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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (42m)
    • 1. 1. Introduction

    • 2. 2. Quality vs. Quantity - Part 1

    • 3. 3. Quality vs. Quantity - Part 2

    • 4. 4. What is Peace?

    • 5. 5. The Exercise: Meditation

    • 6. 6. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

If you're struggling with anger, frustration, depression, anxiety, discouragement or any other manifestation of internal pain, you are in the right place. 

If you're looking for more out of your life -- more peace, more connectedness, more fulfillment, more happiness, and more love -- you are in the right place. 

In this class, we will explore the fundamentals of inner peace, understand how to improve the quality of your life in a quantity-focused world, and we'll conclude with a guided meditation exercise that will take you deep within yourself and allow you to come in contact with your Inner Being. 

If these concepts resonate with you, and you'd like to dive deeper into them on a weekly basis, tune into the Unleash Your Peace Podcast, where I demystify a different aspect of the internal world every single week. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ellie Shoja

Mindfulness Coach, Transformation Expert


Ellie Shoja is an award-winning Writer, Motivational Speaker, Mindfulness Coach, and Podcast Host.

She is the founder of Peace Unleashed, a personal transformation company that focuses on helping individuals and groups level up holistically. The Peace Unleashed philosophy is rooted in the understanding that teams are more efficient and companies more productive when individual members attain a level of internal peace and groundedness that remains unshaken by life events.

She is also the host of the Unleash Your Peace Podcast, a weekly podcast that demystifies a different aspect of the internal world through five short consecutive episodes published Monday through Friday. 

Her Peace Unleashed Instagram Account is dedicated to sharing daily love notes that uplift... See full profile

