Conquering Digital Marketing Part 2 | Brittany Whitlock | Skillshare
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8 Videos (29m)
    • Intro: Conquering Digital Marketing Part 2

    • Social media and the A-Team

    • Connecting Through Culture

    • Social Ads Placement

    • Types of Social Ads

    • Diving into Data

    • Diving into Customer Behavior Data

    • Dashboard Takeaway


About This Class

This is the second part to my Conquering Digital Marketing Class, (click here for part 1) Learn what exactly encompasses digital marketing and how to gain valuable insight on your customers to effectively grow business. In part two we focus on social media marketing, how to choose the right social platform to advertise your business, who and how are they doing it well. Additionally, we go over the most important part of marketing, closing the data loop and getting to know our customers. 





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Brittany Whitlock

Digital Marketing & Ecommerce is my game

Hello, I'm Brittany, my passion is the art of digital marketing and Ecommerce. From English dinnerware to German housewares, superheroes and wizards with Warner Brothers to marinas and storage; I’ve ran over 10 websites digital marketing efforts over the past 8 years. No matter the industry, B2B, B2C or non-profit  marketing is marketing and you can take inspiration and ideas from anywhere!

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