Conscientious Design Thinking: Creating Inclusive User Experiences | Andy VanderLinde | Skillshare

Conscientious Design Thinking: Creating Inclusive User Experiences

Andy VanderLinde, Inclusive UX Design & Product Manager

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9 Videos (35m)
    • Introduction

    • Inclusion

    • Empathy

    • Define

    • Ideate

    • Prototype

    • Test

    • Implement

    • Conclusion


About This Class

This class is about recognizing and addressing exclusion in human-computer interactions by creating inclusive user experiences. The class uses Nielsen Norman Group’s Design Thinking as a framework for infusing inclusion into UX.

By critiquing an existing product or a product of their own, students will create an inclusive interaction with currently excluded users. They will go through the design thinking process with inclusion as the lens. At the end of the class, they will have a vetted user-centered design for a product and the skills and self-awareness to implement inclusive user experiences from phase 1 of a product cycle.

The class is geared for students with some knowledge of user experience and the design process, however, any student can benefit from consciously assessing experiences for inclusion. 

We’ll be talking about products, but a design thinking approach can be used in any sector. But, I’ve used it for non-profit youth program development. And have seen examples of it in policy creation. So techie, advocate, business guru, or non-profit manager - join us!





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Andy VanderLinde

Inclusive UX Design & Product Manager

Hello, I'm Andy. I am an inclusive user experience and product manager. I strive to promote deeper, more thorough, and creative conversations about technology and design. My unique approach stems from my experience in the non-profit sector and international development. I use these skills, and experiences to create exceptional final products.

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