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Construct 2 for Beginners: Create a platformer with 0 coding

Destino Dello

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22 Videos (3h 25m)
    • Intro

    • Project setup , background and Platformer ground

    • Player movement, Player animation, Mirror player part 1

    • Player movement, Player animation, Mirror player part 2

    • Add jump through objects

    • Adding more ground and a parallax background

    • Adding Enemies to the game PART 1

    • Adding Enemies to the game PART 2

    • Player collision with enemies and Flash behavior

    • Parallax Layer, Gems, spritefont, Global and instance variable

    • Subtract heart/life if player collision with enemy and collect Gem

    • Player attack, bonus gem and dead animation for enemy Part 1

    • Player attack, bonus gem and dead animation for enemy Part 2

    • Creating Popup window for Gameover state

    • Add Global variable for player heart and a background to the popup window

    • Adding a level completion point, using events group and level completed popup

    • Adding more ground and enemies to the first level

    • Debugging

    • Adding keys, collecting keys and keys HUD

    • Unlocking the door and completing the level

    • Adding touch control and creating an object family part 1

    • Adding touch control and creating an object family part 2


About This Class

This is more than an intro course, we actually build a very decent 2D platformer from scratch.

Learn the concepts, tips and programming techniques to build a mario type platformer game with the popular visual scripting editor, Construct 2. 
By the end of this course, you will know everything that is required to create your own 
amazing browser game and deploy it to the internet.

This course takes a practical approach where you get the opportunity to follow along and understand the basics of 2D game development. 

I don't just read a script and tell you what to do, instead i put myself in your choose and even show you how to spot mistakes and fix them.

It follows a real world scenario of working with the Construct game engine to create a game.

Together we will work on 3 levels and the last one will be your assignment before completing the course.

The game assets are provided to follow along.

Each section is supported with a downloadable source code for the project that allows you to follow along and you also get slides explaining every new concept and a cheat-sheet with all the keyboard shortcuts to be more productive.

If you happen to be stuck feel free to use the forum to ask questions and i will happily provide as much assistance as needed.

This course will be regularly updated based on student suggestion so don't forget to give reviews and help make this a better experience.

So what are you waiting for? Enroll and let's start this journey together.






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