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Conquer a Layoff: Turn a Job Loss Into an Epic Win!

teacher avatar Kiy Weathers, Author, Illustrator, Conqueror

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (40m)
    • 1. Course Intro

    • 2. 5 Things to Do Before Getting Laid Off

    • 3. Accepting the Layoff

    • 4. Self Care During a Layoff

    • 5. Mind Your Money

    • 6. Career and Entrepreneurial Options

    • 7. Assess Your Skills Close the Skills Gap

    • 8. Resumes, Cover Letters and the Job Hunt

    • 9. Final Thoughts and Inspiration

    • 10. Project Mission Statement

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About This Class

Conquer a Layoff: Turn a Job Loss Into an Epic Win!

Dear Future Conquerer:

A layoff can be life-altering, but it doesn't have to be a negative experience. With a solid strategy, you can emerge from a job loss with new skills, a new mindset, and new opportunities.

MINDSET OF A CONQUERER: Using my personal 2018 layoff story (and how I went from welfare and homeless to a healthy six-figure income), I will teach you how I'M CONQUERING MY LAYOFF WITH ZERO STRESS--AND HOW YOU CAN, TOO!

In this class, you will learn how to conquer a layoff by creating a pro-active game plan to reposition yourself, your skills and your finances to win!

You will also learn game-changing strategies to keep your emotions, money, and mind right, so you can conquer your own layoff--while minimizing stress.

Change your mindset and get ready to win!

Let's get started!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Kiy Weathers

Author, Illustrator, Conqueror


I'm Kiy Weathers. On January 15, 2018, I was laid off from my corporate job. I immediately put a plan together to work on my true passion and life's purpose: writing and illustrating my debut middle-grade novel, and I haven't looked back since. As a result, I have created my first Skillshare course, Conquer a Layoff: Turn a Job Loss Into an Epic Win. I plan to create additional courses in acrylic painting, illustration, and drawing.  Let's create together!

