Content Marketing A-Z: Copywriting Conspiracy

Barry North, Turbo Performance Solutions LLC

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9 Videos (34m)
    • 1 1+Good+Copy

    • 1 2+You+Attitude

    • 1 3+Your+Tone

    • 2 1+Humor

    • 2 2+AIDA+Formula

    • 2 3+Define+Your+Customer

    • 3 1+Written+Style

    • 3 2+Subject+Lines

    • 3 3+Short+VS+Long+Copy


About This Class


In this training, you will learn how to create great copy for your sales materials. The training consists of three sections. Section 1 covers copywriting basics. Section 2 goes over copywriting concepts and Section 3 explains copywriting styles.

Section 1 Copywriting Basics

Good Copy

When you are first starting out with online marketing, it may be difficult to understand why good copy is important. Why do you need good copy to move products? It's quite simple. Your copy contains your sales pitch. If the copy is good, you can convince the audience that you have a solution to their problems.

Your Attitude

You need to use the "You" attitude when writing your copy. You need to speak using "you" or "your" so you are speaking directly to each person who sees the copy. That will help you connect with your audience. That, in turn, will help you make some sales.

Your Tone

You should use a conversational tone that is casual and funny. You need to come across as relatable. Don't come across as stiff, or people won't read the entire copy.

Section 2 Copywriting Concepts


You have to strike a balance between serious and funny. If you're too silly, you won't come across as authentic. Infuse some wit into your writing, but remember that your main goal is to be relatable and connect with your audience.

AIDA Formula

You should use the AIDA formula for all of your copy, including your sales pages and marketing emails. You can even use this formula for webinars. AIDA stands for:

A: Attention - Get your reader's attention I: Interest - Capture their interest D: Desire - Make your audience desire what you are offering A: Action - Give a call to action


This is really about your headline. You need to write a compelling headline. The headline should draw readers in and get them interested right from the beginning.


You will grab people's interest by telling your story. You can talk about a time when you were just like the reader. You can explain that you had the same issues, but then you were able to solve the problem.


You will create desire by talking about the benefits of the product. It's important to understand that benefits aren't the same as features. You want to actually talk about how the product will solve a problem.


This is where you tell the prospect what you want them to do. Tell them what the next step is. Have them click on a link to buy the product, or input their information.

Section 3 Copywriting Styles

Writing Style

If you are writing long form copy, it should be similar to a newspaper editorial.

Subject Lines

As you know by now, you will use subject lines or headlines to grab readers' attention. A good headline should be shocking. It can give a revelation. You can also include the benefits of your product in the headline.

Short Vs. Long Copy

Don't get too hung up on choosing between short or long copy. With that in mind, be concise but get your entire story out. Just don't add unnecessary filler. Everything that you use in your copy should have a point.

Get Started

Now you are ready to get started. Keep in mind that you can outsource the copy if you don't want to write it yourself. That being said, we recommend that you write your own copy and test it against your outsourced copy. That way, you can see which one converts better.






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