Construction Claims Management

N.M. Raj, Construction Claims Specialist

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14 Lessons (1h 30m)
    • 1. MC CCMS CCMS Introdution

    • 2. MC CCMS 1 Introduction to Claims

    • 3. MC CCMS 1

    • 4. MC CCMS 2

    • 5. MC CCMS 2

    • 6. MC CCMS 3

    • 7. MC CCMS 3

    • 8. MC CCMS 3

    • 9. MC CCMS 3

    • 10. MC CCMS 3

    • 11. MC CCMS 4

    • 12. MC CCMS 5

    • 13. MC CCMS 6



About This Class


(ALL EXERCISE FILES are included in "Project" section)

This Master Course will provide you with a professional claims management system for all your construction  projects

This Master Course & Offer Won't Last Forever.....Act now!

Learn How To Professionally Manage Construction Claims (Delay/Disruption) On Your Project - Introducing CCMS

CCMS (Construction Claims Management System) was developed by N.M.Raj over a period of 10 years. It is based on Raj's experience on iconic projects around the world.

While providing commercial and claims management services, Raj realised that even the biggest/best construction companies in the world did not have an adequate system in place to manage Delay & Disruption Claims.

"Necessity is the mother of invention" - So, Raj set out to create a claims management system which would ensure that construction companies could rely on their site project teams to make sure that claims were accurately identified and managed on all projects.

After several years of testing out various systems, Raj finally perfected CCMS which has been used by top construction companies including Balfour Beatty, Skanska, Bovis Lend Lease and others.

CCMS - Total Claims Management

CCMS will provide you with the knowledge, training and practical tools (Templates/Procedures) to identify and manage construction claims on your project in a highly accurate and efficient manner.

Mismanaged Or Just Terrible Projects? Fight Back And Gain Control!

As a project QS, project manager or commercial manager, have you ever been on a construction project or projects where things went terribly wrong and you ended up firefighting…trying to cut losses, submitting claims to recover losses? If not, you will!

Once you have experienced this on a project you will say to yourself…NEVER AGAIN!

But Then, you find yourself on another project and you find the same mistakes being repeated by your project team and you find yourself slowly but surely losing control…

With CCMS, you can fight back and gain control of your project claims.

So, please join me on this course and make sure that your projects don't suffer losses due to inadequate construction claims management. Additionally, when you succeed in implementing CCMS on your project, your company will, no doubt, classify you as a "High Calibre Performer"

What knowledge & tools are required?

No prerequisites are required to take this course but some knowledge about construction projects would be useful

Although the focus is on the FIDIC form of contract, this course is equally effective for all forms of construction contracts on a mutatis mutandis basis (i.e. by making necessary alterations while not affecting the main point at issue).

Who should take this course? All professionals involved in construction and real estate projects

What will students achieve or be able to do after taking your course?

Set Up A Professional Construction Claims Management System On Your Project(s) And Manage Claims In A Much More Effective Manner