras anymore because I even out that skin tone a foundation. So I'm gonna use uhm I'm going to do half of my face of cream so you can kind of see the difference between cream and powder. So for my left side, I'm gonna use the cream franza from Chanel and to flight. I'm gonna use my small stippled brush from health. So I generally like to use tipple brushes, full cream products because they do a few more natural and they apply a lot more. They make the product look a bit more diffused. So I'm gonna put it along my jawline here, it's just a bronze it up, but, um, kind of give it a little beast for the contouring product to go on as well suggested area. So it's kind of like some people say the in vote that three just like that. And here for creams, I'm not too particular on the placement immediately because I am going to go over concealer and then kind of like I can move it around and blend it out, my beautyblender, But for powder, I'm gonna be a lot more specific when it comes to my placement. So my general rule of thumb is when it comes to the cheekbone contra, I do not like to actually exceed my iris. So if you take a look right here, um, it shouldn't go beyond that for me because I feel that if you go down, what is gonna bring your face down and I don't think you actually want that. So it's more like just at the natural definition back. So you can kind of see a little bit already, and you can kind of see the difference right now, so bronzing alone can work. So a lot of people don't want to do both on a daily basis. And I think sometimes if you find a bronze so that can work for you without being too orange, it can work as a book. So once I'm done with dick cream Branta, I'm going to now move on to my liquid concealer, which is a bit more warm tone. I started cool tone, and I'm gonna put it for me. I don't need contra my forehead. I think my forehead is okay. So what I'll do is I'll just counter my cheekbone. So I'm just gonna apply a little line here because actually, once you blend it out, it's going to be I'm quite significant. Ready? And I'm also gonna put it on my nose. So there are different ways to control your nose. Um, for me, I don't think that my nose gets a bit more balbiz below. So what I'll do is I like to draw a lion down like that. And then sometimes I I watched a few did her else. They say if you want to kind of I reduced above this of it. You draw a line this week to kind of, like, make that area sink in, so it's not poking out as much. And then what I'm going to do for this one is I'm actually going to use my beauty blender to blend it out and lend this out to so if let's say, um, you've let's say you blend it down a bit too much, so For example, I think this one's okey, but let's say you blend it down a bit too much. You can take a bit off your foundation, or you can see learning just kind of like the area down like that, and it kind of helps to remove the darkness in that area. So this is enough for me. Personally, I don't really like it to be like shark. So once I blended out the contra and the cream bronze so you can kind of see the difference between both sides. So I did a little bit on this. Decide I didn't do anything at all. So it's a bit more bronzy nous and warmth to the skin and then with the cooler toned concealer. It kind of gives it a little bit more natural shadows and definition for further effect of Let's say you really want to bring that nose out. What you can do is you can use a concealer and kind of line this area here, which is what I would do just to show you, um, so just little dots. Nine. Some people like to draw one whole line down, but what that does is it really depends on your no shape for me. For example. I don't have to because I don't need this area to pop out. So it's really more like where you're playing the lighter shade. So, like the concealer, it's gonna reflect more might as gonna be kind of, like stick out more and then the doctor areas will receive. So that's the whole idea behind, um, highlighting and contouring like that. And now I'm going to set my entire face of powder case or not, I set my whole face of powder. I'm going to show you how I use powder products on this site. So for this sign, I'm going to use my broncos Malcolm X bronzer, which looks like that. And for this I will use dismounted cheek brush, the one that I showed you just now. So I'm gonna just take a little bit tep off the excess and then do the same thing like Heidi of the cream bronzer just a three like that, so that the Kula Tone Contra will actually blend in much nicer so you can kind of see a little bit more definition already adjusted bronze itself. So I don't like to put a lot of Brown said. So what I do now is I'm gonna move on to the contra, and I think for today I'm going to show you using the ignorance heat powder because I find it a lot more natural, and I can show you how to use the flat brush like this one. So you're gonna just focus the flat site into the product like that, this thing back so it just kind of goes on the edge off your brush. Then what you gonna do? You just going to stamp it below right here like that, and then just slowly blended up? I prefer to blend it up. If you blend it down. It kind of defeats the whole purpose. So just slowly blended up words like that and then maybe excess whatever success. I just put it a little bit here. You can't put a bit more in your jawline like that and then just blended. And then if I'm wouldn't lend it out with my So if you'd like to blend it out but more, you can also use your bronzer brush with a little bit off the bronze laughing. You just kind of go around over it like that for the knows its simple, even though I do prefer to use cream products. But what I'll do is I'll take the brush kind of draw a line down like that, go a little bit here. So it's not as much control as save the cream product, and then we just blend. So this sister cream site, it looks more natural. Um, in my opinion, And then, of course, we have the powder, so it was a bit more intense. Now, by the way, a little trick to find where your cheek bonus is. If you take any brush and you kind of pointed at the top of your ear and point it down to its the edge of your mouth, you should be able to feel that your brushes kind of hitting a bone right here who does bone that sticks out is actually a cheekbone, which means if you put your product underneath it and when you smell so I, for example, like when I smile, you can kind of see the bone goes up, and then this area kind of like get sunken in. So if you put power, there is gonna emphasize that a lot more. So that's, I think, the purpose of contrary. So it's basically two at more definition to your face, reduced to look off any. So if you have a round face, it can help you to make it look a little bit slim. Um, and it brings a lot more definition to your natural contouring to top the whole look off. I'll put a bit of blush A and some people also at highlight. So I just used the Milani Luminoso blush and justice dismounted brush that I used just now . Make sure it's clean so that you don't contaminate your products old and much it altogether and just apply it here. So it's like kind of where the bronze awas above the and above the contour that I've applied. So I hope this video helped. You can kind of see the basics of contouring. Um, and I always recommend standing cream products of us because it's always easier to work with and kind of figure out where you should place it, and then it's easier to kind of erase any mistakes that you've made, and then once you're very comfortable of it, you cannot cause move onto powder. Now, some people they like to put cream fest set everything and import powder products on top of it as well to make it last really long, which is something you can do as well. Eso experiment and see what you like. So thank you so much for watching. I hope this video helped you and I'll see you soon.