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1. Course Intro: Hi. My name is Key Weathers, your instructor for conqueror layoff. Turn a job loss into an epic win. And I'm super excited to be teaching this course on skill share dot com and that you've decided to enroll well, a bit about why I'm teaching this course. On January 15 2018 I was laid off from my corporate job and true to who I am, it conquer to control of the situation and decided to turn adversity into opportunity by immediately putting a plan together in this class. I'm gonna teach you everything idea to conquer my lay off with zero stress everything from managing my thoughts and emotions to winning money strategies. At the end of this class, there's a quick project designed to move you closer to your next opportunity, and to start thinking like a conquer lay off can be life altering. But it doesn't have to be a negative experience With a solid strategy, you can emerge from a job loss with new skills, a new mindset and new opportunities and, best of all, a conquers mindset. So with that said, let's get started 2. 5 Things to Do Before Getting Laid Off: Welcome back to this video. What we're going to be discussing here is the mindset of a conqueror. What I think of a conker, I think of a strong, confident, determined and tenacious person who refuses to be a victim. Instead, I see a conquer as a victor, someone who doesn't allow life toe happen to them instead. And conquer is proactive person with flexible and can adapt to change. In the case of being late, all the Conquer would not let the layoff defeat him or her, but would immediately take control. So let's talk about how conquer would take control being laid off. In this case, there are five things the Conquer would do even before he or she knows that their job is eliminated so that they can minimize the impact of the layoff. So here are the five things to do before a layoff. Number one, you're gonna get recommendations. This is over important. Get recommendations from your direct manager and if you can get a letter of recommendation in writing and also get as many linked in recommendations from your coworkers or anyone that you worked on projects where you have achieved from measure of success number to document your accomplishment. Having documentation of your accomplishments will help you in two ways. Number one, It will help you craft a resume that is a winning resume. Number two. It will also help you in your job interviews. So that should have projects and accomplishments that you can readily speak to on the fly. Number three, you're gonna update your resume and cover letter, and later on this course, I'm gonna give you some tips. And resource is on skill share dot com to help you with it. Number four. Contact your context. What you want to do is start building your network or start contacting those in your network. They say that it's quicker to find a job and most people find their job through someone. Then they know. So why not tap into that resource? And you, your contact number five. This is extremely important. Once you've been laid off, it is easy to go into victim mode, get an attitude, have a pity party and defied not to be a contributing member of your team. But that is the wrong thing to do. The opposite is the right thing to do. Number one It's just the right thing to do to be a good human being in a good employee Number. Two, you reap what you sow. So negativity, Insulin world. You'll get negativity back, so you want to maintain your job performance because you never know where your next opportunity is gonna come from. And maintaining a stellar reputation on your current job, even though you've been laid off, demonstrates what kind of person you are ethically demonstrates your character and your integrity and your hard work ethic, and that will translate into future opportunities. So let's review that again. The five things that you want to do is get recommendations, document accomplishments, update your resume and cover letter, contact your contacts and maintain job performance. In the next video, we're going to be talking about accepting the layoff. 3. Accepting the Layoff: Welcome back in this course, we're going to discuss accepting the layoff during control. The power is yours. Three steps to accepting the layoff number one know what is and what isn't in your control . At this point, you've been laid off. You need to accept it and move on. I know it's hard. It's really difficult to lose a job and not know what you're going to do. But the sooner you accept, you know the layoff and ex sooner. Sooner you just discover what isn't isn't in your control. The sooner you can move on and move onto your next opportunity. So number two once you know what you can't control, which is the job loss, the layoff number to surrender what you can't control to the universe. Or if you're spiritually person or a Christian, surrender that to the Lord. You will feel so much lighter, so much more free and so much better about the situation. You'll move from a place of negativity to a place of positivity. Number three, make a plan for what you can control. This is the mindset of a conquer. This where that mind shift happens and you start to move forward, You're taking control. Ah, Conquer doesn't allow things to happen to them. And if something does happen, they take control of what they can. And this is what you're gonna do. You're gonna make a plan Whether it takes you over the next two or three days immediately after the layoff, the next couple weeks for the next several months, which you need to do is create a simple plan, jot it down on a piece of paper and make that plan happen. Taking action will empower you. It will put the layoff in the past where it belongs and instead have you focused on the future what you need to be focusing on. So let's recap that three steps to accepting the layoff number one know what is and isn't under your control number to surrender. What you can't control number three Make a plan for what you can control and you've been laid off and you're not alone. Millions of people are laid off every year. In fact, in November 2017 there was 1.7 billion people 1,000,000. I'm sorry. 