Content Network Advertising: Sell More Products Online

Brian Dale, Internet Marketing Coach

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6 Lessons (43m)
    • 1. Opening Lecture

    • 2. Introduction to BuySellAds

    • 3. Find Advertising Options

    • 4. Vetting Websites

    • 5. Ad Placement

    • 6. Getting Ads Approved


Project Description

Select the Perfect Website(s) to Sell Products and Services on

We'd like students to complete the following project for this class.

Effectively advertising your products and services online boils down to three things:

1. Managing advertising budgets

2. Strategic placement of ad creatives on websites likely to convert

3. Repeating successful advertising campaigns across multiple sites

To begin the process, we'd like students to review possible content ad partners by:

1. Logging in to

    a. once logged in (must create free account) - navigate to the 'marketplace'

2. Clicking 'all websites'

    a. this list will allow immediate review of websites ad option availibility

3. Becoming familiar with advertising opportunities

    a. locate appropriate site categories of those most likely to accept advertisements from your business

    b. Click on both the website review link as well as advertising rate card(s)

4. Clicking on website publisher link

    a. once you navigate to the website - review what website-blog content publishing subject is

5. Taking a screenshot of the website

Post your screen shot in this forum for feedback.

Student Projects