Continuous integration with Jenkins and Google Cloud Platform. | Maksym Rudnyi | Skillshare

Continuous integration with Jenkins and Google Cloud Platform.

Maksym Rudnyi, Teacher and YouTuber

Continuous integration with Jenkins and Google Cloud Platform.

Maksym Rudnyi, Teacher and YouTuber

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19 Lessons (1h 38m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Why need CI & CD

    • 3. CI & CD testing

    • 4. Continuous integration vs Continuous delivery vs Continuous deployment

    • 5. Why Jenkins

    • 6. Download and install Jenkins CI on GCP. Tutorial

    • 7. Configuration. Change language interface.

    • 8. Create the first Jenkins job

    • 9. Build triggers

    • 10. Cron syntax

    • 11. Git integration

    • 12. Artifacts

    • 13. Build pipeline view

    • 14. Parameterized jobs

    • 15. Security

    • 16. Backups and config history

    • 17. Nodes on GCP Compute engine with SSH

    • 18. How to uninstall Jenkins

    • 19. Most popular interview questions

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About This Class

An introduction to the Jenkins build server using continuous integration and deployment techniques on Google Cloud.

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Maksym Rudnyi

Teacher and YouTuber


Senior Software Engineer with more than 8 years of production experience in Web Development. Experienced both in frontend and backend technologies.

I would like to share my experience with others. You can find courses in Web Development (Front-end and Back-end) and specifically JavaScript. Use this knowledge to improve yourself as a professional developer.