1.7 million people that were laid off in that month alone. You're not a lone layoffs happen. They happen to the best of people, and they happen sometimes to the wrong people for the wrong reasons. But that, in actuality, might be a blessing in disguise. Let's talk about the five famous conquers I have listed here. Here are five famous people who turned a job loss into an epic win. Oprah Winfrey. She was fired because she got too attached to her new stories. Well, that wasn't a good fit for her as a news person, but it was a great fit for her as a television personality with her own talk show. As a result, she is have a net worth of $3 billion. Think about that one, Steve Jobs, Same thing. He was fired from the company he created and look what he did. He. His contribution to the world is apple iPhones and iPads, and when he left this earth, he would have a net worth of $10.2 billion. J. K. Rawling. Same thing. She was fired and she used her severance package to fund her ability to write her contribution to the world. The Harry Potter series. Ah, Walt Disney was also fired from the Kansas Star belief, and they said that he had no unique ideas and he wasn't creative. Go figure. This is the guy who created Mickey Mouse and Disneyland, okay, and Mark Cuban was also fired. He was fired from a retail computer store, but his love technology is what made him his billions. He's worth $3.7 billion. So I said, all this to save this being laid off is hard. It's a harsh thing to go through. It's not easy at all, but there's always every cloud has a silver lining lining. There's always, you know, a blessing in adversity, so you can. You can choose to be a victim and you can choose to lose. Or you can do it thes five people did and turn it around and become victorious in the next video. We're going to talk about self care 4. Self Care During a Layoff: Welcome back to the fourth video. Self care, emotional, mental and physical well being during a layoff. First, I'm gonna talk about mastering your emotions first. What we feel is a choice filled with that. We think that our emotions are just random, but they're not. We decide how we feel. First thing in, once you're laid off that you need to do his own, your emotions. Whatever you're feeling, you might be angry. You might be disappointed. Might be resentful. You might feel rejected. You might be disappointed. Might be sad. You might be depressed. Whatever you're feeling, it's OK. It's OK for you to have those feelings on those feelings. Don't bury your emotions. Instead, feel your emotions authentically no. For a short, specified amount of time, every person is different, so a person might take a couple of days and get over it, and someone else might take a couple of months. But I suggest that you give yourself a specified amount of time of their short specified of time. Have your pity party, party, the wallow or you know, to be in that funk because again being laid off, it's not an easy thing. And how a person deals with it. It depends on their mental strength there mental health, their emotional hell and everything that's going on in their life. So being laid off might just be one adverse thing that's happening to them. They they could have family members that are sick family members that have recently passed away and being laid off is just another thing that I know is very challenging to go through . So give yourself some time toe, own the emotion, experience it authentically for short period of time, and then tell yourself it's time to snap out of it. Number two. Change your perception. If you look at something in a negative way, you're gonna feel negative about the situation and about your circumstances, period. Point blank. Change your emotions, changes your perception or changing your perception. Changes your emotions, rather choose a positive perception of being laid off. For example, when I was laid off, I told my film, Hey, this is a fresh start. I got a new opportunity to find, You know I have the opportunity find something that is a better fit for me. Oh, I get a little bit of freedom and I can look for new opportunities that might not be job related might be more entrepreneurial in nature, so change your perception will change your emotions. Don't look at a layoff as simply something negative that you lost. Look at it as a blessing in disguise that it just might be number three. Choose positive emotions. If you're feeling fat or you're choosing to be depressed or you're choosing to be angry about the situation, you can't change those emotions by simply choosing a different emotion. Choose something that is more positive. You and you alone have the power to turn your emotions around. You can choose to be, you know, angry. You know me and just keep rehashing the thing. Negative, Um, visual in your head. You know what I'm saying? You can keep playing that in your mind, or you can replace that emotion and subsequently those thoughts with something that is much more positive. So negative thoughts hold you back. So change your thoughts. Positive thoughts move you forward again. Change your thoughts. Go from thinking negative thoughts to positive thoughts, and every time you have the negative thoughts come into your mind, replace it with something positive, something happy, Something cheerful. Stop yourself. You have to talk to yourself. Never mean gonna found crazy and feel crazy for a bit. But talk yourself into being positive, no matter how hard it is. Eventually over time it will become instantaneous and second nature. And you won't. You know, be thinking about the layoff, what you lost and you will be looking for to the new opportunities that are coming your way . The third thing is move your body. When you're laid off, you're under extreme stress and moving your body and being physically active is super beneficial for you during this time through the top five benefits of exercise during stressful times, including being laid off number one, it's an endorphin booster. Um, exercise taps a part of the brain that releases endorphins. Those endorphins make you feel better. Number two is a mood changer. And just like we talked about the endorphins, you will change. Your mood will change after you exercise Number three Exercise is mind medicine. People like toe run an exercise. They say that it clears their minds. It's medicine for the month at that time. That is your time that you're giving to yourself that you're able to clear your mind and work things out. There are a lot executives out there that they use their exercise time toe work through problems that they're having at their company. And, you know, I mean exercising while simultaneously thinking about the challenges, problems or issues allows bounds to conquer that situation. Number four exercise increases your energy. I mean, it sounds counterintuitive, but it's true. You might be feeling tired, especially if you're depressed or in a funk. But the minute you start exercising, those endorphins are