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1. 1. Introduction: Hello, beautiful soul. Powerful being creator of this universe of this reality. Do you know that you are the creator of your reality? That you are literally thinking your present into existence? If that seems kind of far fetched and crazy to you? Welcome aboard. Welcome aboard. Because you are going to feel so much more empowered when you realize how your thoughts are shaping and creating your world in this class, we're going to focus on the quality versus the quantity of your life. For that, we're gonna focus a little bit on peace. What is internal peace? Where does that come from? How do you attain it? So without further ado, let's get started. 2. 2. Quality vs. Quantity - Part 1: Let's talk about the human being. What is the human being? It is my understanding and realization and knowledge that we don't even know what a human being is. First of all, the human being consists of two parts. We have the human part. We have to exist in these physical bodies in this physical reality that is manifested. So what does that mean? We have to eat. We have to drink. We have to use the restroom. We have to sleep. You have to nourish our bodies and and, uh, function in society. Right. So that's our physical human part. The quantity of our lives is tied to our physical experience. So everything that is quantifiable is somehow tied to experiences here. Right? So what is the color of my hair? How many boyfriends have I had? Where did I go to school? Where do I live? What car do I drive? You know what color is my skin? What color lipstick am I wearing? All of that makes the quantity of my life. And all of that is somehow tied to my experiences in this physical reality. Now the quality of my life is not tied to the physical world. How many people do you know who have your dream job and all of your dream possessions and are still miserable? So happiness does not come from attaining more money, more success, a living in a certain place, driving a certain card flying first class Happiness does not come from those things, because if it did, all of the people who were who are doing those things who have those things would be happy and they're not. Ah, lot of them are not. And we see that in celebrity suicides, for example, we are reminded of that whenever we meet. Somebody who's super rich is doing what we consider a dream career and is deeply unhappy is even depressed, is talking really negatively about themselves or about their lives. So those things exist, so therefore, the quantity of our lives cannot be tied to our physical experiences. If it's not tied to our physical experiences, what is it tied to that that is the second part off the human being? It's the being now what is the being the being is that greater grander part of you? That is the infinite intelligence that is you the biggest untruth that you have ever been told is I think therefore I am Nothing could be farther from the truth. You don't think? Therefore you are. You think because you have this body. But you were before you came into this body. Your mind is off this body. Your brain is of this body. But that's not what you are. You came into this body and you started experiencing and creating from here. But what were you before you came here? You were infinite potential. You can call it the soul. You can call it your spirit. You can call it your high yourself. It doesn't matter what you call it, but you are infinite potential and that infinite potential that is the greater part of yourself. If you imagine this giant ocean of a being that is you. Only a small part of you came into this physical manifested reality. In orderto have this physical manifested experience. Is that not exciting to know? Is it not exciting to know that you are infinite potential personified? What does that mean for you? That means the quality of your life comes from your connection to this greater part of yourself. This is where your happiness lives. This is where your joy lives. This is where inspiration comes from When we live from a place of joy and peace and happiness and satisfaction and love All these states of being that are connected to our true self. Our lives don't just improve incrementally one step at a time They expand, they innovate exponentially. Every aspect of our experiences in this physical reality suddenly gets an upgrade. Our relationships are better. Our career is better. Doors open up that we didn't even know were possible that we didn't even know were there. And suddenly we're living this life that feels so magical that it's almost like a dream. So I want to leave you with this thought today that the quantity of your life doesn't determine necessarily the quality of your life that it ordered toe have true lasting happiness True, lasting joy, true lasting peace in your life. You also have to cultivate the that being nous of yourself That piece of you that is that greater, grander, infinite part of you. And I will see you next time 3. 3. Quality vs. Quantity - Part 2: So in the last lesson, we talked about the quantity of your life being tied to your physical experiences and the quality of your life being tied to your connection with that being this of you, that greater, grander part of yourself. That is the fine. That is part of the infinite intelligence that has created this universe and this world. Maybe I didn't phrase it in those exact words, but that's the sentiment now here. This time around, I want to continue that discussion a little bit more because I want to dig into it a little bit more. Some of you might be saying, You know, Ellie, I don't know about those quality quantity business because I feel like if I had more money , quantity, I would be a lot happier. Or I feel like if I went to the super fancy restaurant that I love and ate this dish that I love, I would feel really joyful. And I would say to you, Yes, you're absolutely right. You might be somewhat happier if you had more money, and you might be happy if you go and eat at this restaurant and order your favorite dish. But you might also not. You might go to that restaurant and not feel happier. You might be in a bad mood. You might have had a bad day. You might not be in in any place to enjoy that meal. Likewise, you could have more money, but still not be happier either. So the quality of your life is not tied to what is happening. What you have and and what you don't have it is tie to something else, and that's what we're here to discuss here. But I do want to dig. I said, I want to dig a little bit deeper into this. So let's do that because when you're asking questions like that, what you're actually doing is you're trying to intellectualize it. You're bringing logic into the equation, right? And that is a very physical thing to do. It is a mind activity to ask this question and want to somehow logically understand what is happening, and I'm here to say that logic is of this world. Logic is for the physical manifested reality. Logic is for when the times when we are discussing the quantity of your life because what I'm talking about math or science or the color of my hair thes are very physical things that logically can be talked about and discussed right now. What happens when we're talking about more abstract things, more spiritual or metaphysical things? Then they become experiential. I'll give you an example. You go and you sit down at your favorite