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Content Curation to Grow your Following - 10 Day Challenge

teacher avatar Paula Guilfoyle, CPA, Online Educators, Lifelong Learner

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Tool 1

    • 3. Tool 2

    • 4. Tool 3

    • 5. Content Curation Tips

    • 6. Conclusion

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About This Class

Everyone knows you need plenty of content to grow your following, but this does not mean that you have to always use your own content all of the time.

Using content belonging to others is know as content curation.

In this class you will be introduced to 3 tools you can use for free to find good quality and relevant content you can share on a daily basis to grow your following. These tools are know as social monitoring or social listening tools.

Why do you need to grow your following, simple really

  1. Increase your credibility
  2. To get more traffic to your website or videos
  3. To grow your email list and
  4. To sell moreĀ 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Paula Guilfoyle

CPA, Online Educators, Lifelong Learner


Paula is a qualified CPA with over 15 years' experience in the fields of Accountancy, Business Management, Process improvement, Internal Audit, Group accountant, Operations Management and Training. All across a broad range of industries and sectors. Paula has been Key Speaker at many Accounting Events where her talks on Excel are received very positively. Taken from her experiences in Accounting and business fields, Paula also has courses for those wishing to upskill, especially in the area of Spreadsheets, Bookkeeping and Accounting.

Paula is also the owner and author at  The Excel Club is the only Excel blog in the world where you can earn while you learn.  To read more about our Excel Learn and Earn Activities take a read of this