actually going to increase your energy. Number five Exercise helps you sleep when you're stressed out. When you've been laid out late off, you may experience experience insomnia. Sleepless nights are not getting a good rest, so exercise will actually help you sleep better. So let's recap that number one you want a master, your emotions gonna only emotions. You're gonna change the perception, and you're gonna replace negative emotions with positive emotions. Then you're gonna change your thoughts, change negative thoughts into positive, and they're going to move your body in the next video. We're gonna teach you how to mind your money 5. Mind Your Money: Welcome back in this video, we're gonna be discussing how to mind your money, create a simple financial plan and learn winning money strategy. How to create a simple financial plan. First, this is super simple. All you have to do is get a piece of paper and a pencil. Grab all of your bills, you're gonna auditor bills and your finances. We're gonna break out every single bill next bend right down the bill. Name the monthly payment and the total owed if applicable, like a credit card. Number two, you're going to categorise your bills. Put bills into three simple categories. Necessity, food and shelter. Clothing is not a part of this unless it's a job interview. So it's not a necessity. Need Internet and cell phone. You need the Internet to be able to search for jobs. You need your cell phone or your household to be able to be contacted by a point by employers. Wants cable gym memberships. I know we talked about exercising that you can walk outside for free. Uh, so you're gonna put your bills into the three categories, necessities means and want the next thing you're gonna do based on those categories. You're gonna drastically cut the needs and wants categories we do monthly Need spending. Okay, So if you have a cell phone and you have an expensive plan, get a cheaper plan. Reduce your expenses there, eliminate most of your want. This is your going through a layoff. Your income has been severely reduced, so your bills need to be aligned with that reduction. But I want you to keep at least one I want, because when we feel deprived, especially will were sad or depressed or in a funk, it being deprived makes us feel even work. I want you to have 11 thing that you truly enjoy to escape from, you know, every now and then and something that you truly enjoyed just for entertainment value that will help help with your mood and everything there. So that's why I want you to keep that one. Number four pre pay bills. This is the game changer. I do this on a regular basis, but when I was notified of my layoff, I immediately started pre paying my bills. What I mean by that you can pay your utilities and your mortgage up, but you have to be very strategic about it. So some utility companies in some parts of the nation don't allow this. But if your utility companies do, what you want to do is dump extra money on your bill. You know what your bills are? You just looked at him so you can get the mate. You know, if your water bills $35 a month, go ahead and pay a 115 $125 your bill is paid up for three months. This will reduce your stress level. I can't even tell you how, um, free and liberating and empowered you feel when your bills are paid for 3 to 6 months in advance. This is what has kept me stress free. So what you're gonna do is gather your bills and with the totals in category and based on that and you're available funds, um, you're gonna just pay 3 to 6 months work or whatever you can pay, and that's how you're gonna do that. So that's how to start that simple financial plan again. You're gonna audit your bills, you're going to categorise the bills, you're gonna cut your expenses, and then you're gonna pre pay your bills. And here are four more winning money strategies. These are optional, and you might be laughing at a couple of because I actually was laughing without putting this together. But gift cards. I used gift cards very strategically. What I do when I'm working is I load or fund my gift cards. I prefer Amazon and Wal Mart for two reasons. You can buy almost anything out of them. So every time I get pain or every time I have money, I put $25 or 50. Whatever it is I want with Amazon, you can automatically have it reloaded so that you always have money. And again, when money is short, you have a backup force of income, many emergency funds if you don't have one already. The second thing. I want to talk about a stockpile. When I was notified that I was laid off, which was in November, and my new mommy often was January 15th I did this to I went to Sam's Club, and I just started stocking up on a six month supply of paper goods, toiletries, laundry and cleaning products and non perishable food. This is also a game changer because now you're less stress about having to shell out money that you don't have to buy life's necessity. Cesaire, your everyday things, you're gonna use them. Another great strategy is to coupon. Now I'm not a coupon or now, but I have been and I know how to do extreme coupon E. I don't do it anymore because I'm an empty nester, and most of the things that I buy don't have coupons, but you can save a lot of money. It is very time consuming and little labor intensive. But if you're laid off and you don't have a job and you need to save money, coupon ing is one of the ways that that may help you. Now the last one is Dumpster diving. Dumpster diving is, uh, something I have not tried. But I do enjoy watching YouTube videos and seeing what people find, and they find great Thanks. Now some people use those things that they find for themselves, and some people choose to donate those items of some people to sell them on eBay. So you've probably got some dumpster dive items. You just didn't know about it, so let's move on to other ways other money strategies on and that's freelancing and Gigi. There are so many websites nowadays that can help you bridge the gap of not having any money coming in. Don't necessarily need a job nowadays. They're calling this the gig economy right now because so many people are actually quitting their jobs to become freelancers and diggers. And so here are some Web sites that you can, you know, use to make some extra money during your layoff. Fiverr freelancer guru up work and then those air for general, any skills that you have, you can probably find a project or two there. Some have free options. Most are you have to pay a nominal fee tens of $15 a month, Um, and then their specialized freelance Web sites For writers and content