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1. Introduction: i o welcome on trials and could channel My name is Maxim and I'm sorta very engineer is more than eight years off production experience. And today I'm going to present my first course about continuous integration and continues delivery and years deployment also. And also do so how it works. We will take a look on Jack can see, Iet's tool for confused aggression and I will use it to show what this contains integration . Why do we need it and how? How we're going to use it. So during this course, I will show you why we need the intention to gradual and continuous delivery and what is it and what benefits can receive customer or developer. Also, we will check what is C I c d testing. What does it have to do it? How to figure it? Also, we consider why do we need Jenkins? Not other. See, I told a lot of different tools. The comparison Find what is the best and why especially happens that you go deeper and start download, install African figure Jagan's really use a who call perform to tested Test it on this platform. Also after that, I have a show you hard to create fears. Jenkins Job. What is it? Additional legal change. Bill Driggers. Have the krieger different the jobs? Why? We need these triggers that have toe how it works. It's very important part also then reject grown grown. Seen tax. What is Krone? Why do we need it? And what is it? The next step you will be get integration. So here I was so hard. Toe Get data from your Geet and Ron different jobs. After that, you pull stopped into your get repository. We will connect if you different The repository acetyl the public and private repository which requires credentials. After that, we will take a look on artifacts. It's soft results off jobs and his next step will be built by a point of view. Hard to configure it. How it looks. Why do we need it? The next one? We have to jiggle apart trial jobs. Hobby can as different parameters to your job and what the results will receive. They will take a look on Jack and security. What can we do when we lost the credentials to genitals? And how we can restore our credentials is that you take a local notes What is note and how we can split work between different computers, different nose and to speed up our work. It's were interesting and important part, always the genitals because we can save of a data off configuration. Maybe the whole sever us. We're going to use Google top form and that we will do it. All the jackets on this knowledge Ondas everyone a few additional videos about interesting topics. Surprise, and then I will cover a few technical interior questions. Plus, I'm a certified technical rumor at my job. Onda also, I'm I am a mentor, and the edition I am expected assessments and I have a few popular questions. What people asked on interview on different assessments, what you need to know about emptiness, integration and why do you need to know it and so subscribe to my channel? Do not miss new videos and see use of 2. Why need CI & CD: So this future I will show you why do we need to continuous integration and continuous deployment and delivery practices? So let's imagine that we have a project really huge project with different layers it on the bottom. It's become, for example, on the door. But it's a front end, and summer is the middle because some services and each part is developed by a separate team. So we have a huge number of teams and project, and we have a task. For example, for Black Friday, we need the implement feature for discount coupons. Let's imagine all inside cells air tickets, for example. And so we need to into in dramatic new feature for seven chickens. Because this task on Monday and for each team they had a different part of task the country temperament, their own part from tens and all part and each team developing their own task. So they did it, and on Friday we decided to check how it works. So and then when we try to integrate arson together, we found out that it does to work because become team understood their task, like they needed degrade just one time coupon. But another team decided that the local hospital and some discounts from tempt him. They thought that they don't need at any vultures feel the additional and intent. We found out that on Friday everything doesn't work, and it's the issue because that should be assault. So as we know that each part can affect another one. For example, if you create some changes on because it might affect services or might affect even from tent or the same, if you have some new field on front and part, we should degrade Osama rest. Goal two began and saves his data on account, so we need to degrade each part. When there wasn't all contingent aggression continue, believe reprocesses. There was a time it because integration face when old teams get together and try to integrate each part. And it took a lot of time and it was very difficult. And sometimes it's called integration hell, because it took a really a lot of time. A lot of done right. Now, we can implement any future bullshit, toe our server and then continue. Digression will run over test and check. It's arsenic works fine. And what's arsenic is integrated, what is away, what we needed. And that's how contingent aggression works 3. CI & CD testing: in this usually take a look on the contents digression concept Harvard works and how it can help in our work. So let's take a look on this skill. So has mentioned that we have a developer. Its developer one, and we have a version control system, for example, is a get and disease are record huge court and dizzy developer makes a feature someone you small Fikse, bark, fix or added New line comment or innocent. And he pushed it to our control system and after that, automatically when the court was changed. We have some drinkers with Theron's You're it Does unit is it's a one off the steps off our by plane, and when it runs, it failed. It felt because off somewhere, issues or cold was implemented in the wrong way. Or developer just forgot up that it's a unit test, but anyway, we know it assessed as possible. And this bark is cheap because we get information body very fast. For example, sometimes unit tests can take a few seconds to run or a few minutes, but no longer than 10 minutes. It's the best practices, and after that, if you notice was found, developer received email notifications. That airport was wrong and something going wrong because we couldn't run the unit test. So after that, this developer making fix off this box and try to run it again. So he pulls his coat again. The trigger. We check that court waas undated At trans unit tests again when unit tests opposite. Okay, these are errors. It draws the next step, its website assistance and if observes that fine, then it can see I will run. The next step is, for example, use interface. Thus here we can add as manual airs us we want with the integration test these and try and test innocents. And after that there is information that our record is fine. Everything works and we can continue. So in this case, we have ah, fast back as fast as possible And we don't need to waste the time toe to find out what was wrong. What the court affected it on what we can fix. So after that, for example, when I was developer hey, get religious Russian off the court and implemented some other feature. And after that, Iran's again he pushed toe a record. There is a trigger which Francia tests and does a error. Some error on the Web services test, and after that it made fix and run all tests again from the very beginning from unit tests . Because each line off court can break your application, we're on unit tests again. We're on The Observer's tests again, and then we're on unit tests again, and it it might take some time. But anyway, if even some day some that's you, right, that's take a whole day or a few hours. We will get this information in the morning, Of course, in case if it will run this test likely, it's the one of the best practices to If you have something you write and stick around in tonight and on the morning, you will get fast feedback and you will know that, and you will know that something was wrong. Can do you know how to update things back. It's very cheap. You can fix it as fast as possible, and it doesn't affect any other developers or any other features. So there's some requirements for Pity's integration tests on DA intention to crash in Israel. What do you should remember? So it must have for continued integration. The 1st 1 is version control. All this needs to Russian control, but the holy or court will be saved. For example, it's Keat get hop or a club or a big market, or even then it's a big ocean, but it should be safe. Summer next one. What is important is built automation. Always all your tests should be a built automated, even when you made the small changes you have later. One line, of course, you should update it and runs the whole build the whole bill over the whole application from scratch. It took a lot of time. It took out efforts. So you can't rely on people because sometimes somebody gets sick and somebody went to go to get a cup of tea, and a person should be after mated. As much as possible is rebuild. After that, you have a test test should be automated, too, because the same use these people. You can't rely on people, and it takes a lot of time so that the automated and as an important feature is often commit. You should commit us. Open us. You cannot. So you made the fuel lines of change you permit some small feature that means this court and all tested, run and least you'll find out what works, work or doesn't work. Because for that, if you push your changes in the end of the week and something went wrong, it's very difficult to find out what was rock. And when you did a mistake, it was it on Monday, Friday, Wednesday. Who knows? So push it when you can and the last one. But there is. It's a build on change assay mentioned before every time when we push some core to our positive Miriam, even the smallest one were on the whole system from scratch. Because each line of court can break everything so make you happy. Must to be assures that every single works fine. And after your committee, a record works us, you expected. And let's take a look about continues delivery. So what is continuous delivery continues delivery. It's the next step off our continuous integration. For example, you have the same feature. You promoted it and we added just one more step. It's deploy, for example, any improvements on