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6 Lessons (42m)
    • 1. 1. Introduction

    • 2. 2. Quality vs. Quantity - Part 1

    • 3. 3. Quality vs. Quantity - Part 2

    • 4. 4. What is Peace?

    • 5. 5. The Exercise: Meditation

    • 6. 6. Final Thoughts


About This Class

If you're struggling with anger, frustration, depression, anxiety, discouragement or any other manifestation of internal pain, you are in the right place. 

If you're looking for more out of your life -- more peace, more connectedness, more fulfillment, more happiness, and more love -- you are in the right place. 

In this class, we will explore the fundamentals of inner peace, understand how to improve the quality of your life in a quantity-focused world, and we'll conclude with a guided meditation exercise that will take you deep within yourself and allow you to come in contact with your Inner Being. 

If these concepts resonate with you, and you'd like to dive deeper into them on a weekly basis, tune into the Unleash Your Peace Podcast, where I demystify a different aspect of the internal world every single week.