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Content That Attracts: Discover Content Ideas and Grow Your Audience

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Stanley Idesis, Marketer, Developer, American Sweetheart

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10 Lessons (44m)
    • 1. Why Content Works

    • 2. Smells Like Sales

    • 3. Content Quadrants

    • 4. Key(word)s to Success

    • 5. Buy Local

    • 6. Crack the Competition

    • 7. Consolidate the Data

    • 8. Mine Your Diamonds

    • 9. Break the Rules

    • 10. Steps to Victory


About This Class

Your future reader sighs as her stomach rumbles, she’s dealing with a problem and she’s too embarrassed to ask someone for help — she has nowhere to turn. So she does what we all do: she opens the Internet. She opens Google.

She desperately pounds her search in one letter at a time: ”lack toast and tolerant symptoms,” and slams the return key. Sure, she may not know the term is actually lactose intolerant, but your content won’t judge her, and neither will you.

Your content defines the symptoms of lactose intolerance, provides treatment recommendations, and clarifies (without condescension) that lactose intolerance is a treatable medical condition, and that lacking both toast and tolerance is a rare, but frightening personal condition. Everyone loves toast. 

Your reader chuckles to herself as she realizes her mistake and connects with your polite, well-researched content. She spots your link to a product that can ease her symptoms and prevent future issues. She follows it, orders the Lactaid pills, and you earn a nice commission and a brand new fan.

That’s the power of content and great content ideas. You may not have a health blog but you have a small business or you market for an organization that knows content can deliver wonderful experiences and attract new customers.

And if you’re looking for content ideas that can deliver on that promise, you’ve come to the right place.

In This Course, You Learn…

  • The basics of SEO (search engine optimization)
  • How to perform keyword research
  • To evaluate keywords and turn them into content ideas
  • To study your competition for missed content opportunities, and
  • How to make a great first impression with content

And along the way, you will become familiar with this indispensable free toolkit:

  • Google Sheets
  • Keywords Everywhere
  • SEOQuake
  • Keyword Shitter (crappy name, useful tool)
  • AdWords Keyword Planner (free account required)

This course is great for beginners who’ve done little-to-no keyword research or search engine optimization. However, you will get a head-start if you:

1. Have access to Keyword Planner

  • Follow these steps to enable Keyword Planner without providing credit card information

2. Are familiar with Google Sheets (or similar spreadsheet software)

3. Use Chrome or Firefox

4. Install SEOQuake

  • This browser extension provides valuable information as we search the web
  • Install SEOQuake for Chrome or for Firefox

5. Install Keywords Everywhere

Go through these preliminary steps and then meet me in the course! As an instructor, I want to remain open and available to you. I will read and do my best to reply to all of your questions and concerns.

Happy content-ing! Also, make sure to keep a piece of toast on you at all times, otherwise your risk of sudden onset lack toast and tolerance goes up by 50%!

P.S. My friends at SEMRush (one of my favorite online marketing tools) have offered an exclusive, extended free trial for students of this course. Follow this link to try SEMRush for 14-days





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Stanley Idesis

Marketer, Developer, American Sweetheart

My father lent me a camcorder when I was 9-years-old and I’ve been a creator ever since; I’ve made movies, games, books, mobile apps, logos, websites, presentations, book covers, voiceovers, and even brownies that one time!

To pay off my gambling debts, I work professionally as a content marketer, consultant, developer, author, and completely normal, definitely-not-weird adult. Still not convinced? Here’s what critics had to say:

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