future. It bests. Okay, fine averaging. You can automatically deployed to some sever it might be staging some test environment or it might be production in one environment. From a technical perspective, it's pretty easy and each see I can do it and Afghans couldn't do it. But sometimes it's, Ah, Temple match up dramatically because very often it's not ultimate because decision to deploy to production it not developer responsibilities about business. Sometimes business wants to publish some functionality or feature special for some event or for some date. Let's imagine Apple presentation. As you know, they presented some new iPhone, and at that moment, they their website was some dating. And then you can you can buy a new phone and you see new pages, new features. They pushed one button and rightist features were pushed. So some production Saturday. Okay, so what benefits can be get from these approaches, so versatile its effect or the discovery when you made some bark or something was wrong? We get feedback as fast as possible, and we know that the lightest scored the latest feature was implemented. Not that us we expected, and something was broken or read. Isn't updating a test what we should remember again? All the subject unit tests lots of benefited automatic application deploy. So as I mentioned, we can do it automatically for production, or in most cases, it's almost agent test environment. But, for example, if you used to go Amazon mansions that a new functionality is published each 11 seconds on their website, so observances so in there, cos the tech company continues, department is implemented in off the magic away, so it's good. Another benefit. It's transparent health monitor all time you see the state off your built and the state of your application. So sometimes in the some teams they have monitors in the room, so it shows how the latest Bill Waas passed. Is it okay or not? And you can see the state of your application the next one. It's a test. By applying customization it, we will take a look at it later about any way you can customize pipeline. It means you can around different stages off your if your application building for the public and run the Internet. You can run unit tests, you know, integration test and indifferent away, and you can see what was wrong and when. Also, it's the next one. Benefit is building, borrow execution So it means if you have a lot of tests, different tests, you can running on different, not different machines. For example, you have it takes the 10 hours, but you can speed this work on a two or three additional environments right now is not very difficult when you have a lot off cloud solutions and do you speed up this process? Okay. And this is for Syria. Thank you. 4. Continuous integration vs Continuous delivery vs Continuous deployment: in separate procedures. I have mastered a few different terms, such as continues its aggression, continues delivery and continues deployment. So in this video, I want toe make a final clarification. What is it? What is each of them? Which are these practices? And what's the difference between them? Because it's very purple question on any interview, any assessment or when you want to get any your job, somebody from technical perspective. Can I ask you what the difference and you should understand it and us. We're going to continue our work and our course. We need understand what's the difference, really and what we should implement or do on each step. So that's check the 1st 1 It's continuous integration assay. Imagine it mentioned before we have fuel steps off by applying continuous integration. It's a practice off merging all of the courts to one main developer, brunch or master branch, and after that it's these very dating or record by built and the writing unit tests or digression test. We do it to avoid any conflict because in case when we have a huge team, each team may develop some part of court of the future and emerge two main brunch, and we want to have the latest version off off our court, and we want to make sure that it works fine. Its continues digression. We have got push, it's over, trigger or pull request, and we have the Ramseys by appliance. The next one is continues delivery. It's the next step. It's extents are continues. Digression is a few new step. It's deployed to staging a sit mentioned, some deaths environment. It should be us. Must us much as possible seamer toe our production environment and then we're our entrance tests. Why do they run it after deployment? Deployment stage? Because, first of all, we need the environment where this test can be run because that's running should opens the browser and run all these tests and it takes a lot of time. It can be you can take, then 12 hours. So if we around this test on the continued aggression, face it, it may be that we never will finish his. That's because continued education can be run 1000 or hundreds times a day, and you integration test and grant us. They took a lot of time, so we deployed the stage and and after that we can deploy the statue not after each trigger , but just in some cases daily or one once a day, once a week and then run and Atlantis. And after that we can deploy to production. But here what? This important it's Meno. So we need to click a bottle, and somebody should have decision to run the court to the latest version to production. And after that, we can around some smoke tests on or some different that said the modifications or or set up some environment and continues deployment. It's almost the same, but one small changes deployed to production in off dramatic way. So we do not need the people or we don't need a human who will creek about all changes. Will goto production off dramatically in cases that that the tests were agreed and just in case what tests was failed, there will be no deployed to production, and here that's qualifies. You can pose video and read what does mean and its article they mentioned before so convinced integration where developers merge their changes back to the main branch us often as possible just to get the latest version off court and know that they changes, didn't break anything, and they changes are validated by creating built and ironic automated tests against the Butte. Semantic might be unit tests or digression test. So but it s so we award integration hell. That usually happens when the people wait for release day to match their shadows into the release branch, as I mentioned before, might be really difficult. Continues delivery. It's extension off continuous integration. I can say that it's the next step, and when you make your changes, you can really easily these new charges to your customer quickly in a suitable way. This is it means it on top of herring. Automated your destiny. You also have automated your release process, and you can deploy your application at an important off time by clicking on bottom with reporter. It's this manual action so somebody should make these decisions and publish it to production and continues department assay Mention before it's all the same, but it will be automatically so there is no human intervention and everything will be published. If all that's our past. Also, what do we should imagine here that after that continues after containers deployment, there might be some additional changes or additional steps in our pipeline For his apple, we can make some configuration changes like the Top A B testing. Nick began a scent identification to users about new features. We can identify support off a new version, off changes and send some change. Nels and a lot of different steps. We can do it After that. Authors accord Troubles released to production That's smallest came about what the difference about continues integration. Routine is delivery at continues deployment. 5. Why Jenkins: into Syria, I will show why we decided to use jackets. Us. Our main city tool was the difference between other Seattle's and why special jackets. So let's take a look on the brain's research and check in does. And here we can see that 59% off user users using Janet etc. I previously, because Hudson. So it's very, very popular. See, I tool options that disease get Flopsy I and Travis. So what's important that all these C I toes the pretty simmer, and if you know how to use one of them, you can thought it was another one very fast. It's not a problem for you. Another what you supporting about Jenkins? That it's free, absolutely free and open source. So that means that a lot of contributors who makes changes and the earlier out off days through this system over very offer. It was a very important feature that it's cross platform so you can easily run it on links on Marcos or, you know, on Windows. And everywhere you have a Java, it will work fine and additionally next one what? It's pretty important. Very important. It's against for jackets from the books jackets is isn't so very powerful or it's not the super good to see eye to eye. But it's Barber in its plug. If salt Right now, it has more than 15 hundreds off community against. So here you can find, Arison continued. You knew something for at this age, you need something forget were Maman or I don't know. You know what? Ever since you confined and you can use it, the huge number off Morgan's and that's why do we use it? It's free a lot off pockets and where the most poor guy to have on you on this one, you can use any other. 