Content Marketing Plan: Reach Your Business Goals

Marijana Kay, Freelance Writer for SaaS & Marketing

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8 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. Hi! Class Introduction

    • 2. Setting the Right Content Goals

    • 3. Nailing Your Call-To-Actions

    • 4. Brainstorming vs Sorting Content Topics

    • 5. Awareness Content Planning

    • 6. Consideration Content Planning

    • 7. Decision Content Planning

    • 8. Taking Action & Next Steps


About This Class

This content marketing planning class is tailored to marketers, bloggers, and business owners that are familiar with the concept of content marketing, but put in unfocused and time-consuming efforts that haven’t shown success.

The class is based on understanding the intent of a potential customer in each stage of their purchase journey, from awareness through consideration through to decision.

We'll dive into each of these three stages and go through likely struggles, challenges, questions, and goals that the audience has in each of the stages.

Class project involves creating a goal-driven content plan for the upcoming quarter based on topics, formats, and call-to-actions. You will also be able to assign topics to your team members and add tentative due dates to it.