restaurant and you order that dish that you love so much and you take a bite out of it and you say, Oh my God, this is incredible. This is out of this world now. I'm sitting across from you and I say, What does it taste like? What is it that you're experiencing that is out of this world Now, can you explain to me what you're experiencing in such a way that I would share that experience with you? The chances are, if I took a bite out of your food and ate it, what would be the level of my enjoyment versus the level of your enjoyment? Would we enjoy the same amount? Would we enjoy it the same way? Would we if we were to try at least to explain what that experience is? Live to eat this dish? Would we use the same words event. Would we be able to explain it in a way that somebody else would understand it? Our experience would be very different from each other. There could be 10 of us sitting at that table, and all of us would have a different level of enjoyment of that dish, and some would not even enjoy it at all. So what does that say? That says that the quality of your experience, the quality of your life is not tied to this dish, right? It's tied to your interpretation, your experience off what this dish represents for you specifically and what it feels for you to experience this dish. So let's take love when you're in love. Can you explain to someone who has never been in love before, what it feels like to be in love and what they not say to you that you are insane? To put yourself through that, let's take your connection with the divine. If you have ever felt the divine within yourself and you're speaking with someone who has not, can you explain to them in such a way your connection that they were to then become believers or do they need to experience it themselves in order to feel that connection. And if you've never felt a connection with that greater, grander, divine, infinite part of yourself, if you've never felt it, can you imagine it can even buy into it? And if you have felt it, can you deny it? These are all very experiential. So that's and that's why I say the quality of your life comes from your connection with your greater self with that divine being inside of you. Because when you're feeling things like love and joy and hopefulness grounded this Peacefulness, positive anticipation, satisfaction. When you're feeling all of those things, guess what you're connected to that greater, grander part of yourself. You're connected to the divine. That's why these emotions feel so good because they connect us to who and what we actually are. And the inverse is true when were separated from our true Selves. We feel frustration. We feel anger. We feel hopelessness. We feel judgment. We feel on acceptance all of those things. Then the quality of our lives suffers. It truly suffered. So I want to leave you then with this thought, as you're going down this path off finding your true self off, finding that internal peace off connecting with your divine, infinite self, especially if you have never experienced this connection before. Don't bring in logic into it. That's only going to interfere with your experience because you cannot reason your way into connecting with your infinite potential self. You cannot do that if you're trying to bring logic into it. You are trying toe hold on to the physical nous of yourself and you were not physical. That's the greatest lie you've been ever told you, that you are a physical being, having a physical experience you're not. You are a vibrational being an energy field, having a physical experience. You have come here to experience expansion and creation and relationship and all of these amazing things. But this physical body is not what you are. You are so much greater. You are so much grander. You have so much more potential than you're giving yourself room to experience by locking yourself into this physical nous. So don't do it. Just release the logic just for the duration off our time together. Release all that logic, set it aside and allow yourself to top into something much greater than you even think you are. And you will be amazed. I guarantee that you will be amazed by your own grandness. I can't wait for you to experientially know your own infinite potential. 4. 4. What is Peace?: So before we move on into the practice that exercise part of this course, let's talk briefly about peace. What is peace and how can you attain it? Peace is one of my favorite topics to talk about. It's something that eluded me for a long time. If you've read my bio, you know that I had a pretty crazy traumatic childhood, and it took me a long time to be able to find internal peace. And when I did, I was completely surprised by all of the discoveries I made about it. So let's talk about peace for a moment, because I can tell you I went from a person who never had peace, who spent a lot of time in anger and frustration and depression with suicidal thoughts, self hatred. I had nervous ticks that started when I was eight or nine years old and lasted well into my adulthood, and now I have become one of those people that you probably love to hate. One of those people doesn't matter what's going on in their lives. They're always positive and uplifting, you know, the car gets broken into their cell phone, gets stolen and somehow they see the positive in it pieces like the sun, it makes any day just better, brighter. It creates a this environment of warmth and clarity so that you can see in front of your nose and know where you're going now, the same way that the sun is always present. It never goes away, even when they're storms and clouds and lightning and snow and whatever else blocking it. The sun doesn't go away. It's just they're still above all of that. Clouds all of those thunderstorms the same way peace does not go away when you have storms of anger and frustration and depression and sadness and anxiety and fear and all of those things that come up. The biggest discovery I made about peace was this. That piece is not outside of you. It's not anything that you have to attain that you have to strive for that. You have to find that you have to somehow earn. It's not something that you need to be worthy off. It's not something that you need to do anything to receive. It is yours. It actually is a part of you. And it is not only that it's your natural state of being. When does the sun shine? When there aren't any clouds around right. That's when we can see the sun really brightly, and we can enjoy the most the same way your piece shines through you when there's an absence off all of the things. All of those storms that blocking. Imagine a really cloudy, stormy day, and at some point, somehow one little ray of sunlight punctures through the big, heavy blanket of clouds, and it just comes and reaches you and suddenly makes everything so much brighter. What is your response? Your response is one of relief. You feel like Oh, yeah, the clouds are party. The storm is over. It can still be quite cloudy and stormy, but that single ray of light has given you hope. It has suddenly made everything more visible and more clear. All it takes is one single ray of life that is true for you as well. If you're experiencing anger, frustration, you know, whatever it is, depression, anxiety, whatever it is that blocking you from receiving that that piece, seeing that that peace is still there, all we need to do is puncture through the clouds, just a tiny