6. Download and install Jenkins CI on GCP. Tutorial: How old? Welcome on clouds have got channel. Today I will show you how to install Jenkins. See I on good call platform. So here's go call conform. And here's Jenkins Jenkins is a C I. City tool, very popular. And so let's start first, it'll let's create this error. So we need the instance. UK The smallest Inter instance on Google perform to test the genuine C I High School Jenkins. That's diaper will be every one micro the smallest one. Also don't forget Os should be and spirits trophic. That's alot both and recreate. So let's go to our decade commutation. That's fine, Jenkins and in handbook preseason is installing Jenkins. We can read the How Can You Install it for a dagger and a bundle So our disabuse years old machine instances greater as connected as a side. Okay, so we're connected. First of all, let's update off instance, So we have data is the next one with this important immunity. Histology Dickey is the job drama aid because the jacket is using the kids are drama to be wrong, and that's install it. So the power is in stroller. We skip some installation parts. It was useless. So let's continue. We opened our willingness Deborah Boon to installation and less copy comments and Ron one by one. The result is a Kate's what we needed. The next one again, we'll update of a system and then he will try to run jackets install. So we have such error. Making sure has not this thought. Installation candidate. Okay, that's Google it. Let's open this link. Eso here is is a dentist was removed from official butcher repository ISS. So let's open this link and try to run this comments game. What is here? So let's copy that Copies is commerce and run again. Okay, let's run again again. Update. No, it seems average Nikki's don successfully and install Jenkins? Yes. And do we seize the Jack is He's in the roses off installation, so I hope absent works fire. Okay, it's installed the So let's open over I PR dress is 80 a deport, but right now it doesn't work. Why? Because here in our network configuration, we don't open such port. So let's go to our natural before and check firewall rules, firewall rules. And here says that for TCP for i p Rangers zero resumes his external access. We don't have any sport, lets added. And the fire a little was Jenkins. Okay, so tax, we don't have text. That's said all instances in the network because I didn't add attacks for eggs. For this instance, I p arranges, Let's add it, 00000 and it will be just be 80 80. That's grated. And after a while it will be five rolls firewall rules of debate, and we can use it successful. It's of eight. For a while. Okay, we see over 88 report on, Let's try it again. Okay, does work. Maybe because it's HBs Let's remove it and try. Here are sick wars. Jenkins is using which report medical, but anyway, and here we have, ah, getting started. Patris are looking Jenkins, so we need to find that mean possible Let's go to this year l and check possible. It's on the other server crew that's called the Jenkins, and Check would do here. We have a secret list. Goal Secrets. Permission tonight. Okay, I'll do sudo and do the same on day here. We're doing it. We need initial means possible. You should be possible. Yes, it's No, no. Andi Here. Is this possible? It's copy that based. Continue. Okay. And here we have two options. Customized Jenkins is still suggested. Plug ins all or installs blackens or we can select black and students stole. It's just you suggested points And anyways and we can add anything or remove. I'm here. We can wait. If you mean it's when Aristide will be installed and then we will check artworks here. We can see that we install and and blogging I get off course we need to get for using crew is a different version control system especially forget as the sage slaves, I guess for ssh collections we need subversion. We don't need any more nobody. You I don't use it. Get hard branch sources. It's fine, Gradel I'm mature and if you buy appliance, it's okay for Mailer. We have a match extension mailer and it's one OK, so actually is installed. Let's create first at me. User, we can continue our submitted experience possible, but I would recommend you to create another user. Okay, we created and save and continue. Let's click it here. We have exacted your l save and finish and started using Jenkins So our Suzy Jenkins is installed and this is Genesis is installed and sanity for Washington 7. Configuration. Change language interface.: hell is the previous lesson, you can find it in the right corner of the top. I have shown how to install Jenkins on Google's platform. Today I will show you how to change land which off genitals interface while because access by default issues in occur language from browser and sometimes it shows different language . Did you expect it exactly English. But your brother is using another language and use confused, so I will show you sample that's looking toe Jankis interface. So sometimes you need change. The using dispersed their face Landers. So let's look into our jackets and chase the language. So here, as you see, it's another language, not English is Ukrainian and refugees my ravaged by default browser. So how can you change it? To change it? We need to install located log in. So let's go to many Jenkins and here you'll find black and configuration. And that's, uh, check for Look, I OK, Opal, you so here. We need this one. That's a call installed Result. Rhodin. It's a penchant. Let's wait for a while. Success So it's installed and offers that we can change. And here everything has changed. But how it was changed. Let's go to manage Jenkins figure system and the Khiry jackets really to find you look ill and said, the full clannish or not with English. But when you just install, sometimes it will be empty. So you need to add the membership want in my case is English, and I added checkbook that ignore browser preference and forth this language to all users. So if you have a team team is located in different countries, so you can set the one language for the whole team and does it sit? Thank you for watching. 8. Create the first Jenkins job: I'll today, I'll show you how to crazy. If your job in Jenkins, what is it and how toe good. So here we can see our Jenkins Dagobert when we have no any job, great right now. So what's job drop is a simple task which can do something. For example, it can create a butte. It can run Linton Ho overcoat. It can run unit tests and ran tests or any other task union. It can even deploy your application toe production. Sarah or US said, We will create the first up, really create click rate new job and here. So let's call it a hello world, and we will use a freestyle project. It's, uh this option allows it to great. Almost absent toward union, A here can see the A lot off options. You can add beauty triggers, built environment. You can add the description. It's what's recommended to understand what's going on. But right now we're not going to use and source good management or bill triggers. We just want to run some simple, simple common. That's the something cool that's do something simple, and it should just echo Hello world text In other console that save it. You're So let's go to see our jackets home patch. And here we see our thorough job. This is that law success in A Because we didn't Ryan. And the Here's A is a bottom we can run. It's a skittle, LaBute. So that's right. Build is scheduled, and it will be added here. But us we don't have any other tasks. Que is empty. So here we can see that we have success. We have result, but open it and check consort food. And here is is that common divorce court. And here's the result and started its success. So this comment was successful, the wrong. And they hear we can add here we can add the any new items we wanted to come here. Second job, Sam free project that sleep. Okay, just say to be empty on the here. You see that we have to jobs right now, so that is a very hard to create the first drop on your jennekvist environment. 9. Build triggers: in this video, I will show you what is a bill trigger on? What's the difference off them region Bill trickles there are and which off that we can use . And don't forget to subscribe for my child to admit any new videos. Right now we're on Jan. Second job, and here we have two hour tops were created in the previous video, and there isn't what we can do right now. It's around it manually by clicking the bottom. Okay, what is it? Trigger Drinker is some kind off event, or we can call it a rule which we need to fall to run our task. These jobs, for example, what was the most popular types off? UN's bill triggers a few different types off these two years. The 1st 1 is on the Montagne. We already used to when we clicked Task manual to run some task. Another one. It's when other job is finished. For example, when the first task was finished, two week can run is the 2nd 1 is the 1st 1 was successful or it was the 1st 1 was finished . It is the error we can run. Another task served. One is the crow on schedule, so you talk about it later in the next video. But sometimes you want to run our task on some time. For example, every day at three PM or some on the evening on likely and is the last one. It's a source control management. It's Ah, where something is happening in all the source control system for that in git or subversion . When he pushed the new community, we can run the some new tasks to build our application from scratch. So let's create the first trigger for a second drop. Let's open it and configure. Here in built Rekers, we can see that a lot of checkbooks for different options. So let's check. Check this one. It's Ah Bill after other project are built on. Other project is our whole world we created previously, and it asked toe we can add the copper over this project in the line, separated by comma. But last week I just why we just removed this coma and space and this is under. Here's a few options assay mentioned. We can trigger it on if a bill is stable if abilities unstable, and even if the bill fails in other cases jigger it when beautiful, stable, that's safe. Return over Japanese and when they will run the 1st 1 here, we can see make you second job. Our page were literate and we see that we have new wrong lost. That's opening. And here we can see that upstream project is a project which runs is It was fill a World Sam addition. Information about steps. So if we open our configure in build Driggers, we can see that we have a few different options we can. At the same time, we can run it by him. Another project or around periodically you'll covers is stopping in the next video how to difficult Carone and will be here. We can see that we can get heart hope triggers all a ball from a social, those control management system and that's it. 10. Cron syntax: Today we will talk about what is grown. What is it and how can we use it? Let's imagine, before we can run this task not just manner by quick in the bottom but on some schedule. For example, we need Trans is task every five minutes to get some data from get or we want to run some huge stars, for example, Enter and tests wants in at midnight in midnight. Let's check our task. Let's open our second job asking figure it and build triggers. We can see that we can write biological, so that seizes question mark, and why not? What is it? So here we need put our Carone expression. It's a special line, which shows how open we should run our job. For example, we have Asterisk is a special Maksimovic show. Every minute it specifies all the little relus. So here we can run. That's common is five Asterix and the 1st 1? It will mean