Configuring Your Ecommerce Store With WooCommerce | Jeremy Andrews | Skillshare

Configuring Your Ecommerce Store With WooCommerce

Jeremy Andrews, Technology Entrepreneur

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11 Lessons (4h 30m)
    • 1. Class Introduction

    • 2. WooCommerce Market Overview

    • 3. WooCommerce Basic Settings

    • 4. Reports, Coupons, Orders

    • 5. Table Rate Shipping Options

    • 6. Loyalty Rewards

    • 7. Woocommerce hosting and Scaling

    • 8. Growing To A Six & Seven Figure Ecommerce Store

    • 9. Building Your Ecommerce Team

    • 10. WPML Translating Room

    • 11. EasyPost Shipping With WooCommerce


About This Class

WooCommerce has become the most popular Wordpress Ecommerce plugin in the world.  With so many Woocommerce plugins and extensions available, it can be difficult for merchants owners to navigate all of the options. During the class, we should

During the class we will explore the power of woocommerce and the plugins enable you to create an amazing ecommerce store with Wordpress. We will also go through Alpha Beta Commerce, an all in one solution for your Woocommerce store, for those merchants that want to get up and running quickly.





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Jeremy Andrews

Technology Entrepreneur

Jeremy Andrews is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of various startups including Smart Money Entrepreneurs, and Match Capital Ventures. He is also the founder of Alpha Beta Creatives, a product agency with two market leading products, Wordpress Interns ( and Alpha Beta Commerce (

As an entrepreneur, Jeremy has worked with many investors and fellow entrepreneurs, including Daymond John from ABC show shark tank.

In 2012, Jeremy's hosted "...

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