<... See full profile

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1. Intro: We all know the difficulty in creating great content on a regular basis. But imagine if you didn't have to create your own content all of the time to grow your following. Well, you don't have to imagine, because content curation is happening all of the time. And if you have some tools, finding great content to share doesn't have to be time consuming. It doesn't matter if you were blogging. If you are just posting posts to social media platforms or if you're sending out newsletters using content, that air this have created will help you grow your following in this class. We're going to look at a tree tools that you can use today for free to find great content to share for your class projects will use these tools to find five pieces of content to share every day for 10 days across your social media platforms to grow your following Andi increase engagement. So who's up for a challenge? 2. Tool 1: the first tool that I'm going to show you that you can use to curate content is slide share and slide Share is a great tool that you can just search for content on any topic that you want on, then easily share that content on. Now. Slide share is owned by linked in Andi. You can log in which your linked in profile. So when you're in slide share, all you have to do is search for your topic. So, let's say teaching online on I get then a list off slides presentations that are available for teaching online. So let's just click on this one. Online teaching Best practice. Andi, you can find all the slides air in here so you can go true them yourself and make sure that its content that you want to share on directly from in here you can actually share this. You can share it to email. You can bet that you can have a WordPress or a link Facebook Twitter. LinkedIn on you can share it directly to Google, plus on when you're sharing all of these, you can add in your own comments found on slur chair. What are your best tips and then you can share. So I've asked a question there. What are your best practice tips now? Many off the top publishers Unlinked in use, slighter and linked in itself is also a great tool with linked in polls to search for articles. Arm topics that you're interested in that your readers are interested in that you can curate on that you can share so that you can build your following. 3. Tool 2: The next tool that I go to show you is a tool called Izumo. Izumo is another social listening social monitoring, too. Now, Bow Zemo is a paid for service. But there's also a free top trial on and there is a free option. So let's have a look what you can do with this so we can enter a topic. And I'm going to enter bookkeeping as my topic, as I did with social mention on, I'm gonna press go and I'm gonna show you what happens. So what this does, then, is it goes down on defines the block posts or the topics of the most shared items. Because we've got most shared appear on it'll show the name. It will show the Facebook shares the linked in shares the Twitter shares. The Pinterest shares, the Google Plowshares on the total shares. Now, from when in here, you can share directly now would able to premium account he can't actually view the people that have shared it on you can actually view with the back links either bought. You can still get a lot off great content. If we move our filters on, I am going to just look for articles, and I'm going to look for articles in the past month that have been done on bookkeeping. So you're really filtering down to the articles most recent articles that air there, but you don't get too many under the paid service, But you can see five bookkeeping issues faced by small businesses on this got 113 shares, and you can go ahead and share this too. 10 online accounting and bookkeeping services for 2000 and 15. The problem would outsource bookkeeping and services on what to do about it. Now, if you are interested in the topic off making money online, we get six reasons your online business won't make money anytime soon. You can see here we have 1000 Tree 100 shares that's quite a popular post on. It's an article we can click into this. We can go straight to the article on. We can then share the article directly from in here. Now, again, we could change this. If you're looking for infographics on, we can filter by infographics for making money online. Other to go down and it'll see if it can find any infographics. Now I have the past month. There's only two coming up in the past month, so maybe we need the past year. But when you do, the past year and no flop Mawr infographics come up on infographics are a great thing to short to share their visual. The engagement readers very quickly. And there are a really, really good thing toe actually share now you can also under poor sumo, behind trending articles on you can see how many shares and how many likes that they've got , so you can go to your gin era. So if you're John era is business, you can go into business and you can find the most shared topics and the most trending topics under the field of business. Things that everybody else they're sharing on you can share them from. In here is well, and you can see how many shares each of these have also gotten that is under content research. You can also go to influences on the concert for influencers on who are the top influences so we can see J money and you can see his Twitter handle he could see is their websites. You can see their page authority, their domain authority, their followers, the retreat ratios, the reply ratios on their average retweet re tweets. So if you're looking to, to influence or marketing on, if you are looking to repost content from influences, this is a great tool for finding influences that that is Twitter influencers. Under the paid service, there is also an audience builder, and you can start a free trial with this aunt theme monitoring. Unfortunately, you can create an alert for monitoring for something born again. With this, you need to signed up to a paid it can't let's go back into our content research on Let's Say something Mawr Pacific, such as this is much more of a long tail. Keywords use green screen to make video, and we have a video has actually come up. So if you're looking for video to share, you can find videos as well on. You could find videos through the content type. Here you can click in depth articles, and that will only bring up articles that have 2000 words. So although when you search for a topic and let's put in a short term topic again, Social Media marketing, which would be a very very popular search term. Maybe you can see that there's quite a lot of shares and the posts that have bean world upon these air articles we can remove the articles on. We can just bring in videos or giveaways or interviews. See videos will come up in the past year. We only got one video that's actually come up. If we re click all of them, we can just pull in posts. If they see if there's any posts in the last 24 hours on that will get your hot posts. And that hasn't bean Ali in the last 24 hours. So that's Bull Izumo on how you can find great content to share using Izumo. 4. Tool 3: the next tool I want to show you is killed on. We're going to use this for binding content than you can curate that you can share. So I'm going to show me a sign in with My Twitter came and it's just redirecting, and it'll take a few moments now. Kelt could be used for quite a lot of different things, and in your settings you can. Under networks, you can attach all your social media profiles. This is about building your killed score, and I'll talk about that in a couple of minutes. But first I want to show you how to find content that you can share just one thing, that when you're setting up your networks that I think it's quite important. Don't connect your personal Facebook page. The reason for this is it'll pull in post from your personal Facebook page on. This will distort your score. If you're looking at using killed for a score, let's go into explore on Denbigh e Learning Educators account, which relates to my e learning website. I have topics selected on. We have online learning, instructional design, education, learning management systems on educational technology and you can actually add this. Edit this on. You can add more topics, or you can remove topics in here and you'll see that I am recognized as an expert in online learning. I'm an expert in life streaming. I'm an expert in training on. Then I have expertise. There's other topics that we can take in there if we want. So let's go back now to explore what this does is this brings in a list of topics under your topics that you have selected so you can find topics to share and posts to share. So this one is hot off the press. It's very new was published only three hours ago, so you can share it directly from here into Twitter. Now you can click on the link, and it'll bring you into the actual article on. You can use it. You can share directly from the article in here. If we scroll down, you'll see all the different topics relating to my subjects that have being pulled in, and you can also then view more content if you want to view more content. Now, that is using Kelt to find content that you can curate in that you can actually share, but what else is count used for? Well, if you're looking to connect with all their top experts on Twitter in your field, you'll get a top experience over here on the right hand side, which you can see, I'm already following most of these. If you log in with your Twitter, came to you can follow them directly from here. Look, I haven't followed learn upon So click that I'm now following. I can click that and I'm no following. So what happens is when you start sharing these things, you start getting a kelt score and let's just have a look in here on my couch score. So, by today's score is 55.9. Tree, my highest is 56. My lowest has been 44. Now we can see, then the you came said I have connected on what's connecting. My king's true there. Now, if you want to search for something that is not one of your topics. If you're looking for something slightly off topic, open the search bar. If you put in the topic that you're looking for and I've put in bookkeeping and this is pulling in all the bookkeeping posts, then Andi I can share directly from here. I can see who else has shares. You could see a tweet there. You could see a tweet there. You can see this has been shared by Xerox. If you scroll down, he could see who has shared. So you can actually even see who has shared thes posts. Be a social media or via Twitter in this particular circumstance. Now let's go back to my own topics. My life just put in online learning there just to filter down and online learning instead of the whole list of topics that I have on one of the other features about killed is the fact that you can shed you topics to actually post so in the Explorer. Let's just go back here again. If you find topics and you want to share them, you can hit, share on you have the option, then to actually sh agile this post to a particular time to your Twitter stream. You can use a link, shorten her as well, and it gives you optimal times to share. And you can also then tag people. If you want to take people and you can change the description appear is well. So instead of just dropping a link, you can actually at a question or you can actually add a comment so that is held for finding topics that you want to be able to share on, that you want to be able to curate and post around. 5. Content Curation Tips: Now that you know where to find content, the easiest thing to do is just share a link on Share it across all of your social media accounts bought. If you really want to create engagement, you need to add a little more. So here's a couple of tips for sharing content, so you grab the intention. Andi, create engagement number one. Ask a question. If you find a post or video that you just want to retreat or share across your social media , don't just drop a link. Instead, ask thought provoking question. Let's say you want to share an income report from an online entrepreneur you could begin with. How does this compare to your online earnings number two. Always ensure your link to the source. This will provide valuable back links for the content creator who will take notice if you send enough traffic on it will also provide valuable outbound links from your site. On my last tip tip number Tree is to take a class that I have on secret block formula to supercharge your blawg, and you will learn how to use my secret formula for use in content from key influencers to supercharge your blood posts. 6. Conclusion: So now that you have completed the class, it's time to get stuck into your project on I'm going to give you a head start, which are likes on which your shares. But before that, if you like this class, I hope that you leave a review on. Don't be afraid to send me your feedback. There's also some social media share buttons, so I hope that you'll consider sharing this class on your social media profiles. Instructors like me really appreciate learner sharing our classes on our courses as your Farrells are the best referrals that we can get. So hop on over to the project section. I'm Once you're you post your project off all you Andi, I will share your post.