minutes. We can run in from 0 to 59 minutes so we can run the issue minutes. The 2nd 1 It's over over day than it's a day off a month months and is a day off a week. So, for example, in our case, it will around each minute, each hour, each day and each month. Andi each day off a month off a week. So you know, because this task you bet on every minute. Also, we can specify specific data or time. It can be run each minute, and additionally, we have a few other symbols, such as the white. It means that we cannot know on each 30 minute people 369 or we can said just specific valor. For example, it zero it means it 00 minute and zero hour every day or week, every day off months. So here we can see what I mean again that each Asterix, it's part of of expression, and here we have a few options. We can run every five minutes. It means that every five minutes, every day, every hour runs his expression. We can I have two hours at the top of the hour, Monday through Friday. Additionally, we can write our any task at the midnight on the field stands and 15 so days off a month. And we have special war, such as midnight that it will around our ties. Ask somewhere between 12 a.m. and do 59 AM. Okay. Additionally, to learn more about growing top, I would recommend your open carry on top guru. It's a great service which describe when your task is Brandi contest. There's continued. For example, Hits is a human emotion off your schedule so you can change it us you want, and it will show you when your task will be skittle. It's an extra. So here's a lot off options and you can see how it works is a great option. So that said it. That's around our schedule, and after one minute we will see how it works. Okay, after, I mean, we can open our second drop and here we can see that the last bill was nine seconds ago. Let's open it and so we can see that it was run exactly 8 37 00 and it was started by timer . If you open our previous built, we will see that it was started by obstinate Project Little World. These one is run by timer. Let's open it again. And for bill triggers, we can add the ball from source control, management system and here way will add is the same in Texas. Sam Koran. Expression on. And it means that it should check our get, for example every five minutes, and if there are new commits, it should run our task so we can save it. But it won't work because I didn't configure get right now and that's it. 11. Git integration: Well, they were so hard at the gate. DOJ expository have toe figure it and the veg data from your guitar repository. Um So what can we do? Versatile, many? Great. And you asking Our Jenkins has made the item we call get hop everything we've restyled product. Okay, so here in source control management will be already here were detained subversion. These pockets were added during installation. You can check it installation video and here we are not going to call any triggers. Just configure. Forget as a gift. And here you need at the guitar proposed aura or most euro that's open all we get home. I don't know what stakes on people repository. Let's copy That should be asking around. But she wrote as his age. But what's copy that I also get Subscribe to my top. Okay, so let's add here and here is see some Aurore. Why? Because our junkies is on a little computer engine service and because now get them sold. Let's open over Sarah and it's still get on. The meanwhile becomes saved us is that we were talking. So we all love a Segre. That's right. Jacket. You think off course becoming that's install it, so you just don't get the chicken. Yes, if you carry that. Also, we get also receives that you get devotions to 0.11 point zero. So let's return to our homes job. That's open it. Dia configure. Do you know, considering okay, and obviously that these no issues no errors on. Also, it's a good cop repository without the in your credentials. Doesn't require anything but even you. Some credentials. We can add it in case you need use amusing name or possible. It's a private top repository or it's some your project, some other environment. Or you can use this age excess or secret file. A tax certificate. Okay, can be easily checked or for using name. Just add. You're using them and a basket from your top, and it's gotta fetch your private tipper stories. Okay, so Branch, that's India monster, and now we can say it on out of that to be built. This stop here is, is that the job is running. Let's open it on the here. The CEC also output so personal. Phoenix success is a great also, we see that fashion to assume absurdity changes from top repository and everything goes much successfully. Let's go to ZZ Top Task and the open workspace, workspace and the here Issiar project. It's a get up get ignore, but shake it here to get the glory license get for their clothes. Because if you get actually is the same okay, back, we can find this project on. Always Come Sarah. That's queer. Let's go to our Jenkins on the server and take a look on this war space. Some Jenkins is install or worst, the jackings. You can check it on video installation. Jenkins the Bark and here in the anti received workspace, Let's go workspace. Here we have over task. It's in the top. Gold could become, and here receives it is the same projects a wife is and the river me. Additionally, you can check a configuration off our task. Let's go back a bit. So we go to jobs jacket job and a curious er get Harper's go to the top and here we have quantity XML. It's open it, and here we see all the copper job configuration. It's like it hoppy around our branch and some additional. So what? Just want mentioned about our configuration off little, that's what to configure and change. One small feature. It's okay, let's go to Mina Jenkins and open global. Those configuration to check rates are we get in the ocean. So here, get installation. This is that passed to get, it's specifying because when really still get past this library waas at the bath spiral and it's my favorite type here in console duty. We can open it, so it's good in case if it doesn't work, you need to put. Here's a poor pass to your get and what the important its name. These are best practices that you need to put Big Roshan off your package here. So we have. Why do we need? Because sometimes we need to run all the tasks in different environments. My different Teoh Marvin or different Doctor Merson or and Awesome Dickie to decay and other version. So a person should be specified here, one of best practices, but saved on and that's it. Thank you for watching and up Forget to subscribe to my channel 12. Artifacts: I o today Syria. I will show you what? This article Dr Concept injections and how can we used? So show it That's creating your fight, um, job. And it will be just a perfect generator. His first time the stars should treat into instant We were run just one execute shall common And this comment will create a file of some text data. So we will put this text file txt Let's save it and wrong the past is finished with the chicken because we are good. It's it says check our project workspace, hearing or expensively season because this file txt on and the stakes so But what we can change here is this fire. It is saved in workspace and it's not what we want. Because sometimes after build, there's are a huge number off different file results. There might be some tests. This couldn't show the buttes different. Got coverage, files and a look of awesome. But from all of these, we need just one while. If it job, it might be some jar file. It's react with me. Just build for them. So we want toe adds this file on our main patriot public. It another project. So Huck and we did go to configure it and after that that you can change positive actions and we'll add our cue the artifact. And they will put what we need to argue. The same file it takes to you that said on the What's right into game and off relatively see that here is he asked. Successful are components and the same for its opening. And it's the same file and what is important and interesting park. It says it's a permanent league build the on the last successful build park. So it doesn't matter how many times I will run with this task and rolled over artifact or direct something new in the office. This'll it always will be available on it will show the file from the last successful beauty. So you can add this fire to documentation or sparked off another Butte off my plan or you can share it. It always will be accessible. Okay, so how can we use it? This fire that's a path disease artifact. Another drug. Well, that's great in your job. It is our tractor. Seaver freestyle. So this project, this project the energy should shouldn't do and just copy. Um, copy one that apart from one task to another one and let's do it, beauty, it will be okay. We would copy about one for what? Pastor and author Emma. But here in build stepper, we don't see any, um, sector acceptable option. That's why because that's why because we have no black and four copy our folks. Let's go toe many Jenkins, Man, It's plague. Most begins here real. Here we will copy and install copy artifact. Let's install it restored. So its success. And, you know, let's go to our report to see your task figuring. And in Butte you want a copy article from another project chewed it. Here we will put the project. Name our peoples in the burrito we attribute We want the last successful Butte and artifacts to copy. With the Wild TX team, you can add the additional configuration. What not got target? The directory. But we don't need but save it and round it'll successful. It's opening council are good success. The clerk see open our workspace and here receive final 60. So this task didn't create it in just carpet from another project. So what do we needed past can generate a huge number off us and to take a lot of time. It might take more than five or 10 minutes. So in this case, repent at some performance e improvement in one us, we can generate some beating big files which are needed in another one and another task. We do not generate it again. You just can copy from one tons to another one and use it in our new task with that. But if it's a huge test out of test, so some derail while we can build it in. One task is that copy to another one and runs the stars. That's to use it. Use these deal in an answer. Well, this while and this home we can use our efforts. That's it. Thank you. 13. Build pipeline view: in this video, I was What is built pipeline and how can we use it first full. Let's create a task because