strategist, there's content Lee and for designers. For designers and illustrators, there is 99 divine. So in the next video, we're going to talk about entrepreneurship and careers 6. Career and Entrepreneurial Options: welcome back, and in this section we're gonna talk about career and entrepreneurial options. Is it time to change careers, industries, freelance, or start a business? Choose your new opportunity. So let's talk about being an employee versus being an entrepreneur and also freelancing. Being an employee has, you know, benefits to it. You have a consistent check. You have benefits, you have 18. You have a structured work environment, instruction, work and processes. Being an entrepreneur gives you the creative freedom to create something from scratch and make it your own. You have. You have power to control everything and make all the decisions going forward about your business. But the thing here's the thing. You have to be honest with yourself. You have to be honest with yourself on a very raw level. You need to know whether you're capable at this point in time. At this time in your life. Do you have the time, the money the resource is and just that instinct that that drive the determination, that tenacity to make a business successful? That's the bottom line. You really have to be honest. Being an entrepreneur is not easy. If it were easy, everyone do, it would do it. Now I know Gary V is out there. I love Gary V. Gary V is out there pushing entrepreneurship and you know everyone wants to be an entrepreneur. Entrepreneur ship is sexy right now, but it's not for everyone. And you need to be honest with yourself to determine whether or not entrepreneurship is for you at this time. It may not before you at this time, but it may be for you at another time. And the same thing with being an employee. You have to determine whether you're builds for corporate. Um, if you're built for working for a small business or maybe even a nonprofit, some people absolutely dissed, eh? Stick corporate America. But they love working for nonprofits. So you just have to be honest with yourself about your interest and everything. And then, of course, with freelancing, Can you be a freelancer? Is like the go between between an employee and an entrepreneur. You need to be honest with yourself. Can you talk to clients? Can you market yourself? Can you keep be consistent with your product and your service and producing and marketing? Can you know? I mean, do you want to take all that on? Um, on a freelancing is very, very similar to entrepreneurship, and again, it's a lot of hard work. It can be done if you have the right mindset. And again there are classes on skill share to teach you how to freelance. I've been through a lot of those and there's some really good ones there and how to start a small business. So if you're interested in freelancing and being or being a solo preneurs or entrepreneur, try taking some of those courses and I wish you the best of luck in the next class, we're gonna talk about assessing your skills. 7. Assess Your Skills Close the Skills Gap: Welcome back in this section, we're gonna talk about assessing your skills using this break to assess your skills and reevaluate your career path. Here's how to assess your skills. Supports that process. Wants you to choose your next career path. If you were unhappy with your job, if he didn't like the industry. If you need more of a challenge or whatever your reason is, choose your next career path. Don't let it choose you. You're in control. You have the power to choose. Do the choosing. Now this is the perfect opportunity for that number to gather 5 to 10 jobs in that chosen career path. And I want you to look very closely at the required skills. Want you to analyze those skills, and I want you to look at your skill set, and they're in that you will identify the skills gaps. Then I want you to close the skills gap. Okay, I want you to look at what you need to learn. Look at the skills that you need to acquire, and then I want you to go on skill share dot com and take courses to close that skill gap that does two things one. It puts you in control. It puts you in the mindset of a conker. You're taking control. You're going to conquer the situation by taking control and closing the skills gaps. So if you had weren't very good at pivot tables or Mac rose or, um, I don't know, be lookups. Take Excel classes. Teoh. Empower use of that on your next job. You're not intimidated by those. So one way that you can determine you know your skill level or even prove your skill level to a future employer is by certifying your skills on a site like degree dot com. And then there might be many others. I don't know. I'm just giving you this one as an example. You can, um, the pricing is, for one skills. 1 99 for a limited skills. It's 3 99 I have no affiliation with the site. It's just, um, something that I'm bringing to you in this class of that you're aware, but again, you can certify your skills. Improved unemployed your, especially if you're transitioning into something new and that you've never done before in your resume doesn't reflect that you might need additional certifications toe bolster your resume and your skill set. So let's go over that again. One you're gonna choose your next career path to you're going to gather 5 to 10 jobs. Three, you're gonna analyze the required skills for those 5 to 10 jobs and number four, you're going to identify the skills gaps and go on skill share dot com and close those skills gaps with courses. In the next video, we're going to wrap this class up. 8. Resumes, Cover Letters and the Job Hunt: Welcome back in this class, we're gonna be discussing resumes, cover letters and the job hunt. We're gonna be discussing some best practices and job hunting strategies. So Julia resume is extremely important rewriting it and or having it professionally written . The main important thing that I want you to take away from this part of the course is that customization counts. Customize your resume, customize your cover letter and, um, be very strategic about your job hunt again. You're not just looking for any job. You're looking for something that you actually want to do something that you know that is aligned with your life's purpose. Align with your gifts in your talents. So what you need to do is what number one understand that when you're looking for a specific career and you're looking for a gang changing opportunity, it may take you a little bit longer. That's why customization is so important. So I want you to tailor each job application. It