Connecting More Quickly on LinkedIn with an Introduction Video | Ellen McDowell | Skillshare

Connecting More Quickly on LinkedIn with an Introduction Video

Ellen McDowell, Alleviating the overwhelm of marketing

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6 Videos (25m)
    • Connecting More Quickly On LinkedIn Introduction to the course

    • Connecting Quickly on LinkedIn What to Say

    • Connecting Quickly on LinkedIn Tips to Record Your Video

    • Connecting Quickly on LinkedIn Editing the Video

    • Connecting Quickly on LinkedIn Uploading Your Video to Your Newsfeed

    • Connecting Quickly on LinkedIn Sharing the Video as a Message


About This Class

This Skillshare class by Ellen McDowell covers how to self-record an introduction video that you can use in LinkedIn Messenger to form a relationship with your new connections. The course is six videos and runs 25min 20sec.  This is an introductory level course.  People who are interesting in using LinkedIn to grow their networking community should take this course. 

Connecting to someone on LinkedIn can seem impersonal at times.  Now that LinkedIn supports video within the site, I send new connections a one-minute "introduction".  I feel like it is a face to face meeting and connects me to people in a more personal matter.  

In this course, I will take you through the steps to create your script, record your video, and upload it to LinkedIn.  

I look forward to seeing your sample videos uploaded here.  Feel free to share your worksheet and your video so we can help to make each other's videos the best introduction we can.  (I remember the first video I recorded I forgot to share what my services were! I just talked about what I used LinkedIn to do.)  





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Ellen McDowell

Alleviating the overwhelm of marketing

Hello, I'm Ellen. I am a solo entrepreneur in South Louisiana.  

I love helping other entrepreneurs, small business owners, and professionals feel more confident about putting more of themselves out on social media.   In addition to working one-on-one, I  lead workshops, masterminds and networking events to help others share their products and services.  

I am the local chapter leader for Women's Prosperity Network, a member of ABWA, and a cert...

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