I see remember previously we created Hello World task. On day after that, we had 2nd 1 second job, which is called by the 1st 1 when hello world is finished because the second trump, that's great. The new one Risotto one and assemble treacle trigger really used built after other project is built. Let's call it a second job would be needed and saved. So now is the star Sweet Brown after the Second World, and that's his allies it somehow. First of all, we need to install a new block it. Let's go to many Jenkins manage plug ins and in available Prince, Let's find beauty by applying this month there's a warning about any weightless in start, so it was successfully installed and the here on all the data port last week Pause bottom. And here we can see, is that this new options, like built by applying view, Let's choose it. Call it why, okay, And to hear races by point for the out Richards upstream, downstream, calorific. And here is this place suggest is art. If I generator but they we want choose the 1st 1 Ask. It's hello world and let's leave it and check how it works from the box. That's okay. And here we have our built by playing these free drops. Hello, world. Second drop and short one. Because when we were on this one second, while growing up dramatically and certain one result so green one, its task what was finished and blue one, It's not finished yet, So that's a loaded on de. So here we can. Iran's a whole pie. Apply my run. Just one bottle week on water and they run by one by one. We can hold the change on all three task are finished. Was the benefits off using this parking here, you can open consult the record. Okay. Right now it doesn't worry about it. Should Maybe there's some conflict issues. Okay, on duh. That's configurable again. My point. And here distributed Butte number, that's put example. Then quick. Okay. And the check hard drugs. And here we can see all over by plants, step by step. How and status which are a and the heart looks okay. And so, as we see it's very similar to ours. Continues to crash concept conceptually tree alone before Let's open it. Okay, here's off. Contains decoration and here we can see the same steps ondas them by applying Butte. So we have some built by plans and we have unit tests. And after that, integration tests on and and we can implement the same full in Jenkins here, you can utilize it in the same way and that's it. Simple. How works pipeline view. 14. Parameterized jobs: Heil. In this video, I will show you how to create parameter rised job in Jenkins. So what is it? Sometimes we need to create a job which we can configure on the start. We can pass some oppa Rahm's or change some environment properties. So all task created before the veggies Simple tests which were configured, configured during creation, repairs default dwellers and sends his task where on and everything works one. So right now we will create a new task which can be changed on the Ryan step. So let's create a new task. New item. We call it Haram job. It's very style and click OK and the here we can see that day. We have ah, checkbook us. This project is permit prized as cricket and we can add parameters. The few different types of parameters such as Bullen parameter choice file barometer released. Best work, Wrong strength ground. That's great. Something simple ism Choice, barometer And here we can name it will be environment and the choices, the trances, we can put them for example, there you a reproach or broad and all new choices from the new line and then just we will save asked. Tomorrow and here we can see that we have built these parameters. That's cricket and already receives it to these environment. And we can chew some environment option. It beats the death. Let's run it. It will be finished. But nothing will happen because we don't use it. The Jews is Haram. We can checks that success. So that's configure it a beat configure. And in our building we will execute Shell and and we just act. Was this environment variable your environment that save it and again built with Brahms was built open console output and he received echo them and it was that it was the focal changed and run again just to check if everything works. Fine building Esperanza villages. Report built council output and hear everything works fine. We're on what we need here. He might be a question. What will be in case of Iran's his job by schedule, for example, crawling around his job. In such case, generals choose the first warmer in your option and it will be default value. We can check it in our case that it's the full fail and it will go on. Additionally, we can add some other parameter. It's at, for example, string parameter, and we will call it the best case. For example, on default. Well, first case, I don't people find, Let's save it. And when we try to build with parameters, we see that the country's environment and also we can set this test case barometer. Okay, lets go up against disease to do this job and check what the default parameters we have in our beauty, we can see that these at least of available environment variables. Let's open them. The Here we see that we have branch name, build number built, I D. So, for example, if you want to put some version of our application based on building, we can use build number environment bearable. And any time when we're around our built, we will have a new building ocean, and we can use it us a warship off our application. Additionally, what is what they have to match is that this environment variables are available even in your sleep. So if you create environment environment variable, you can use it in Europe. Job application form are been or for the doctor application in no no order or no jazz of something cows, and you can use these variables in your application, and this is how we can use configurable aroma, tries jobs. 15. Security: file in this video, I will show you what is security and justice and how we can handle it. And one was the most popular issues with security. We can check today. It's ah, the case when you lost access to your Duncan Sever, for example, like this one and what we can do in this situation, though in this case, you can do just goto judgments home and conflict your conflict similar filed for configuration and the security access. In this case, you need change You Security started to false and then removed two sections in this Gothic file. On After that, you need to start Junkin. Sarah. So let's do it. We have our group called Platform and our jackets. Let's connect a cessation and adding this conflict file. Okay, we're on the server. Let's goto a gentle home folder. The space you can find the video about installing Jenkins. Let's go to. And here and here We have a confident smile File. Let's open it. Eso here received the disease. You security recited toe false and authorization strategy and security. Real arm. You do it. Okay. Airsick is the little that save it. You check again. Yes, everything is fine, also less reloads. All that's ever so Sarah is there a look? Let's check it two years off, Jenkins, and let's settle with our page. You need to wait for a while and you hear Sarah is reloaded and this is it. We are not looking in, but we have ancestors, a whole Jessica job, Jobs and Jenkins it all. So it's Amanda Jenkins and jig over here. It shows that Justices Carter on secured so everyone can do answer on the chance. Security. Let's goto conflict. Global security, um, on Dhere issued to enable enable security and then check. We can't really get to surveyed container, but we haven't it. We can use Jenkins own user database and these each option toe Oliver users to sign up. It's the great real chicken because it shares its access to our team and they have no accounts they can sign upto Jenkins. And, well, the whole tea will be ready straight. We can remove these check box and use it. Use it, says sign up team. Also, this authorization that anyone can do Anderson okay, and that's stayed right now and jacket here is is that they are junior options so again, and sign up the US try to create in your card you gold se eso impossible. Create a comp onto here. Received That isn't your user J. Vika or God. And these user has access to all the jobs, and it can delete his configure ever since works for him. We will go to Amanda Jenkins and the Configure Our global Security again. Right now, we can remove these check both because it's imagine everyone already signed up and that's all. We don't need more registration, and she sends you could scenes authorization to look in. Users can do Addison. And for anonymous. They can just read that. Save it and that's open you on the name Stop and check how it looks. Okay t j here. But let's look out. So for working out the user, we see Higginbottom. But it can't. It's impossible toe sign up for user and user can see all the jobs. But here, shake have added it. Or do it. Just read on the access. It's what we expected. Okay. What what Impertinent. What interested in else we can check here that's open again. Configure or security groups because we are going in again. And here we have monsters, base security, interest option. We can create the user or group and provide the access. The record toe. These group group, we have some specific credentials. That's great. Grow. They're developers. That's great managers. Andi Uh, que a And here, because options we can allow for that for death, we can know everything That's way to get managers or get a everything. But for managers weaken, just read you're Sansom and said it means that giving it looking with some other news I was admin. Okay. Interesting case that that's open or conflict while and here we see that we have relations strategy that you securities that force and you drink this section off. Okay, we remove it. And what? Say it again? A little of a Jenkins Jenkins of loading. Let's make. And here we again have access to our Jenkins. Just configuration which and return overall security configuration. Remember it on the organ use can do. Ask. Yeah, that's a good Ah, here we It's easy to read me well again. This looking is all usual. That's what. And it is absent works fine. Thank you. This is 16. Backups and config history: Well, in this video, I will show you how to work with Big Coppin Jenkins and how we can simplify our work at least a bit. So we have junkies, and if you are admits, daughter, you don't want to lose it in some emergency case and and you should have a copy of your system. It doesn't matter if you may starter at these jackets authority or cease them