little hole. All we need is one ray of that piece to make it through. And it will feel incredible. It will feel so much more relieving. You know, you will feel hope and you will feel clarity just with a tiny moment off connection to that piece that is within you. So as we go into this next lesson, which is going to be our the main course here, it's going to be the meditation that we're gonna do together. It will be a guided meditation that, uh that I will guide you and you will sit with me through this. You will find that peace within yourself. So release the logic. Leave it behind. Entered this next lesson with a clarity of mind with a clarity of heart with a willingness toe puncture through whatever happens to be present for you in this moment on with the willingness to sit there and experience something, don't think about it. Don't try to analyze it. That's the logic coming in that the quantifiable brain quantifying brain coming in That's you holding on to the physical nous of yourself. So don't do any of that. Just release all of it. Release all of it and be present and just follow along. And if you do that, I guarantee you you will connect to something really deep within yourself, and all you need is a split second of connection, and that's it. A split second of connection and that's it. 5. 5. The Exercise: Meditation: close your eyes, sit with your back straight and focus on your breath gently flowing in and out of your nostrils. Simply noticed the breath flowing in and out of your nostrils. There's no need to follow the breath into the body. It simply goes where it needs to go. No need to imagine anything. Simply notice the ease with which the breath just flows in and out of your nostrils. Don't try to force the breath in any way. Just notice. If the breath is shallow, it's shallow. If it's deep, it's deep. There's no wrong are right. Way to breathe as we go through this meditation. Whenever your thoughts wander, I know that you can always come back to this breath. You can always come back and notice the breath gently flowing in and out of your nostrils. Your thoughts have wondered. Come back to the breath. Notice that it's okay for you to think and that it's okay to release the thought, and it's OK to simply come back to the breath and notice the breath once more. Well, gently flowing in and out of your nostrils. You might notice a light a bit above your head It's a gentle flicker at first, and you might notice this light become brighter and you might feel the warmth of this light at the top of your head, a gentle sensation of warm. And you might notice the safety of this light. You might notice God, it becomes brighter. Has it floats down closer to the top of your head and now setting down gently at the top of your head. You feel it's warm spreading, and you might notice that wherever this light goes, it's simply releases and relaxes all that. It comes in contact with all the cells. Illuminate all the cells, release and relax as this light floats down trips down the back of your head, releasing and relaxing floats down trips down the front of your head, your forehead, releasing and relaxing the muscles of your forehead. Your eyebrows, your eyes down into your face, your cheek bones. Your temples in your years, everything releasing and relaxing as this light spreads, illuminating your face. Everything expanding and becoming lighter. Becoming a lighter. Has all the cells shut the weight off. The tension they've been carrying has all the cells release and relax down into your chin, your tongue, your lips and all the way down your neck, your neck releasing, relaxing your shoulders. Any notice at whatever weight you've been carrying on your shoulders, you no longer have to carry it. Simply melts away as the light spreads on your back down your back, your upper back down your lower back all the way down your spine. Everything. Releasing and relaxing everything expanding and becoming lighter as all your muscles. All yourselves should all the weight they've been carrying down your arms, your upper arms. The light spreads still into your elbows, your forearms, your hands, your fingers. Everything releasing, relaxing as the light expands into every cell, illuminating you from within, you might start feeling a gentle tingle in your hands, the vibration of your being flowing through your body. The light spreads down your chest when it gets your heart. Take a deep breath into your heart, allowing your chest expand this beautiful heart of yours that is the center of all your creations of all your inspirations. That is the pathway, the bridge to your soul. Notice that as you breathe into your heart and as it releases and relaxes, notice all the weight that has melted away and notice that you don't need to carry anything anymore here that you can simply allow the heart to expand and become light. And the light spreads down your rib cage into your belly. Everything. Releasing and relaxing into your hips and your thighs, releasing, relaxing into your knees, your shins, your calves and your ankles and to your feet and into your toes. Everything. Releasing and relaxing. Notice how much gratitude you have for these feet. Forties legs take you everywhere that show you the world. Come back to your breath gently flowing in and out of your nostrils. Your breath might be longer. Now it might be more study. Simply notice it going in and out of your nostrils. - Notice how light your entire body might feel right now. The subtle pulsing of energy through your body, the grounded Miss the lightness as you go through your day Today, I know that you can always come to this place off connection of clarity. All you need is to focus on your breath. You don't need to control the breath. You don't need to force it all. You need to do this simply focus on it and notice that you are a beautiful, powerful being. - If you'd like to remain in meditation, you may do so for as long as you wish. And if you like to come out of this meditation, I wish you a piece filled, joy filled rest of your day. 6. 6. Final Thoughts: Welcome back. How did you dio? I hope you were at least able to connect for a couple of seconds for a split second with that infinite, greater, grander part of yourself, that infinite intelligence that lives within you. The reason we focus on the breath is because it focuses the mind. The mind is programmed to think its program to just quantify things and analyze things and understand things. And we want to quiet the mind so that we can top into that infinite part of you. That's why we focus on the breath. Sometimes people will focus on a flickering of a candle. Sometimes people focus on a mantra or a sound or anything like that for us. I find that the breath is a really great way to get into that space and because the breath connects that the physical world and the non physical world, it's a really that's a vehicle that can take us a lot deeper than some of the other vehicles, like the flickering of the candle or, um, or a mantra. I want to invite you to do the meditation in this class. As often as you need are want to do if you don't already have a meditation practice, I would invite you to do this meditation once a day so that you can build a meditation practice for yourself And by doing that, becoming more beautiful and powerful and allowing your life to extent. And I want the most of that for you. I'm sending you so much love and I hope to see you next time by