Contouring For Beginners

Sarah, Makeup Artist & Yoga Teacher

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5 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. 1. What is contouring?

    • 2. 2. Where do we normally contour?

    • 3. 3. Various tools for contouring

    • 4. 4. Products used for contouring // Contour Powder VS Bronzer

    • 5. 5. Contouring demo

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Project Description

Feel free to practise over and over again until you're confident! Makeup can always be washed away if you didn't get it right the first time. Play around with the placement of bronzer and contour and see which flatters your facial contours the most :)

Here's your "homework" from the class: 

1. Check if your contour powder is cooler toned than your bronzer. Remember, bronzers should not be used for contouring! :)

2. Take a picture of your contouring products and share it with me here (especially if you're not sure if the product can be used for contouring or should it be used as a bronzer). I would also love to know some of your favourite contouring products so I can personally try them out mysefl! 

3. Share with me your beautifully contoured face via a selfie here! I would love to see it. 

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