and you're sort of engineer. All this you had to have been got the cops. And in this video, I will show how to create is big cops and how we can simplify our work with other log it's and features. So let's open off the server and check what we have in jackets, library in jackets, folder of your hair were such files. So here we have a huge number of different files jobs, looks, workspace and one of the possible options to save a pickup and create because it's just take all this fire Skopje's them and the same on some different folder or different machine and different folder. Is that the good idea? Because in case your salary but lost kilos, you lost all the cops so you need saves is because of another physical motion. But why is save everything is not the best idea, because here we have workspace folder, for example, and here might be a lot of different files copied for me. Get hop repository or some artifacts or build results, which can take a huge amount off memory. And there's no reason to save it. But, for example, jobs, you can't go here and check it to become a lot of jobs that let's open some. And here we see that we have conflict files. It's XML config. Far your configuration over, and it's small file text fire, and it's part would be sure to save. And it's a really important part. So how can we do it? Let's go to our room and Jenkins, open managers and check one useful Blufgan, which can help. It's Ah senba cop check available Borgens, this one that's installed that is still result or start Okay, a success. Abdullah's go to Jenkins and check. Would we have? Let's go to manage Jenkins and here we have no option, seemed the couple. It's open it, and here we can see that we have respect. Pick up no restore and saddened that stride toe open become. Know what we have because we need configure it. That's open configuration and they hear we can configure it. So the 1st 1 is a big opportunity. It's a deeply where we should put our McCobb. It should be some A file on some several machine It'll Bill should be some backup Sarah and that you say about the cops. Also, we here we can configure grown grown drop for full backups we already discussed, which is cropping. Have to configure it. And also we have the same car own job for differential backups. It's not full back options, some part of them all, so we can figure number off the cops and what should be a Copt. We can add the absolute court opinion. It's very useful Plug in and another plug in I will show you today is breaking legal, happy to simplify your work and check habit works that's open. Match begins in Porto begins arable and open conflict history job. Gothic history. That's just what the clicking it is. Let's mention that you have your server and a lot of drops, and somebody change subsonic in your job, for example. It hop and they start configuring, tickle, figure it and somebody change stops and can the right now your job doesn't work. That it might be a branch was changed. Also there, Waas added some and some text, and it was saved out. After that. Your job doesn't work, and by default from the box jackets do not save history off your jobs and what was changed . And this beginning, we can see it. It's here. History. We can open it on day here way. See, Are the history off all changes in our file so we can check it? And now it's our version. It's card information because blinking wasn't stole after we created the job and it didn't save a previous version. But if we go to figure again and we will changed, change it back, do it. This one saved and job confused history. We see that we have another one we can restore. All configuration has such part of On the Chicken it is their file, But we can click so dif and here we see what was changed and it's very similar to get up and get it all. It shows what was changed, the parents version and the last one, the previous Russian and current one. And it can help simplify our world because you know what was changed by who it was changed these a user and when it was changed. So in case something doesn't work, you always can find what was changing half tourist organ previous configuration. And it's just the fighter, your work. And also one more think I will show you how to bake up. You return to pickups how we can become our Jenkins, and we really use benefits off years and cool call platform. So here we have our Sara Jenkins and us. We using Google to form. We can create snapshot off the server. The whole Sarah will be saved so we can create a snapshot off the whole of a Sarah. That's what the snapshots and create snapshot really call Jenkins and so easy to be Jenkins locations United State its mortal original original and just create. And now you will have these snapshots of your center, and in case your server will be deleted or something, it will happen. You can always delete it and restore from snapshot. It's very useful and I use is very open for other my jobs or other projects. And that's it. Thank you for watching. 17. Nodes on GCP Compute engine with SSH: Well, today we will talk about notes in the jackets and how we can use it. So what is not right now? We have John kissing on our cloud Compute engine, and it's the first note. It's a computer. Where is installed junkies and it. Ron's all our jobs, build the projects, create artifacts and can deploy our project to some and other folder or server way. Create some task. We could Koran it, and then it goes to build Q. And after that, it goes toe on first free. Execute er is cuter is our machine Right now It's the master. Is our several raising stole Jenkins. We can create a few additional notes. Why do we need first of all it? This case works fine. If you have just a few jobs, you're on it not often, and it works for small projects for your own product or some small startup. But for enterprise, solution is not the best case because you have to run thousands or hundreds job jobs a day and it can work 24 7 This is why one Sarah is not enough. You need to distribute, loading and improve your performance to do it you can create. If you note here, they think I'm a share its Google Cloud, it shows it shows me this part. It shows how it works. We have Jenkins monster. It's our server. And then we can create a few agents It over notes where we can run different jobs. This nose can be is different operations professional systems. It might be lean looks or ass or mark and the them and there might be different browser. For example, if you need some test option for home or for Firefox or something cals and I emphasize this link, I hope it will be used for you, so to started. First of all, we need great off a new note. Must be using Go call platform Compute engine That's great. New instance. Great instance. Individuals No. One He was Have one micro smallest one. Don't forget over access success and great. So it's great. Let's connect by. Ssh, Andi, I didn't mention before all of this not we're going to use. We will connect by ssh Agent to these notes so that check how can do it. Okay, we owns this server. Just the fall that's updated. Let's let's create our if your wrist north, It's a new Nope, it will be a permanent agent. And the node name one was the best practice to call. No ordinary. Who is the host name? So we have not Andi hospitable I p address. That's just cut them and they use it here. That's click. OK, so here we have no label. We could use the same or it might be Just speak, for example and a large matter. It will be a launch agent against. Why it? As his age post, you put the same and Dick credentials units, great nuclear dentures Last great Jenkins head And here it kind it will be such user. Never is Private Kim, scope it, Drillbit system. It's fine. I d doesn't matter right now, but we can create we can create. Present is my user name description Can skip user name. It will be used in there for the Sarah. Here we have our Sara and my user name. It's this one. So we will leave it and we need to a private key. We can enter it directly. I had so we need as a sage private key. How can we get it we generate on our server over several square the generator of a ceremony to call common Sage Keegan. And here is a file for where this give will distort. We called for Jack in Skim. It's finalists quick. Here is best phrase I believed empty. But for security can add to your super special that pass phrase the same again here is is it absolutely is generated. Find. Here's our image off our say Kim, and we can check it by ago. Goingto city effortful If you change this folder, it's I forgot what first of all, you need to go to ssh folder and then generated in cessation of your bedroom the same the same. Okay, that chick would become So here we have Jenkins, Key and Jenkins. Keep up. This wise public is publicly and this one is private. Also characterized kids. Let's check it here Already have few added by Google. What we don't know need what we need. We need our add our public eight authorized case. That's copies this comment so it will add the over generous public eight authorized keys, a squeak it and let's check out Rusedski again. Here we have the scheme and we can check over Private Key That's called copy Got Drinkin scheme and this is our priority. Ssh key. Let's copied. That's copier on Go to Jenkins and here when it pushes, this is a judge Private Kim, Best Fresh is empty. Well, after tempt him, and now we can click Ed. After that, we choose this credentials, this user the next one, which is important. We need the whole Scheer verification strategy. We need to check in host The key verification strategy video shows certain men are trusted by verification stretches Jim that choose it and safe remote de Root directory. We believe attack. It will be in our in other wrote now the home folder. But that said so after that, because it's not with the Red Cross because it's no started open it and launch agent chick . So what we see here or do is him that it was connected to everything. Fine. Actually, it's fine because it's gland, but exceptional job is not found. Let's install Java here. Let's go to home how to install job On Saturday. You can check in our video about installation Jenkins on Google Cloud instance. You already did I was being top of it because it takes a lot of time. Okay, don, The check of a drawer job is a start. Great. And, uh, back to east and let's connect again. Claunch Agent are giving it at root. That's conf you're it. That's leverage. This one. Save the launch. Okay to do it. Let's copy. That's got our home route on and added Hero. So good game. So