Conquer Photoshop as a Complete Newbie: Learn Photoshop Today | Nick Henry | Skillshare

Conquer Photoshop as a Complete Newbie: Learn Photoshop Today

Nick Henry, Creative Professional: Video Maker/Purpose Seeker

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11 Videos (42m)
    • Preferences: Exporting, Performance, and Scratch Disks

    • Generator, Selecting Units, and Opening A New Document

    • Defining Workspaces

    • Importance of Keyboard Shortcuts

    • How Layers Work

    • Opacity, Aligning & Layer Styles

    • Importing Files: Rasterizing

    • Common Keyboard Shortcuts

    • Shapes and Strokes

    • Misc Shortcuts

    • Finished!


About This Class

In this beginner's course, you're going to learn the fastest way to edit in Photoshop. Not only will you learn the fundamentals, but there's also and advanced section at the end to help with more complex editing in the program.

Here are some examples of what to expect:

  • Complete setup of the program from the start
  • How to set preferences for an efficient workflow
  • Creating a workspace for easier navigation
  • The importance of keyboard shortcuts
  • How to save time with exporting

⏩ If you're a novice with no experience or you've been hesitant to learn Photoshop and you're ready to get started, this course is definitely for you! 

This Photoshop course is made for amateurs that have not opened Photoshop before. The tutorials are at a great pace to follow along and start mastering the software.

I've used Photoshop for years with web design, image manipulation, social media marketing, and continue to push out Photoshop tutorials on YouTube.

For almost two decades, I've learned hundreds of computer programs and I have a degree in Computer Information Systems. This has helped me teach Photoshop in the most efficient and workflow-friendly way.

Don't wait any longer! Join the creative community and start conquering (and only hitting the tip of the iceberg) with Photoshop now! It truly is the an amazingly powerful piece of editing software.





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Nick Henry

Creative Professional: Video Maker/Purpose Seeker

A Little About Me

My name's Nick and I'm just an average guy from Indiana trying to make a difference. I'm an entrepreneur that uses my family as fuel for creating media. Being creative helps me have less stress and a more fulfilling lifestyle.

I'm passionate about filming video, using awesomeness like motion graphics, and using software to take ideas from my head into reality. It's one of coolest things to do -- especially when you love what you do.

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