is going to take you a couple hours to do each one, but the results aren't going to be worth it. You don't want if we're looking for any job and you're getting in desperate month and go ahead and blast your resume, you know, and don't customise it. But if you want to be strategic and you want to get, you know, real results really fast, then you need toe taylor Each application and in your resume, use strong action words. There are a list of words that you can use that are action oriented that are very strong and get results. Number three talk results on your resume. Don't talk job responsibilities. Talk about what you accomplished, what you did, how you made the company money or how you save the company. Money number four. Back it up with Stats Analytics numbers. You need to prove that you are worth whatever amount of money you're trying to get whatever type of position that you want and the way to do that is with statistics analytics and numbers. Number five Send a thank you note. You hear this all the time, and most people don't do it. But when you do it, you tend to get better results because people don't do it, so it makes you stand out and you're go is toe. Get a new opportunity as quickly as possible. And so you have to take the time to do separate yourself from the competition by doing things that other people just don't do or aren't willing to do. So let's recap that customization counts. You're gonna Taylor. Each application in the application includes the resume and the cover letter. You're also going to be very strategic about the kinds of jobs that you search for because you are a conker. You're going after that epic win. You're going after that top position in your field for your skill level Number two, you're going to use strong action words. Okay, there's a list of words that you can use and I have some recommended skill share. Resume writing classes right there on the bottom left there. And that first course Jake Michaels has a list of action words that you can use. These are very good courses. I went through him. Just note for this class specifically, um, number three. You're gonna talk results on your resume. Do not talk job responsibilities. Talk results number, floor. Back it up with stats. You stats analytics and numbers. Number five sent a thank you note and take those three classes on skill share. It's worth the investment and be about three hours of your time, and I guarantee it's worth the investment in the next class, we are actually going to wrap up. 9. Final Thoughts and Inspiration: Welcome back in this section, we're gonna be wrapping it up. I just want to give you some final thoughts and a little bit of inspiration and encouragement. First, I completely understand how being laid off feels. That's why I created this course. I know it is a very difficult thing to go through. I know it's not one of the things that she would choose to go through if you had to. But if you change your minds up and change your perception about being laid off and understand that being laid off doesn't determine who you are as a human being, it doesn't stop you from achieving everything you want to achieve in life. It's not going to stop you from acquiring what you want to acquire. It's not going to stop you from living a life on your terms with your, um, family and friends. It's not going to stop you from enjoying life from having happiness and joy. But unless you let it, that's the thing. That's the choice that you're making. You have to make the choice to conquer this temporary setback, and that's all it is going through. A layoff is a temporary state just like you found that job you will find another job is just that simple. It takes time, it takes pork. It's not something that you might want to do at this point in time, but the fact is you have to do it. You know what I'm saying? Right now? It's time to get riel, and it's just time to take action. Be a conqueror, start with your mind, then moved to your emotions and then simply take action. Take one day at a time. Take one thing at a time, conquer in baby steps until the whole process is complete. Uhm, I know in my heart that if you make the decision to not let this layoff affect you, you will come out victorious and you will conquer your layoff and you will win. Not only this time, but this'll. Essen, This life's lesson that you're going through you will be you able to use it in any future situations that to encounter that are challenging. You'll be able to think back on this. Well, if I succeeded Fan, I'm going to succeed at this now. Any challenge, any opportunity, anything that comes about. Think back on how you conquered this layoff and you will be victorious. You are a winner. You're talented, your skilled and you are desperately needed in the world. In some capacity, your gifts, your talents, your skills are needed there. Wanted by someone somewhere. Just not at that company anymore. But it is a blessing in disguise. You never know what's ahead of you. When one door closes, another one opens. And it's time for you to walk through that next door. Thank you for joining me in this class. I hope you enjoy it. Being in this class as much as I enjoyed going through and creating this class for you. My name is Key Weathers and I have been your instructor for conqueror layoff. Had a turn, a job loss into an epic win. Thank you. See you later. Bye bye. 10. Project Mission Statement: Hi. Welcome back in this section. We're going to be discussing the class project. It's a really quick one, but I think it will really help you move forward in the process of acquiring your new skill set and, most importantly, the mindset of a conquer in 100 words or less create a personal layoff mission statement. That address is one of the issues that you might be encountering during her layoff. For instance, if fine finances will be a challenge for you, you might want to write a 100 word mission statement on that. If emotions or your mind will be a challenge, focus on that again. It's 100 words or less. Just create a personal layoff Mission statement and posted. Don't put to anything too personal in it because you're posting it to the project area in the class. But please post so that other people can see um that they're not alone, you know? I mean that someone else is going through what they're going through, and someone else is experiencing the chap a challenge going through a layoff again. Thank you for joining me in this class. I'm happy that you took the class and I hope to excited. And I hope to see your projects in the class. Enjoy the rest of your day. Goodbye.