Connecting With Crystals. Learn to Sync with Crystal Energy. | Alexis Prince | Skillshare

Connecting With Crystals. Learn to Sync with Crystal Energy.

Alexis Prince, RMT, CCH

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About This Class


You may have heard that a particular crystal was good for something so you got it and now it lives on your shelf, desk or dresser, right? Learn how to connect and work with crystals to enhance your life!

This course provides a hands on look at Crystal energy. We will review the basics and begin working with the crystals so you can learn how to choose crystals for personal use, cleanse and care for crystals, determine which crystals to use for specific needs as well as learn to connect with your crystals through feeling their energy and meditation.

Class includes an approx. 50 minute video lecture with two energy exercises and an approx. 16 minute Crystal Meditation as well as links to downloadable/printable Crystal and Chakra charts and crystal journal pages. 





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Alexis Prince


Alexis Prince | RMT, CHP, Intuitive Life Coach, Founder

Alexis is a certified Reiki Master Teacher healing practitioner, Crystal Healing Practitioner, Intuitive Life Coach and Psychic Medium whose intuitive abilities began at an early age. Alexis offers a variety of services distance and in person.

Alexis provides a number of classes including Reiki and Crystal Healing Certification and more. Alexis is also the creator of Soul Together a body mind and spirit class/session design...

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