this is Agent is connected and works. Fight has got back to the east and the university over. New note. It works fine. So how can we use it? Let's go toe other jobs and we have a artiforg generator The creativity when discussed, the artifacts and the let's configure it. So here we can restrict about project and being Ron here, unit labor, expression, but recurrent labels. We didn't add it. So let's head able for over No, you note that's Goto is no configure. Oh no, we have able because copy it's often note AP others configure it. So here we need the choose new note to have been, you know, here this is a typical one not and what it do as we remember it creates just empty file. Take steam. I'm duh, This is so Let's save it and check how it works. Licked greater click build. Now he received that The job is wrong. It's writing council are Perchik. So he's finished. Success were expense. Here we see that it waas would where we need and check it works or not. Let's go to our No, obviously it's in another in order. It's not not raised for jackets, that's clear it. And here here we considered to be a funeral for foreigners. It's promoting, promoting George and workspace this two fires being it removed. But anyway, let's go to work. Space check would be fair inside and inside. We have argued for the generator. It's the name off other job. Let's go to it. And here we have our file. Txt. Let's check it and it's so hello. It's tax to be added to our job, so now it works fine. So here you can see how we can distribute load on different notes and different drops. You can rather different knows it will increase your performance. And in case you have heavy notes or heavy jobs, you can around different jobs on different notes and increase your performance. And this is it. Thank you for Washington 18. How to uninstall Jenkins: here, my friends. Today I will show you how toe honest Al Jenkins. So we finish our work. We did ask what we need. Practice finished. And we don't need any more these resources. So let's remove it and clean up. So how can we do it? We have our John consider. And here we have with the server reconnected by SS age. First of all, that checker. Is it working right now? So we checked. Is it works? Jenkins at the time. So it works. Fine. Now we can stop it. So jacket is stopped. If you really remote the hell error, there's nothing. And now we can remove. We have a bone to server and here's Jenkins. So let's call just up get removed Jenkins and years want removed. And here we see that it seems abdication removed. Check again starters. So Sarah's could not be found on. Go check the check of a server fire location. It was located in Born on Leap Jenkins. So we have no such directorial, and it seems it's great. It was removed Also, what I can suggestion were smart and we create a Sarah on separate the Google called perform Compute engine. Instance here is Jenkins. So if we do not need anymore the center, we can just completely deleted and not just any more as God here and deal it village. And it's the fastest way to the little Jenkins because you don't need it anymore. Also, don't forget it. Previously used the notes jackets knows, and we don't need Is this not anymore too? So go here and did it as well. Deleted. So right now you have your environment, queen. Just one project and you have no Jenkins anymore, So that's it. 19. Most popular interview questions: Hill. Today we'll cover a few popular into your questions for CIA stadium. What is CIA and what's the city and what I want to mention it. These questions are related to software engineers. For that, it's the job script developers or Java developers wrapped developers, and it's not for develops. And this questions are pretty popular, and I used very often on the juice on my opening Jews. So let's start from the 1st 1 is what is C I. City? And how does it works really registers this screen and we can say that first of all, we should mention what is C. I. It's continuous integration and city. It's continuous delivery. Almost all this is continued deliver. Some type is the employment. But retired doesn't matter because we then your car was a difference. So what is continuous integration? Continues the Russian what we should to matter that it's a practice. Developers practice practice when we marriage changed our changes back to the main branch at us often as possible and then re validates his changes by great Nick and Butte, you built the successful that are changes are fine and it does didn't break anything and because I that this continued aggression, it's enough, continues delivery. It's the next step off continues integration, but in this case we will deliver products. Final version to some servers. It it can be production centre or stage of server by clicking a button. So we click a button and the final version off court is delivered to Sarah. And how does it work? We can describe personal, continuous integration concept so we can One developer, because version control system might be Geet. And because on feature we put this feature to our server Russian Control System server and then with a trigger which runs unit tests, for example, or some other tests. And if it fails, we go to the first step and disease developer, creating new feature updates his feature and again pushing toe Russian control system and then be Iran unit tests. If actually, if it's OK, we go to the next step in some website is tests on bond office. As we can go to you, I tests actually be wrong here and the same for developer to it as a developer. If something's wrong, we go on beginning its very beginning and run everything again from scratch. So the next question is explained this what is continues? Digression What tools I used for that on your project. Usually, we ask about your approach because different people, different developers, they use different those of their projects. And it's not a good idea to ask the boss of Jianye or most purple or project or more popular tool. So way asked about specifically for your project tools And what is contingent aggression we already covered in the first question. We can return to it. We can return to our screen and a check that we have caught. It was pushed toe Russian control system and then Iran Butte unit as ink and run digression testing for them. And it's airsickness after medical, so you don't need to do indecent manner. Computer should do it for you. And what does? What does I used in your project? He will cover your favorite, too. Or what do you used on your project and receive? It seems to be already. Check this screen. It's jetbrains investigation, and what are the most purport rules here? We can see that junkies is on the first place. It's 62% off users using these toe. Also, the Travis get lap right now on my card in project, we're using diplomacy. I So it's really popular toe also that Tim Siege and Circle C I. And you can use the any off them and just describe what benefits they brings to your project and the How did you use what you configure on digital? Figure these tools at all. So and there's anything what can be useful for you on this interview question. The next question is about types off test. We can run on sea ice in the steppes during Sigh City. So merciful you can mention what types of death zone here we can tell about doesn't pyramid and what the does there are? It might be unit test integration system you are and mental tests and the here we can differentiate. What, off this test. We can run on continuous integration steps And what was this task? And Iran continues delivery stuff and here again we can check that for continuous integration were on just unit tests and integration test. That is because it is because we cannot real several where we can run our application. We don't deployed on do we can Can't start this applications air and become no possibility two que engineers to run it and checked by manner and run Meno tested. But on continues delivery or department step, we have the next steps. We deployed the staging. It might be some environment production or test environment East agent. And after that, we can run and to an test the white has to run the someone selenium server or selenium script will around and go through your website application and check is everything is okay . Because in this case, we have Sarah and we can check these Sarah also here we can run a men or destined you don't have it here. But anyway, if we have server and it can be open so any person can open it and check is every single case at okay and is it what we expected? The next question is very purport. Was the difference between continues integration and continues delivery or C I A and city. We already mentioned that contingent aggression. It's a practice for imagine our changes to the main branch as often as possible and then validated by writing unit tests. Running Clinton again in Santa built and continuous delivery. It's an extension. Off continues integration because it's the next step when we deploy a court butto staging environment. And that might be interesting questions also on here with the difference between continues delivery and continued deployment. Because sometimes people that's no was the difference and how we can say it. We come back here again to our screen and check that these two terms are all with the same sir. Very similar. But the difference is in deployed to production. Is it manual or automatic? So for continuous delivery, it's men. Oh, we have to click a button to deploy off the record to some production. Server four continues deployment. It's always off the medical. So you pushed you push your court that it running build run unit tests digression the point of staging, run and two and tests and everything. If everything is OK, we automatically deployed toe production and then Iran. Some smoke tests. It is the least off most popular questions. Asai. No, what? I want to cover it if you know something else. If you know some another purport questions or if you're using some another questions. Police left core meant to use this question. It will be interesting to check. Maybe there's something interesting going to we can discuss it and the last part What I want just mentioned when it mentioned it's a couple of books you can read. The two books is Jannik INS. Definitive Guide. It's for beginners. More. If you're using Bob interface, you'll be using for you and another one is It's more advanced. Book. It's gentle, stood up and running so you can check it, and I hope it will be useful for you. This is thank you for watching.